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US student tried to protect his mom from a cab driver in China. Now, police want a ransom for his release, she says.
Retweeted by The Associated Press#AP10Things to Know for Friday: Who's free on parole after 9-year sentence; Linkin Park frontman dead at 41. officials say at least two dead, more than 100 injured in earthquake that shook island of Kos. Greek officials count more than 100 injuries in 6.5-magnitude earthquake, say damage mainly on island of Kos.The Art of Humiliation: Trump's Sessions remarks show his penchant for shaming:
Retweeted by The Associated PressWhat a tightly controlled trip to a Rohingya village taught @estherhtusan11 about the tense Myanmar region:… white supremacist sentenced to 65 years for killing a man because he was black.
Retweeted by The Associated PressAt least two dead after 6.7-magnitude earthquake strikes Greek islands, Turkish coast. Mayor of Kos, Greece, says 2 people were killed in earthquake and buildings on island have sustained structural damage.With hot-mic moments and football-themed neckties, there was plenty to tweet from O.J. Simpson's parole hearing.
Retweeted by The Associated PressDespite Trump's warning, Mueller likely to probe family's finances:
Retweeted by The Associated PressAP team traveling through Arctic's Northwest Passage explain the icebreaker - the battering ram of the frozen seas.… Freeze resigns as Ole Miss football coach after 5 seasons. @davidbrandtap
Retweeted by The Associated PressNavy seaman in training sentenced to 40 years in prison for fatally stabbing transgender woman 119 times. Old West town typically packed with tourists heading to Yosemite National Park is seeing only ash and smoke.
Retweeted by The Associated PressUS says ban on laptops in airplane cabins has been lifted (from @AP)
Retweeted by The Associated PressEnvironmental group sues EPA saying it should stop Texas from allowing what it calls illegal pollution from plants.
Retweeted by The Associated PressWith O.J. Simpson firmly back in the spotlight, here's a look at what has made him so famous. For more:…
Retweeted by The Associated PressDozens injured in clashes in protest that has become biggest challenge to Morocco's monarchy since Arab Spring.'s nominees for key ambassadorships hesitant when asked whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election.
Retweeted by The Associated PressBiological samples from Salvador Dali's body now headed to lab in Madrid for paternity testing. Court spokeswoman: Experts have successfully removed biological samples from Dali's body 27 years after it was embalmed.Here's the @AP story on an elaborate operation deliberately designed to sow confusion on the darknet:
Retweeted by The Associated PressPlanned Parenthood sues Texas over new ban on a common second-trimester abortion procedure.
Retweeted by The Associated PressO.J. Simpson in 1995, after his murder trial acquittal, and today, after being paroled in a heist case. Full story:… Dali's coffin opened to take DNA samples to determine if the artist is the father of Spanish woman. president says Brazilian star @NeymarJr is not on the market #Barca #LaLiga
Retweeted by The Associated PressTOMORROW: The boy was left for dead on a South Sudan battlefield. His mom mourned at an empty grave- until a phone… Raqqa residents, escaping the city does not mean escaping the fear they lived with under Islamic State group. leaves Alps with 23-second lead as final weekend of Tour de France arrives @sampetrequin @johnleicester
Retweeted by The Associated PressBREAKING: Court spokeswoman: Forensic experts have opened Salvador Dali's coffin to take DNA samples to settle a paternity lawsuit.A whole lot of cheese: Bag laced with traces of moon dust sells at auction for $1.8 million. Story:…
Retweeted by The Associated PressLawsuit: Ohio police mortally wounded a black man without justification, gave misleading info about the shooting.
Retweeted by The Associated Press.@ColoradoStateU explores how human-caused noise affects wildlife. (By @ConversationUS, a source of news from acade… pulls health care sign-up help in 18 cities in a move seen as a way to undermine Obamacare. By @CarlaKJohnson
Retweeted by The Associated PressPolice say man who left his dog to die in a hot car 3 years ago arrested after another dog died the same way. Dakota fire marshal orders evacuation of apartment building that has suffered 5 electrical fires in 3 days. Simpson is told he'll walk free from a Nevada prison. But his parole on armed robbery won't start right away.
