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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@natwildprod Are you installing 1Password 4 from our site? If so, seeing any errors when installing? @istx25 Cheers! 🍻 @istx25 You're welcome! is probably the best place to check logs. @istx25 Don't worry, my ring is blue enough for all of us. @istx25 That's mega weird. Welcome to the bleeding edge that is Chromium? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @istx25 Let me know whether or not that helps. No idea why you'd still be prompted. @ryhart18 Indeed I do! @istx25 Might also be worth giving the entire machine a reboot, for good measure. @istx25 I really don't understand why. Please double check the setting is disabled in Preferences > Advanced. @paulbeattie It sure does! You can create and sync as many vaults as you need in the web app. @ricky_williams1 You're welcome! @Zook024 You're welcome! @JohnGreerNJ Sent you a direct message. :) @Zook024 The ordering changes depending on what is in your vault. (Bottom half, categories that you already use, top half, everything else). @kb I love you too. ❤️ @Zook024 No, I'm referring to the Bank Account category. @FezVr4sta Only you have the Master Password and Account Key. @FezVr4sta Fair enough. My security model is vastly different. I have no way to decrypt your data. @Zook024 Bank Accounts already exists and has existed for years in me. @FezVr4sta And as long as you have a good Master Password, someone better pack a lifetime of lunches to break me. @FezVr4sta Also, if you use a different app on the same device for TOTP, it's also two-step verification. One device = no second factor. @FezVr4sta To be fair, I don't bill it as two-factor auth in me, because the second factor isn't there. It'd be two-step verification. @scormier @raisecain I love you too. ❤️ @fascinated @raisecain @McKelvie @zuihitsu Thanks for the shout-out, Anthony! 👋 @MikeRiggs @mattfrost You're welcome! It's never a fun thing to find out, but password re-use is the most common cause. @mattfrost @MikeRiggs But…I – I'm not an organization…I'm a super secure and highly intelligent password manager…😭 @mattfrost @MikeRiggs And yes, unique, random password for each site are a must these days. Not too toot my horn too much, but I can help. @mattfrost @MikeRiggs Another great resource for seeing which breaches you've been a part of is @CloudChronicle Terrific article! Thanks for sharing! @abrahamvegh Oh, I get it. I probably would have had a similar reaction if I didn't know the design of it. 💗💥 @Memphispeej You're welcome! And will do! @abrahamvegh I'll pass that along as something to warn about. The idea is you can create a vault for someone else, then back yourself out. @surfslasher That works. My team will be with you shortly. @abrahamvegh Aha, that would indeed do it. As an admin, you should be able to re-add yourself. @abrahamvegh Sending you a DM. @abrahamvegh A 1Password Account vault? @Memphispeej We still proudly offer licenses in addition to subscription. Built the business on that for a decade. No plans to stop. @surfslasher priority@ 1password .com @surfslasher We actually need you to email us from that account email as a way for us to verify we can take action. It's a safety protocol. @Memphispeej I'm not sure what you insinuating. I can't control what folks tweet about me. @surfslasher Would you mind emailing priority@ 1password .com with details? @surfslasher I'm going to need to pass you along to my team, and maybe have an engineer look at this. @surfslasher Is it that the sign-in page is not loading? Or is the problem after signing in? (Your sign-in page loaded fine for me) @surfslasher Is this for 1Password Teams? @seanism But if an admin sends an individual an invite, that particular admin is notified to confirm. @seanism Here's what I found out. If a user clicks a team-wide sign-up link, no confirmation is sent to admins. @RealJamesDean You're welcome! @RealJamesDean v4 will still accept your license. The v6 beta doesn't have license support *yet*. Local vault editing later this year. @cassierheaume @elaconf You're welcome! @ridogi No, Account vaults do not do a local backup. All backups are done server-side. Local backup function is for local vaults only. @FMC0RE It's possible, but I can't promise anything. Thanks for giving me a try! @FMC0RE No