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1Password @1Password Ontario, Canada

A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@leothelion96 Great! Let me know if you need anything else! @chele21 Can you please send me a DM? You can use more characters that way. 🙂 @al_teich Thanks! One of the lovely humans on my team will reply as soon as possible. ❤️ @al_teich ...was changed, or if something else is wrong. @al_teich Mail and send us a diagnostics report. Include the link to this convo and my team can take a look… @al_teich Can you open Safari and in the URL bar paste onepassword://diagnostics. Enter and click OK when asked to… @chele21 What's the problem you're having Michele? And can you let me know your ticket ID? It will be in the subjec… @bazscott Sorry for the trouble! Sync will happen in the background, but you'll need to launch the main app to pull the changes. @ReedCUS @WellsFargo Oh no! I'm sorry about that! 😞 @_dmaux No problem! @al_teich Are you using a subscription account or syncing using Dropbox or iCloud? @JordanGal What platform and version of me are you using? You can alter your auto lock settings. @ReedCUS Hmm, that's no good. Can you try filling and then click the extension > Settings > Report website issue? T… @bazscott The app extension on iOS doesn't sync. You'll need to launch the main app on iOS first to pull changes. Do you see it there? @al_teich However, if you're not syncing, don't follow the steps to delete your data and start over. Just try the tips for recovering it. @al_teich Hm, can you try the steps here? @al_teich When was the last time you unlocked 1Password on your iPhone with your Master Password (not Touch ID or PIN)? @hhvassing @noraraa Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @_dmaux I see. When you launch it will open to the last screen you were last viewing. I'll pass the request on to my team though! @peterhuene Does the extension react at all when you click it? Is it authorized in Options > Browsers in the main a… @bazscott Sorry to hear that, Baz! What sort of trouble are you having syncing? @captainslim ...Never, or reinstalling in the meantime, though. One of those workarounds might help. @captainslim No fix yet but my devs are working on it. You could try readding your fingerprints in OS settings, cha… @al_teich Hey Al! Can you let me know what device(s) you're using me on and what version you're using? @hjarche You're awesome, Harold! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ @sixfifty Awe, thanks so my, Dave! It's our pleasure! ❤️🔐 @SeanHood @isntdave @sparklabs @embyapp @BearNotesApp Thanks for the support, Sean! ❤️🔐 @ReedCUS @WellsFargo Hm, I'm not seeing the issue on my end. Is your data being entered but incorrectly? Did you re… @hjarche 🙂👍 @eridius ...edit and the other normally, you'd see a discrepancy. Glad you got it sorted now! @eridius Very strange. One thing I want to point out is that there's a bug where the strength meter is off in edit… @nikolaj_dk Can you make sure you're on the latest Nightly build? Mozilla have acknowledged the bug on their part.… @astralbodies Ah, so in that case it sounds like it was stuck on sync. I'm glad to hear that all is well now! Let m… @peterhuene Hey Peter! Can you try exiting and relaunching Chrome? Does that help? @_dmaux a better URL match. @_dmaux Favorites should be at the top, provided the URL in the Login matches the site. If you see a non-favorited… @TheTourer Yep! Just follow the steps here: @joeworkman @DreamHost It's filling for me. Can you try resaving the Login? @eridius Would you be willing to share screenshots (omitting any private info of course)? @IrrationalRealm Hey Gregor! Just follow the steps here: @spencernoon @LastPass Thanks for the shout-out! 👋 @chrisipedia Great! Let me know if you need anything else! @jonathangrenier Thanks! I'll pass your feedback on to the team! @eridius If you paste a password into a Login, even if it was generated randomly, I can't be sure it's random: @eridius Password strength is in part determined by randomness, which I can only assess if the password was generated with my generator... @ReedCUS @WellsFargo It's working for me! Can you try resaving the Login like this? @jonathangrenier The Emails category is for info relating to your Email server etc. @jonathangrenier Hey Jonathan! The Logins category is for any website or app that you have a Login for, whereas the… @joeworkman @DreamHost Anything I can help with, Joe? What device are you filling on? Is this in a browser? @genericusrnm321 Awesome! :D @nikolaj_dk ...1Password mini and then exit and relaunch Firefox? @nikolaj_dk There was an issue in that build which should have been fixed in a recent update. Can you select Help >… @ligurmatic Awesome. Let me know if you need anything else! @nikolaj_dk Hey Nikolaj! It should be working. What point version of FF are you using and what version of the extension? @ligurmatic Hey there! You will need either a subscription or the Pro features in order to use 1Password on your Ap… @petetasker @1pass Thanks Peter! 😃🍁 @nrtelang @PhilipsCare_UK No problem! Hopefully @PhilipsCare_UK will add support for my extension! 🤞 @nrtelang @PhilipsCare_UK No, we have an extension for filling on iOS as the OS blocks 3rd party keyboards from fil… @nrtelang @PhilipsCare_UK If iOS, it would be great if @PhilipsCare_UK would support my iOS extension! It's easy as… @nrtelang @PhilipsCare_UK If you're using Android, you can try filling with my keyboard or Autofill, as they don't… @CarolynPortanov @LastPass @dashlane Well, I'm biased here but I vote for me! Let me know if you have questions abo… @skygao_ Hey Skylar! We support Duo auth in Teams accounts with beta features enabled, and we may roll it out to other accounts in future! @timmitra @Jacob_Edmond_ @LastPass Thanks for the shout out! I do indeed: @leothelion96 Can you select Help > Troubleshooting > Restart 1Password mini? Does that help? @genericusrnm321 Ah, I see. 😞 @nrtelang @PhilipsCare_UK Maybe I can help! What device are you filling into, and is this a website or app? @pedrohp Hey Pedro! I'm not quite sure I understand. Can you describe what you're picturing? @betterUIcoding @firefox ...for other sync methods at the moment. @betterUIcoding @firefox ...1Password 6 for Mac this way. Our team is currently concentrating on our own hosted se… @betterUIcoding @firefox ...1Password 3 for Mac and 1Password 3 for iOS using WLAN server sync. However, you can't… @betterUIcoding @firefox I believe you mentioned that you have 1Password 3 installed on your Mac and are using it,… @urrgoned When was the last time you were able to unlock 1Password? Are you using a monthly or yearly subscription, or just the basic app? @leothelion96 Thanks! You'll also need to make sure you have a single vault selected. You can't export from All Vaults. @ironiezeichen support team at support@ 1password. com so they can help transfer your existing payment. @ironiezeichen In that case, you'll need to create a new account at your preferred domain, migrate your data, delet… @leothelion96 Is 1Password mini running in the menu bar? If not, can you make sure it's running before exporting? @phoenix264 Thanks! I'll pass this request on to the team, Patrick! ❤️🔐 @genericusrnm321 This may not beat it, but here's a promo for you in case it helps! @astralbodies Also, is your vault in Agile Keychain or OPVault format?