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I believe we should free our minds&hearts of the dogmatic indoctrination that divides us.validating honest dialogue replaces hatreds. F.O.S. ADULTS ONLY SITE.

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CA tweet peeps and my home state this is for ya where we do things imaginatively bold with diverse expressions but… @msnbcpr Give Andrea her props. Don't say 'only at MSNBC'. Introduce @mitchellreports "@MSNBC presents Andrea Mi… my Tweet peeps--no matter what, Keep Your Head Up! Tupac via @YouTubewow that at his age would be in the realm of 'Birth of a Nation' even though white supremacists sitting in prisons… he's lying or he's using a taxpayer paid government agency or barr to target Americans he deems are his enem… what taxpayer paid government agency is he using to make his claims or is he merely slandering line governm… Americans we should take note and ask ourselves as our freedoms, liberty and equal treatment under the law is be… Kansas RUSSIAN 'Free America' radio hour. Croche ending stanza in a song he sang was 'Imagine that'. I challen…, liberty nor the rule of law is manipulated and perverted overnight. No, it takes time and skillfully playi… by drip each day American's freedoms, liberty's are being retaliated against as the US Constitution is being r… deliberately and knowingly unleashed his dogs of prey upon them. Pls review his rally tape where he encourage hi… one whined about when there was a juror holdout in one of the Russiagate trial verdict? The ultimate threat to… me go back to the jury trump cited social media accounts of jurors. I wonder what would be said of Orange Count…'s nothing funny about the comparison because both have/had family rule, his sons and daughter like an iron fi… NOW dissing South Korea, America's decades long ally pivotal to prevent China seizing the entire Asian Pacific R… the Qaddafi reincarnate @realdonaldtrump is squawking about the Academy Awards, Americans' Free Speech who we… @WSJbreakingnews @thetimes @washingtonpost @CBCNews @Suntimes I want to know if the new criteria for jurors will be… @JoyAnnReid @chrislhayes @11thHour @Lawrence Pls stop following the shiny bouncing poll ball & focus on Russia&the… thing is an ARTIFACT who grew up under the Cold War,Pledged Allegiance where the query remains to WHAT NATION… if I didn't know better it sure looks like Rohbacher is a willing American asset for Russia. I stuck to me his…
@DNC @MikeBloomberg @TomSteyer What Makes Super Tuesday So Super? @WSJbreakingnews @thetimes @washingtonpost @CBCNewsThe day when an American is threatened in a televised setting for her opinions-by a @potus thrown out to the wolves… Las Vegas speech is a DIRECT THREAT to ALL AMERICANS who participate in juries. WHAT'S NEXT? GRAND JURIES? Who… me a break.....IF @realDonaldTrump in the capacity of @potus is going to slander a member of a jury who went t… the way,money is NOT the issue. The issue is the dumb *sses at the @DNC who came up w/Super Tuesday you fools. I… @TomSteyer I omitted you only bc you weren't at the @DNC @TomPerez suicide pact debate. Be glad you missed it. Pere…, typos....get over it. 'wants one question answered'IF YOU CAN'T stand on your OWN platform and convey it to the American public without surrogates&yourselves dissing… you choose to play let's see who can stab the other in the back @JoeBiden @MikeBloomberg @PeteButtigieg'm not endorsing @MikeBloomberg or anyone else YET because my parents blessed me to think for myself and draw my o…'ve had it with cable news bc it can't walk and chew gum @msnbc @cnn when truly serious crises&events are occurrin… many OTHER candidates can call themselves philanthropists putting their money where their mouths are? Has ever… me for a minute everyone. I'm an Independent voter who wants one questioned answered for me. When in the he… @msnbcpr @chucktodd @SteveKornacki Seriously? Choose your own 2020 scenario? YOU are making a MOCKERY of the mos… you in a habit of providing free advertising time to these people or am I missing something? They can have thei… @ChrisJansing @MSNBCPR It never ceases to amaze me with all the tech in the world WHY are you giving that CLOWN in… @nedprice @JoyceWhiteVance @mitchellreports @abcnews @TheJusticeDept @Reuters @thetimes @ABC @CBSNews @cnnbrk @nedprice @JoyceWhiteVance @mitchellreports @abcnews @TheJusticeDept @Reuters @thetimes America's foremost news out… @nedprice @JoyceWhiteVance @mitchellreports The @ABCnews interviewer lacking background depth failed to follow up o… to America's new millennium where 'feelings' NOT 'reason' rule the day, If you feel a little down or anxiou…'re NOT being informed, the public is having pacifiers shoved in their mouths, placed in their baby seats and pus… replaced with a Putin Erdagon MBS style