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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@ChrisHumphreys_ Does changing the scale affect it at all? @ChrisLundkvist @kaepora Hey Christian! I still support both models. :) @ChrisHumphreys_ Thanks! What's the scaling in your browsers? Are you zoomed in? @rooster_irl You'd have unlimited access for 30 days. After word, you won't be able to add or edit items in the vault. @JuanjoGuevara @emilcar Hey Juanjo! I haven't supported Touch ID from the extension, but I'll pass the request along! @DylanCaponi I'm not sure if it's possible, though. If you can fill, you can copy from the field you fill into. You… @DylanCaponi Thanks for the request, Dylan! @btaroli @ncweaver I understand. Thanks for the feedback! We do know that there are lots of users who want more con… @subprimeprimate Do you have more than one vault? Can you check Settings > Vaults on your iOS devices, and Preferen… @JamesAddison Thanks James! Sorry, but I'm not seeing the issue on my end. can you let me know what version number you're using? @raphaelrobert @phenobarbarella Indeed, this is something we'd like to address. Thanks Raphael! @whakkee @lapcatsoftware Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @sindarina Sorry, one other thing--you can check "this is a private or shared computer" from the sign-in page as well. @sindarina I'll pass the request along to my team. Thanks! @rooster_irl You'll be able to upgrade. However, we're not currently selling licenses for 4 since it's not in devel… @KnustJohn Thanks, John! Can you let me know what platform this is? @Glutnix @LastPass Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @diversario Sorry I see what you mean. I'll pass the request on to my team! @rooster_irl 1Password 6 on Windows was built from the ground up to support accounts. We don't support standalone v… @dandorman Hey there! If you have an item saved with an OTP field, the OTP will automatically get copied to the clipboard after you fill. :) @Sarky_de Is this a PC on your own home network with the others, or is it a work PC on another network, by chance? @bbusschots Sorry, Bart. I don't believe Microsoft uses the TOTP standard, which is what I support. HOTP secrets wo… @flamsmark Thanks for sharing, Tom! @JamesAddison Thanks James! Sorry for the confusion. I meant is the attachment preview window still open--not the 1… @tonydew @coderabbi @keyvanakbary Thanks for the shout out, Tony! I do indeed support one time passwords! @rooster_irl However, if you want to switch to an account, just follow these steps: @rooster_irl Hi there! If you're referring to a Windows computer, you will indeed need the standalone version to use with local vaults. @pedro10 @emilcar ❤️🔐 @emilcar @JuanjoGuevara Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @valeriedmond @WashingtonVisit @MoVoyage @Skype Let me know if you have any questions about me, Val! @Ghost_Browser @stewartjarod Thanks for the request! I'll pass this on to my team, Jarod! @vnuce One more thing, can you toggle the accessibility service off and back on first? @vnuce Just to clarify, this is only when you have trouble with manual filling? You're able to fill using automatic… @JohnJacobTruth Hey John. I'm able to save the login on my end. Can you may sure you're following these steps?… @subprimeprimate Hey there! Do you see the items when you sign into your account at If not… @201faketales I can't say, but I'll pass the request along to my team! @WashingtonVisit @valeriedmond @MoVoyage @Skype Thanks so much for saying so! 😃 @orafaaraujo @luciana @meninadovento Thanks for the shout-out, Rafa! 👋 @data_Bunk @jgoguen @ncweaver Great! Let me know if you need anything else! @JamesAddison Is this after you close the preview window? Or is the preview window still opened when you try to open a second time? @data_Bunk @jgoguen @ncweaver Since you're an existing customer, feel free to use this promo to sign up: @data_Bunk @jgoguen @ncweaver Just to clarify, the Mac and iOS apps are the same for both standalone and accounts.… @virtualmarc92 Hey Marc! Thanks for reaching out. These translations come directly from Google Chrome. We don't have control over them. @ankehans Thanks. And in the Preferences window from 1Password on your Mac, do you see an Accounts tab? Are any acc… @YetAnotherAccnt It was removed in 6.8.1, which was released a few months ago. The latest version is 6.8.4. You can… @suhas_rd @smlpth Thanks for recommending me Samuel! I'm here if you have any questions about me, Suhas! @mamjed @mytruebill Are you using iOS? If so, it would be great if they add support for my extension! And here’s my… @RichardPodemski Hi Richard. Are you using a subscription account? If not, how are you syncing your data? @diversario I see. You can configure that from the Security tab in 1Password's preferences on Mac: @steelergas Thanks! I'll pass the request along to my team! @Gldbach The license version is 1Password 4, the standalone version, which you can get here:… @Gldbach Thanks! It sounds like you're trying to sign into a subscription account with a license key. There are two… @Sarky_de It should sync automatically when you make a change or unlock the app. Which device was having trouble syncing? @egandalf I agree, James! Thanks for the shout out! ❤️🔐 @andrewfergusson No, but if you have another email address, you can add yourself as a guest and share a single vaul… @mkalina Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pass this on to my team! @ankehans Hey Anke! Are you using 1Password on any other devices? @TeddyWoodhouse @firefox I dig those priorities. Thanks so much, Teddy! ❤️🔐 @superezfe @doney Hey Ezekiel. This was a change in Apple's policy. They now sign you out after 8 hrs unless you ch… @sindarina You can deauthorize a device from My Profile when signed into your account, in addition to clearing cache and cookies. @EricMueller Thanks Eric. It sounds like you're filling into the Things app, correct? In that case, they'll need to… @jagahdh Let me know if you have any questions about my accounts! @UHermann Unless your standalone license was a bundle for Mac and Windows, you'll need a separate license. I recomm… @doney Apple recently made changes to iCloud and will sign you out after 8 hrs. Check 'Keep me signed in' to stay signed in for 30 days. @paulbeattie, that refers to my EU domain. @paulbeattie Hey Paul! is the sign-in address for a 1Password Individuals account. If you h… @dvydra Thanks for the request, Daniel! I'll pass this on to my team! @chris_menzinger @britishboyindc Thanks for the tip, Christian! @vnuce In order to be able to fill, 1Password needs to be able to detect the URL for the website you're on. Chrome… @metusvires Hey Aaron. Can you exit and relaunch Chrome? Let me know if that does the trick. @angexpress Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @vnuce Are you using Android 8.0 or an earlier version? Filling should work in Chrome and 3rd party apps, but not F… @btaroli @ncweaver Hey Bill! You can find a bit about why we emphasize memberships here: @BrianSniffen @ncweaver I still support standalone vaults, and have done so for over 2 years. That said, even with… @mdumreth Hi Mohammed. We release updates all the time. What version number are you using and on what platform? And… @victorsnk @DashlaneSupport Hey Victor! I'm here if you have any questions about me. @Gfwarrior4 I do indeed support Fingerprint Unlock on Android devices that support Google's fingerprint framework: @LivCher1 Hey there! Anything I can help with? @photonbomb17 Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 Great advice!