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I've taken great pride & joy with all the crazy liberals that would rather block me than deal with facts

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@jamieraegomes @POTUS #sickandtwistedisfun @jamieraegomes @POTUS lol... Just keeping things in perspective for ya ;) @jamieraegomes @POTUS lol... Verses the souls of virgins hrc use to scoff down on her way to the unethical fund raisers? @jamieraegomes lol..this what he found when he got it Empty like cnn's soul @jamieraegomes lol... yeah a Russian Big Mac... lol“The Most Trusted Name in News”? lol.. more like "The most trusted place for gossip... right behind TMZ & the Natio… didn't decide to retract the fake Russia story, they were forced to:
Retweeted by me😂@CNN has found themselves in a pickle🥒Would ya like fries with that?🍟 @VanJones68 Toasted Russia LIES as a…
Retweeted by me @jamieraegomes lol... It's burger day in the CNN cafeteria @MichaelRStrain @MaxEhrenfreund ketchup mustard and pickle with that nothing burger you filthy communist? @MichaelRStrain @MaxEhrenfreund Serving Russian whoppers all day long
Retweeted by me @MichaelRStrain @MaxEhrenfreund bwahaha... Is CNN's lil communist having a bad day??? @jamieraegomes @jamieraegomes lol... save the dirty talk for later @jamieraegomes shush... lol... let the man parallel park the SS while you cook dinner @jamieraegomes lol.. well... lol... ya should be driving the minivan coming from the grocery store & not behind the wheel of an SS :P @jamieraegomes love the GTO :) @PaytoDecay @awoodard1004 @joejune2017 @ChrisCuomo Admit it bro... lol... you're nothing but a wanna be cop @ChrisCuomo @NewDay Really... lol... Do an honest report about your evil aunty Hillary's collusion with the DNC to… @ChrisCuomo Funny how you still can't figure out how to simply grow the fuck up & behave like a professional & repo… @ChrisCuomo They're facts or Cuomo is gonna throw one of his world famous temper tantrums... And no one wants that… @ChrisCuomo Didn't sound like respect when you were picking a fight w/him over your fucked up NAFTA facts… @ChrisCuomo @NewDay Are you saying CNN is gonna stop reporting 1/2 facts and pushing a BS liberal agenda then? Sweet! @NewDay @chriscuomo Toss some poor kid on the TV and hope no one will refute your BS or you get to call them monsters? Yeah your credible @ChrisCuomo love how all you hacks at the Whiny News Network have decided this is something the public needs to kno… @vplus @SaraMurray @DanaBashCNN @brianstelter lol... let me guess... lol.. this is from one of CNN's many fake... e… @jpodhoretz Ya.. the lack of fair & balanced news & all those biased stories isn't why people are calling CNN fake… @brianstelter i call bullshit... lol... you hacks have been in a self induced feeding frenzy of hate & the inevitab… @brianstelter @ReliableSources What went wrong is CNN has been going outta it's way to extract the revenge of an ev… @TVNewsHQ @brianstelter Being unbiased and fair & balanced is suppose to do that... lol. not firing people that you… @brianstelter lol... you're like a spoiled rotten brat that thinks talking shit about other kids makes you cool...… @ReliableSources @foxandfriends @brianstelter Keep trying to convince people you're "real news" by calling other ne… @brianstelter lol... You're clearly in denial... lol... CNN is a train wreck with voyeurs getting front row seats to your pain @brianstelter So...? Most people have been shocked by CNN's lack of ethics & integrity over the last 1 1/2 yrs but… @nickconfessore lol.. well... lol.. most pro-Trump pundits haven't flushed their ethics down the toilet & don't hav… @smerconish @CNN @brianstelter the public see's it different you hack... We see CNN dedicated to spewing out one-si… @brianstelter riiiight... lol... but your someone everyone can trust right rat face? cuz your know the secret in's… @JamieStelter @brianstelter Loud wet farts is how most people describe his "journalism" @brianstelter @JamesOKeefeIII And by "CNN PR" you really mean the DNC PR firm @brianstelter @JamesOKeefeIII CNN accepts diversity of personal opinion? riiiiight... lol... that's why you stack y… @Acosta lol... looking forward to your daily whine fest @brianstelter lol... Now tell us all about how CNN