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@intheboombox @BetterCallTrump @WatsJo @keksec__org and HRC had a hand in locking millions of blacks up... lol.. wake the fuck up @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @intheboombox @keksec__org cuz locking millions of blacks up is really looking out for them @WatsJo ohhh ok lil Ms Trumps-every-bad-thing-i-can-think-of @intheboombox @BetterCallTrump @WatsJo @keksec__org they said he was racist or media said he was racist? I'm betting you can't tell the diff @intheboombox @BetterCallTrump @WatsJo @keksec__org HRC had a hand in locking up millions or blacks... lol... that was looking out for them? @WatsJo probably a lot less likely to sell america out or start WW III like your gal pal too @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @intheboombox @keksec__org only a hysterical wacko would say he was and not be able to prove it @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @intheboombox @keksec__org lol... obama had a diff tune 8 yrs ago @WatsJo lol... ABC news is extremist? thats not denial at all! I'd vote for Bobby Possumcods before that greedy twat @BetterCallTrump @intheboombox @WatsJo @keksec__org @intheboombox @BetterCallTrump @WatsJo @keksec__org point to 1 thing he's said or done thats racist?other than not go along with the program @BHigh420 i kno what we can do for fun... lol... braid your arm pit hair... you can be the coolest chick in the safe space with rasta pit's @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @keksec__org gotta luv a whore that's happy to sell nuclare codes to the highest bidder @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @keksec__org you sort of fail at the whole chick unity feminist thing,,, you realize that? @BHigh420 haha... you try and stay warm getting your government check if she becomes POTUS @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @keksec__org verses a petty vindictive spiteful bitch that used the IRS to attack indiv she had an axe to grind? @BHigh420 showing 5 x's the # of neg stories about trump proves the media's fair? You're sort of "special" huh? @BHigh420 @MelaniePontes @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump sure about that? you seem to need to be led around by the nose @WatsJo redneck huh? thats funny.. lol.. are you getting triggered? need a safe space to color in? maybe play with some puppies for a bit? @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump you mean politicians like.. lol.. Hillary? thanks for making my point @BHigh420 @MelaniePontes @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump welcome... lol... you obviously needed it with your lack of facts @WatsJo why would Hillary let Middle East countries donate to her Charity and the sign off on weapons deals? @MelaniePontes @Rferna1020 @assbott @ty6939 @GoldmanSachs @WatsJo @BetterCallTrump @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump why does HRC assoc w/known terrorists? @BHigh420 @MelaniePontes @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump is that what the media told you to think? @BHigh420 @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump @USChamber really? lol... more than anyone? @BHigh420 @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump @USChamber let's talk about her selling nuclear secrets @MelaniePontes @BHigh420 @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump and she can't go a day without a scandal @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump @USChamber this bitch can't go more than a day without a scandal popping up @BHigh420 @Theshells1111 @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump @USChamber 6 bankruptcies out of 700+ business... not bad @flamethrower_30 @realDonaldTrump @USChamber Bobby Possumcods would get my vote before HRC #Neverhillary @MelaniePontes @lrpdave @assbott @pantherhawk40 @ty6939 the line to get your welfare check forms to the left then @pantherhawk40 @pantherhawk40 @assbott @MelaniePontes @ty6939 @pantherhawk40 fill this out in triplicate @pantherhawk40 @assbott @MelaniePontes @ty6939 @pantherhawk40 @assbott @MelaniePontes @ty6939 @pantherhawk40 @assbott @MelaniePontes @ty6939 @GoldmanSachs @assbott @pantherhawk40 @MelaniePontes @ty6939 lol... touch a never? Here... fill this out! @pantherhawk40 @assbott @MelaniePontes @ty6939 @GoldmanSachs @SmithwickDetenh @BetterCallTrump @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump and she tried to keep it a secret @BetterCallTrump @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump don't forget women & christians... cuz she's an evil bitch @assbott @MelaniePontes @ty6939 where are her @GoldmanSachs transcripts? @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump hahaha... HRC fans are so sad it's cliche,,, hit them with facts and they hit the block button @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump and they're buying it hook... line and sinker @MomsThoughts @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump suddenly NAFTA's not bad for US... HRC fans r being sold a bill of goods @HillaryClinton lol... you're gonna send this country over the edge with the amount of debt it's gonna be in after you & your bullshit @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump Now she's got the media trying to convenience the lib idiot's NAFTA's not that bad @ACUConservative @mschlapp @ChrisCuomo @AliVelshi @realDonaldTrump lmfao Now they're saying Nafta's not that bad? @ChrisCuomo @mb_farley Cuomo's & the left have issue's w/transparency & free speech... HRC POTUS will be a nightmare @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump I'd vote for Boby Possumcod before Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton I'd trust a crack whore before I'd trust Hillary Clinton @AhearnTim @suze109 @HillaryClinton I'd trust a crack whore before I'd trust Hillary Clinton @BabyMetalMFC your smile is the Ebola of smiles... can't come into contact with it without catching it :) @BabyMetalMFC i must be a big ole fat weirdo cuz cross eyed goofy baby metal gives me boners :) @kellyjdm14 @ChrisCuomo @ATPacy @caesar_ramirez u found the gold standard for trump reporting & under all the shit CNN is really pro-trump @kellyjdm14 @ChrisCuomo @ATPacy @caesar_ramirez show me a single positive story "pushed" on the public by CC or CNN @authenticpaint @MartinRiggs56 @huffpostqueer lol... and yet you still have that profile pic #ironici'm so thankful i had a childhood before technology took over.
