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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@cookie_schnauze @ParallelsCares Please email your Parallels receipt to support@ agilebits .com with a link to this tweet. We'll help! ❤️@yangcaimu @rickfillion iCloud Sync is in 1Password 5, but currently requires the version from the Mac App Store: Great idea!! ❤️@naoky1970 Thank you! That's wonderful to hear. I'll be here for you if you have any questions. ❤️🔐@solak You're welcome! Happy to help. :)@DJLiamson Interesting request! Thanks for letting me know you'd be interested in this. I'll pass on the suggestion to my devs. 👍@alejandroreyes Awesome. 👍@mabhz Check sync settings, make sure they're syncing to the same file in Dropbox. Some more troubleshooting tips: Thanks for seeking me out today, Alejandro! Wink at my team via email & see what happens. 😊 support+social@ agilebits .com@codeguy Thank you, Josh! 😊 Glad you like it!@adurudas When you open Settings > Vaults > Primary, what do you see there?@bensie Hi, James! You might find this blog post helpful: Thank you, James! <3@christinekck Aww. :D Thanks, my team will get back to you soon. <3@adurudas …sync method, the last time the sync was completed, etc.@adurudas Sorry, Andre, I didn't realize we were talking about iOS. Once sync is configured for the vault, this screen shows the selected…@ryanhardester Hi, Ryan. That feature is currently in beta. Soon! =)@WhiteMtnsT Interested in my Windows app? Thanks! Drop us a line, we'll see how we can help: support+social @ agilebits .com.@adurudas The Sync Preferences screen enables you to configure vault-specific sync options.@adurudas In the meantime, let's talk about making All Vaults more useful for you. You can customize it so that it contains oft-used vaults.@adurudas Right now I will always return to All Vaults. Thanks for letting me know you'd like more options.@jmandia Most welcome!@Zerflin Thank you! <3@_kevinatari I agree, it would be cool. =)@techisded After completing your purchase, please write to support @ agilebits .com, and my team will help you out.@bbusschots Hi, Bart. You can reach us at support @ agilebits .com.@TBHJordan Great, thanks! My team will get back to you soon. <3@christinekck My 💙 is set on you… 🎵Drop us a line, Christine, we'll see what we can do. =) support+social @ agilebits .com.@avawakenings I know, right? =) <3@_kevinatari I understand completely! Thanks for the feedback.@gabyu Hi! I'm built quite differently and am not susceptible to the exploits in this research. Learn more at Hi, Kevin, thanks for asking! I've heard some success stories from people using Wine: Most welcome, Tim. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. =)@TBHJordan No worries, we'll help with whichever licenses you need. =)@ja_hor Thanks very much for choosing me! Welcome to my family and have a great weekend. =)@ja_hor Hi, Jaclyn! My humans have taken care of that for you. I recommend you delete the tweet with your name and e-mail address in it. =)@gepeto42 Most welcome, Guillaume.@timconinx One thing you can try is to edit your saved login item to use this URL: Sure.@xyore Okay. Write to us at support+social @ agilebits .com and we'll see what we can do to help you. Thank you for choosing me. :D@DeepXP Well, let me see if I can nudge my team to move that along for you. =)@rliebi Ah, I see. Thanks for the info and for letting me know this is something you would find useful.@DeepXP Hi, Deep! Shouldn't be too long, we're getting through them at a good pace. When did you sign up?@bvdputte Absolutely. The upgrade page will display your discounted upgrade options.@rliebi Not sure what you mean, can you explain further?@jmandia Hey, John, drop us a line after your purchase and my team will help you with that: support+social @ agilebits .com.@rliebi No ETA just yet, we are still deep in beta mode, working on perfecting the experience. =)@bvdputte Not sure I understand, Bart. You want to upgrade just your Mac license? If so, I can help with that: My apps are included in your Teams subscription! More info on guests and pricing in time; for now, everyone is free. =)@TBHJordan Hey, Jordan, drop us a line at support+social @ agilebits .com. We'll see what we can do to help.