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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@davidcarlton Thanks! @zackeryfretty Strange! I will pass it on to the Mac team. Thanks for the heads-up! @rbisconti97 The prices on are monthly, not annual. @lucasdeeweeks I have a fantastic developers, but every website has a different URL, so I guess I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath 😉 @_davidkn The only way to add a local vault is if you want to migrate it to a account, it can be added after login @AuroraPenguin Yes, it is being worked on, but I’m afraid that’s all I can say. @davidjoelhall Can’t change vault color. Can always change vault name, description, and avatar. @lucasdeeweeks That would be great. Would require knowing where each site keeps the “change password” page, but really good idea. @StuFFmc @w3ltraumpirat @alfredapp Great! I’m glad to hear that it’s working for you! @davidcarlton That’s odd. Can you email my Support Humans at twitter@1Password .com and give them as much detail as possible? They can help. @pluginkevin Hi Kevin! This page should help: (and then see after that!) @n1zze Are you on an older version of iOS? There was a bug that caused me to freeze under those conditions. Please try the latest iOS. Thx! @sashk Sorry for the hassle. @geoffdoesstuff Yes! You can easily upgrade to 1Password Families from an individual account. It’s just a matter of inviting people! @danyalaytekin Good suggestion! Thanks! Will pass it along to the iOS team. @ayn Are you on the beta version or the stable? @ArturRakk I can pass along your suggestion, but I don’t know of any plans to add support for new sync platforms. Sorry. @rivernyxx Hi Jed. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely pass it along. Sorry for any hassle. @davidcarlton Hi David! Sorry for the hassle. What’s happening when you try to type in your password? @zackeryfretty No, it’s definitely not normal, it should be retina. Maybe remove and try again? Sorry for the hassle. @mikebeecham Yup! You’re right, it looks a little… heavy? I’ll pass it on to the developers. @djngoma I’m glad you were able to get it working! Sorry for the hassle.Insecure passwords begone! I am packed full of tools that help teams keep their passwords strong 💪 and safe 🔐! @CrazyJoeGallo Can you email my Support Humans at twitter@1Password .com and give them as much detail as possible? They can help. @antonkudin Apple greatly prefers the official extensions gallery and it usually solves most problems. I’m not sure why. @StuFFmc @w3ltraumpirat Good question. I think the @alfredapp folks would have to answer your original question. @antonkudin Please try installing from and see if that helps. @abrkn cmd+del has deleted the current entry for as long as I can remember, but I’ll pass your feedback on to the Mac developers! @petebocken Oh! You’re correct. I will pass that on to the iOS team! @CrazyJoeGallo Is this happening to just 1Password or other extensions as well? @__debo No, unfortunately it’s not possible to share vaults across accounts like that. @dev10 sounds like it was limited to HipChat, but I will pass it on to the Watchtower team for review. @Teddy_commonman Try this: Go to Preferences > Advanced and check the box next to “Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts" @abrkn Is this a new behavior? I mean, did cmd+del used to clear the textbox but now it’s deleting the item? @JohnRHeaton Good question! No, all the information is cached locally, so if our servers did go down, you probably wouldn’t even notice! @petebocken Sorry, Peter, I’m not sure what you mean. You can find tags under ‘Organize’ on iOS. @Stephie2010 Sorry, Stephanie, I’m not really sure what you mean. My DMs are open if you want to explain further.
@xtremesniper Sorry for the confusion! 😃 @jordanmillar Hey there, Jordan! I'll add your vote for the feature. Thanks! @NinjaJez Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions! 👍 @raymonde809 link for 1Password: @raymonde809 Hi, Raymonde! Could you please e-mail my support humans at support@ agilebits .com - In the meantime, here is a download... @diogot Gotcha. I'll add your vote to the request. Thanks, Diogo! @Tomifonication Great question, Tom! Have you seen this knowledgebase article: @veganstraightedge Thanks, Shane! @mitch_olson Uh-oh! I'm sorry about that, Mitch. Would you mind e-mailing my support humans at support@ agilebits .com - Thanks! @txaiwieser No problem! @xabadu No worries, Fernando! Have a great rest of your day! :) @darkuncle My pleasure, Scott! 😃 @__debo Great question! To share items, you must use a Family or Teams account. @NinjaJez ...only supports 1Password accounts. @NinjaJez I'm sorry for the confusion. It sounds like you originally purchased a standalone license, whereas 1Password 6 for Windows... @txaiwieser Gotcha. I'll make sure that my lovely team of developers see this. Thanks! @xabadu Hi, Fernando! Just so I can make sure that we are on the same page, do you know your master password? @chrisrayRVA Woo-hoo! I'm glad I could help, Chris! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions! ❤️🔒 @veganstraightedge I'm sorry about that, Shane. Would you be able to e-mail my support humans at support@ agilebits .com - Thanks! @_davidkn only data from 1Password accounts can be edited. @_davidkn My apologies, David. You can still see your standalone data in read-only mode in 1Password 6 for Windows, however... @xtremesniper Items copied from me are marked with a tag that hides it from traditional clipboards, thus making it private in that regard. @c14h Thanks for the report. Is this on iOS? @jgoguen I can’t comment on future plans in public without my developers getting mad at me. Sorry! @darkuncle We already support it! @alcide_k Glad you like it! @andreineculau Gotcha. I’ve been told by the developers they are still working on that feature, so it is highly subject to change/reversal. @odog Yes, they are part of the system. @odog Hi, Matt! The ability to view and access your data online is exclusively available to 1Password accounts. @samuelaled Thanks for the suggestion, Aled! I have added your vote to the list. 😃 @_davidkn Great question, David! 1Password 6 for Windows only supports the usage of 1Password accounts. @xtremesniper Even when your clipboard isn't cleared, data copied from me is not visible on the clipboard. @dwonk786 Hi, Kurt! Have you taken a look at this: @vafarmboy My pleasure! Have a great rest of your day! 😃 @vafarmboy Gotcha. I'll add your vote for the feature. Thanks! @xtremesniper 1Password will automatically clear your clipboard after a period of time that you set in your 1Password's preferences. 😃 @vafarmboy If you hover over the item within 1Password Mini, you will be presented with a panel that will allow you to copy the password​. @alxmcco Correct. That feature is new, and apparently not necessarily going to stick around. @andreineculau Am I correct that you want to NOT see the last thing that you searched for? That feature is new but likely to change. @andreineculau Gotcha. If you do not have a saved login item, the extension will show you your current search (if any) before it locked. @alxmcco Great question! Unfortunately, this is not currently an option within 1Password. @smykes select the item and then go to the menu item “Item” > “Share” > {Vault Name} > Move