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*Adult film ⭐*Penthouse Pet*DanniGirl of the Year*Feature Dancer*Crossfit addict* BookAdriannaLuna@gmail.com *Dance bookings: http://t.co/rjWHBs5oGt*

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@batman065_andy thank u 😉@dirkvaldez no dates for OKC yet. Always doing crossfit!@SirDabalot yup!@DatDudeDatSk8s thank u! XoxoHappy easter lovers! #peepshow http://t.co/Fnw5POxU8a
Video: Who can guess where i’m at?? #LA #westcoastrappers #drinkernotasmoker #hiphop!! http://t.co/GmKNOfZDiK@summeyman thank u ;)@AdriannaLunaxxx @julesjordan Hot Latina is on Fire! http://t.co/p9EWX9YwaT http://t.co/S916Cmlvz5
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩHappy birthday! Xoxo 💋RT @SohPeleOsso Hey @AdriannaLunaxxx! I'm turning 18 today and would be amazing if you wish me a happy birthday!Some stars just shine brighter ... the gorgeous @AdriannaLunaxxx http://t.co/PAWSPKbL72
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩThe moon is out tonight ... the hot & sexy @AdriannaLunaxxx http://t.co/hllsnDSRhQ
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩMy favorite lunar eclipse ... the beautiful @AdriannaLunaxxx http://t.co/ABWH9HaeEI
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It's the wknd! Time 4 some fun in the sun! Check out http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X @ArrangementX 4 a sexy treat lovers! http://t.co/ii6iXkqpDn
Check out Latinas on Fire 2 by @JulesJordan @WilliamHnutsack! RT @WaltzintoMordor @AdriannaLunaxxx when can we expect some new scenes?@Gallagher_Off gracias!#NewPornReleases LatinasOnFire 2 @keishagreyxxx @SaraLuvvXXX @KristinaRosexxx @AdriannaLunaxxx http://t.co/wY4PUxmaMz http://t.co/gvgGlqu0y7
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩ@MimeFreak well u kno me, the only thing i can truly endorse is #crossfit. It's the best workout u'll ever get! 4 all ages n fitness levels@MimeFreak a mile?!? That's not even my warmup 😝@MimeFreak are you gonna make an appearance in front of the camera?? 😜
Attn #ohio! I'll be dancing @DiamondRoyale1 @DiamondLodge nxt week! Wed 4/23- Sat 4/26! Come watch me live ;) http://t.co/z7YzdyvUXZAdult film star Adrianna Luna next week! Wednesday/Friday at Royale Thursday/Saturday at Lodge! http://t.co/bEHfZnfQI7
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩSizzling hot! @AdriannaLunaxxx in "Latinas On Fire 2" Watch in HD:http://t.co/xQT8M7BMzU @JulesJordan http://t.co/nDkwaO9GD7
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Thx 4 coming out! RT @jrbone7 @AdriannaLunaxxx http://t.co/YCrPQa1vst
See u nxt week #ohio! RT @MisterPDM RT @DiamondLodge: Next week! Featured adult entertainer @AdriannaLunaxxx! http://t.co/E6OJUnrDUt@iamcarosel both! You can check out the footage on http://t.co/dd7bP6w2pfFun fact: 1 year ago today, we shot #TheLoneRanger parody. @venomxxxmovies @ExtremeComixxx @AdriannaLunaxxx (it's nom'd for @XRCOAwards too)
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩWanna play?? Go to http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X @ArrangementX 2 find a sexy playmate! Enjoy lovers! 💋 http://t.co/WuSZTH8rsP@killindemboyz @SimonPheenix thx guys xoxo ;)Latinas On Fire 2 | @keishagreyxxx @spanishdollxxx @KristinaRosexxx @AdriannaLunaxxx @JulesJordan http://t.co/bc9LrlTsT4
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Not a bad view. Hanging at the laker game #suitelife 💛💜🏀 http://t.co/j6WqgEhjCo11hrs later n i'm finally in the car on my way home. What a nightmare. So f-ing traumatized
Delays + crappy weather = 10+ hr travel day from ny to la. I feel like death! I just want my bed 😩😩😩Feeling like tom hanks in "the terminal" xcept ive been stuck on a plane... ALL DAY! Kill me now! Even sitting in my 1st class seat sucks 👎@jrbone7 good seeing you again! Xoxo@Number_1_Gunner thx 4 coming out! XoxoThx 2 every1 who came out 2 @SapphireNYC last night n the amazing staff! Till next time! Xoxo 💋✈️ #goingbacktocali http://t.co/iKaN7oJoEB
It's almost party time lovers! Come 2 @SapphireNYC 2 watch my booty shake it 4 u live! 1nite only #NYC Dont miss out! http://t.co/WxsVKYHS0QHott pic! @StevenStCroix1 RT @sexisms @AdriannaLunaxxx 'Shades of Pink #02' -Sweet Sinner Gifs http://t.co/RXonpnELyQ http://t.co/djJh5Kd3MV@AdriannaLunaxxx @Babes #exoticbabe #glamcore Video Here: http://t.co/wu14WuPKxi http://t.co/7ewC6AT42A