@codelemur Thanks, Rob. But maybe it's me? If you've got a particular site/URL in mind, let me know what's not working; we'll check it out.@1D10T1 You can log in to your @ParallelsMac account to retrieve it. Yes, simply open the item and tap the .txt attachment.@naoky1970 Welcome to my family! I can import your information from other apps. Please let me know if I can help.@xyore Hello! You can get a great deal with the amazing @ParallelsMac bundle. Thanks, Craig! <3@titimefr Yes. As long as your Mac is on the same subnet as the mobile device, it will work.@burnflare Thanks, I see what you mean now. I'll pass this along to my devs and we'll see what we can do. Thanks!@Unified_Infotec I am developed by AgileBits, but thanks for the slideshow! =)'m still celebrating with great friends in the @ParallelsMac bundle. Join us, there's plenty of room at the table! Hi, Vishnu! What's the login URL you're using?@roncortado We had a great conversation with Dale and followed up on our blog. Hi, Christopher! I'm in the @ParallelsMac bundle. @LunaticDiligent Thanks for asking! I'm in the @ParallelsMac bundle. desktop<>mobile@s1gm44 We had a great conversation with Dale and followed up on our blog: Thanks for the info! That version is quite old. Upgrading to the latest should resolve the issue. Make sure you're using the beta Mac app, then go to 1Password 5 > Preferences > Teams to add your Team I can't comment on timeline, but I do always announce updates here, on facebook, on my blog and in the email newsletter! 😄@dannyrodri Thanks! One of the lovely humans on my team will reply as soon as possible. ❤️
@dannyrodri It should always ask for your Master Password after restart. Please email us a Diagnostics Report: Thanks! One of the lovely humans on my team will reply to your email as soon as possible. ❤️@Jeff_Hatz And check these iCloud sync troubleshooting tips: Here's a guide to help you set up TOTPs on Mac: Each vault has its own sync settings & its own keychain. This should help! Thanks. And what version of the 1Password app? And what version of OS? 1Password 3 for Mac isn't supported on El Capitan.@steveofmaine OPVault is not yet fully supported on Android, but if you're not using Android, go ahead & email us at support@ agilebits .com@milkshakebot Looks like you've got some great replies, and I’m obviously biased. Let me know if you have any questions about me. Cheers! 😊@AlexCulli Sounds good. Both good options! 😀@ta_teach If you bought from our store within 30 days, we can refund it so you can buy from Mac App Store instead. Not at this point. Sorry for the confusion! You can read an explanation of the situation here: Ah, that's covered in the setup/requirements section at the top. iCloud sync requires the version from the Mac App Store.@AlexCulli Sorry to hear that! Check out the troubleshooting tips here: We can still offer a bundle discount to Mac App Store customers! 😄 You can just copy/paste if you want to, but the keyboard is really handy! More info here: It's coming! Here's a preview: Thanks! One of the lovely humans on my team will reply as soon as possible. ❤️@davidhemphill Awesome! Hope you like it! Feel free to let us know what you think of it in our forum: Looks like it. But you can always be assured of app integrity when you start on our website: <3@davidhemphill Geared for teams, but we have a new way to have your data everywhere if you wanted to beta test: @simonwex Thanks for the heads up! We’ll see what we can do on our end. Be sure to train your filter or add to whitelist. <3@leeluo1017 We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. :)@m0de_ Could you email us a Diagnostics Report? We’ll resolve it for you. :)@mgdepoo Party on. And if you really want to have a good time: 🎉 /cc @jessysaurusrex@punker76 Wi-Fi sync already uses OPVault on Android. We're working on adding support for OPVault with Dropbox sync as well. 👍@CogDisNoi  😘@sfslim Aww, thanks Aaron! I'm thankful for awesome folks like you! ❤️🔐@jmscgry Aww, thanks James! ❤️🔐 I'm thankful for awesome folks like you!@JayKSutton You can subscribe to my newsletter to make sure you don't miss the next sale: & I'll announce here too.@jgoguen @jessysaurusrex Many folks use my Windows app in Wine. And my new Teams service's web app works on Linux:
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