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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@lickability 👍 @lickability If nothing is stored yet, the easiest solution would be to delete your team in the admin console and create a new account. @lickability Sadly, not yet. It has turned out to be far more complex than anticipated to migrate encryption scheme. @JonathanHardin9 Please write us at support+sales@ agilebits .com to inquire about student discounts. @ZodDammit *breathes robotically* I don't know what you're talking about. @ZodDammit Do I look like Darth Vader? @ZodDammit Sounds good. Let me know how it goes. @bobbymgibson You can get the latest v4 build here: @bobbymgibson If an update is not running properly, I recommend downloading a fresh copy of the installer and running that. @JuniorM97 Here I come to save the day! @harrys @adamshostack Like this? 🙄🙄🙄 @adamshostack I'd have to defer to a developer for the details on that. @adamshostack No developers were harmed in the making of the extension. @adamshostack In those cases, trying to load https on the enclosing site doesn't load an actual page. Sadly, no way to know beforehand. @adamshostack No. We've seen some sites have the login in an iFrame with https, but the enclosing site doesn't have an https version. @JFinDallas You're welcome! Let me know if you have any questions. @timothyvb You're welcome! @g_kimbel I've got a sweet little beta for you then. :) @adamshostack We tried that, actually. Problem is some sites don't have an https version. @jobead Once the item is highlighted in mini, try shift-command-C. @JFinDallas I think the choice is clear, but I’m clearly biased. One of us has more responsive support anyway. 😊 @timothyvb The Accoutn Key makes it Two Secret Key Derivation (2SKD). @timothyvb The Account Key acts as a second factor of *encryption*, not authentication, which we believe is better. @a2 @giladronat @iPlop lol @abrad45 You're welcome! @abrad45 In the mean time, until that happens, the Primary vault cannot be removed. @abrad45 I'm sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Families-only mode is in development. Hope to have it in beta channel soon. @abrad45 Currently you need to reset the data in the app, then sign back in with Families. @franciscoluco Certainly, I'll bring it up to them. @franciscoluco ❤️🔐 @toomuchpete In beta now, and will be released soon. :) @franciscoluco Sadly, not all feature requests fit within the scope or ability of the product, but requests are a big influence in direction @franciscoluco You bet, but I can't promise anything. @emilienerot @Thierry @toomuchpete …Primary vault to an existing Dropbox file in Prefs > Sync. You can also double click a vault file in Dropbox to add it. @toomuchpete Now that you have the Local database created with the Primary vault, you can sync the … @franciscoluco Just because I am insanely curious, why do you want to prevent mini from launching? @franciscoluco Correct, you'd need to remember to do that every time to prevent auto-launch, but allow mini to run after it is launched. @toomuchpete You need to enable local vaults in Preferences > Advanced. @emilienerot @Thierry That's the right upgrade! @franciscoluco Which will then cause it to not auto-launch at system boot up. @franciscoluco Found a workaround. Before you log out of the system, open 1Password and use control+command+Q. That manually quits mini. @franciscoluco I believe that's the only way. It is not part of the user's login items in system prefs. @franciscoluco 1Password > Preferences > General. Uncheck "Always keep 1Password mini running". @incanus77 And that's only on OS X, BTW. @incanus77 … because in drag & drop on the QR scanner, which parses with NSImage, which has ImageIO in it. @incanus77 It should be fairly minimal. There's an extremely narrow in which ImageIO is used, and that's only … @quiffboy ❤️🔐  You're welcome! @_rogerogden You're welcome! Here's a lengthier explanation of that warning. @quiffboy Can't attest to Pocket, but I've seen others behave similarly when auto-updated from the Gallery. @kylesethgray That would be pretty neat. Never know what the future may hold… @_rogerogden …just needs to be restarted to complete the update. Incomplete updates break the code signature. @_rogerogden I bet Chrome updated itself in the background to Chrome 52 (released a couple days ago) and … @_rogerogden What's the warning you're getting? @quiffboy Not sure why that happens, but I've noticed it happens with any extensions from the Safari Extension Gallery. @Joaocoutinho Not exactly sure. I work fine on this login page, though. @Sir_Lebowski Thanks for letting me know you’re interested in this! 👍 @tprstly I see you found my great aunt! @Drarok We're well aware of it. We need to re-work some custom code that is causing that. @nigelcsmith @joelchippindale Hey, I didn't know my great aunt was visiting! @PelleRavn @f0gh Glad a good old restart fixed the icon issue there. @ElliottClarkson That's actually my great aunt. @emilienerot @Thierry You can upgrade your license to include Mac at a discount here: @morfca Not a bad idea. We've had categories on the mind lately. I'll pass this along to the team. @jeremyburge I've passed along your thoughts to my dev team! @incanus77 Not if you place the QR window over a QR code, though. Best course of action is to update to OS X 10.11.6 and iOS 9.3.3. @incanus77 I only use ImageIO in one situation: if a user drags an image on top of my QR scanner window. @g_kimbel When you say 1Password 4, are we talking about Mac or Windows? @Abner_Ma You're welcome! ❤️🔐 @Abner_Ma @tomsguide Families is $5/month when paid monthly, and the annual plan is $48/year. It saves customers a couple months of cash. @evilmegacorp Not at this time, no. 1Password Teams relies on our infrastructure right now. @collingsruth That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. 😎 @ZodDammit Another idea: do you ever tap Lock Now in Settings > Security? Because that will always require the Master Password. @ZodDammit Try toggling that setting to another value, and then back again. @yugui I will say that I've been around for over 10 years and I have a terrific customer support team. @yugui We don't do direct comparisons to competition on our site. Can't say I've seen that be much a practice with others, either. @ThaimassageTor If that's not the case, please email support@ 1password .com from the account owner's email and my team can check it out. @ThaimassageTor My first thought is perhaps you had accidentally done monthly instead of annual plan, just from your description of timing. @ThaimassageTor Please sign into the web app and click the menu in the upper right, then Billing. Ensure billing & plan details are correct.
@ZodDammit Check in Settings > **Advanced** > Security > Require Master Password and check the timeout there, young padawan. @GN Sure thing. @phughes Please email diagnostics and a link to this conversation to support@ agilebits .com Thx! @phughes That seems incredibly odd. It shouldn't be popping up randomly. @0xdaeda1a You're welcome! The 1Password mini interface is actually drawn by the main app, so staying up to date is important. ❤️🔐 @0xdaeda1a Which version of the main 1Password app are you using? (1Password > About 1Password) @0xdaeda1a @TheSweetKat @0xdaeda1a In my random generator you can set both digits and symbols using the password recipe sliders. @phughes In that case 1Password would prompt an unlock in order to save the login. @phughes Those are command-\ and option-command-\. Another possibility is if you manually login to a web page and it isn't in 1Password. @phughes Nothing should be popping up unless you are invoking it. 1Password mini has a couple keyboard shortcuts to bring it up. @phughes Which platform is this happening on? Mac or Windows? @CarlGottlieb You're welcome! @CarlGottlieb Looks like you've got some great replies, and I’m obviously biased. Check out 1Password Families. @JanLukat I think what the poster was getting at is it does not enhance 1Password's security model at all. @JanLukat Thanks for letting me know you’re interested in this! 👍 @_withag You're welcome! @maziman84 You're welcome! @_withag If so, this trick we use with Apple TV may also work on PS4. @_withag Curious, does PS4 have a mobile app that allows you to use the phone or tablet as a keyboard?