Paypal, but I do offer monthly pricing in addition to annual. You set it up when adding your card. @FMC0RE Im a bit biased, but I would recommend it. Individual accounts get 6 months free right now, so why not? @FMC0RE No worries, just wanted to make sure all the info was out there! @ridogi Not an entire vault at once, at least not at this time. Each item has detailed revision history. @ridogi I'll pass that along to my team! @FMC0RE Just to clarify, I've *added* subscriptions (along with some new things those enable). I still sell licenses, too. @TheDestruc7i0n Let’s not think of the horrible past. We’re together now, and that’s all that matters. Let’s never be apart. ❤️ @cassierheaume @elaconf Thanks! Consider yourself entered! @seanism I will pass that along to my team to consider! @igorkulman I'll pass it along to my developers. @DatBkDude Yep, includes Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Individual accounts have a special right now: first 6 months free. @Robert_Schmidt_ You're welcome! @DatBkDude Also includes a web app and my own super-fast sync service. @DatBkDude I do offer a subscription account now at, includes *all* apps and upgrades, and unlocks Pro on mobile. @DTucker24 @roywoodjr I am so fetch. @ReaLSpartinuS Subscription accounts receive major upgrades as part of the subscription at no extra charge. @ReaLSpartinuS Licenses are good for the current major version. So you'll get all v6 updates, but v7 will be a paid upgrade. @ReaLSpartinuS I do sell individual licenses (see FAQ on but they are not lifetime. @matthh Unfortunately, I don't have any control over when the system will decide to talk to the server. @matthh I sync to a local folder in the system with iCloud, then the device and iCloud determine when sync with the iCloud server happens. @istx25 You're welcome! @igorkulman Ah, yes, I bet I'm using regional settings. Can you override to english in Settings > Advanced > Language in 1Password? @natvbaby You're welcome! @JohnGreerNJ That code is for a single-user licensed copy of 1Password, not the Families plan. Mind following me so we can DM? Let em know. @f_hanshaw That looks normal. It looks like the font is a tiny bit thinner on Windows than Mac. @f_hanshaw Let me fire up a VM and check that. @f_hanshaw Which browser are you using? In Safari the text seems to have enough contrast for my eyes. @ibrokemypie @josediogenes I support a couple versions behind latest on stable, and also the latest ESR. @ibrokemypie @josediogenes Aha, yeah, 4.5.9 does not support that far back with Firefox. @DatBkDude Yes. Sadly, in-app purchases on one mobile store cannot be seen by the other mobile store. @spurkahead @elaconf Now I want 🍕 for lunch. Mmmmm, pizza. @kerrrainey @Bucks_SurreyTS Gotcha. @kerrrainey Unique random passwords for every site, as lengthy as the site accepts, and use a password manager like me. @FezVr4sta Whoops, wrong link. @FezVr4sta And even better, you can use me as a code generator. :) @tozzse Also, please don't send the Account Key, we don't want to know it. @tozzse Email us from the account owner's email address at support@ agilebits .com and we can help. @Dr_Milkyway …a web app, and more. Individual accounts also have a launch special of 6 months free right now. @Dr_Milkyway …include all the apps at no extra charge (including mobile Pro features), all major version upgrades, our sync service… @Dr_Milkyway You can purchase the apps standalone using the license model we've had for a decade or use our new subscription plans which… @kb @mattlane Thanks for the shout-out, Keith! 👋 @aharonsh The new v6 app for Windows is close to stable. We're in the home stretch of beta testing. @Steverty You're welcome! @testduck Please email diagnostics from iOS and a link to this conversation to support+ios@ agilebits .com Thx! @testduck Sounds like something we need to check out some logs for. Please see next tweet. @igorkulman Also, in the app, check Settings > Advanced > Language. The Language can be manually changed in-app. @igorkulman That's…odd. It should only use the language the device is set to. Does it persist if the phone is restarted? @memark Let’s not think of the horrible past. We’re together now, and that’s all that matters. Let’s never be apart. ❤️ @igorkulman Because we do not have the app 100% translated yet. Currently 39%. Would love any help you could give!