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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@Guido_CR No there is no limit. But it is a 128-bit key, so it is unlikely to guess the correct combination. @jachands Good idea! I'll pass it along. @williamtm You're welcome! @Guido_CR Unfortunately we never know your Account Key. Did you complete the Print Your Emergency Kit quest? That kit has it. @williamtm That's because you are using a Dropbox vault. Those are read-only right now. Full support for those is coming in a future update. @ChrisKerner89 Glad to hear you like my sidekick, 1Browser! @jeffdoug2 I wish I had a better answer. I just think this one is beyond my app container. @jeffdoug2 Last thought is to get in touch with @AppleSupport. My guess is this is an issue with the Dock since another app is affected. @twistofmatt Glad to hear a fresh installer helped! @twistofmatt Sorry about this. Could you email us at support+windows@ agilebits .com so we can take a closer alook at things? @thorsheim Hey Per, I've passed this along to @jpgoldberg. @jeffdoug2 Then reinstall 1Password from (or the Mac App Store if you bought there). @jeffdoug2 Let's try this: Quit 1Password, and move the app to the trash (data is separate, so this is safe). Restart Mac. (1/2) @jeffdoug2 Hm, I'm not sure what would cause that or how to solve it. @timcamber Completely on our minds. We thought that particular hairstyle could be a style for any gender. @jeffdoug2 Hm, so the Dock is falling back to a generic app icon. Is that similarly reflected in Finder > Applications? @timcamber I'm sure you will see throughout our marketing our illustrations of people strive to be diverse. @timcamber The goal was to be less gendered. The hairstyle was chosen to be ambiguous. @vayetze You're welcome! @AtkinsonD The account name is for everyone. It is the address every uses to sign in. @jessicaeperu @dnlongen I have a 30 day free trial at! @jahtnamas Hah! I suppose 1Password for Teens could be an alternative branding for 1Password Families. 😂 @manuelauer Sure, I'll open a channel. @Znarky @jhelwig 1Password Teams has support for Duo integration. The Account Key provides Two-Secret Key Derivation. @cedthebault If not, see if signing up again with the same email helps. @jeffdoug2 Could you take a screenshot of what is happening? @AnthonyMastrean No, they are not. @st_jared Me too! @jeffdoug2 Try removing my icon from the Dock and re-adding it, please. @No5Sauce Sorry to hear about this. Here is how to start over. @cedthebault If you had set up the Account Key and Master Password you should be able to sign in. @jhelwig @Znarky And I'm a huge fan of you. ❤️🔐 @jcvangent Saving it manually using these steps should allow it to fill correctly. @euphoricf 👍 @euphoricf v6 will be getting license support in a future update. It's a multi-phase development release. @euphoricf Nope. @revanmj Thanks! @LEGOlord208 ❤️🔐 @gevans That'd be greatly appreciated! @cedthebault We've switched to a different certificate. You should be able to load the web app now. @gevans Thanks for the kind words, Gareth! ❤️🔐 @revanmj Our top 3 for launch were fill, auto-save, and password generator. Now that 6 is launched, we can iterate on fine details. @revanmj That will come in a future minor update. There's a few things yet to be ported over. Rewrites take great effort. @AndrewNCassidy Sometimes words end up in a strange order. They're randomly chosen, so not much that can be done there than regenerate. @st_jared Development on the UWP app was paused for a bit, but it shares 90% of its code with v6, so we'll update that again soon. @aidengardiner Noting that as well. You can bookmark for reference right now. @AnthonyMastrean Ah, on that version, it is in Preferences > Logins, and it is the Enable Multiple URLs box. @mwesterhold Sounds good. We'll be adding license support in a future update. @LEGOlord208 Just to set expectations, it will take some time to add standalone support. Lots to do for that. @LEGOlord208 😊 @aidengardiner Duly noted. Help should go to our guides. I'll mention that to the team. @LEGOlord208 Not yet, no. That is coming in a later release. More here: @jngconsults  If it happens again, it may be best to send us a diagnostic. @barticz It's hidden because the handles sync for you. Nothing to configure. :) @st_jared ❤️🔐 @mwesterhold Please contact us at support+windows@ agilebits .com so my team can look into this more. @mart0k Ah yes, I forgot we changed the pricing there. when we introduced Pro in addition to Standard. @dahanbn After you transition, you can export data using the export command if needed. Note that exports are not encrypted. @mwesterhold Please try rebooting the PC and use a fresh download of the installer. @mart0k The big differences are more document storage, more access control, more guests, groups, and more. @dahanbn It absolutely should be. Naturally, have backups of your local data beforehand. @dahanbn Indeed, the beta tag is off. However, there will still be a beta channel if you wish to have early access to new features. @mart0k I don't have such a comparison. Worth noting that Families is $5 for 5 people, and teams is $5/person. @xgetnastyx You're welcome! Rewrites are a big undertaking, that's why we split the development into phases. @dahanbn The fact is the new codebase is more flexible and allows us to iterate quite quickly. @dahanbn We don't have any plans of slowing down our pace with iterating v6. Feature parity is the end goal. @dahanbn Considering this is a complete re-write and re-design, it has been a monumental amount of effort. @xgetnastyx v6 has a few release phases. Licenses and local vault support are coming in a future update. @LEGOlord208 Perhaps try a reboot of the PC and a fresh download of the installer from @simonszu @ynab No worries, we have no plans to discontinue licenses. The new app just has a few development release phases. @literatesavant Thanks for letting me know you’re interested in this! 👍 @simonszu The new app will be gaining license and local vault support in a future release. @LEGOlord208 Which versions of Windows and .NET do you have? I require at least Windows 7 SP1 and .NET 4.6.2 @SvenWal The new Windows app will gain support for licenses and local vaults in a future update. @st_jared v6 is being released for accounts first. Support for licenses & local vaults is coming in a future update. @jngconsults Also, we just released build 272 of the main app. @jngconsults Please try uninstalling and re-installing the extension. @LEGOlord208 Try uninstalling the app and re-installing a fresh download. @Bad_Ass_McGee Yep, here are a bunch of articles to help you get started, no matter your need.