Retweeted by me @AmberSevart oppressed the shit outta logic there @huffpostqueer lol... someones all butt hurt @MartinRiggs56 @authenticpaint @huffpostqueer wow... lol... someone was triggered #hatemuch @kimleehang @ShannaPendergr1 @HillaryforNC @HillaryClinton @POTUS and what he's done to the future of american jobs @kimleehang @ShannaPendergr1 @HillaryforNC @HillaryClinton @POTUS and accept what Obama has done to the debt @ShannaPendergr1 @kimleehang @HillaryforNC @HillaryClinton @POTUS got it... thanks... my wires were crossed :) @jjsahadi @Luhby haven't seen such a bullshit piece about NAFTA since 1994... i think the term "cheap whore" is appropriate here @CNNMoney @GoldmanSachs i'm sure HRC will turn that around if CNN can get her elected thru it's biased & unethical reporting @dr_crouton @ChrisCuomo @CNBCi he would NEVER confirm anything like that... He simply refuses to report on negative stories about her @Crushers_Coach @ChrisCuomo @realDonaldTrump @DanaBashCNN it's safe to simply NOT trust anyone on CNN @HillaryClinton All while letting the FBI monitor what we say @ShannaPendergr1 @kimleehang @HillaryforNC @HillaryClinton @POTUS that was meant for the kim lee chick @kimleehang @ShannaPendergr1 @HillaryforNC @HillaryClinton @POTUS not sure what you're going on about but i'm talking about bill clinton @kimleehang @ShannaPendergr1 @HillaryforNC @HillaryClinton @POTUS fyi... lol... you're gal pal's hubby was a draft dodger too @HillaryClinton greeeeat... everything i do on the internet will be monitored by the FBI on your "free" wifi @HillaryClinton who wants to bet every single question was scripted? like the barrier though... lol.. a stage wasn't enough... say's a lot @HillaryClinton 5 of the fastest growing 10 jobs pay less than $25k... can anyone afford HRC and her ivory tower BS? @profrepublic @ChrisCuomo @CiwarsWilliam @elviscoal HRC literally bought the primaries & u think she's playing fair? @ChrisCuomo lol... you post shit like this then get all butthurt and bitchy when your ethics and bias is questioned #fuckingidiot @ChrisCuomo bottom line is Clinton signed it and embracing globalism 100% and made it their's... don't pass the buck @ChrisCuomo i can see why you & HRC get along so well... you both wanna pass the buck when it comes to accepting responsibility @longislpatriot @ChrisCuomo lol... oh yeah... lol... you're working hard to get your gal pal's golden sach's transcripts too i see @CNNOpinion @RaulAReyes lib's are like pissed off Jr high school'ers... get accused of something so turn it around @RaulAReyes @CNNOpinion wow... lol... someones being a good lil cheap whore and doing what HRC tells them
@JesseLehrich @BuzzFeed @JesseLehrich lol... i would expect the word rape would cause a HRC staffers ears to perk up @DRUDGE_REPORT @JenniferJJacobs anyone buying this has had the wool pulled over their eyes by a HRC surrogate @ChrisCuomo the media sold out too... but according to CC that's just a lil harmless criticism and not bias @EasterbrookG @UpshotNYT let me interpret the article @chriscuomo RT... "Trump is wrong because globalization is good for corporations" @mauromag1 @ChrisCuomo @ijbailey what would america do without a bunch of lib's patrolling what america thinks & say @mauromag1 @ChrisCuomo @ijbailey indecent? contemptible? lol... so glad america has you & that dingbat banfield on the "offensive police" @mauromag1 @ChrisCuomo @ijbailey lol... you clearly know as much as that ding bat Banfield about liable... lol @mauromag1 @ChrisCuomo @ijbailey and you're a psychotic outta touch liberal that doesn't care about reality @greenfield64 you know @chriscuomo lacks the ethics to promote the Green Party as an alternative to @HillaryClinton @Zorost88 @greenfield64 stop trusting the media @SteveHamburg @greenfield64 blaming GOP attacks on her #'s when media give HRC indiscretions a fraction of airtime? @greenfield64 @ChrisCuomo imagine how bad HRC #'s would be if her indiscretions got equal air time as Trump's @BrockDoemel @mufc4life20 @CNN moderate Muslims that are part of NATO and don't follow sharia law... so they're considered infidels by ISIS @ChrisCuomo @barbigonzalez7 he's the nicest guy living in the Ivory Towers huh? @ChrisCuomo here ya go... a lil Journalistic Ethics 101 for you to brush up with @ChrisCuomo @AshleyEdam condemned? lol... how about simply having a lil balanced fucking reporting on her?