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Did you know there are multiple ways the government can spy on you without a warrant? @TeenVogue has more on this. a "choice" between jail time and sterilization is unconstitutional. Over to the @ACLUtn for more:…"There are People Dying in Here": Arizona Prisoner Pleads for Adequate Medical Care in Broken System | KJZZ
Retweeted by ACLU NationalAlthough this bill is not perfect, it shows bipartisan progress in addressing wealth-based incarceration. individuals who blocked the front door of the last abortion clinic in Kentucky should be held accountable. can't stop calling our senators. Tens of millions of people are still at risk of being thrown off their health c… of Kris Kobach's "studies" on vote fraud is based on sample of mere 37 respondents. #ShamVotingCommission
Retweeted by ACLU NationalWhatever your opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it's clear the Constitution protects the right to boycott.The Montgomery bus boycott was a major turning point in the struggle for civil rights in the Jim Crow South.John Jay led a boycott against New York merchants who engaged in the slave trade.The American Revolution was founded on boycotts against British goods to protest excessive taxes.The right to boycott is one of the brightest stars in our constitutional firmament. the DREAM Act to achieve permanent security for young immigrants is long overdue. Congress should act.… Black Hair Violates The Dress Code
Retweeted by ACLU NationalWe're going to keep working to drag the sham voting commission into the light. We won't let them hide while they tr… bail incarcerates poor people who haven't been convicted. This is a bipartisan step towards progress. drafts also authorize federally funded child welfare orgs to make decisions based on religious directives, not a child's best interests.Earlier drafts of the order provided broad exemptions to permit any employer to refuse to provide insurance coverage for contraception.Our lawsuit demands any communications regarding, among other items, plans for how DOJ's ‘religious liberty’ guidance might be implemented.Now that the admin has taken first steps to use religious exemptions for discrimination, the American people deserve clarity on what's next.The executive order Trump signed was vague and open-ended, but we know this admin is exploring different ways to license discrimination.No federal agencies complied with the request. In May, Trump signed an executive order directing DOJ to issue ‘religious liberty’ guidance.We filed records requests with these federal agencies in March following the leak of a draft order that would enable discrimination.BREAKING: We just filed a lawsuit demanding documents related to the Trump admin's plans to sanction discrimination… activists from across the country are driving extraordinary change. Read, and become a part of it today.
Retweeted by ACLU National @EdgeofSports We sent this letter to every member of Congress. seizing property does not increase safety, is frequently abused, and too often burdens people and commun…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalCongress must act to reform asset forfeiture laws so that Session's DOJ can't create loopholes to police for profit. you, @NationalADAPT!
Retweeted by ACLU NationalSo far, they: 1. Scare voters into canceling registration. 2. Say we can't know who won 2016 popular vote. Americ… Sessions is aiding & abetting police departments who want to seize the property of people convicted of no crime
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Jeff Sessions is aiding & abetting police departments who want to seize the property of people convicted of no crime Power activists have fought relentlessly to safeguard our Constitution in the Trump era. federal appeals court last week shot down government prayer on steroids in North Carolina. is aiding and abetting police departments who want to seize the property of people convicted of no crime. among us is okay with executing an innocent man? Sign the petition by 5 OH death row exonerees #Stop27Executions
