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One Direction are our heroes. They are the reasons why we are here. We'll always support them whenever and wherever we are.

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@niallirishboyx boleh2... :)Ask admin jg boleh, terserah sehh ;3 anything beibPickone maybe? Or #adminask??Hi guys! Ini aku, wkwk.. kita mau main apaaaaseeee?? Req dumbbzz.. hahaa -mtNiall out last night http://t.co/UVNxsAq47iZayn in the studio last night #2 http://t.co/mGMQw9XkAyZayn in the studio last night #1 http://t.co/sZMqPjUw6AVIDEO: Louis in London today #2 http://t.co/6eNGz0eKdkVIDEO: Niall trying to speak French but not really succeeding today http://t.co/6eNGz0eKdkHarry in Bedfordshire - 02.04.2014 (via @_1DSlovakia) http://t.co/AY77Bdz4liVIDEO: Louis in London today http://t.co/HB9JjGdHOBVIDEO: Niall with @NadiaTaheri in London today http://t.co/xdZeIPhmxvVIDEO: Zayn in London today http://t.co/wlmHT2VjbB (via @carla_Blanchou)Liam with a fan in London today #23 http://t.co/dwF8FK3ysJHarry with a fan in London today #22 http://t.co/kvCcTjZXLaLouis in London today #21 (via @NadiaTaheri) http://t.co/lq8ZMPFIk3Harry with a fan in London today #20 http://t.co/U3QeWAeTwHHarry with a fan in London today #19 http://t.co/uSqxpd8YYAZayn and Louis with fans in London today #18 http://t.co/yLjNmF1heVLiam with @NadiaTaheri in London today #17 http://t.co/5l8CY6fswhHarry with @NadiaTaheri in London today #16 http://t.co/28lcGEa64vNiall with @NadiaTaheri in London today #15 http://t.co/JtePkBom3EHarry with @carla_Blanchou in London today #14 http://t.co/ODp4LBr09PHarry with @NadiaTaheri in London today #13 http://t.co/UX6CpkRQiSNiall with @allwillbegone in London today #12 http://t.co/54lZ1WdkEwHarry in London today #11 http://t.co/Ru5DdDyNYuLiam in London today #10 http://t.co/ahKLiAm6YSHarry with @carla_Blanchou in London today #9 http://t.co/m4DhNvSn6eLiam with @carla_Blanchou in London today #8 http://t.co/aRxeRRwZJQNiall with @carla_Blanchou in London today #7 http://t.co/eUwMnmY8pVHarry with @carla_Blanchou in London today #6 http://t.co/OzKD1tO5QVNiall with @londonlyblonde in London today #5 http://t.co/ODWWv8O17OLiam with @allwillbegone in London today #4 http://t.co/kJFVUbATmYLouis and Zayn with fans in London today #3 http://t.co/LvIZTfMXZaLiam with @carla_Blanchou in London today #2 http://t.co/70Nc7w2uBzZayn in London today #1 http://t.co/MnmYFwAYY6Following pics via @1DUpdatesARG_Good morningggggg :3 http://t.co/GxItZmtKnW
This week on twitter: 22 new followers, 23 new unfollowers and followed 8 people via http://t.co/awoQ16xRgv10 DAYS UNTIL WWA TOUR STARTS!! http://t.co/SB0c0LGNYK... including the #BigPaynoRemix by @Real_Liam_Payne 1DHQ x http://t.co/Ov2kDBjdDN
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_ID"@M1Jarvis: @Real_Liam_Payne spending quality time in the gym. #supersoldier http://t.co/tmsNPN4v9b"Louis today! http://t.co/jdDkkTe0tSToday was the last day the boys were rehearsing for the Where We Are Tour! (via @WW1DAlerts)You & I - Big Payno Remix Snippet: http://t.co/EOL0Q2ooqEYou & I - Low Backing Vocals: http://t.co/AjrnzxqSoDYou & I - High Backing Vocals: http://t.co/bp6cfilrEKYou & I - Backing Vocals & Ad Lips: http://t.co/RolGgpKeb0You & I - Vocal Stems: http://t.co/U3ivb2grA8You & I - Lead Vocals http://t.co/vXk7HyIocsYou & I Acapella (Vocals only) - http://t.co/KQKtw4NMkcZayn leaving/arriving the tour rehearsal in Ealing, London yesterday (via @simran_rai95) http://t.co/Xbgjl4ltRV[Video] Harry texting James back on “Send To All” http://t.co/dotWN97APs (via @1Dfau_au )Liam & Sophia at "The Craft" book launch. They look