government. Pundits, talking heads&papers will have a field day of han… use feckless 'acting directors' who will never be sent for confirmation but more importantly have no independe… is behind the placement of a buffoon as the 'acting director of US Intel' query is will Jared w/the… @JoyAnnReid Priceless analysis @NicolleDWallace @JoyAnnReid My MIDDLE SCHOOL NEPHEW's class could have conducted a better debate than this one.when the season was announced...brings back visions of Wasserman/Clinton. THIS IS NOT A VIRGINITY TEST.The BS about…, it looks more and more like my parents are right when they equate Sanders to McGovern. What I saw tonight w… for them but sucks for the country. God knows I wish just once in my adult lifetime to witness a debate where… take as an Independent was @msnbc panel did what it did the first go round turned things into a food fight inste… @MSNBC Can YOU please CHEW GUM AND WALK AT THE SAME TIME?? @MaddowBlog @11thHour @mitchellreportsThis one is from me and it's unsettling-->WHY is trump ROOTING for Sanders. I think people should stop and ask betw… How many states preventing u from switching party votes in the primary vs general election? @jheil 'will he'3. My parents keep nagging about him being their college generation's McGovern vs Nixon. College students were nuts… @jheil Pls ask what none are: 1. IF Sanders does not win the nomination will his voter base go the way of 2016-not…
It's long overdue to actually 'Tell It Like It Really IS&WAS'. @JoyAnnReid @Yamiche @trymainelee @DrJasonJohnson @chrislhayes @MaddowBlogblamed on Blacks despite the lack of credit due diligence by the lender applying simple credit report, employer wag… 30yr mortgage was a mirage to get Congress to allow higher interest rates alleged by the lenders to cover their… Number 2&4 effectively knee capped the birth of the Black middle class akin to Tulsa, the Black Wall Street, wit… is the welcome mat to G0P 4 Freeze civil service wages&hiring including removing employment offices out of Bl… me if my generalized observation is wrong: Southern Strategy was more in depth 1 Bust or cripple major unio… the vain of a Ross Perot. These are 'serious issues'. @HardballChris @NicolleDWallace @jaketapper @11thHour @MaddowBlogThe troll in the room not asked of Sanders supporters on the ground is will they sit out 2020 if Sanders isnt nomin… medias oppo research. I want to hear about candidate's policy platform, effective problem solving against real… @craigmelvin Interesting you'd ask why are Dems uncertain which candidate to support. As an Independent I'd say the… Night World! If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living…
Retweeted by Tabby @journalsentinel @WiStateJournalThe OLD system is INSUFFICIENT with today's THREATS to FREE&FAIR elections. NO county Dem office should EVER be clo… is directed to @TomPerez @dnc @dscc @dccc GET ALL STATE PARTIES up to the TASK. 2012 WI Dem Chair NEARLY BLEW… @DNC @TomPerez @SenatorBaldwin @GovEvers Do you realize that the WI Election Commission and My Vote was down today…
National polling orgs: @Gallup @HarrisPoll @maristpoll @MonmouthPoll @APNORC @pewresearch @QuinnipiacPoll @DrJasonJohnson @SRuhle Are you concerned that Sander's supporters supported the Green party or sat out the electio… @SRuhle Watch zealots charge as they always do that's the reason they banned gay troop leaders. Pedophile, sexual… @SRuhle @SteveKornacki @JoshNBCNews @shaqbrewster @esglaude @jwpetersNYT @SteveSchmidtSES @RepHorsford @alivitali @maddow I realized I got the MB's mixed up. Glad I realized it. Ugh @maddow correction Bachmann @maddow And as the saying goes 'You DON'T bite the hand that feeds you until that is you get in good with the king MBS&Emirates @maddow Deutsche bank-known for handling terrorist money including Rep Blackburn. Query is WHO GUARANTEED THE LOAN…
@mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards @mitchellreports @costareports @RuthMarcus @FrankFigliuzzi1 @harrylitman @JoeCrowleyNY @BrendanBuck @DonnaFEdwards
@KwikWarren @ALALibrary @amlibraries @librarycongress @KwikWarren READ the HISTORY of the RED SCARE which REAGAN as the president of the actors guild BETRAYED MANY ACTOR… @KwikWarren Even JFK and Johnson initially weren't for Civil Rights until people stood up and said 'They were sick… @KwikWarren @womensmarch WE ARE HERE AND WILL NOT BE SILENCED! @KwikWarren @womensmarch IF they twist it bc their corporate owned then flood their sites with SPECIFIC FRAMED NEGA… @KwikWarren @womensmarch Every person harmed by this regime MUST join, those who can't make to DC should do so in f… @KwikWarren @womensmarch You can hand make Tshirts using permanent markers AGAIN rotating the red, white and blue f… @KwikWarren @womensmarch There must now be a silent March on the Dept of Justice again with state identifying placa…