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I believe we should free our minds&hearts of the dogmatic indoctrination that divides us.validating honest dialogue replaces hatreds. F.O.S. ADULTS ONLY SITE.

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Marine Corps unit busted planning to hold a party at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort: report
Retweeted by Tabby @New_Narrative @maggieNYT BULL. trump is embezzling it for his vanity wall- no longer snarky to say 'vanity wall' a… is what is important to everyone no matter where you're coming from bc ALL of us share ONE WORLD. Join in and… @KwikWarren If you're a cynic you could make money bc there won't be a bigot out there who wouldn't buy it even if… @TheLastWord @MSNBC @Snowden @NPR edit: how in the hell weren't these supremacists not caught ugh-dyslexic brain in reverse over drive @TheLastWord @MSNBC @Snowden @NPR Local PD's dept don't need warrants to trace ur cell--imagine trump,barr or kobac… @TheLastWord @MSNBC @Snowden @NPR America traded away freedom for what? Security? If Patriot Act was to protect us… @TheLastWord @MSNBC @Snowden @NPR For the record one of THE worst pieces of legislation enacted in this millennium… @TheLastWord @MSNBC @Snowden @NPR I'm NOT exaggerating when asked why didn't he become a whistleblower to paraphras… @TheLastWord @MSNBC As the world turns...I used to think @Snowden betrayed US&sought to embarrass Obama bc he didnt… @jdawsey1 ? @MSNBC @MaddowBlog @maddow Respectfully @RepAdamSchiff the American ppl don't want to hear about big bad trump or b… @hardball Unless F0X is punking ppl to stir to a chosen candidate or create a false over confidence-I hold doubt bc… @joemahr @marywizchicago Great discussion. I'd like to point out that there's ALSO a black market for the CONTENTS… attention
Retweeted by Tabby @jdawsey1 @NickMiroff Have you asked @SpeakerPelosi if the House will insist on unbreakable earmarked conditions pr… @costareports ASK @SpeakerPelosi WHEN she'll convene IMPEACHMENT-there's won't be a TMZ video. Breaking news: Whist… somebody PLEASE release those #Blackface or #Klan hoodie pics of #Barr? Can someone release some dirty dirt o…
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@jaclyncorin [u helped make this happen]Colt Suspends Production of AR-15 for Civilian Market | NBC 7 San Diego… @Emma4Change [U helped do this]Colt Suspends Production of AR-15 for Civilian Market | NBC 7 San Diego… @SandyHook Colt Suspends Production of AR-15 for Civilian Market | NBC 7 San Diego via @nbcsandiego @maddowblog Colt to stop making AR-15s for civilians via @nypost @JustinTrudeau Close election,little time,dejavu @EmmanuelMacron election&last minute mud slinging. Some have short… @TheLastWord @MSNBC @TheJusticeDept @RepAdamSchiff when regulations requires the individual to provide Congress inf… @TheLastWord @MSNBC Whistle blower-the clear & present danger to America when @TheJusticeDept becomes the lead arbi… @MaddowBlog @CarolLeonnig Was the promise to out and set up the Russian spy the NBC reporter found?
@hardball @NicoleHockley @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @SenatorReid IF @senatemajldr McConnell fails to get what… @hardball @NicoleHockley Unlike Speaker Reid when asked about Obama and how they'd get along the surprising stateme… @dahliasc @972mag @danephron @ForeignPolicy Wait who won?If Netanyahu is replaced, things might actually get worse for Palestinians.
Retweeted by TabbyThe same political system that Netanyahu thinks he has mastered could now bring about his demise.
Retweeted by Tabby“Bibi is one engineer out of many who have been driving the right’s vision for Israel and the Palestinian territori…
Retweeted by TabbyThe Netanyahu era is probably coming to an end. The occupation, however, is not going anywhere.
Retweeted by Tabby @cleveland19news What were the precipitating events that led up to the assault and the girl running away? @KwikWarren Look to the demographics of the fan base...when THAT changes this will no longer happen. THIS is a raci… @Monaheart1229 @kozusa22 When will the outcome be known? Why does it take so long? Are US Jews due to them being Je… @UN the photos are from @realdonaldtrump who has an established problem with the truth and the sycophants surroundi… problem @realdonaldtrump w/asserting Iran was behind the attack bc it supplies the Houthi's w/weapons is EXACTL… have no need to insult nor demean @realdonaldtrump because truthfully he exposes that himself. I just merely as a… @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Clarity: @realdonaldtrump EXPOSES your own short comings as a leader that portrays yourse… @SFGate @latimes @KHOU @MiamiHerald @starledger @PhillyInquirer @metrotimes @journalsentinel @WEWS @suntimes time you @realdonaldtrump HATE TWEET which embarrasses @flotus BE Best program against HATE TWEET you EXPOSE… people including state @GavinNewsom and the city leaders have been in the trenches while all you've done… is WHY it is you @realdonaldtrump FAILED to realize that YOUR cabinet secretary of HUD is FAILING at HIS resp… Los Angles air is so clear one can seen blue skies as opposed to the yellow haze that once hung over the cities… SERVE ALL Americans not to mention the G0P stance on 'state's rights' when it comes to preventing CA from decidi… by tweet and no solutions: Again @realdonaldtrump fails at leadership. It's easy to denigrate someone for poli… @MiamiHerald @bangordailynews @gbpressgazette @metrotimes @HoustonChron @PittsburghPG @nytimes @washingtonpost should be asked is whether this is a repeat of Iraq and its runup to war. I ask this because the decision to g… by extension intentionally mass murdered civilians on a passenger plane flying an