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The American Civil Liberties Union is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the rights of everyone in America.

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The Guantánamo military commissions continue to undermine basic principles of American justice.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalOur fave celebrities are leading a Stand for Rights @ACLU benefit on Friday, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalHolocaust survivor stands up to ICE Director, Sacramento Cnty Sheriff Dept, demands they serve the people: "History…
Retweeted by ACLU National#ProtectTransYouth
Retweeted by ACLU NationalToday my Buck Owens & my original lyrics go to the @ACLU They will be auctioned on Friday to fight for equal rights…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalLooking through everything on someone’s phone is not the same as looking inside a bag. via @USATOpinion @ACLU Fundraiser is right around the corner (Mar31st!)! Join @ilazer @abbijacobson and I by snapping ur pose & usin…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalCongress is sacrificing the privacy of Americans to protect the profits of major internet companies. Our statement: Congress votes to gut #broadbandprivacy protections. Guantánamo military commissions continue to undermine basic principles of American justice. stand with @SaraRamirez in fighting to #StopSB6 in Texas and ensure trans people are treated with the dignity &… Helen Keller was the first deafblind person to earn a B.A., a disability rights advocate & @ACLU co-fou…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalI called @MarkAmodeiNV2 and asked him to protect my privacy. He hasn't taken a position on this yet.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalWe're fighting back against legislation targeting transgender Arkansans #arleg #HB1986 via…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalPlan by #GovHutchinson for #8in10 executions in AR will traumatize staff & risk botches says former DOC commissioner
Retweeted by ACLU NationalVote on #SJR34 now not expected until after 5pm ET. Call your rep! #Broadbandprivacy has reunited with his family! Big thanks to everyone who helped him get home.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalCalifornia chief justice blasts immigration crackdown, says rule of law is ‘being challenged’ agree with John Lewis.! Flint residents will FINALLY get lead pipes replaced following $97 Million settlement:…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalWhat were immigration agents doing in the house? Why did they open fire? We need @ICEgov to answer these questions. @USRepMikeDoyle for speaking out against SJRes 34. cc @ACLU #Broadbandprivacy
Retweeted by ACLU National @ACLU Staffer for Tom Cole (OK-04) doesn't know how Cole will vote, either. I assume this means they are counting calls.
Retweeted by ACLU National @ACLU Staffer of @RepAnnWagner could not tell me what her position was on the resolution. Urged her to vote no.
Retweeted by ACLU National1 YEAR AGO TODAY: W/ @ACLU & @LambdaLegal, we filed a federal lawsuit against NC's #HB2. We return to court in May.…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalHouse floor vote on #SJR34 expected to start at noon ET. Still time to call your rep! #BroadbandprivacyGreat news!“A search of a laptop is essentially a strip-search of someone’s personal private life.” –@NateWessler morning! Have you called your rep yet and told them to vote no on #SJR34 ? #BroadbandPrivacy
Retweeted by ACLU NationalIf your rep is still undecided tell them that's disappointing to hear, and why you think they should vote no.… @ACLU Just called @RepJayapal; her office says she's getting a ton of "vote no" calls and she plans to vote no.
Retweeted by ACLU National @ACLU I called @RepAndyHarrisMD A friendly staff member said he has not stated his position on #SJR34 202-225-5311 Tell Harris to vote no!
Retweeted by ACLU NationalGood morning! Have you called your rep yet and told them to vote no on #SJR34 ? #BroadbandPrivacyAG Sessions announcing he will crack down on sanctuary cities. He is wrong on law, endangering public safety, trampling local choices.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalIf your rep is voting no ask them to make a public statement against #SJR34 if they haven't! And tell your friends… is now today (Tuesday). Call your rep! raids wrong home, shoots father. Can't/won't say why they were in the home. Let's hold ICE accountable.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalLike @AlecBaldwin, we're serious about 2 things. Making you 😂 and raising💰 for amazing @ACLU. RT + tune in to FB on…
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ACLU affiliates are fighting back as Trump tries to bully police departments into joining his deportation force
Retweeted by ACLU NationalHannah is going to see @Zedd @camilacabello97 @halsey at #Welcome benefitting the @ACLU !! More tix coming up…
Retweeted by ACLU National#MuslimWomensDay affiliates are fighting back as Trump tries to bully police departments into joining his deportation force you all! reasons why courts must consider campaign statements when ruling on major public policies like the Muslim ban. privacy needs to be recognized as a civil right! Thanks @ACLU for the easy call instructions :D
Retweeted by ACLU National.@ACLU has made it dead-simple to call your representatives and tell them to keep ISPs from selling your data…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalPrivacy is for everyone, not just technophiles. We shouldn't NEED Tor, HTTPS Everywhere or VPNs to achieve basic pr…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalDeleted and updated to give those who want to help opportunity! @jesskry haha decided to give people opp to take action too!Cool! For those who care about other people, here's how you can help! are the risks for municipalities of joining Trump’s deportation force? We’re reaching out to explain. govt can't force cities/states to carry out fed admin policy. Police depts decide how to do job, spend $. Basic #10thAmendment, folks.
Retweeted by ACLU National#MuslimWomensDay will continue to stand with police and municipal officals in court to defend those lawful choices. #seekingsanctuaryTrump administration shouldn't try to scare local authorities into taking illegal actions that undermine public safety. #seekingsanctuaryDespite the Trump administration’s bluster and threats, the federal government cannot coerce local police into becoming deportation agents.ACLU Comment on Trump Administration Threat to Block Sanctuary City Funding #seekingsanctuary @ACLU Called @davereichert, staffer wouldn't comment on his position and said he doesn't plan to make a statement either way.
Retweeted by ACLU National#MuslimWomensDay @SusanBrooksIN. FCC has jurisdiction under section 222 of the Communications Act. Here's more:… Russell (R)- OK 5th has "not taken a side on S.J. Resolution 34." Call and encourage him to vote against at (…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalNOTE: If you live in @RepCurbelo's district, let him know if you want him to vote no on #SJR34 @drivenbyboredom oops, deleting! @ACLU called @ericswalwell his office says he has not publicly stated an opinion. urged him to vote no. #sjr34
Retweeted by ACLU National @ACLU called Lamar Smith's office to hear he has no stated position on the bill.
Retweeted by ACLU NationalWe do our part so you all can do yours! Call your rep now!'re a little busy right now, Max. @Nicholaus_P @ACLU @keithellison
Retweeted by ACLU National @ACLU Called @RepAnnaEshoo and they didn't have an official position (Really Anna?) but I said vote no. #Broadbandprivacy #SJR34
Retweeted by ACLU National @ACLU As you suggested, called my wonderful @RepCardenas and he is voting NO on SJR34. Yay! #Broadbandprivacy
Retweeted by ACLU Nationali am very much not a phone person, but cannot just let shit go so wrong without attempting to participate in repres…
Retweeted by ACLU NationalAin't no party like an ACLU party because an ACLU party don't stop (meaning you can join any time… will happen if Congress repeals broadband privacy rules tomorrow? EFF's @the_zeroth_law & @EFFFalcon explain
Retweeted by ACLU NationalTweet at us once you call your representative to tell them to vote "no" on #SJR34, and let us know their response! #BroadbandprivacyThis link ( lets you put in your phone # and when you pick up phone, you'll be instructed how to call your rep!House votes tomorrow on (anti) #broadbandprivacy bill. Call your rep!