cute together - V http://t.co/TmlkGWbQU5 (via @1D_Swiss_Team)Louis with a fan's dad today! http://t.co/JXtX4HONg1 (via @1DVanctyUpdates)Liam on The Hits Radio earlier today - http://t.co/Eno6PARslS@AngelFanielly mungkin mereka sharing :)"@yeahfcknarry: @1DMyHeroes_ID enaknya gitu tuh min kalo jd sodaranya the boys....always meeting 5/5 :')" bener bangetNew pic of Lou and Lux! http://t.co/gDevxcZZFN"@onedirection: 'After 3..2..1… open your eyes and make the face of the smell' #1DFragrance http://t.co/OWZUR7DGjO"New pictures of Liam and Zayn with Zayn's cousin at his birthday party on Jan 12nd! http://t.co/m6zxfatN4K (via @1DMofosUpdates)Harry leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #9 http://t.co/WTxEdhTuQIHarry leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #8 http://t.co/QYccYBMkQfHarry leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #7 http://t.co/Me57Gc8d02Harry leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #6 http://t.co/Y3Sptom2OLNiall leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #5 http://t.co/x4A0FsGcCLZayn leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #4 http://t.co/b3pwnGWCAvZayn leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #3 http://t.co/Uf1WnAuq9eZayn leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #2 http://t.co/jNY7avOdhfLiam leaving the rehearsal studio in Bedfordshire today! #1 http://t.co/VdJDIjKxxCFollowing pics via @WW1DAlertsPagiiii♥ http://t.co/DU2PnilhlK
VIDEO: Liam- Pre Order You & I Now! https://t.co/ZJoqp4m8Il"@SimonCowell: Once again Ben has produced a fantastic video for One Direction. You and I. Very clever."Coloured version of Niall in the Ponystep Magazine! http://t.co/7Goe5tF1F5Coloured version of Louis in the Ponystep Magazine! http://t.co/l44hCTGVeMColoured version of Zayn in the Ponystep Magazine! http://t.co/IIeQEiQ4sGColoured version of Harry in the Ponystep Magazine! http://t.co/TxLXYhzOxoColoured version of Liam in the Ponystep Magazine! http://t.co/0X65tsayIpFollowing pics via @WW1DAlertsVIDEO: Harry saying hi to a fan https://t.co/UEpmnSXqzm (via @1DAlwaysUpdated)Liam leaving the rehearsal studio in London today! #1 http://t.co/OpsdOhb0VXLiam leaving the rehearsals today! #3 http://t.co/DINOs4xSufLiam leaving the rehearsal studio in London today! #2 http://t.co/aCAu1MlVWkNext pics via @WW1DAlertsNiall leaving rehearsals yesterday! http://t.co/ecarL3JADSFollowing tweets via @1DupdategirlsZAYN'S HIGH NOTE IN 'YOU & I' SHIT SHIT https://t.co/RDkuAHf7pjIni kenapa coba Louis usil banget hahaha https://t.co/bbMFkWMYXCLewis just posted on instagram this "old " pic of him and Harry -A http://t.co/KPOedsNuzF (via @1D_Swiss_Team)Confirmed opening acts for WWA tour so far! http://t.co/z6xPkgDMIn"@1DMyHeroes_ID: Selamat pagi!! Yang libur mana suaranyaaaaaaa http://t.co/375sMrk0Ux" meeee
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDgua libur minnnnnn"@1DMyHeroes_ID: Selamat pagi!! Yang libur mana suaranyaaaaaaa http://t.co/Fr9sBJzoQY"
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDSelamat pagi!! Yang libur mana suaranyaaaaaaa http://t.co/ZueThjaFyy
Buat yang UN besok semangat ya! Jangan terlalu tegang/gugup/apapun yang bikin konsentrasi buyar. Jangan lupa sebelum ngerjain, doa dulu :)Goin for a cycle ! Lovely day In London!
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDOH MY GOD :') http://t.co/e78zipx5tQNiall changed his icon! Ah♥ http://t.co/25DrgrZgHiOne Direction socks are from Primark in the UK! OMG http://t.co/1wMxtZPrea"@denada_inggrid: @1DMyHeroes_ID min,mereka makek sweater sama smua?" Iyaaaa
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