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩ#NSFW Adriana Luna Dancing live today April 11 http://t.co/RkJvQJ5A5c @adriannalunaxxx
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩUp up and away! ✈️✈️Next stop #NYC! Come party w/ me 2nite @SapphireNYC lovers! I'll b dancing 4 u live! 1nite only! http://t.co/JyyIyj5Ege
Who's partying with #SapphireNewYork and @AdriannaLunaxxx tomorrow night?! Mention Twitter for free entry ☔️💵💰 http://t.co/p40ndQR5Q1
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩAttn #nyc! Who's ready to party w/ me?? Come out n watch me live @SapphireNYC 2morrow night! 1 night only! Xoxo 💋 http://t.co/czC44cMxM8
Gmorning sunshines! Stay in bed a lil longer n check out @ArrangementX http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X 4 a sexy treat! Enjoy! http://t.co/nY7pOgKI7yYup! RT @duke_speaks @AdriannaLunaxxx Your boobs are natural?Guess what #Hustlers ? @AdriannaLunaxxx is going to join the #gloryhole session on #Hustler TV Europe @ 10pm CET http://t.co/YrDsZIoitH
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩThx 4 the review! ;) RT @bonoONE New review of Latinas On Fire 2 with @AdriannaLunaxxx @WilliamHnutsack @JulesJordan http://t.co/TBZMCJAxrxback cover ft @Romi_Rain @AdriannaLunaxxx @xxxrachelroxxx @BREANNEBENSON http://t.co/oDQmNTrehm
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩFriday @AdriannaLunaxxx is Performing @SapphireNYC mention Twitter for free entry! http://t.co/DSjtGupbCK http://t.co/pENhTjzCv6 #RT
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This Friday @AdriannaLunaxxx is in the house, mention Twitter for free entry! #SapphireNewYork http://t.co/A0YOOEGn8S http://t.co/2l9hekx6q3
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Attn #nyc! I'll be dancing this fri 4/11 @SapphireNYC! 1 night only! U dont wanna miss it. Come out n party n watch me live! Xoxo 💋See ya there! RT @JulioSa70642888 @AdriannaLunaxxx I am really looking forward to meet you when you come to ohio at the end of the month!Wanna play? Go 2 @ArrangementX http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X to fight a hottie near u! http://t.co/sm5MrRu31T
Attn #nyc! I'll be dancing this fri 4/11 @SapphireNYC! 1 night only! U dont wanna miss it. Come out n party n watch me live! Xoxo 💋Good times w/ my girl! RT @Pornhub .@CindyStarfall and @AdriannaLunaxxx looking fabulous! http://t.co/Bv1d7LXuJW
@jrbone7 awesome! See ya there love! Xo
Video: Lettuce wrapped turkey tacos made by me! Lunch is served! #paleo #cleaneating #organic... http://t.co/9sFaQwQsb2Enjoy lovers! RT @HustlerTVEurope Fancy a piece of @AdriannaLunaxxx ? Join the fun on #Hustler TV w/ "Me, Myself & I" http://t.co/8XJgEZy1uP
Nothing like getting back 2 my box 2 cheer me up when i almost lost faith in humanity. Ppl suck but my cf family makes things all better 😊Hey lovers! Start ur week right w/ a sexy treat from @ArrangementX http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X! Check it out! http://t.co/RUM4qLHxQ8
Last shows 2nite @HustlerClubNola! Let's do it #neworleans! Dont miss out! #asianinvasion See ya there lovers! Xo💋Sightseeing today.. Love this city! #nola #frenchquarter #jacksonsquare http://t.co/91sOT6PMsqThats a wrap! Thank u #neworleans 4 all the luv! U guys are amazing!! @hustlerclubnola #asianinvasion xoxo 💋 http://t.co/8eJA9yjfPF
#ASIANINVASION tonight @HustlerClubNola ! @CindyStarfall @AdriannaLunaxxx @Kaylani_Lei1 @LondonKeyes http://t.co/zjhXAubbPh
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩThx! ;) RT @Sidbass Saw your show last night in NOLA. Super sexy, made even better by a great song selection! @AdriannaLunaxxxTruck full of drunk asians! Lol @AdriannaLunaxxx @kaylani_lei @LondonKeyes @HustlerClubNola http://t.co/ZeaLWpgk68
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩWow... @AdriannaLunaxxx is PRETTY IN PINK! #ThongThursday #booty #stockings http://t.co/txqNzTdktN
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩWith @londonkeyes and @adriannalunaxxx - they will also be at @hustlerclubnola for #asianinvasion http://t.co/2yf9V5Yc3J
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩ10p and 1a! See ya there! ;) RT @OGwordsmith @AdriannaLunaxxx when oh when are you taking the stage this evening or morning?
