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I've taken great pride & joy with all the crazy liberals that would rather block me than deal with facts

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@__nealk__ @HalaGorani @CNNMoney can get as "snarky" as you Still doesn't make you any more credible:) @RawStory @chriscuomo Cuomo is quickly adopting 21st century McCarthyism by question peoples patriotism using the term "sheltering Russia" @__nealk__ @HalaGorani @CNNMoney lol... you're relying on a bank in Hong Kong to keep you up to date on events happening in Britain? @__nealk__ @HalaGorani @CNNMoney lol... isn't that all CNN is? Liberal opinion? @TheDaleJackson @ChrisCuomo Cuomo's basically question peoples patriotism by saying "sheltering Russia"... 21st century McCarthyism @ChrisCuomo You know what you're really mean when you say you're "Not neutral but fair"... That you're biased! and… @ChrisCuomo lol... Unless it's a liberal lie... lol... then you ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist @ChrisCuomo @TheDaleJackson Where's the proof the Russians hacked anything? Why you working so hard to prove something with no proof? @ChrisCuomo Probably doesn't help your cause you don't know neutral & fair are synonyms... lol.. Can't be "not neut… @ChrisCuomo lol... I've met crackheads on the street who's word I trust more than yours... lol... keep spinning for your evil aunty Hillary @ChrisCuomo proof? lol... You mean a magically unicorn you want us to believe in so your evil aunty Hillary's ego feels better for losing? @ChrisCuomo lol.. The context people neglect to see is you supported Obama & want to insure he's seen in a favorable light #ruinedreputation @ChrisCuomo play politics with something Cuomo thinks is important instead... lol.. like de-legitimizing Trumps Presidency @NewDay @ChrisCuomo lol. Didn't bring up the fact your Nobel Peace Prize winning POTUS dropped 26k bombs in 2016 & never saw a day of peace? @ChrisCuomo reporting on some of the "facts" is a way of life at CNN.. lol.. They think getting a 1 sided version of news out is "real news" @ChrisCuomo lol... I'm sure you're framing it as he is an out of control Trump supporter in spite of the facts @HalaGorani @CNNMoney @chriscuomo it's CNN so the reality of the story is immigrants are leaving & they're calling them jobs @tribelaw @chriscuomo who wants to bet this was taken outta context... lol... which Cuomo seems to love so much after he's stepped into it @ChrisCuomo lol... If you push a story I'm sure it's cuz your evil aunty Hillary wants you to trash him...... Which means it's worthless @thehill @chriscuomo just goes to show the level of mental health issues with you liberals... lol... Now if this would only become a trend @CNN @chriscuomo One generation down... lol... How many left to go according to Obama? @NewDay lol... and you're totally outta touch with how honest the public sees you as... lol.. so shit balances out @ChrisCuomo lol... I'm supremely confident I'm a hell of a lot more honest than you @gr8astro lol.. riiiight.. lol.. it was me the popped into your TL talking shit... lol.. go be offended in your special snowflake safe space
@gr8astro lol... just like i figured you snowflakes wore being a victim like a badge of honor @gr8astro you think calling me names & then pleading to be a victim is gonna change my attitude of you at all?'re just a fuck up @gr8astro hahaha.. you spew BS & then don't wanna be held accountable for it? classic lil liberal snowflake gonna whine when your called out @PrisonPlanet The only question I have is how many masked antifa pussies does it take before they grow a pair of balls and start some shit? @_joannaw lol... does anyone really give a shit except bat shit crazy liberals? @DisruptJ20 lol... masked pussy antifa just suck their riot dogs cocks @paulkrugman lol... this from an asshole that doesn't think HRC's corruption, shitty decision making & DNC collusion had to do w/her loss @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 not disputing if he's a Rep althought it can be claimed he's a Libertarian ... lol..I doubt if you are @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 lol... quit talking shit and start doing shit... lol... that's the big problem with you liberals @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 lol... won't hold my breath for all the "republican" facts you're gonna lay on me @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo like to think i rise & fall with the level of respect i get... and both sides can foam at the mouth @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo Trump might not be a life long politician but nether was a 1st term Senator from IL @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo coming through? meaning? @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 lol... ok