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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@shayes287 Hi Stephen! Unfortunately I'm not able to help with this over Twitter, since I can't verify your identit… @jumland Hi Jens! This is a known bug and my developers are working on a fix. Sorry for any interruption this has caused! 🐛 @Xanatori Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @etorsten @vivaldibrowser Hey Torsten! Have you tried my 1Password X browser which supports Vivaldi? @csbarbourv I understand. Our current password generator offers separators such as hyphen, full stop, comma, wherea… @StuFFmc Hi Manu. I'm not able to reproduce this on my end. What version of 1Password are you running and is this reproducible? @csbarbourv Thanks for letting me know you’re interested in this! 👍 @fhemberger @rickfillion Awe, that's great Frederic! 🎉 I'm so pleased Rick was able to jump in and help. @am0_oma @RikardGehlin @wirecommunity @wire @ProtonMail @brave Thanks for mentioning me! 💙 @robjmills 😳 @ToddMcCann Thanks, Todd. Please send a report to my team (include a description of the issue and link to this Twit… @frankmeeuwsen @youdid Awe, thanks for mentioning me Frank! I'm obviously biased 😉! I'm here if you have any questi… @KeesRomkes I'm here if you have any questions about me! 👋 @fhemberger Thanks Frederic. I'll let my team know! 💙 @leothelion96 I'll pass your request along to our team - 1Password X is a new addition to the family and we're exci… @fhemberger I’ll pass your feedback along to the team. Thanks! @s1mn Hey Simon 👋 This is a known bug and my developers are investigating. Sorry for any interruption this has caused! 🐛 @sidimam @stingray92 I'm naturally biased about me 😉 but I'm here if you have any questions. Thanks! @bitwolfeio Thanks for letting us know Joakim! I'm glad to hear you're back up and running 🙂 @fhemberger Hello Frederic! This feature is only available for memberships: @leothelion96 Hey Leonard! Where would you like to access 1Password X from, sorry? @stanislavskiy @svalivtuman Awe, thanks for mentioning me! I'm here if you have any questions about me! 😃👋 @jankeesvw Hi Jankees. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate a little more and on what device(s) are you using me on? @athanasiosa Hi there! The difference between the two is the data location and billing. is… @singersteve You can learn all about my native messaging here: If you're still having troub… @LumberjackChef @colemillerart I'm always here to keep you secure, Ryan! 🔐 @JamesVlach1 Hi James! Do you mind me asking what license and version number you have purchased?
@singletary @singletary Thanks for the shout out, Michael! It's really much appreciated. If you really love me, you can now sub… @pneedle Hi there! Let me know if you need any assistance. My humans are standing by to help any time 😎 @singersteve I do apologize for the trouble, Steve, The problem here is that there needs to be a file in your Libra… @Mapkmaster Ah, I see what you mean! Teams is actually priced per team member per month, so that would be why the f… @geeknmarlz Hey Marly, let me know if there's anything keeping you from checking out 1Password. I'm happy to answer any questions you have 😉 @Mapkmaster Alright, I see. It sounds to me like 1Password Families would be perfect for you! Go ahead and take a p… @singersteve I see, I'm sorry to hear that. I have to recommend that you follow the steps in the article (without t… @Mapkmaster Teams is indeed advanced, but family accounts contain features specifically made for, well... families!… @singersteve Sorry for the trouble, Steve! Just to check, did restarting Google Chrome not end up working for you? @Mapkmaster Excellent question! That'll be $3.99 for individuals, $6.99 for families, and $4.99 for teams, all mont… @M_Heusinger Thanks a bunch for the mention, Monika! 😍 @samrocksc Hey Sam, I'm sorry to hear you think so! To clarify, are you changing your Master Password, or one of th… @craigmcclellan Thanks for the shout out, Craig 😎 @Tibimac I do believe that all of my humans are well and accounted for. Thank for for the concern, though ❤️ @rickthedev @dianereboot Hey Diane, sorry to hear about your Master Password! Normally, you'd need your original Master Passwor… @tommdidomm Thanks for the shout out! It means a lot ❤️ @_X37n Hi there! If you feel like you need help with anything at all, feel free to ask. My humans are standing by 😉 @JulianTeufel No problem at all! Just let me know if you'd like any other information. Happy to help out 🙂 @j_opdenakker Hey John, just jumping in here. 1Password does contain support for TOTPs and is totally safe for back… @elibeDorG Awesome job! Let me know if you need anything else at all 🙂 @adamconder @JulianTeufel Hi Julian. I hope you don't mind me jumping in. With 1Password, your data is E2E encrypted client-sid… @adamconder Hey Adam! Correct, this is indeed a bug in our billing screen, as you can see it's billing for both 201… @herrmayr Awe, thank you so much for your wonderful words, Christian! ❤️ @elibeDorG My team will be able to provide the best steps for you in order for you and your subscription plan. 🙂 Un… @elibeDorG As you're on a paid plan and this is currently a manual process (the account and subscription), it'd be… @elibeDorG Hi there! Unfortunately I'm not able to help with this over Twitter, since I can't verify your identity… @JadoJodo Thanks. Please send a report to my team (include a description of the issue and link to this Twitter thre… @janeEsmith Hi Jane 👋 sorry about this! Are you signed up to a subscription-based account or as a standalone app? T… @NeilHanlon Thanks Neil. If you tap the Settings icon next to All Vaults, is the vault that your item is in selecte… @david_fabian Let me know how you get on, we're here to help. ❤️ In regards to our migration tools, I’ll pass your… @david_fabian Do you mind me asking which device(s) you are using 1Password on? For example, 1Password for Mac offe… @robbamforth I understand. We continue to develop 1Password with support for licenses and in order to continue doin… @david_fabian Sorry about this, David. On your app, you can manually move/copy across the items from Primary > Pers… @david_fabian I'm sorry to hear this, David. Is it possible that these items are Documents? @adamconder @adamconder Cheers, Adam! One of my humans will be in touch soon. ❤️ @robbamforth Great question - 1Password 7 is a paid upgrade (our first in 5 years!) and that applies to everyone wh… @david_fabian Ps. If you want to be extra sure that your items have successfully migrated across to your new Person… @david_fabian Hey David. Have no fear, I'm here to help! 😃 On your device, if you tap on "All Vaults" do you see a… @adamconder If you would like me to jump in and help you, please let me know once you have emailed and have receive… @adamconder Hi Adam, great question! There's a couple of steps we can do to help you. Unfortunately I'm not able to… @33455432112332Z Great question! I would recommend taking a look at a recent conversation about this over on our fo… @JordiSipkens I'm sorry to hear this, Jordi. Unfortunately I'm not able to help further over Twitter, since I can't… @Kristofferabild The beta purchase is currently only available through the app itself I'm afraid. If you'd like hel… @rjamesmoore Thanks for sharing this, Robert. You'll hear from us soon. ❤️ @rvcx @33455432112332Z Hello! 😃👋 I'm always here if you have any questions! @JordiSipkens Did the same Master Password work on all devices before? Do you have access to any of your apps or the online web interface? @Kristofferabild Hey Kristoffer! I recommend taking a look at our beta forum, with our known issues:… @rjamesmoore Thanks for letting me know. Did you receive an auto-reply from us via email? If you open the email you…