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I remain skeptical about Twitter. (Also: I cover 2016 politics for the New York Times.)

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Definitely running for president
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@DickPolman1 Really? The ENTIRE book? (asks a Penn ’05 grad)@substockman Yep, that’s what we read, too. And then Libby Copeland’s great English 145 profile of RBC.@substockman I read the Biden parts of it in 2008. And I think I may have read bits w PH in college… But never in its entirety.Suggestion for a college writing or politics seminar: Just teach “What It Takes,” for the entire semester.Another must-read on money in politics by @nickconfessore: (which internal metrics tell me you did), my look at LIBRE, the Koch Brothers Hispanic outreach:
@jamespmanley @mattfleg @maggieNYT #duh @obviA F*cking Must-Read...’s the Profanity Primary, dammit, and @mattfleg @maggieNYT have the hilarious scoop: ADVOCACY: Koch Brothers woo Hispanics with free turkeys — and questionnaires.
@Olivianuzzi @mviser Totally worth the click.Michael Dukakis, a turkey carcass, and a Thanksgiving miracle. @mviser reports: is giving Hispanic voters free stuff so they will vote for less free stuff from the government.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe Koch brothers have a secret weapon to reach Hispanic voters. It's called Libre.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerA Koch brothers-backed bid for the Hispanic vote @ashleyrparker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerLIBRE! A story of Thanksgiving advocacy — and the Koch Brothers Hispanic outreach arm: free turkey, some subtle data collection — and you have LIBRE, the Koch brother's Hispanic outreach group.
The Vine Candidate
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFiorina clearly has a second act as a turkey handler, if this POTUS thing doesn’t work out… For realz. Right?Jeb has making a serious-minded contrast w Trump on the trail. The question is: Will voters care?"They like working fireplaces, except they have a hard time making them work.” WaPo, 1991. Cc: @michael_steel an interview on his treatment of women, Trump told reporter: You’re a v beautiful woman, as I understand it. @tedcruz surges in the polls, read @AndrewRomano on how Cruz always planned for it to work out this way.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGreat @AndrewRomano look at Ted Cruz — how he’s gotten so far, and how that might prove his undoing:🍑🍑🍑 Your Easter Egg, for reading to the end...Wonderful @npfandos yarn on Donald Trump’s golf course, w a bit of revisionist history thrown in:“How would they know that?” Mr. Trump said, when told historians had called his plaque a fiction. “Were they there?”"It's a routine that at first seduced but ultimately exhausted people of New Jersey." @mikiebarb on Christie boomlet
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"American Dream." New Rubio ad tells his father's story:
@MarlenaCNN The 95-year-old was my second favorite.Including Chelsea Handler’s brother!🐱🐯🐹 Cat pics FTW
Terrific piece by WaPo's @daveweigel: In Paris’s wake, a changed presidential contest — and electorate.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerReally perceptive @pkcapitol story on OCD-y @PRyan 's struggle to adjust to routine as speaker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRubio's first TV ad takes its cues from the Paris terror attacks: "Either they win, or we win."
ISIS women and enforcers share their stories: —> DCA. @AmericanAir We should have made a proper wager.@ChrisPKenny And if you win... what?Hillary Clinton just said she's willing to break up the big banks. Now read this @patrickhealynyt story:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWill everyone unfollow me if I Tweet this every time I am, in fact, ready for take-off? journalists want detailed policies, @realDonaldTrump tells WSJ editors. "I always find the people don't."
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
MIAMI — Party in the city where the heat is on, all night, on the beach— or actually just sit alone in my hotel room, working on a story.Can Hollywood sexism change? Writer Diablo Cody: “It’s probably a flurry, honestly. Nobody wants to bite the hand.”
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNo one better than @NYTimesDowd. Now taking on sexism in Hollywood, in this week's @NYTmag: on Trump comments about tracking Muslims in US: "That's just wrong...that's not strength, that's weakness"
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
BOOM. @BDayspring to Politico. @NYTnickc has the scoop. time an Uber has involved two women navigating a serious personal crisis, including a possible burglary, as they drive me to airport.Wow. Looks like Syria refugees bill will get a veto-proof majority in the House.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker“An Improbably Survival.” Amazing @nytvideo first-person account of the man dangling from the concert hall window. combo of Trump weaponizing immigration issue as urgent security threat/pinpointing rivals weaknesses is serious
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBush responds: We can have a history lesson or we can talk about the fact that I'm running for president.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDifficult questions for @JebBush at NH filing -- is Middle East safer now or was it safer under Saddam Hussein?
