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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@getrespond Got it! Thanks! ❤️ @JokerEh With that said, $2.99 per month gets you everything (including upgrades) with my subscription service. See @JokerEh You're in Canada, eh? I'm priced in 🇺🇸 so the weak 🇨🇦 dollar has forced the Mac App Store prices higher. Sorry about that. [1/2] @crowdlinker Re: priority support, use the special email given to you after signing up. we can give it to u again once u write in. ❤️ [2/2] @crowdlinker I'm so sorry for the trouble! There was an issue with that form that has since been fixed. Thanks for the heads up! [1/2] @SEschweiger Sorry to hear about the trouble! Are you referring to my new browser authorization? @b2q204 No support for WebDAV, sorry! More sync options can be found here: @marcelwink I think the choice is clear, but I’m clearly a bit biased. 😊 Please let me know if you have any questions though. @runsammrun Thanks for mentioning it! :) @mariejulien Yep, we use HockeyApp for distribution of our Windows app. Our official downloads page links there too: @crowdlinker Sorry for the delay! I wasn't able to find your message though, do you have the ticket # from our auto-responder? @anastarsha Support for Touch ID was added in v6.5, are you up to date? @regisadeglans Apple has full control over App Store purchases, please contact their support team for assistance: @KevinJJuliano with a custom theme. :) @crstj My mother's maiden name is E3Jh'6l4rb4V%,44K5.Godkm -- I know my boo @jessysaurusrex gets me. ❤️🔐 Glad you do, too. :-) @chrisarcand @brandon_mn I swear it's random...but you guys would not *believe* some of the combos I've seen. ;-) ❤️🔐 @robrimmer Do you already have data in me somewhere? Android? Mac? Online at Or are you just starting out? @Belloso Did you send an email in to support@ agilebits .com? If so, you will get an auto-response that should contain the ticket ID. @silasjmatson I'd like to be able to take credit for helping you, but since you appear to have solved it by yourself...LOL. ❤️🔐 @silasjmatson That'll do it. That was the next stop on the troubleshooting train anyway: proxies, anti-virus, VPNs. @robrimmer Looks like you used your 1Password account on first-run. The other icons only appear if you have local vaults as well. @acejacek 😳 @Belloso That said, if you can DM me a ticket ID, I'd be happy to check on it for you. @Belloso It's also first-come, first-served, so if you send a follow-up before getting a reply, you push yourself to the current timestamp. @Belloso It varies directly in proportion to the level of support requests. We've been experiencing a surge lately, so it may be slower. @silasjmatson I assume you also tried disabling other extensions and seeing what (if any) difference that made? @Knigge Are you running e10s? If not, what version of me, my extension and Firefox are you using? @maaverix Please do! You can get a subscription to a 1Password account for just $2.99/mo! @vldid The Wine option I mentioned above keeps your data local if you wish. @silasjmatson Hrm...are you using multiple profiles? And what version of my Chrome extension? @Galaxygamerone Yes - 30 days free for anyone! And thank you so much for subscribing at the end. I'll work hard to give you your $$ worth. 😎 @trainboy2019 This should give you a better idea of the difference(s): @silasjmatson Ugh, if it was a fresh reboot I'm not optimistic about a reboot's chances, but let me know. @maaverix Not at this time. We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. Thanks! @silasjmatson I'm gonna go full cliché on you for a moment: did you reboot? @pstockton @Pr0jecT_HaTTa @didslive You laugh, but even today in 2016: 😳 @trainboy2019 It's a standalone license (single-purchase), no subscription req'd. But you won't get online access. @cbracy Please email diagnostics, description & a link to this conversation to support+social@ agilebits .com Thx! @cbracy It sounds like you may have both local vaults as well as a account. @grantmdavis @TeamShieldBSC Here’s my documentation to make adding me easy as pie! @TimoNowitzki Please check your DMs. :-) @AuralCandyNet Would you be willing to DM me so I can ask you a question privately? @Alehdet @vldid works in your browser (Linux too!). No native Linux app. However: 🐧 @maaverix This is the only one currently running, the Parallels bundle: @SerhiyMakarenko @roolra This is correct -- thanks, Сергій! And let me know if you have any further questions about me. Cheers! @khaled I will pass it along to my devs. Thanks for the heads-up and apologies for the difficulty! @ShimmyHRC  It shouldn't be that slow, Eric -- please email us at support@ agilebits .com if you'd like my team to see if something's amiss. @issackelly works in your browser (Linux too!). No native Linux app. However: 🐧 @kaloyanpetrov We'll have to see what comes forward from Mozilla in future releases. I'm hopeful too. Thanks for reporting! @RangerRick Glad you like it so much, Benjamin! After having Touch ID on iOS for so long, this seemed like a natural progression. ❤️🔐 @abrahamvegh Thanks for letting me know you’re interested in this! 👍 I'll pass it along to my devs. @prades_maxime I'll definitely mention it to my devs - and thanks for the suggestion! @ingenious_john @deanpcmad Dang it, you beat me to the punch. Sorry for the repeat, Dean. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @prades_maxime Quests will look something like this when completed (this is a Families account) @deanpcmad @ingenious_john works in your browser (Linux too!). No native Linux app. However: @cbracy  Your password hint for my Mac app, Catherine? Two or three incorrect entries should do get you the pop-up. @johanbrook @reimertz No worries! Just having a bit of fun -- and thank you SO MUCH for being a long-time user. @robrimmer What version of me are you running, Rob? Find out in 1Password menu > About. @KMatos96 @garotasemfio Why not give me a try and find out for yourself? It's easy! I have a 30-day free trial: @johanbrook @reimertz Considering I was founded in '06, that's a neat trick! 😉 Seriously, though, I have mad ❤️ for long-time users. Thanks! @FuelFireAgency We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. 👍 @dbennett_ks Please email diagnostics and a link to this conversation to support+social@ agilebits .com Thx! @marcomsantana @garotasemfio @KMatos96 Thanks so much for saying so! 😃 @AuralCandyNet @Alehdet Thanks for your kind words and support! 😊 @garotasemfio @KMatos96 Thanks so much for saying so! 😃 @pstockton @Pr0jecT_HaTTa @didslive Make sure you use a good, strong Master Password as well. 👍🏻❤️🔐 @SerhiyMakarenko That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. 😎 @khaled Thanks for reporting! It looks like I had more than double the screen-time of any other app in that screen-shot, though...? @ingmr This is something you'll have much more leverage on, as a user, than I will. But let me know if I can assist. @crazyplanet_ You can! Please DM me the email address you used to sign up for Families & the Promo Code you received from Parallels. @ingmr @pivotaltracker And here’s my documentation to make adding me easy as pie! @Bl1zz We don't normally pre-announce release dates on features as many factors (some beyond our control) affect them. @marcorougeth @rlossurdo @erichideki works in your browser (Linux too!). Also: 🐧 @kaloyanpetrov That said, All the features of 4.6.2 work in e10s, except for Open and Fill. @kaloyanpetrov Mozilla doesn't support what I need it to yet in e10s, in order for all my functionality to work. Waiting for updates. @kaloyanpetrov Sorry for the trouble! What version of my extension and of Firefox are you running? @fitzpatrickd @LeonieWatson Well, shucks! You're going to make my icon turn a blushing red. Thanks, Dónal! :) @LeonieWatson Thanks so much for saying so! 😃 Cheers! @No1Melman Excellent! Welcome aboard, and let me know if you have any questions about me. Cheers!