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@jamieraegomes lol... shit like that gets you kicked outta @jamieraegomes lol... so prepared @jamieraegomes lol... bet it's the last time you do that @jamieraegomes must stay awake!!! So scared!!! @jamieraegomes bet ya watch me while i sleep too... lol... hiding all the knives @jamieraegomes well if you're gonna be like that... lol... sweet dreams @jamieraegomes nope... lol... no sleep for you while you got womanly duties to perform @jamieraegomes ohhhh i'll find you! and when i do... lol... you're gonna get it ;) @jamieraegomes lol... silly girl... lol... of course you should have... cute @jamieraegomes someone else? oh no you still cook.. lol.. but after i eat the apron comes off. lol.. we gotta get in bed to toss you out ;) @SaveTheDayVote lol.. can Robert Downy Jr even vote with all the drug charges he caught in the 90's?Corruption much? => Judge Rules to Keep Hillary Emails Hidden From Voters Until After Election Day
Retweeted by me @voxdotcom cuz that's one of the many wasy how voter fraud works... look at the DNC primary @timkaine i'd worry HRC is gonna ruin your reputation like she has everyone else that's ever come into contact with her @jenyamato gotta love liberals that have been bamboozled into thinking words carry more weight than actions @maggieNYT @chriscuomo the @CNN bunch is desperately trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole... pretty sad when they deny their bias @jamieraegomes lol... always in an apron? nope... lol... not always @jamieraegomes lol... i'll be good 'n bad cuz i bet your pie's tasty @jamieraegomes cake? Pfft... Make me an Apple pie woman! All american! And leave Cuomo alone? lol... I guess a girl can have her dreams @jamieraegomes @ChrisCuomo @YouTube lol... Actually my momma said I was a pain in the ass @jamieraegomes well hurry back woman... Chop chop ;) @jamieraegomes lol... bill's always had other "plans" @jamieraegomes @ChrisCuomo lol... gonna have to go old school on you @jamieraegomes @ChrisCuomo and then "rounds" and meatloaf... lol... and more meatloaf and "rounds" @jamieraegomes well... lol... there goes Bill... lol... he said to call him when she has the keys to the white house @_Suavey @ChrisCuomo it's not an earpiece anyway... lol.. it's a battery she plugs into her small black heart to keep it pumping @ChrisCuomo @DaveEverlasting lol... so basically you're saying CNN's poll is biased... and subsequently worthless cuz it's not scientific @jamieraegomes @ChrisCuomo come here and make me @jamieraegomes lol... i'm sure HRC doesn't give a damn... lol... she's already counting all her money @ChrisCuomo lol.... whatever you do... lol... don't watch the Hannity interview right after the debate... He only backed up what Trump said @swin24 @chriscuomo ok let's get on the same page here... lol... he FORCED her to stick around? She physically barred from leaving? @ChrisCuomo @NewYorker lol@playing the woman RT card... god you must be mad & desperate @BrianChinActor @matthewjdowd @chriscuomo difference of opinions are as long as they agree with Chris Cuomo's Liberal bias @jamieraegomes lol... there's a lot of angry lil democrat monkeys now they had a chance to see the polls & realize… @SenSanders @chriscuomo funny how desperate the Lib's are acting now their feeling a lil threatened @ChrisCuomo crazy talk? fine prove it.. lol... don't expect everyone to take YOUR word for it! that's sort of how you ruined your reputation @ChrisCuomo hahaha... you mentioned "truth & trust" and didn't bring up HRC's name @ChrisCuomo lol... isn't that how the DNC primary happened? @ChrisCuomo @reachsnair wow... lol... talk about getting hostile... lol... think someone needs to take a break and go outside @DaveEverlasting @ChrisCuomo lol... those damn dirty facts getting in the way of a good narrative @jamieraegomes they shouldn't be hard to find... lol... those democrat monkeys drive as well as they govern the cou… @jamieraegomes lol... wake me when the evil democrat hoard arrives @jamieraegomes oh yeah... lol... cuz democrats aren't hard to outsmart @ChrisCuomo come on cuomo... lol... who signed NAFTA into law? You can say it.... Clinton! @jamieraegomes lol... she does command a large army of mindless minions though @jamieraegomes the flying monkeys are gonna steal hubcaps? lol... i'll just run those lil bastards over @jessicasweet194 :) @jamieraegomes lol... for such a nice woman you have such poor taste in politicians @jamieraegomes hahaha... thats funny @jamieraegomes lol... yeah... lol... i am kinda cool aren't i? @jamieraegomes that's a good girl... lol... let me know when the meatloafs ready too @ChrisCuomo riiiight... lol... cuz you haven't ruined your reputation already @jamieraegomes lol... i'll give you a wedgie next... lol... now shush and go clean something how Crooked Hillary, her camp and the left wing media would prefer to lie and deny the fact that Trump won th…
Retweeted by me @jamieraegomes outside... lol... let's go summarized
Retweeted by me @jamieraegomes lol... almost counts in horseshoes & hand grenades... lol... and democrat facts :P @RevJJackson she's a destroryer of nations and you're a scum bag... so stfu and go back to counting your money @TommyThornton Fed Fund rate at .50%... GDP growth only 20%... Debt up 200%... Dow up 300%... lol... I wouldn't wanna be the next President @jamieraegomes lol... that's not what he said and you know it... lol @jessicasweet194 awesome pic... luv your eyes there @jessicasweet194 lol... you go Arnold... lol... bust them big guns out @NewWaveOil @JoeyDiBi @MarcusTrueheart lol... i was being a smart ass @nahlaw @dikell3 @ChrisCuomo @KellyannePolls it's retribution against Trump for not leaving Bill & his affairs alone @ChrisCuomo Hannity backed him up after the debates too... lol... but you know those damn dirty facts don't matter when your pushing HRC @FemalesForTrump Hannity pretty much backed up what he said after the debates as well @ChrisCuomo lol... you've done more with less concerning HRC's endless BS @ChrisCuomo @notbuyingthat54 lol...any other telephone polls only call CNN employees? @ChrisCuomo lol... some of the republican building maintenance must be outside his office door @ChrisCuomo lol... this is your aware winning style of "reporting"... lol... obsessing over his breathing? sure Dan Rather is jealous @ChrisCuomo sparring? does that mean having fits & tantrums if someone tells you your wrong? @ChrisCuomo you whine about people calling you biased and he's playing the victim? grow up and take a good look at yourself in the mirror! @DaveEverlasting @ChrisCuomo He's "partisan"? lol... he's not the unbiased "journalist" twet'ing biased BS non-stop @ChrisCuomo well we all know HRC is gonna do what she does... lie and let the media sweep her BS under the rug @ChrisCuomo @NewDay it's funny when liberals have tantrums & fits over the Trump/Pence but break their necks ignoring HRC BS @ChrisCuomo Hannity backed him up with what he said... lol... you obviously weren't paying any attention to Fox after the debate @ChrisCuomo lmfao we all know you'd throw one of your famous twitter tantrums & fits the next day after everyone called you out on your bias @ChrisCuomo lol... but ppl like you would throw a tantrum & fit before reporting anything but glowing "reports" about HRC @dstfelix @chriscuomo lol.... HRC looks like an overstuffed vacuum cleaner bag in her $12k coat