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Bob Dylan finally agrees to accept Nobel Prize for Literature Dylan to receive his Nobel Prize this weekend after snubbing ceremony in December - Nobel academy
Retweeted by BBC News (World)US hockey women halt boycott over pay Kushner's family firm ends investment talks with China's Anbang climate: Challenges loom after Obama policies scrapped Stock Exchange-Deutsche Boerse deal blocked by EU regulators block London Stock Exchange Group's £21bn merger with German stock exchange Deutsche Boerse
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Small shark rescued from swimming pool in Australia rights advocate Lee Ming-che held in China Indonesian man found dead inside python's body.
Retweeted by BBC News (World)French ex-PM Valls backs Macron for president's Westinghouse 'files for US bankruptcy'“The EU wants the divorce to be as painful as possible” - Marine Le Pen on #Brexit
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Baby born amid Cyclone Debbie. "Mum and bub are safe & dry": breast milk Rico man bites head off girlfriend's Chihuahua Beckham has upset fans in Hong Kong and China.
Retweeted by BBC News (World)South Korea authorities slammed for mistaking animal bone fragments for missing victims' remains.…
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Peruvian plane catches fire Adityanath, the controversial Hindu hardliner running Uttar Pradesh - India's most populous state.…
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Here's how classic BBC comedy series Fawlty Towers is helping to get Japan Olympic-ready: of China's most prestigious universities has made swimming a graduation requirement.
Retweeted by BBC News (World)New population of critically endangered Indochinese tiger found in eastern Thailand.
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Cyclone Debbie: Queensland braced for dangerous floods
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Health and wealth student beaten in India in alleged racist attack Le Pen on why the EU wants Brexit to be painful bank Wells Fargo agrees $110m lawsuit settlement conflict: 'Deal reached' for four besieged areas and loathed language'Sexelance'
Mosul battle: US 'may be responsible' for civilian deaths Coast's former first lady Simone Gbagbo acquitted coal make a comeback under Trump? Unlikely - as we explain here:
Retweeted by BBC News (World)PM signs letter that will formally begin the UK's departure from the European Union #Brexit
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Russia arrest 'like a bad dream' of French presidential candidate Francois Fillon under formal investigation over 'fake jobs' row
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Fillon's wife under formal investigation column on breastfeeding stranger's baby goes viral albums of the Red Baron's Nazi cousin for sale skier claims world first quad cork 1800"It's about making America wealthy again" - @POTUS on overturning key parts of Obama's plan to tackle global warmin…
Retweeted by BBC News (World)President Trump explains what exactly The Energy Independence Executive Order entails Donald Trump signs executive order rolling back Obama-era rules aimed at tackling global warming
Retweeted by BBC News (World).@POTUS Trump says climate executive order will "eliminate federal overreach" & "restore economic freedom"… population of rare tigers found in eastern Thailand Madikizela-Mandela on Kathrada: 'Same pain as Mandela' seems to be running out of nappies - we think we know why... 👶👶👶
Retweeted by BBC News (World)The governors of California and New York hit out at President Trump's climate change order as "profoundly misguided…
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Clashes in Paris after police shoot dead Chinese man's a #Syria Stability Zone? @BBCNorthAmerica
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Nicola Sturgeon's call for second Scotland independence referendum formally backed by Scottish Parliament
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Three teenage burglars shot dead in US Debbie seen from space must swim before they graduate, says China university skier claims world first quad cork 1800 Debbie: Australia activates disaster response plan reacts to anger at 'risky births' and maternity care shortages's pagans enjoy dramatic rise of Cyclone Debbie from space as the International Space Station passes over Australia unrest: Bodies found in hunt for UN Congo experts outbreak across Europe the Jackal : Third French life sentence for notorious militant Smith reunites with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pals now for some happy news! Mother's little princess, the lost wallet and the dream tickets #ActOfKindness ❤️👸🎂😀
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Bookshop turns classics into clickbait to get people reading couple tried to sell baby on Craigslist, say police on Nigerian students shock India outbreak kills at least 140 in Nigeria joins EU's visa-free policy TV's Aamir Liaquat Hussain must apologise for 'hate speech' calling centenarian stands in local elections guys showed a lot of heart to help an exhausted runner finish Philadelphia's Love Run ❤… to sweep away Obama climate change policies do you want to know about UK triggering Article 50 - send me your questions and we'll answer on Global @BBCWorld - tomorrow.
Retweeted by BBC News (World)Turkey 'spied on pro-Gulen opponents' in Germany investigating 'human waste in Coca Cola cans'