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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@jwkicklighter Gotcha. We're not actively working on support for local vaults right now, but I'll let the devs know you'd like this feature. @ErikMHummel Thanks! One of the lovely humans on my team will reply as soon as possible. ❤️ @troykelly Hmm. Did you sign up from in app or from a browser? @CatalinJ15 @i0n1ca @troykelly Nope! Never too late! @stefanhoth @fourlastor You can use my web app on a Linux machine: @ocisme Thanks! I'm glad to hear it's working again. Sorry for the hassle--I'll pass your feedback on to my team! @i0n1ca @CatalinJ15 @troykelly Thanks so much for spreading the word, y'all! @troykelly Yes indeed: @CatalinJ15 @troykelly Ack! You beat me to it! @ErikMHummel Please email diagnostics and a link to this conversation to support+mac@ agilebits .com Thx! @troykelly @CatalinJ15 Yep! @Aktariel Filling works for me. Can you try resaving the Login? @mikeplant Gotcha. Let me know if you need anything else! @IAmChrisN Any time! 😃 @shayaansiddiqui Unfortunately I don't have a way to merge data at the moment, but you can do a domain search. @mikeplant Sorry to butt in, but can you make sure you're on iOS 10.2.1? That should help. @IAmChrisN Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else! @IAmChrisN Gotcha. Thanks! When your passwords are not concealed, I display the shared secret, otherwise I display the generated TOTP... @CatalinJ15 ...finicky, so I recommend sticking with the account: @CatalinJ15 Thanks for the update! I'm glad you found that. You'll just need to move the data. Though WLAN has restrictions and can be... @shayaansiddiqui Okie doke. Follow these steps to move your data into it: @pborgwat Awesome! 😃 @IAmChrisN Click the little lock icon next to the TOTP field--near the copy and auto-type icons. That changes the reveal/conceal state. @richardherbert An account has lots of perks: I'm also happy to give you 6 months free: @david_hewson Hi David. I'm not quite sure I understand the issue. Can you please clarify the problem you're having? @marksmith85 I'll add your vote for Security Audit on iOS. Thanks! @ReviWiki Unfortunately I'm not able to change billing dates atm, but I'll add your vote for this! @De_Mote Thanks for the feedback! I'll add your vote for this feature! @karyl Ack. Could be! I'm glad it's working now, but let me know if you have problems again in the future! @IAmChrisN Can you try changing the conceal/reveal setting? Does that help? @StuFFmc @Mayersche Any time. 😉 @ashpole Security is my main concern. There's a bit more info here: @tylersmoody Sure! Try these steps: @ocisme Thanks! One of the lovely humans on my team will reply as soon as possible. ❤️ @iRodknocker Can you try the steps here: @ocisme Please email diagnostics and a link to this conversation to support+ios@ agilebits .com Thx! @Holosynthetic That's good news! Let me know if you need anything else! @ocisme Great! Since your data is safe and sound in Dropbox, can you try uninstalling/reinstalling? Do you see the extension after? @xTYZx Great! Let me know if you need anything else! @karyl By chance are you using a frozen account or has the trial expired on your app? @ocisme Is the main app working on your device? Also, do you have a backup of your data or are you syncing? @__debo @karyl Not sure. Is this Mac or Windows, and what browser(s) have you tried? Any specific URLs? @xTYZx Just follow these steps: @edmcculloch Can you let me know what version you have installed? Do you have more than one copy on your Mac? @__debo Can you DM me your email address please? Thanks! @ocisme Can you confirm it's still enabled? @JoshMacGown @onesafe_lunabee My licenses have alwasy be per platform. But my subscription covers them: @lukei4655 Thanks! Can you go to System Prefs > Mission Control and turn off 'Display have separate Spaces'? Does that help? @ErikMHummel By chance is your vault Agile Keychain format? If so, can you switch to OPVault? @IAmChrisN Thanks! By chance are you using Windows 7, or another version? @Holosynthetic It's possible. Is the data on the new computer up-to-date? Can you make a backup first (File > Backup > Backup now)? @Holosynthetic WLAN sync is supported between a single Mac and one or more mobile devices: How are you syncing? @emiliobello 😂 @mywall Can you try importing into the Mac app rather than the web app: @jwkicklighter I support multiple vaults on Android through my hosted accounts. :D @Arregius Indeed, I restrict filling for frozen accounts or trial expired apps. @larsberg_ @avadacatavra @degausser42 Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @aabluna Your Mac will serve as the master, so as long as everything is safe and sound there, you'll be fine. :) @aabluna I don't believe so. Are you missing any data from 1Password on Mac? @raveeshbhalla ❤️🔐 @aabluna 1Password on your Mac caches the data locally and you should have recent backups (File > Backup) for just in case. @__debo Sorry! My team is swamped atm. Can you let me know your ticket ID? It will be in the automatic reply you got. @mywall Are you on a PC or a Mac? @raveeshbhalla Sorry for the confusion! This is only going to be available in Android O, which isn't out yet. @pborgwat No problem! Let me know if you need anything else! @aabluna Can you please follow the steps here: @Tally1971 @De_Mote Awe, thanks so much! ❤️🔐 @pborgwat ...instead: @pborgwat Was your license purchased through my site? If so, the MAS version won't recognize that and you'll need to download from my site.. @OnlyUnInvited You can still use 1Password 4 with standalone, and you can indeed use 1Password 6 for iOS with local vaults. @mywall What platform/version of me are you importing from? Did you create the export using the browser ext--copy/paste text to spreadsheet? @CatalinJ15  Gotcha. Do you still have your Primary vault on the Mac? @shayaansiddiqui ...right corner, and select Invite People. That will turn your account from an Individuals one into a Families one. @shayaansiddiqui You can convert your existing account to Families if you like. Sign in from a browser, click the menu in the upper... @cstolberg74 What platform is this on? Are you seeing a crash report? @netzhuffle Do you still have a local Primary vault on your device(s)? @Tanaxia Hey Marcus. Families accounts are supported in my latest version--1Password 6. You can install from here: @tylergifford Great! Let me know if you need anything else!