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I've taken great pride & joy with all the crazy liberals that would rather block me than deal with facts

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@brianstelter wake up rat face... lol... you and your shitty lil news network are the ones with the credibility problems #fakenews
@BrittPettibone clearly... lol.... they aren't a bunch of thinkers @BabyMetalMFC i got faith in ya!!! Don't let shit get ya down sexy! You can do it!!! :) @ChelseaClinton what do ya think? lol... Is this sarcasm or not? @ChelseaClinton you didn't get your parents ability to spin bullshit into gold.. lol.. clearly you got caught showing off how stupid you are @MarkDice @brianstelter screw that rat faced hypocrite... I've had wet farts that were more credible & trustworthy than himRetweet this to show the liberal media that they are biased. Trump's #Immigration bill isn't different! #60Minutes
Retweeted by me @MRodrigoX Giving predatory pedophiles a 3rd chance ranks up there with feminist values... lol... Wonder if the Rus… @HumaAbedin "repair" your marriage? With a pedophile? lol... Think your marriage is a good analogy for how fucked up the Democrat party is
@sallykohn you bat shit communists were the party that gave us that evil hag HRC who couldn't beat Trump... lol...… @jonathanweisman lol... and for some reason they couldn't tell us what was in it till it was passed... lol... yeah their winners @jaketapper lol... I'm gonna say you & @chriscuomo get to sit at the kiddie table there too @DisavowTrump16 Naw... lol.. Anyone that's "still with her" after she rigged the DNC is the true loser @davidfrum verses when @chriscuomo asked his evil aunty Hillary "Do you want me to use the mint foot cream while I rub your feet?" @maggieNYT @chriscuomo yeah but when CNN "use" anonymous sources it's made up BS and worthless biased reporting @ChrisCuomo lol... Well that explains your biased one-sided "reporting"... lol... I'm sure your evil aunty Hillary appreciates your decision @ChrisCuomo funny you give Schiff a pass on providing Shouldn't shock anyone who knows how big of a partisan hack you are @ChrisCuomo talk about BS spin... If someone wants it they can get it... Only people that "lose" coverage are ones opt'ing out #communist @ChrisCuomo lol.... obviously his views "evolved" like your evil aunty Hillary @ChrisCuomo always cracks me up when YOU start talking about Review all the proof of Russian hacking for us again @ChrisCuomo lol... Guessing those "key governors" just happen to be Coincidentally @ChrisCuomo lol... Wanting validating info isn't "backing off" Unless your a partisan hack reporting along party lines @ChrisCuomo coincidental we never hear you criticizing cost of Obamacare? Nope... Good shills don't do that @Kate_Chaparro @drumhilda @MarkDice i decided I'm "transfinancial" and I want access to your bank account @MarkDice I'm gonna say this is that "Fall of the Roman empire" moment
@ChrisCuomo lol... Keep the liberals stupid Cuomo... lol... It certainly is a talent of yours @ChrisCuomo lol.... not so understanding when it's someone other than CNN citing anonymous sources @ChrisCuomo lol... Gonna have him toss some anonymous sources into it? Keep it a family tradition @ChrisCuomo cuz maybe you're the only hack trying to question what he's saying? @ChrisCuomo Does that mean it's crooked like your evil aunty Hillary? @ChrisCuomo citing the daily beast??? lol... not even gonna RT the ABC story cuz the Daily Beast is even thinner? #hack @ChrisCuomo you wish cuomo.. lol... Nunes said he'd get the evidence Friday from the IC... lol... You're trying to make it something its not @JonZ4peace @ChrisCuomo of,course I want the truth... But Cuomo isn't reporting it... He's reporting insinuation and biased conclusions @ChrisCuomo hahaha... more high quality journalistic ethics from CNN @bigbluestu42 @ChrisCuomo look at the pass Cuomo have wasserman & brazile... Cracks me up when he cries when he's told he's in the tank @Jordanfabian lol... talk about the lowest form of partisan speculation.... lol... No wonder @chriscuomo is RT'ing it for his viewers to see @QtipTheAbstract @chriscuomo lol... how partisan of you... lol... What a shocker @ChrisCuomo lol... All your evil aunty Hillary ever had to say were the magic words "I mispoke" and you let her evil ass off the hook @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo proves libs are bitter losers & can't accept they backed a shitty So stop being bitter @ChrisCuomo oh look... more partisan liberal hackery by Shocker @DeltaMortarman @ChrisCuomo exactly... yet Cuomo seems to want to skip the discovery process of what happened & when @kevingoliver @ChrisCuomo but... but... Secret meetings w/Lynch & Pay-for-play & DNC collusion & mocking catholics & $1M bday gift for Bill @ChrisCuomo only people focused on emails are libs.. your evil aunty Hillary had her fingers in enough people on the right can pick & choose @jrubin121 @ChrisCuomo oh lord... lol... with all the bullshit HRC had her fingers into and you fools think Comey w… @ChrisCuomo lol... verses all the idiot liberals and their "but... but... Dossier" @ChrisCuomo no... lol... your gross partisan agenda is what brings criticism against you... lol... not trolls #delusionalbubble @ChrisCuomo sounds like CNN & every democrat.... lol...Trump levels a charge & suddenly you hacks are accusing them of something else @ChrisCuomo lol... basically only believe your liberal agenda regardless of how bad your argument is @ChrisCuomo Shocker... lol... you don't wanna be completely honest with the public @ChrisCuomo lol.. not gonna report 100% of the story you hack? @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo haha... but there's one good thing if trump gets impeached... lol.... Hillary won't be PO… @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo and what does that prove? lol... other than HRC has been on the wrong side of the law her whole sleazy life @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo learn to say what you mean and mean what you say... lol.. irgnorant lib's wanna imply shit & think thats a fact @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo ken starr has had nothing but praise for the clintons... but you know... facts @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo Ken Starr? lol... no he wasn't... lol... Julian Assange released her email via wikileaks @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo lol... she was also talking about the vast right wing conspiracy that was trying to take her & bill down @ChrisCuomo lol... cuz your liberals aren't self serving? Got Americas best interest at heart right? @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo naw... lol.. she was really thinking of all the delusional liberals that would buy her BS hook line & sinker @ChrisCuomo and only 32% of the public trusts you... lol... so let's get off your high horse you hack @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo ya so...? lol... all she did was use women & children as cover to sell out USA to credit card companies @ChrisCuomo lol... what "real experts" does CNN have? All I've seen are cheap pundits paid to bash Trump @ChrisCuomo lol... not everyone's lucky enough to have life long pals working as "journalist" & will spin every neg thing for them like HRC @ChrisCuomo Here's a thought you liberal hack.... pretend to be a journalist & call someone in the FBI instead of speculate #cheaphack @ChrisCuomo You hachs said there was zero proof the Obama admin had Trump under surveillance... Nunes proves he was... Sounds like it to me @ChrisCuomo cuz Obama is a scum bag that stuck everyone under surveillance for political bullshit... like you reporting is politically based @ChrisCuomo Nunes said he was working with the NSA & would have proof Friday.... lol... But you're not paid to inform the public are you? @ChrisCuomo lol.... you're delusional and think your a journalist... lol... We see how touchy you get when it's apparent you're not @ChrisCuomo no... lol... thats your sleazy opinion on the subject cuz it helps your party... lol... cuz your a minion not a journalist @ChrisCuomo considering how you let your evil aunty Hillary clarify every scum bag thing she did... you come off pretty disingenious @JessikaJayne @ChrisCuomo lol... yeah... lol... she threw the rest of the country under the bus to help out women & children.... lol #chump @ChrisCuomo you're one to talk about "lack of credibility"... Does Zucker pay you hacks per unprofessional insult @ChrisCuomo Wonder if we look hard enough if we'll find your evil aunty Hillary's scum bag organization in those security reports @ChrisCuomo look at everyone else Obama put under surveillance it couldn't have been politically motivated huh? #Hypocrite @ChrisCuomo funny how you want immediate proof & have zero patients over Trump but had all kinds of it when it was your evil aunty Hillary @MarkDice This sack of shit @ShaunKing will be happy to know London's Muslim mayor has normalized terrorist attacks
@kerril35 @smcosta1969 You got a funny idea of crazy & trash... lol... Just described 90% of the lib's out there & their lack of conscious @ChrisCuomo I'm sure you'll cover Manafort & Flynn as harshly as Brazile & Wasserman... lol... oh wait no you won't... lol... wrong party @ChrisCuomo Funny they've only found "evidence" after it came out Trump was actually under surveillance @ChrisCuomo lol... I'm sure Clapper testimony will get under reported