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Aliza Marcus @AlizaMarcus Washington. DC

Turkey/Kurd expert. Following Middle East broadly/Kurdistan in detail. Author of Blood & Belief (Turkcesi Kan ve Inanc, Iletisim Yayinevi). RT not endorsement.

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Güzel arkadaşım bugün cezaevinde son günün olsun My dear friend, hope today will be your last day in prison…
Retweeted by Aliza Marcusvideo clip of 1981 mass trial of PKK members — Diyarbakır de 1981 Asker mahkemesi — konuşan adam kimdir? Mazlum Doğ…
@hevalecraig No, in Turkishactually, am seeing it on European amazon for sale!Good article on the Idleb refugee crisis as seen from Turkey, by @RagipSoylu.
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusAnd now I'd love to find the book Alinak wrote -- "Mehmet Tunc ve Bekes" -- alas Turkey has banned it. book by well-known & independent minded Kurdish politician Mahmut Alinak (sentenced as part of DEP trial in1994)… article took about six months to come to fruition, including a paranoia-inducing trip abroad. >>>
Retweeted by Aliza Marcusso this is what's it's like for HDP politicians to try to hold a press conference in Diyarbakir -- look at the phot…
The prison of Amed after the coup in 1980
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus1376 yurttaştan ortak açıklama: Ben de oradaydım, Gezi'deydim
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusNew documentary on murder of Hevrin Kahlaf in Rojava days after US withdrew and Turkish forces invaded @Elizrael @tobiaschneider Exactly
@zugenia @bertboerland did you ever find the bag? I'm crazy for her bag too. looked everywhere, closest was a clare…
A concise overview of the situation across Syria from @DaveEubankFBR. "In North and East Syria, 200,000 displaced…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusNice piece on Turkey’s options in Idlib — none of them very stable — and more on US foreign policy incoherence, as… initiative and sure to be interesting!’m at a US base in Syria seeing the damage to the attacked US convoy The incident is a reminder of the dangerous…
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👇War of flags in northeast of Syria....!
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusSo as US builds up bases in areas clearly under its control, this is a reminder that the US isn’t the only player (…! I was wondering where they got the model...!
@BedranKurdi Well I think it answered a lot of questions of how the group evolved and became the dominant movement.A small Istanbul publisher is reviving forgotten Armenian literary greats & fighting to save the endangered Western…
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus @BedranKurdi What was valid for the 80s and 90s isn’t always the same now. Some things have changed as the group it… facts & details. Bottom line: ~For now, Turkey dominates PKK, pushing rebels into SE mountains & N Iraq, kil…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusIn short: SDF welcomes Arabs fleeing Idlib, while Turkey, which claims to be trying to protect people in Idlib, won… bir seçimde muhtemelen HDP’nin yüzde birinden az oy alacak olan bir partinin başkanı, 6 milyon kişinin temsi…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusOnly surprise is this can still surprise people is literally one of the worst places in the world for women. I and SEED want safety for all women in #Iraq and…
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus @BedranKurdi Total misreading. Book laid out pkk’s start and growth, the good and bad, but always a Kurdish nationalist group.
So Moscow is ready to mediate talks between SDF/Rojava administration and Damascus. Will latest battle in Idlib aga… @vvanwilgenburg Ohhh I haven’t seen one — please show me please!!!I can never get enough of these historical images @Patriot37027 Yes for sure. But there were some who thought he’d be a good next leader. Clearly not everyone tho!
@PatrickOsgood Good one!Hard for me to believe Barham Salih was ever a credible candidate regardless of his positions in Baghdad. Would the…'t wait to see who is the deputy Kurds of Northern Syria by Jordi Tejel: "Unlike other published works and articles on this topic that are…
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus @RenwarNajm So either they love the PKK model of female/male co chairs or they simply can’t manage to rest power in… @NicholasDanfort Follow on rabies shots?Just once I’d like a split off Kurdish party in Syria to come up with a totally different name, just to make keepin…
Fun and informative read by the ever active @amberinzaman
The pleasure was mine @sinam56 . Sisters across mountains
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus @fcyazgan I’d say the actions of western and other nations in refusing to take back their citizens fits what you’re saying.Excellent plan-sentences unlikely to be recognized by suspects’ native countries yet this may help boost internatio… Kavala has been unjustly detained since November 2017. Just a reminder. @FreeOsmanKavala
@abdullahawez I’m not so sure. US still has more advanced capabilities than Turkey — @cngsgnc Hmmmm @SinanCiddi Maybe.... altho Turkey has its own drone technology of course. We have to wait until the spring to see… scoop by @Reuters : U.S. halts secretive drone program with Turkey that targeted PKK in Iraq: reason? Turkey’s… interview by @cansucamlibel with a Rand expert on Russia-Turkey relations & why the status quo may not hold. 2 what it was except 4 Turkish takeover of border area + new Russian troop presence: SDF's Mustafa Bali tells…
Excellent piece by ⁦@daphnemccurdy⁩ on how US unwillingness to see partnership with Kurds/YPG/SDF as anything more… said @OIRSpox! The #SDF are shouldering three international burdens; 1) leading the #Syria #defeatDaesh fight,…
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus @Jake_Hanrahan @vvanwilgenburg Oh very sorry to hear this @SinanCiddi @USMC_CSC Big congratulations — they are lucky to have you @Ka9lo Looks like things may be moving forward?