Retweeted by ACLU NationalSessions just provided law enforcement who don't like their state laws with a loophole to police for profit. It's u… look forward to eradicating the entire Muslim ban, which is repugnant to our country's most basic values.'re deeply concerned about the effect of today’s ruling on thousands of refugees who seek to escape dangerous situations.Given an inch, the Trump Administration has tried to take a mile in implementing the ban. That is cruel and unlawful. #NoMuslimBanEVERThe Hawaii court also found refugees DO have a bona fide relationship with resettlement orgs that provide formal assurances of assistance.Specifically, the Hawaii court blocked the Trump administration's efforts to ban grandparents and other close relatives of people in the US.The Hawaii court found the government adopted an unsustainably broad interpretation of SCOTUS's limited permission to implement the ban.Due to our lawsuit with @ACLUaz, judge threatens fines if Arizona doesn't provide prisoners adequate healthcare, today’s order allows refugees with formal assurances from resettlement orgs to be banned unless they have other ties to the US.SCOTUS left in place lower-court order exempting grandparents, in-laws, aunts, cousins and more of people in the US from the Muslim ban.Q: Did Ted Cruz's dad shoot JFK? Kobach: We may never know.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalWhy is DACA important? - DACA helped me get my Masters 👨🏻‍🎓 - DACA helped me live without fear 🙅🏻‍♂️ #DefendDACA
Retweeted by ACLU NationalKen Ballard chose to love his son. He chose to celebrate his beautiful son. No matter what happens in #txlege, we'll never stop fighting.After his son attempted suicide, Ballard understood that he had a choice between loving a joyful and happy son or grieving a dead daughter.In a video from Texas, Ken Ballard spoke about his support for his transgender son. “Was I going to be his bully?" the #txlege returns to the Capitol, we urge lawmakers to remember the lives and dreams of our children are stake.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalPolice planting evidence is a betrayal of vital community trust. We need a transparent investigation and police ref… Supreme Court issues mixed order on Muslim ban implementation. Grandmas: IN Refugees: OUT More to come. #NoMuslimBanEVERJeff Sessions just made it easier for cops to take your property without due process."We will keep fighting voter suppression and intimidation" #RespectMyVote
Retweeted by ACLU NationalLouisiana's ambitious #CJReform package will affect sentencing & parole, could cut prison pop. by 10%. #smartjustice🚨 This is exactly how fear tactics work. We can't protect the right to vote by giving up our own. 🚨 @realdonaldtrump, protecting the integrity of the right to vote does not include suppression or fear tactics. #RespectMyVote
Retweeted by ACLU NationalKris Kobach just referenced one of our lawsuits against his voter suppression efforts in KS. #RespectMyVote Read m… #ShamVotingCommission's over-reaching requests have already resulted in voters canceling their registration.… @realdonaldtrump, protecting the integrity of the right to vote does not include suppression or fear tactics. #RespectMyVote.@ToddACox: the evidence is clear you're more likely to be struck by lightning than to encounter in-person voter fraud #NewsOneNow
Retweeted by ACLU NationalFollow the director of ACLU's Voting Rights Project, @dale_e_ho, for more background on Trump's sham election commi… are taking the fight against Trump's voter suppression commission to the courts and to the streets #RespectMyVote
Retweeted by ACLU National59k ACLU activists signed on demanding transparency from Trump's sham election commission and we're delivering them… are here to send a message that we will stay vigilant and watch closely to make sure everyone who is eligible ca… officials should be doing everything they can to advance the right to vote, not suppress it. #RespectMyVote should reject the 2018 spending bill for the Departments of Labor, Health & Human Services, and Education. bill also cuts $11 million from OFCCP, an agency tasked with ensuring taxpayer dollars don’t go to businesses that discriminate.It would eliminate funding for family planning and teen pregnancy prevention programs while increasing funding for abstinence-only programs.Activists, wary of health-care bill pause, plan more protests against proposal bill excludes Planned Parenthood from any program funded by the bill, blocking millions of patients from accessing care at its clinics.The spending bill includes numerous provisions that would jeopardize access to reproductive health care and weaken civil rights protections.Today the House Appropriations Committee will consider the spending bill for Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.Yes women #KilledtheBill. But it was 100s of 1000s of them, mobilizing momentum from the #womensmarch & beyond. Not *just* 3 GOP Senators.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalToday's must-read on voting rights:
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Public pressure is more important than ever. The fight for transparency will continue in the court and streets. — long lines and loss of access to care in Arizona prisons could result in fines for violations:
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