Retweeted by Ashley Parker.@matthewjdowd: Campaigns are wasting millions on ads. Here's what they should do instead:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerSnapchat makes play for political ad revenue
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
🐸🐸🐸 night's town hall meeting should be on @JebBush's highlight reel of the campaign. He was good.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@lizzieohreally So does this officially mean you are NOT The Fridge?@laurennfrench @Hadas_Gold If you were truly taking a cue from @JakeSherman, IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS. That said, stay tuned...Trump questions the Christianity test for refugees that Cruz + Bush have proposed: "I don't know if you can prove they're Christian."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump says he's open to putting American troops on the ground in Syria -- but he would prefer ground troops come from other countries
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe Citadel — Jeb calls for a US-led coalition and boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS. at The Citadel: "The United States should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out ISIS with overwhelming force."@davidfolkenflik Wonderful headline. I was just wondering who wrote it, actually...Surely you've heard the one about the crabs — er, frogs — in the boiling water? Jeb! plans to talk Paris terror at The Citadel today. A preview: one about Jeb and the frogs:
Jeb Bush urges caution on accepting Syrian refugees. via @AshleyRParker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerJeb! unfiltered: “It's like the crabs in the boling water—or the frogs…It’s like a jacuzzi... it feels pretty good... then you're dead."Jeb on Syrian refugees: "I mean, you can prove you’re a Christian.” was supposed to be the year of the governors for GOP. Instead, first three candidates to drop out were current or former Govs.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYou’re our nation’s journalistic Forrest Gump... Also, his brother. "I love my brother, I love him, what else can I say…I love my dad, he’s the greatest man alive."Reporters – @BobbyJindal will make a major announcement about his presidential campaign in a few mins on Special Report w @BretBaier.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerQ from SC student to Jeb: “How would you convince the American people that a third Bush presidency is the best option for America?"Here's where presidential candidates stand on allowing Syrian refugees in the United States
Retweeted by Ashley Parkerwow. quite a @tripgabriel story about Carson's grasp of foreign policy
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYikes - Carson advisers offer less than flattering assessment of his foreign policy grasp, via @tripgabriel
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBush Country SC — Woman here urges Jeb! to stay as close as he possibly can to his brother, George.New Ted Cruz Facebook ad: "Radical Islamic terrorists could secretly sneak into America posing as Syrian Refugees!"
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerHow you can tell the public mood is rapidly changing —> SC, Jeb warns ISIS is hoping to put "the black flag of ISIS over the White House." Mr. President, he adds, "they're not a JV team."...but Jeb himself supports accepting Syrian refugees — esp women/kids/Christians, but also Muslims — if they've been properly screened.Jeb flak says Bush respects the decisions of Republican governors to not let Syrian refugees into their states... (1/2)Jeb in Bloomberg interview, on Syrian refugees: "If there is any kind of concern, we should not let people in."Well, duh…That clearly conveys…STRENGTH.
Obama facing enormous opposition in accepting refugees. Maybe make special exception for proven Christians.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe @ParisVictims account is lovely and impossibly sad and worth checking out.My tonight: Sitting alone at a restaurant bar, reading the new Jon Meacham bio on Bush 41. I've done better, and I've done worse... 🍷📖Ted Cruz explains his challenging path to the GOP nomination. Insightful @danbalz interview and story
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerSen. Ted Cruz talks to @danbalz and explains his challenging path to the GOP nomination.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMAP: States whose govs want to block Syrian refugee settlement, from @NPRnie
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerENDORSE—> is reporting that ISIS has a helpdesk that’s staffed 24 hours a day.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPeople have mocked John Kerry for "looking French," and speaking fluently. In a moment like this, though, those are quite an asset.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"The question comes up over and over again: Can you trust Marco Rubio to govern as a conservative?" You will not be surprised to learn I woke up to three frantic emails about this.
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