A video which my friend from maxmur send me from today. The people in the maxmur camp are living still in the embar…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusBig news — were there any split offs as a result? For example, what’s left of Ibrahim biro’s yekiti — did they join…'t seen any more details on this. a full scale attack on Makhmour would mark a very concerning ISIS escalation. most recent former mayor of DBakir (who was removed from his post and replaced with a government appointed dire…
A reminder of continuing threat from ISIS in Middle East —- ISIS kidnaps 7 civilians at fake checkpoint in Kurdista…
In DC tomorrow? @vvanwilgenburg will present his new book, The Kurds of Northern Syria, co-authored with Harriet Al…
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My wife and I never talk to our kids. We ask them to submit all communications anonymously through rigorous and dou…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusMy latest from Al-Hol: Families languish in winter winds, legal limbo at Syria’s Islamic State camp
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusAppalling treatment of a great man who hasn’t committed any crime — except that of being seen as an opponent of Erd…
@BDPDemirbas @mahmutbozarslan Lütfen! Dm üzerinde gönderebilirsiniz yada emailim size göndereyimGezi Davası duruşmasındayız.. Osman Kavala’ya özgürlük
Retweeted by Aliza Marcus @mutludc Where was the game held? Damascus? Start of soccer diplomacy...? @mahmutbozarslan Kimse yok mu yoksa kımse kalmadı... @MPSarkawtShams Tell us more how the program works. Sounds like a great initiative
Off topic: @nytimes the kids love your kids Times section, but print is quite small for younger ones to manage, esp… report from the ground in Syria by @washingtonpost as a reminder that continuing US support for Kurd-led admin… reminder of the PKK/YPG/civilian Kurd sacrifices that marked a turnaround in the fight against ISIS in Syria thread on views from Rakka that place!
What a convoluted policy the US has .... but great to see coalition support for SDF continuing @KaderAriz You thought that was people treating each other badly? That was nice by NY standards!
Türk askeri ve çeteleri Til Temir’de direnişe çarptı: 14 işgalci öldürüldü
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusThe question is whether Assad willing to be flexible — and trusted must read by @amberinzaman imagine that in many of these cases, the perpetrators were never found. why aren't Kurds in Turkey marching in protest of Turkey's invasion of Rojava, among other things? Well in Van,… Jeffrey gave a press briefing Thursday morning -- can't say much new or interesting in it, but here it is:
@namo_abdulla @realDonaldTrump @IKRPresident I’m not sure I would claim anything this administration does vis a vis… @amberinzaman @MazloumAbdi @AlMonitor Can’t wait
Bugün Rojava’dan edindiğim bir bilgiye göre, Mazlum Kobani’ye birkaç gün önce suikast girişiminde bulunulmuş. Suika…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusKurds searching for new friends .... #NE_SYRIA #American_forces prevent #Russian_forces from heading east towards the #oil areas of #Remilan
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Impact of economic crisis in government controlled Syria and worsened by Turkish invasion and occupation
Great description! Which book?'daki evimin ilk hediyesi tarihi Ken'an haritası oldu. Beni bu kadar iyi tanıyan @AlizaMarcus'dan tabii. Kud…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusUnity among Kurdish parties in Turkey, regardless how small some are and how limited space is for activism, is alwa…
#Ain_Issa: A number of Turkish-backed terrorists has defected to SDF in Ain Issa. The defectors has handed over doz…
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517 individuals including 371 children have died in Hol Camp in 2019 - primarily those who arrived with severe maln…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusTurkish airstrikes target #Yazidi areas recovering from ISIS genocide @Jerusalem_Post
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusMore Turkish attacks on Sinjar, killing four of the PKK-backed local force — Sinjar of course is where PKK fighters…
Great piece on al hol camp and more broadly, the foreigners who joined ISIS
SANA reports a Syrian-Turkish-Russian meeting in Moscow, at which Syria (Ali Mamlouk) demanded Turkey (Hakan Fidan)…
Retweeted by Aliza MarcusNearly three weeks after Turkey's highest court ruled that the Wikipedia ban was unconstitutional, access remains b…
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