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@nikcorg Great, someone from our support team will be reaching out soon! @adamsounds That's no fun :( @cottonbureau feel free to reach out if you'd like any assistance! @Danbo Thanks for sending that over :) @WillAJohnson Could you please try uninstalling the chrome extension, restarting the 1Password app, and then re-installing the extension? @LabMan_11 Please let me know if you have any other questions! @Danbo That sounds like a bug to me... would you be able to DM me a screenshot of the context menu when you're atte… @iMiMiMx I'm sorry to hear that Ed, and I apologize for the multiple threads. We are looking into some performance… @Danbo Hi Dan! Our Watchtower currently checks items that are added to your vaults only, within 1Password, includin… @shshaw Glad to see Roustem jumped in! Let me know if you have any further questions. @iMiMiMx Hi Ed. Thanks for your feedback. ❤️ 1Password 7 supports both standalone licenses with the option to sync… @Yoav__Cohen I know what I'd choose :) @shshaw Hello, there currently is no way to share a vault outside of a family, unfortunately. @BrandonBloom @niallsmart I've liaised with my team and it looks like we may have a resolution in beta. If you're h… @kimsgonzales @LastPass I get that all the time, people are always mistaking my name for a bad security practice :) @Danbo You can add the tag "2FA" to an item to have them excluded from the list :) @nullr0ute @iMiMiMx Hey Ed, is there any feedback you'd like to give me about why you wanted to move back to the older version? @RikClaessens Could you tell me which version of the Mac app you're currently using? (1Password in the menu bar -> About 1Password) @LabMan_11 You are absolutely able to purchase a license for my macOS app, and use in-app purchases to enable the P… @BrandonBloom @niallsmart Ah, gotcha! Please accept my sincerest apologies for the miscommunication there, Brandon… @Jursdotme Thank you, Rasmus. ❤️ @nikcorg Thanks! Can you share with me the ticket ID you should have received in an auto-reply from us? It looks si… @sn0opy That's great news. 😀 Thanks for your suggestion, Sascha! @Pierdroni Thanks. Are you using a subscription-based account or a standalone app? When you say you're having troub… @johnbhur Happy to help! Thanks for your patience and understanding, and I'm ever so sorry for the interruption caused in your workflow. 💙 @niallsmart Hi Niall. Sorry, can you elaborate a little more on your request? If searching using the browser extens… @ghickman Thanks for clarifying! I recommend taking a look here on our keyboard shortcuts for items with just a pas… @iMiMiMx Hi Ed. I'm so sorry you feel this way about 1Password 7. Are you using Mac or Windows? If there's any feed… @LabMan_11 Hello! Is there a particular platform that you'd like to use 1Password on? 🙂 @ByLenana Thanks for sharing this with me! You'll hear from one of my team soon via email. ❤️ @RikClaessens Hi Rik. Can you elaborate a little more on when you see this behaviour? Is there anything in particul… @krisleech I have a couple of options for Linux users: 1Password X - Command-line tool - @Jursdotme Thanks for confirming this! We're able to reproduce this on our end with Danish input. Disabling 1Passwo… @sealfur 🤑💰❤️ @mgill25 Do you see the 1Password icon in the fields? @X556 Hi Edwin. Does this happen every time you attempt to open 1Password? Can you confirm which version of 1Password you have installed? @Pierdroni Hi there! I'm sorry you're having trouble here. Are you using 1Password as a membership or a standalone… @f0gh You got it 😃 you can upgrade to a Families account at any time - the account will automatically work out the… @nikcorg Hello! Let's take a look at both devices. Please send a report to my team of both devices (include a descr… @nikgreenuk Hi Nik. Vaults are a part of the account that is set up under said server. If you'd like two vaults in… @Ninapia2012 Hi M. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Do you have the app installed on your iPhone? If you tap to op… @gady90 @federicojarach Hi Gady, that's great to hear you're encouraging others to stay secure online! We do not ha… @GavanBright Hi Gavan. Sorry, are you interesting in changing your Master Password linked to your app? If so, do yo… @sn0opy Hello! If you do not wish for 1Password to prompt to update a password for a specific website, head into 1P… @HereInMyOwnSkin Hi Philip. Can you share with me a little more detail in a DM about the behaviour you're seeing? I… @ghickman Hi George. Are these items that include both username, passwords, and the item's website URL? @Artemu @npowerhelp Gotcha. Hope you're back up and running soon! @johnbhur I'm sorry you're seeing this, John! I recommend taking a look here from our Windows developers: @_DerNils I see. Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry this is not an issue that we can fix right away, and I hope… @secresDoge 🙈 @Jursdotme Thanks, Rasmus. Out of curiosity, and if you don't mind sharing, what is your keyboard input source? @ByLenana Once you've emailed, can you share with me the ticket ID you should have received in an auto-reply from u… @ByLenana Sorry to hear this, let's get this resolved for you. 🙂 Unfortunately I'm not able to help with this over… @worthBak Thanks for confirming this! Our developers are looking into this. In the meantime, are you able to open the iOS Safari extension? @sealfur Awe, we ❤️ Laura! @sams189 Aww, fantastic! 😃🎊 @archer_ross Not a problem! We have a special launch price for our newest licenses for just USD $49.99 for a limite… @nickliutw Awesome. That’s great to hear! We’re always here if you have any questions. ☺️ @_sfus Hello 👋 I’m here if you have any questions about me. @_sgianelli That’s great news, Shane! 😃 We’re always here to help. In the meantime, enjoy using 1Password and staying secure online. 🔐 @lynnellneri Hey Lynnell. Sorry for the interruption caused here. My team are working on a fix. 🐛 @sams189 Thanks for sharing this, Sam! I've let my team know and you should hear from one of us soon. Thanks for yo… @lynnellneri Welcome back! 😃👋 Enjoy using 1Password and I'm always here if you have any questions along the way. @ZacCoffman @roustem Thanks for your feedback, Zac! If you have any questions along the way please do not hesitate… @ZacCoffman @roustem Hey Zac, great question. Thanks for letting me know you're interested in PayPal. 😊 Although ou… @lokesh Anytime! ❤️ @MikeAMauro No worries! 😃 Edit the item in question and add the tag 2FA in the tags section. This will let 1Passwor… @lokesh Hey Lokesh! I'm so sorry about our delay. You should have a reply coming your way very very soon. 😊 @jennriemer @kelliotttt Awe, thanks Jenn! ❤️ @jennriemer @kelliotttt I hope you don't mind me jumping in! 👋 I support both memberships and standalone apps. If y… @TonySalonia I understand. If you would like to discuss your subscription and purchases, please contact my dedicate… @jerryberrier Awesome. Let me know how you get on, Jerry. 🙂
@worthBak Hey Worth! Thanks for sharing this screenshot. Can you confirm which version of iOS and 1Password app version you're running? @Artemu @npowerhelp I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble, Kyle. I'm always here if you have any questions. ❤️ @MikeAMauro Did you create a one-time password through 1Password's app or a different app? As in, did you create a… @MikeAMauro Hey Mike! Are these 2FA that you have added to the 1Password app, or are you using a different authenticator app? @Keep_Fresh_Phil @mhp Indeed! Let me know if you need any help tomorrow, Phil! @jerryberrier @hot4technology We've made lots of accessibility improvements in 1Password 7! @lynnellneri @googlechrome Any time! @lynnellneri I'm not sure why internet should be affecting it, as you can use 1Password to fill without internet ac…