international flight route over Eastern Ukraine.the photos are from @/realdonaldtrump who has an established problem with the truth and the sycophants surrounding… Iraq's WMD satellite photos America&world will be given satellite photos NOT from Saudi Arabia whose weapons&i… wonder if any direct conversation was made in this case with Iran's president and THAT'S what's horrifying. Now A… speak w/the leader of another nation regarding their direct threat to America or America's response if such a th… Twitter where one can delete a tweet or modify it DECLARING if NOT IMPLYING Acts of War tweets against anoth… America's military base and families in South Korea, Japan and Guam that in THIS case CLEARLY is a NATION… he has ordered crushing sanctions on Iran but refuses and even lifted sanctions on Russia despite its milit… the accused nation, Iran, could have easily taken as a declaration of WAR and rightfully used 'preemptive str… before evidence has been determined both America's Sec of State and @realdonaldtrump recklessly accused a sover… that's the racist way @realdonaldtrump aryan goal rolls denouncing America's motto that is on our currency 'from many one'.after snatching from their parents failing to keep accurate records of the children as they secret the kids in the… Minister @JustinTrudeau there's an overwhelming chance the @realdonaldtrump will accept the 'WHITE' Canadians… THIS president @realdonaldtrump will refuse Canadians temporary shelter in America bc Canadians too may be… refused temporary shelter in the nearby state of FL which I unfortunately must warn the Prime Minister of Cana… themselves and families NOT their identification let alone passports much like the citizens of Moore OK in 2013… was compounded by the president declaring once again his racist assertion that the people of a well known vaca… give himself cover in other words CYA himself while @LindseyGrahamSC was doing his version of Katrina Bush 43 wa… @realdonaldtrump spent the last few days denying his mistake to the point of having his DHS director hold up a post… the Dorian hurricane where he not only panicked Alabamians a Cat 5 was going to hit them it forced the Nationa… himself feeling slighted @realdonaldtrump passed a hateful note to Americans about the OH leaders NOT about vic… Americans elected someone who acts no different than our grandparents passing hateful or love notes to each… knew Americans would elect an online president who busy himself amid critical crises with 160+ characters talki… @Ha_Matar @972mag I can't recall the legal term which is why I gave the example of a poacher. @Ha_Matar @972mag Something Sharon boasted about 3 days b4 his stroke made him giddy was he said time was nearing s… @972mag Today was the first time I've heard about 972 listening to @NPR . I was really impressed which why I decided to follow you.
@TheRickWilson @TheRickWilson here's the demo for the Limbo lol But hey at least he's making money honestly. @TheRickWilson Yes, yes-->Priceless may as well did the Limbo bc this is as low as you can goand @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems &cowardly gutless G0P impeach&run him out of office...THIS is how BAD the reality w… @Margoandhow @MaddowBlog @JoyAnnReid I saw a European leader speaker about the upheaval trump is causing the wester…
@VelshiRuhle Ms Bovino isn't the problem with US oil it produces is that it's not 'sweet oil' that it uses but inst… @ChrisMurphyCT America would have never allowed North Korea to seize incrementally parts of South Korea's northern… @ChrisMurphyCT One can not seize and maintain military IDF of another nation's waterway within that nation's own bo… @ChrisMurphyCT It's not being anti-Israel, it's applying same universal standards akin to the adage 'Friends don't… @ChrisMurphyCT The world changes as has consequences that posed dire threats like 9/11, USS Cole yet still pose thr… @ChrisMurphyCT including Netanyahu;should have with Menachem Begin successors esp Sharon who used the pretext of La… @ChrisMurphyCT During the Cold War&frankly to date the US didn't give a flip about any atrocities inflicted interna… @ChrisMurphyCT Thanks for the data BUT America MUST be honest&assess the manipulations and blood that's on everyone… @ChrisMurphyCT Experts fully apprised of varied regions are needed to be equal parts of the inner command briefings… @ChrisMurphyCT THIS lack of the executive,Def Dept,NSA to be briefed by an expert apart of this inner circle who pr… @ChrisMurphyCT Yes,But America SELLS Saudi Arabia arms. It's carnage left by colonial nations who changed borders,s… @ChrisMurphyCT This is what is important 'likely' is like 'WMD'. We know America supplied Israel with bomblets that… @valkyrie_hanna @thegoodgodabove @CynthiaAlksne @BarbMcQuade @JoyceWhiteVance please answer was McGahn Kavanaugh'… @Road_trippn @thegoodgodabove @alfranken And funny this conservative AM radio host w/small audience didn't speak up… @haaretzcom @marketwatch @CNBC @cnbcworld @SquawkBoxEurope @TheEconomist @barronsonline @WSJ @koers_hangseng the contrarian Devil's advocate among the field of acting the SAME KNEE JERK way America did so w/Iraq based on… @realdonaldtrump WHERE are your expert team who will provide truthful objective non sycophantic input regarding ENS… some of Iran's sanctions as incentive to meet possibly at the UN--JUST AS Netanyahu CAMPAIGN PROMISE IF ele… sinks in the sands of the Middle East...who stands to benefit by blowing up if you will from drone attack…
@JoyceWhiteVance Besides your FITBIT you already own that's more cheaper does the same thing.....unnecessary consumption and status symbol @JoyceWhiteVance It reminds me of those secret decoder watches advertised in my collector comic books kids would se…