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@JFoxLetter THANKS for the reply! Appreciate the guidance and assistance with this :)At the last regular season game of the cubs... Go cubbies!!!
Watching the #2 & #5 raquetball players in the world in a finals tournament that can't be the US... the cops never would have let a crowd that large march like that... let alone surround them@JFoxLetter thx for the reply... How strong is the conviction of this buy signal? Trying to gauge how much I should put in
ya i get the whole no rate change things but the fundamentals haven't changed so i'm baffled how a bad jobs report justifies a huge rally@OptionsAction If fundamentals haven't changed how is the rally justified?@BabyMetalMFC Glad to hear you finally made it to your destination all safe & sound!! Hope ya have fun doing whatever it is your gonna do :)@JFoxLetter not even gonna lie... the huge move today baffles me! bad job reports = rally in stocks? coming off as schizophrenic to me@carlquintanilla @TATJANASL i love this movie! love! LOVE! L-O-V-E!!!
@fawnnn_mfc moral of the story is only trust the people that have gone into combat death match for you.@fawnnn_mfc Wow... That's uncalled for... What a dick! shit like that is why I hate people@BabyMetalMFC Never went to the wrong airport but I missed flights to & from my destination once... Hope the airline takes care of you
@HillaryClinton puppies? really? thats why we should be interested in your campaign? lol... you trying to score the 13 yr old girl vote?@HillaryClinton think creatively? Normal non-psychopaths call that lying@TheBriefing2016 @HillaryClinton Poor HRC... lol... that vast right wing conspiracy is still out to get her@AmyMainzer @TheOnion I want to hear the aliens have stopped that anal probing nonsense... Who wants to travel a billion light yrs for that?@AmyMainzer suddenly got this mental image of you fighting off the zombie apocalypse all Mad Max Furiosa style now your prepared for it ;)
@HalftimeReport @bree_kelly such a subjective topic... we don't know definitively what the markets would have done if she had raised rates@BabyMetalMFC i don't know... lol... that could have some potential ;) lol... to round out this experiment... lol... all members should be given scripts to Viagra and Cialis for a month as well
@JFoxLetter just got it... thank you! good stuff!@HillaryClinton your attempt to look "human" using @lenadunham blew up in your face... lol... like Bill did on Monica's face #sisterraper
@Holland4MPE @YouTube ohhhh lord... here comes all the Illuminati mind control conspiracy theoriesCan someone do this and get back to me with hilarious results?! Kthxby
Retweeted by me@AmyMainzer ohhhhh... NitROX! At first glance I thought it was Nitrous... lol.. I was all "Wow.. the JPL is getting their freak on"
Quick look busy the boss is coming.
Retweeted by me@HillaryClinton You realize the interest alone off your JP Morgan account earns more than most people make in a year right?@HillaryClinton are you fucking kidding? CNN reported you & Bill made $30,000,000+ in 2014 & you don't see yourself as part of the problem??@HillaryClinton Here's the video's just in case they haven't been made available to you
Being from illinois I forgot what it's like to be able to smoke in a public building... Weird it feels like 1996 againSome chicks duking it out... Some vicious lil women out some MMA fights tonight greeeeeat.... Hillary's already grooming the public for Chelsea & her granddaughter to be in the line of succession@HillaryClinton Let me interpret the Hillary-speak "Hillary believes that what's good for her is good for America" #unethicalbitch@carlquintanilla @CNBC Yeah... lol... Xi Jinping doesn't look like he's having that much fun there@carlquintanilla @CNBC I always liked him and especially the way he reeled in the Tea Party
@DarkHatPro_ @BenjyR01 @TGWTG_Fans_txt except a 23% savings on labor would be HUGE and stock holders only care about profits not stigma@DarkHatPro_ @BenjyR01 @TGWTG_Fans_txt if women were truly paid 23% less than men for the same jobs... Large Corp's would never hire men@AmericanSniperG @HillaryClinton Funny... you never see Jimmy Carter posing with strippers@TicklishQuill @HillaryClinton had more than 1 fat chick take advantage of me while i was drunk in college or doesn't that count? #equality?'@jack_welch: @HillaryClinton is beatable #Raceto2016
Retweeted by me@montalvo_d @SquawkStreet @realDonaldTrump @MartinShkreli @thehill he does look like he could use a good ass kicking to get rid of the smirk@astro_kjell @NASA so cool@carlquintanilla i just thought he was getting an eye booger@HalftimeReport last meeting painted them into a corner... they have to wait for inflation now or risk sending even more confusing signals@HalftimeReport off unless inflation increases to desired levels... if it's not there & they still raise it will send more confusing signals
@rosenbergerlm @HillaryClinton free female political prisoners but leave the male political prisoners locked up? Yeah.. thats good politics@BabyMetalMFC i never figured out my beer was blowing some dude in the parking lot though@TylerLinkin @carlquintanilla technically I think it's filled with the crushed souls of husbands.... but I'm splitting hairs@carlquintanilla @redditpicsbot @Kiwi24Carolyn so sad one isn't wearing & waving a giant Styrofoam finger with "We're #1" on it@BabyMetalMFC awwww... lol..poor guy looks miserable trudging thru the water like that... glad to hear he's as right as rain these days :)
@StationCDRKelly @NASA @Space_Station holy cow... the Nile looks like a river of fire from there... very beautifulMam I love this time of year... MLB NFL and NHL all on at the same time... Does it get any better than this?@AmyMainzer @NASAspitzer sorry to hear he passed! but that's a beautiful pic to the right... what is it of?@TattGoddess lol... from the looks of it you were born with a stiff stiff drink in your hand there :)@HillaryClinton the communistic rhetoric is getting thick and your effective tax rate is what?????
