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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@tsemei @TryCaviar Ooh la la. That's awesome! ❤️ @tsemei @TryCaviar Yay! What platform was this? @Groxx Ah that makes sense. A pending update causes the code signature to be invalid. Restarting the browser should do the trick. 😄 @SpearNZ @hasanbulli Ah, I see. Glad you got it sorted! Let me know if you need anything else! @TheATM404 Okay great! Let me know how it goes! @hasanbulli Hey Mustafa! The guides in our knowledgebase are updated: @TheATM404 Are you seeing the new ones in a tap called Offline Changes on Windows, by chance? @TheATM404 Thanks! Have you signed into the account from the phone and Mac? @LAUXmeetup Yay! I'm glad to hear all is well again. Have some chocolate! That always makes me feel better!l 🍫 @TheATM404 How are you syncing? And between what devices? @johnny_winter @Penderworth No problem! Glad you're liking the new Chromebook. I'm digging mine as well! 😄 @fehnman @benmetzler @rubyzblue @skrimfid @steipete @BenRiceM @ulyssesapp Thanks for the support, Marcus! @1987pj @rubyzblue @benmetzler @skrimfid @steipete @BenRiceM @ulyssesapp Shucks! 😊 @Marni24 What platform(s) is she using? Has she already signed up for an account and started saving data? @jongibbins @AgileBits @googlechrome You're so welcome! 😄 @tswicegood Awesome! I'm so glad to hear it, Travis! 😄 @odog Great! Let me know if you need anything else! @johnny_winter @Penderworth Hi Johnny. Check this out: @Groxx What version of the main app and extension are you using? @Marni24 ...The standalone version on the other hand is version and platform specific, and you have to sync manually. @Marni24 Sure, though I recommend going with the membership. The membership covers all platforms and major upgrades… @Furiousian @AllysonTurner Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 I'm here to help if you need me, Allyson! @benmetzler @rubyzblue @skrimfid @steipete @BenRiceM @ulyssesapp Thanks for saying so! @Marni24 Hi Marni! We introduced memberships nearly 2 years ago: It sounds like your daugh… @BruceatAMV subscription accounts. As to the mobile app, is this Android or iOS? @BruceatAMV Do you have a 1Password account subscription? If not, then you won't be able to sign in on our page. Th… @loveallpainaway Hey Göran! 1Password 6 requires a membership. You're welcome to switch if you like: @benjaChomin Hi Benjamin. I still support standalone alongside memberships. @robcmonroe Yay! Thanks Rob! I'll pass your super kind words onto Kate and the rest of the team! ❤️ @vincentlistens No problem! @Gainsbarbe No problem! @MedecineLibre @1Password Our security model is well-documented, but not open source. You can read about it here: @claysangchao Awe, Thanks Clay! 😄 @athgonzalez Hi Anthony. Are you signed into the account from any devices? @rubyzblue @benmetzler @skrimfid @steipete @BenRiceM @ulyssesapp Thanks for the support, everyone! Just in case cla… @BruceatAMV ...I can help with? @BruceatAMV Hey! The sign-in page at is for my subscription accounts. You don't need to sig… @Gainsbarbe ...I'll need to be launched in order to pull synced changes into your local cache. @Gainsbarbe Thanks! On Mac and Windows I do indeed sync automatically in the background, and on mobile i can only s… @Zortje Hey René! 1Password 6 requires a membership and doesn't support local vaults. For those, stick with 4. Vers… @DanLaschansky 😄👍 @vincentlistens ...always have. As to why we introduced memberships, see here: @vincentlistens 1Password 7 will have support for standalone vaults and licenses: And we'l… @Gainsbarbe How are you syncing? @DanLaschansky Thanks! 1Password on Android doesn't currently have support for custom icons, but I'll pass the request on to my team! @DanLaschansky Is your mobile device an Android or iOS device? @chadbelletete @toddstepp Yay! 🎉❤️ @decrypted If users are using two different apps on the same phone, then it's still not 2 factor. I draw a distinction between 2FA and TOTP. @atshef No problem! Glad you got it sorted out! 🙂 @jeremyburge @muskokaman_k Hey! I have lots of guides and tutorial videos here: @atshef Hey Andrew! Can you check the date/time settings on each device? Do they match exactly? @pyro2927 Is it possible you're using 1Password 6? If so, 1Password 6 only supports account… @JohnJacobTruth Thanks! Did you receive a ticket ID from us? Such as [#123-1234-123]? If so, please DM me with the… @tjl The best way to change the order is by starting over with the app. Please be sure that all items are synced/ba… @Ryan__Stephen Change the URL you have saved with the items in order to change their order there. @Ryan__Stephen Hi Ryan! The extension matches URLs first. So if the unfavorited item's URL matches the one on the s… @larsboehnke That's not currently supported, but I'll pass your request along to the team! @tjl the Master Password is linked to the first account/vault that is added to the native app. @tjl Not a problem. We look forward to hearing from you! @deweblopment Hehe, happy to help! Please do let me know if you need any more assistance. 🙏 @decrypted I hope you're enjoying one-time passwords! 🙂 For more information, I'd recommend taking a peep here: @tjl Let's get this fixed! Can you send an email to my lovely humans using the email address associated with the ac… @gehouhun Not at all. ❤️ I'd recommend taking a look at our awesome buddy Ben's comment: @stevereads Please send a report (and include a description) to my humans who’ll take a look and support you: @CAI2NAGE Thanks for your feature request! @mosheroperandi Let's get this fixed! Can you send an email to my lovely humans using the email address associated… @gehouhun Sorry, what do you mean by heard nothing for a long time? We do not usually discuss future plans, but we'… @meTranterc Hey! You can follow this guide here: @deweblopment In Chrome > About Google Chrome > Click on RELAUNCH CHROME. Does this resolve your issue? @vincentlistens We continue to support both models i.e. 1Password 4 for Windows will still be supported when 1Passw… @MiguelDelaney I'm here if you have any questions about me. Cheers! @DutchHart Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @whisky_kilo Well, shucks! You're going to make my icon turn a blushing red. Thanks! :) @EWDurbin ❤️ @hynek We love you too! ❤️ @johnfpierce51 Let's get this fixed! Can you send an email to my lovely humans using the email address associated w… @hjarche Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! You're making me blush! ❤️