has pushed gossip for 1 1/2 years... lol... Unless you wanna tel… @CillizzaCNN lol... never mind CNN's bottomless pit of anonymous sources and unverified claims... lol... But you st… @maggieNYT @JonLemire Recall the time you were caught colluding with that evil hag HRC? Now educate us bumpkins ab… @brianstelter lol... Better float your resume over to the people at TMZ... lol.. After CNN you'll only be qualified… @jaketapper @SarahPalinUSA @nytimes @brianstelter lol... that must make you CNN hacks real nervous... lol... If she… @TJQuinnESPN Media outlets that try to bamboozle the public with a not-so-hidden agenda & become liberal activist s… @brianstelter Riiiight.... lol.. cuz your CNN hacks were just ethically and unbiasedly reporting on things in a fai… @brianstelter Not a peep about CNN's bias or irresponsible or unethical reporting huh? There's a shocker! @brianstelter @ReliableSources let me guess what it says "blah blah blah Trumps a meanie blah blah blah we just mad… @jason_cumming Here's a thought... Before slamming into victim mode at full speed.. lol.. why not remove the bias &… @TVNewsHQ @brianstelter If your reputation is your currency... file for bankruptcy rat face... cuz the only people… @brianstelter @ReliableSources @farhip @perlberg @SHSanders45 That's your big revelation rat face? lol... Not the f… @jaketapper lol... Proof of it's just more made up CNN bullshit @brianstelter newsrooms only get stronger when the douche bag reality TV stars like CNN hacks take the criticism...… @andrewmseaman @brianstelter No.... Just CNN... The rest are only mildly biased... CNN is nothing but the PR firm of the DNC @sbassopb @brianstelter Maybe the lack of fair & balanced reporting and an utter lack of unbiased journalism had so… @stphnfwlr Not hard to figure out how to "journalism".. lol.. Be fair & balanced and unbiased... lol.. Pretty easy… @Fahrenthold @TIME @realDonaldTrump How come CNN's the only one's pushing this BS Time cover non-sense? You're like… @brianstelter No genius... lol... just the ones that want to be liberal activists... lol... You wanna push propagan… @brianstelter This story where those hacks were fired was inevitable the way CNN's been going... People want to see… @brianstelter But you CNN hacks aren't "most journalists" are you? Your currency is gossip... insinuation... and i… @brianstelter Don't wanna be compared to a terrorist.. lol.. then start reporting on shit unbiasedly instead of lik… @danablankenhorn @sdkstl @brianstelter @CNN lol... ya... lol... But those hacks Navarro & Van Jones are good quality pudnits right? @sdkstl @brianstelter lol... You're like the person that gets caught cheating on their spouse and tries to make it… @brianstelter lol... still trying to deflect from the fact you;re an unbiased hack? A little to late for that... your reputation is ruined @brianstelter @oliverdarcy You CNN jerk off's need to decide if you wanna be legit journalist or liberal activists… @ChrisCuomo Sure he wished you were a legit journalist & not a biased hack working to get his family closer to the… @ChrisCuomo You need to decide if your a journalist or an liberal activist with a byline... cuz one's unbiased and the other isn't @ChrisCuomo You really think this is important? Not the fact the DNC is corrupt? Not Venezuela? Not Europe? lol...… @PureHarmony10 @ChrisCuomo @nypost lol... awwww... lol... are the facts hurting your head snowflake? Poor lil liber… @ChrisCuomo Then why did you dumb asses introduce it into your lil reality TV show? @ChrisCuomo No you won't insult him... You'll just spread gossip & insinuation & innuendo and then encourage your b… @ChrisCuomo lol... More like make up sources... lol.. and stories... lol.. and facts @PureHarmony10 @ChrisCuomo And what about times when the media sweeps BS under the rug? You think public should ju… @PureHarmony10 @ChrisCuomo you damn well know Woodward & Bernstein weren't quoting deep throat in the @nypost & the… @ChrisCuomo And thats where your BS falls apart... Cuz you only report on what confirms your shitty lil political belief @ChrisCuomo lol.. more like "provide cover" for the DNC & your evil aunty Hillary you hack @ChrisCuomo When the media has becomes a propaganda wing of the DNC it ceases to be the 4th estate and has delegiti…