Retweeted by The Associated PressAd: 48 years ago today Apollo 11 landed on the moon - Get @AP e-book Exxon Mobil sues Treasury Department to stop $2 million fine over alleged violation of Russia sanctions.Florida lawmaker says basic necessities such as toilet paper and soap withheld from inmates at some prisons. Latest: O.J. Simpson granted parole in Nevada robbery.
Retweeted by The Associated PressBREAKING: O.J. Simpson will be released on parole in October after serving 9 years behind bars for Nevada armed robbery.
Retweeted by The Associated PressBREAKING: White House says President Donald Trump `has confidence' in Attorney General Jeff Sessions.Los Angeles County coroner says Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington died in his home near Los Angeles. say man was naked and drunk as he sped through a highway construction site at more than 100 mph. #odd
Retweeted by The Associated PressBREAKING: Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dies at 41, Los Angeles County coroner says.Wildlife researchers in Cambodia say they have found a breeding location for the masked finfoot bird. and songwriter Red West, a longtime confidant of Elvis Presley, dies in Memphis at age 81. Latest: Robbery victim Bruce Fromong says O.J. Simpson never held gun on him and has apologized.
Retweeted by The Associated PressAP PHOTO: Arnelle Simpson testifies for her father, O.J. Simpson, at his parole hearing. Latest: An O.J. Simpson letter touting education is read aloud during his parole hearing in Nevada.
Retweeted by The Associated PressThe Latest: O.J. Simpson wants to live in Florida if released.
Retweeted by The Associated PressThe Latest: Parole board says it has gotten letters both in support and opposition of O.J. Simpson's release.
Retweeted by The Associated PressBe the Burger: @McDonalds clothing line includes adult-size Big Mac onesie.
Retweeted by The Associated PressVIDEO: O.J. Simpson appears thinner and grayer at his parole hearing than when he was last seen four years ago. offer restaurant 'dissatisfaction tips' after man threatens to shoot someone over 'runny' egg sandwich. #odd
Retweeted by The Associated PressThe Latest: OJ Simpson says he never made excuses.
Retweeted by The Associated PressDisplaced residents of Raqqa still fear militants of the Islamic State group and their possible return. Simpson: 'I haven't made any excuses in the 9 years that I've been here and I'm not trying to make an excuse now'
Retweeted by The Associated PressAP PHOTOS: O.J. Simpson appears via video for his parole hearing. start of O.J. Simpson's parole hearing has included some lighthearted moments. Read more:
Retweeted by The Associated Press#Mexico City floating farms connect with high-end local restaurants, breathing life into a pre-Aztec tradition:…
Retweeted by The Associated PressO.J. Simpson appeared thinner and grayer at his parole hearing than when he was last seen 4 years ago.
Retweeted by The Associated PressSaudi prince arrested after a video emerges purporting to show him abusing someone and pointing a rifle at another. says it's investigating whether fidget spinners are being used as political recruiting tools @vitnija
Retweeted by The Associated PressHistoric Philadelphia bank's regal architecture lures a different type of visitor: soon-to-be brides and grooms. workers will depart Carrier Corp. today as the Indiana company executes on its promised outsourcing plan.…
Retweeted by The Associated PressGirl who survived massacre says she saw mom stab dad and siblings, and mom asked forgiveness before stabbing her.
Retweeted by The Associated PressTrip and tusk: Boy stumbles over the fossilized tusk of a 1.2 million-year-old elephant-like creature. #odd
Retweeted by The Associated PressIndiana man wounded in across-the-fence gunfire after dispute with a neighbor charged in the shooting. Latest: Sen. John McCain says he's grateful for the outpouring of support, says he'll be back soon. Sen. John McCain in tweet says he appreciates outpouring of support, promises to be back soon `so stand-by!'UPDATE: Burundi teens reported missing after robotic competition in Washington seen crossing border into Canada. 07/20/1969: Apollo 11 landed on the moon - Get @AP e-book Carolina authorities search for woman they say has been missing since a shooting involving her ex-husband. back as host of #AmericanIdol when it returns on ABC
Retweeted by The Associated PressBritain's Prince William and Kate made pretzels, joined a regatta and visited a cancer center in Heidelberg, German…
Retweeted by The Associated PressThe Latest: After rebuke from President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will remain in office.