buttercup... lol... you're a "killer" @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 lol.... sure you are @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo sure sounds like lots of lib's are rooting for him to fail & I'm in chicago & seen lib gun laws fail @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 lol... you tell yourself that from inside your bat shit crazy liberal bubble you sensitive daisy :) @GraydenThompson @luzlink @DisruptJ20 if he resigns then Pence is running things.. lol.. And Pence isn't Bernie or HRC.. Which was the point @DisruptJ20 lol.. and it was the left that filled those prisons wasn't it? @KeithMyers "Your eyes can deceive you; don't trust them." Obi-Wan A New Hope @KeithMyers "R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer" C-3PO - The Empire Strikes Back#MyFirstWordsAsPresident Bitches... stop watching CNN & stop your whining @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo And rooting for the POTUS to fail is like rooting for the pilot of a plane your on is gonna crash @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo I'll deal with that if it happens... lol... But at least HRC isn't there to sell America out @hamma337 @ChrisCuomo Look at his families connections to the Clintons... lol.. he was raised to sell out to them @Mediaite @chriscuom hahaha... but you RT'ed that pile of shit @ShaunKing when he said they hacked C-Span cuz Water… @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo Cuz Bernie got inline and sold out... It's called "Clinton contamination"... feel free to look it up @ShaunKing @chriscuomo wait... lol... is being a fraud a "social construct" too? @ShaunKing @chriscuomo hahaha... i LOOOOOVE you RT this douche bag fraud like he's got credibility... lol.. Your career is in a nose dive @nytimes @chriscuomo lol... you know trump only "harnessed" 1/2 the fake news... you're evil aunty Hillary had you & CNN in her back pocket @jaketapper @GeorgeHWBush @realDonaldTrump A letter w/a positive message towards Trump... lol.. Bet CNN is trying to say Bush is ducking out @ChrisCuomo lol... just pushing the shit outta the liberal Kool Aid huh? Try getting honest about Obama's record @JMfreespeech @realDonaldTrump @katyturnbc by "free press" you mean pro-lib media that ignores the misdoings of the DNC? HRC? Like that? @JMfreespeech @realDonaldTrump @katyturnbc jesus... lol.. you media idiots drank all the kool aid didn't you? @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo lol.. hacks like Cuomo & rest of media let 90% of her crap slide @jamieraegomes lol... she takes after you and your side of the family ... this is the child from my loins @AndreaPunksmom @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo lol... CNN became a 24/7 Trump hate fest... lol... But let her slide on DNC collusion against Bernie @jamieraegomes priest? they're my babies... lol.. call Harvard and make reservations for their college enrollment @jamieraegomes shesssh.... lol... you're such a horrible mother @gr8astro haha... now gallup polls are pro-trump? lol... the fact free bubble you liberals live in is nothing but sick @jamieraegomes don't be mad... lol... just make meatloaf for our conservative babies... chop chop... lol.. and do laundry while you're at it @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo when you say "weak" i know it's an accurate comment :D @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo lol.... how you gonna do that chained to the kitchen making us meatloaf? :P @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo lol... kinky @gr8astro @ChrisCuomo lol.. So polls saying public distrusts the media were hacked by the Russians too? @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo lol... thats so they can see what the liberals are doing behind them @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo liberalism? ewwww... lol... I refuse to raise my children in a cult @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo inside... outside... lol... where ever you want ;) @ChrisCuomo so what if your evil aunty Hillary won the popular vote? She didn't win them where they count... Stop punishing USA for her loss @ChrisCuomo Will Trump start "uniting"???? Says the jacks ass in the tank for his evil aunty Hillary @ChrisCuomo Trump might take office w/the lowest approval ratings in modern history... but he still beats the media @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo lol.. she wants to have my conservative babies :D @jamieraegomes @flgranny64 @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo lol.. i agree with nothing! :P @flgranny64 @jamieraegomes @KittensNJ @jernalist @ChrisCuomo lol.. it would look like that from inside the distorted bubble lib's live in @flgranny64 @ChrisCuomo nope... lol.. but trying to suppress what people say though shame & judgemental attitudes is