Getting into trbl w/ my girl @kaylani_lei #handgrenade #nola #bourbonst #thirstybitches 😈👯 http://t.co/NqATiswTqNThx 4 the luv 2nite @aguchixxx! I can't wait 2 watch u one day n return the favor! So gr8 mtg u 2nite! #dancelegend #classact #sexylady 😘
Up up and away I go! See you soon New Orleans! ✌️✈️✈️ http://t.co/TdZDjnFbrQ
Are u a boob guy? Check out @ArrangementX http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X 4 more! Happy #tt loves! http://t.co/T9kBisTQ4yWe're coming #neworleans!RT @HustlerClubNola #ASIANINVASION http://t.co/c4Gl9Xm0tz @kaylani_lei @CindyStarfall @LondonKeyes @AdriannaLunaxxxPacking my bags 4 New Orleans tomorrow! Come watch me dance live @HustlerClubNola wed-sat! #asianinvasion see ya there lovers! Xo 💋#ASIANINVASION http://t.co/1feojWUGw8 @kaylani_lei @CindyStarfall @LondonKeyes @AdriannaLunaxxx
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next stop for the #asianinvasion is New Orleans @kaylani_lei @CindyStarfall @AdriannaLunaxxx @LondonKeyes 3/26-3/29 http://t.co/0pE2deU58Z
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That's a wrap! Thx 2 every1 who came out 2 @RoadHouseNYC this wknd! See ya nxt month #NYC! #goingbacktocali ✌️✈️🏡 http://t.co/bsZAcv1mW4
C ya there! RT @NJStiletto Last chance 2 C @AdriannaLunaxxx @RoadHouseNYC 2nite! #PrivateRooms #pics #LatinasLuvAnal http://t.co/F31H8CTnfvLast night @RoadHouseNYC! Dont miss out on watching me dance live lovers! 2 shows 10:30p and 1am. See ya there! Xo 💋@Boriqua1144 see ya there! ;)Lets do it! RT @PhillyGoldClub @AdriannaLunaxxx we need to get you to philly now!! I started this! Lol. At @GoldClubPhilly2 @PhillyGoldClub
TONIGHT XXX STAR @AdriannaLunaxxx LIVE @RoadHouseNYC! Call for reservations #VIP rooms! #LatinasRideItBest#Doggystyle http://t.co/IPE1RKrk7d
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩ#NYC r u ready 2 party w/ me 2nite?! Watch me dance live @RoadHouseNYC! 2 shows starting soon! See ya there! Xo 💋 http://t.co/qaZUDsITbFIt's Friday n that means only 1 thing, MEGA SUPERSTAR ADRIANNA LUNA IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!! This girl is soooo hot! YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩUp up and away I go! Next stop #NYC! Come out n party w/ me 2nite @RoadHouseNYC! 2 shows n meet&greets! See ya there lovers.. ✌️✈️👠💋Yes! I'll also have photos n lapdances RT @craigbear41 @AdriannaLunaxxx will u have dvds for sale when u come to @HustlerClubNola next week?
RT @NJStiletto: Don't miss XXX star @AdriannaLunaxxx @roadhousenyc tomorrow night 3/21& Sat 3/22. http://t.co/cPmDuAUCF3
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩAttn #newyork! I'm coming 2 dance live 4 u @RoadHouseNYC this wknd! Fri n Sat 2 shows a night w/ meet n greets! Xoxo http://t.co/ciGUx6TXZB
Woot woot got my taxes done! Glad that's over! #happydance #myaccountantrocks 👍👯Adrianna Luna Penthouse Babe of the Day http://t.co/XYuVNexd74 via @Penthouse @AdriannaLunaxxx
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩHappy #tt lovers! Check out @ArrangementX http://t.co/1HIKT2nL1X to see some of the hottest girls online! Enjoy! ;) http://t.co/XvJEYZKtolHey lovers! Nxt stop @RoadHouseNYC this wknd fri 3/21-sat 3/23! 2 shows every nite n meet&greets! Come out n play w/ me! #Nyc #featuredancerSo excited to have smokin' hot Adrianna Luna in the house next weekend! Just 6 days & counting til her 1st show! 3/21 & 3/22 don't miss it!
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@AdriannaLunaxxx will be live at @RoadHouseNYC FRIDAY! You don't want to miss this wild show! get more info at http://t.co/3OOZmGsjcs
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩNew movie loves! RT @WilliamHnutsack @AdriannaLunaxxx in "Latina's On Fire2"from @JulesJordan. http://t.co/ECuqvTjOHN http://t.co/7tcKNRpmAi
Finally home in my bed! Aah feels so good!! Thanks 4 an awesome weekend El Paso! Till next time... ✌#theresnoplacelikehome ❤🏡😊Pleasure was all mine!U guys rox!RT @CLUBREDPARROT Its been a absolute pleasure 2 have @AdriannaLunaxxx @redparrotept http://t.co/sCTND5tj2EC4 (Frostbite x Shishkaberry) should be ready & cured by 4/20💚 #deliciousfog #deliverycollectivehttp://t.co/G89mTThfeW
Retweeted by ᗩᎠЯᎥᗩИИᗩ ℓυИᗩ@thejohnnycastle @mialelanixxx you guys are too cute!! 😍😍😍
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