@BabyMetalMFC me: *Sees big round boobs* Brain: tip me: why? brain: you gottai gotta admit... the Monday Night Football theme song gives me a small thrill whenever I hear itThe @HillaryClinton social media team's reaction to reading twet's after she opens her mouth Hello? ME: Sounds good. HER: You weren't even listening. What was I saying? ME: You were talking about the thing. With the stuff.
Retweeted by me@HillaryClinton Hope all you lemming's voting for her don't care about your retirement & 401k's... Cause she's going to destroy the markets@HillaryClinton time to start shorting the S&P and Dow in case this psychopath is elected... Cause she's gonna CRASH the market!!!@carlquintanilla @Adweek seems sort of like a knock off on Coke's "Share a Coke" campaign to me@jhewitt1280 @HillaryClinton @nytimes classy@HillaryClinton what's "outrageous" is you covered up donations to the Clinton Foundation over the Uranium One deal #evilbitch@HillaryClinton I'm sure your plan to take them on involves a donation to the Clinton Foundation #sellinguraniumisnotoutragous@HillaryClinton is this more of that famous Hillary humor we've been hearing about? cuz it sound sort of delusional to me #insultingamerica
who would have guess the @Seahawks would have a 0-2 start two weeks ago? #SEAvsGB@TattGoddess lol... totally trying to peek down your top :Pafter the @ChicagoBears tied a team record of 170 penalty yards... I wanted to see them break that record just so I could say I saw itif i never hear that Nationwide "Chicken Parm you taste so good" jiggle... I'll die happy... that thing irritates me in the worst wayholy shit!! cutler connected a pass for a touchdown!!! and it wasn't even a cardinal touchdown!!! fricken amazing!@BabyMetalMFC lol... if Voldemort and Guy Fox had a baby.... lol.. it would look like this
@sclark413 @HillaryforNH Couldn't even pack a small convention hall? lol... not looking to good for ole HRC #ChumpsVote4HRC@HillaryforNH @HillaryClinton Does this mean she's giving Priorities USA Action & Correct the Record Super PAC money back? #ChumpsVote4HRC@HillaryforNH let me translate that "America IS great — we just need to get these chumps to make more money for the Clinton Foundation"
@waltergmurphy curious if you figured out what the median daily percentage change for previous years have been?Wow.. Japan officially abandoned their stance on paficism & can go to war... Obviously to counter China's aggressive behavior in the Pacificgod damn it... i can't find my wallet!!! wtf@jessicasweet194 lol can't figure out what's funnier.. the pink gun.. you liking "the big ones"... or the fact you get guns at canadian tire
oh shit! Marshall just put a smile on mannings face #DENvsKC@jessicasweet194 great pic of you :)can never count manning out #DenvsKC@AmyMainzer first it's solar panels.... lol... next thing you know your stock piling canned food for the apocalypsewatching if/when the 100-day MA crosses over the 200-day MA... sort of curious to see how the market reacts to that@meganmedellin if he had asked me that question i would have answered "Playing with Megan's nice tits" :)@MattTWhitcomb @carlquintanilla lol... i think she said it 5-6 times in a row... lol.. so it must be really negative@carlquintanilla how many times is Yellen going to say the word "Transitory"?@Kelly_Evans between the lines it sounds like yellen is saying the US economy is currently built on a house of cards to me #AllAboutChinareading between the lines... it sounds like Yellen is saying the US economy is currently built on a house of cards to me #allaboutchina@AmyMainzer @WISE_Mission lol... any chance you need a 52 yr old intern with no science background & willing to work for free? #cooljobyup... no rate hike. here comes the rally#ScariestHauntedHouseWouldHave my ex wife trying to "sell" me on why I should think she's a nice person & be grateful for herI'll go on the record and say since the Fed hasn't telegraphed it's intentions they won't raise rates@TheBriefing2016 @HillaryClinton HAHAHAHAHA.... talk about taking something outta context!!!! #morehillaryhumor@HillaryClinton remember "Flying is an event not an accomplishment"@TheBriefing2016 @HillaryClinton @JohnKasich @billclinton so let's change the Constitution and re-elect Bill instead of his entitled wife@HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump cuz hillary knows all about respecting women huh? #narcissisticloonytoon
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