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@Wendy61342557 @TammaraMaiden1 @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma u know who would decide anything illegal about them? The IRS...Not u @Patrick_Fogerty @BigPuma76 @km and then blamed the victims and smeared their names? @Patrick_Fogerty @BigPuma76 @km puhleeeze...this from a person that supports a woman that covered up her husbands sexual assaults? @Wendy61342557 @TammaraMaiden1 @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma he had great accountants.... can u point to something illegal he did @Patrick_Fogerty @BigPuma76 @km that's funny considering hrc is emotional bankrupt @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma hrc bank buddies that is @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma and you don't think he bank buddies did the same? @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma so he had great accountants so what? Did he do something illegal? @aonorat @bigbluestu42 @ChrisCuomo don't be mad cause you're backing a losing candidate @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma now why don't you read how the Clintons help start it @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @JimJlr2 @elizabethforma 90% of the adults out there realize he was a real estate developer @Michael35843306 @LakotahDJ @snickerfritz04 @realDonaldTrump it cracks me up when HRC supporters talk about women @LakotahDJ @snickerfritz04 @realDonaldTrump oh yeah... lol... @HillaryClinton isn't a racist @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump lol... and here i thought you were talking about @HillaryClinton when you mentioned "weak, money grubber" @YoureRightMike @realDonaldTrump Cuz hillary is any different? you're a fool if you think she is @JimJlr2 @TammaraMaiden1 @realDonaldTrump lol... here's a nice break from the hate... lol... hillary telling jokes @albertofdez73 @realDonaldTrump what do you think @HillaryClinton is hiding in the transcripts? @my2bits4u @RRMICALLEF1 that "oh shit" moment when you realize @HillaryClinton is really a racist has gotta suck @30fo30fo8 @eschaton2023 @RRMICALLEF1 @realDonaldTrump @NetworksManager and hillary keeps point fingers at "racists" @kmcs1957 @Patrick_Fogerty and yet here's @HillaryClinton telling racist jokes... imagine that @KazikMike @USAneedsTRUMP @Patrick_Fogerty @realDrumpf @realDonaldTrump i pray this comes up @realDonaldTrump hold @hillaryclinton feet to the fire about her own racial slurs @salkken she was a year ahead of him. I worked for a guy who's grandma lived in AK in '92... He str8 up said they were scumbags back then @salkken @Horvitastic @MichelleWKwan my guess is Bill hooked up with HRC in college cause he con'ed her into doing his homework @EmmyA2 quote is more like "these fools are confused about where to pee & men are wearing dresses. How do you want to mess with them next?" @Val @KoQu3Ta think she worked hard for Juanita Broodrick? Kathleen Willey? Paula Jones? Think she worked hard for @GoldmanSachs ? #Sleazy @MichelleWKwan and what was HRC saying during the financial crisis? Oh yeah... she's to chicken shit to let us know #Releasethetranscripts @EmmyA2 you forgot defender of child rapists and the smear queen of women her hsuband had affairs with... lol.. but she's fighting for women @salkken @Horvitastic @MichelleWKwan i'll "play by the rules" once i get on that $300k/hour speaker circuit! till then i'm lying my ass off @salkken @Horvitastic @MichelleWKwan toss a lil sexual assault and victim blaming in there and my training as a Clinton is complete @ascottkeys86 i'm trying to hard? i'm simply trying get your message str8... lol... and look at the chart again cuz it has grown this decade @salkken @Horvitastic @MichelleWKwan if you work hard... stack the deck... lie... and screw the lil guy... then you get ahead like a Clinton @ascottkeys86 so it's "share of population" has grown @ascottkeys86 It started at 5% in 1999 "The use of private prisons was at a maximum in 2012, when 137,200 (almost 9%)" @ascottkeys86 ), "the size of this population has grown 90%, from 69,000 prisoners at yearend 1999 to 131,300 in 2014. " @ascottkeys86 "In 1999, almost 3% of federal prison inmates were held in secure private facilities. This grew to more than 13% in 2012" @ascottkeys86 hahaha... Classic @daniidoll_mfc my pet peeve is when I don't get around to eating fruit or veggies before they go bad... Never ceases to piss me off @ascottkeys86 ok... Back that up @iskledovich @Statistar30 I'm a guy who thinks and fact checks what I read... Which does make me a boogyman :) @ascottkeys86 @BernieSanders states agree to quota's & prisons are suing states to keep their prisons full @ascottkeys86 @BernieSanders unchanged? lol... private prison population has grown 37%between 200-2009 @ascottkeys86 @BernieSanders yet only Rubio took more private prison lobby money than HRC.. They influence law makers & media keeps it quiet @HailHelixxx @xebec78 @GuctasGules @rstonex what @BernieSanders means is we need to put an end pvt prison lobbyist influence of politicians @Artfull01 @wolfblitzer @tregp @HillaryClinton @CNNSitRoom i hope he asks her to tell him jokes @Hazarmaveth1 @wolfblitzer @HillaryClinton @CNNSitRoom real questions? lol... you are an optimist aren't you! @Arthur59611540 @wolfblitzer @HillaryClinton @CNNSitRoom thats about as funny as this video of HRC telling jokes @KrisinAL @wolfblitzer @HillaryClinton @CNNSitRoom or where the transcripts are! @skink007 @johnski @wolfblitzer @HillaryClinton @CNNSitRoom I hear she has a full-time PR rep on site at CNN & other MSM outlets @wolfblitzer @HillaryClinton @CNNSitRoom Hey! Ask her to tell you jokes... lol... if you got the balls Hillary Clinton telling racist jokes @IvanJoyederpuss @RP39279683 she helped lock up millions & start the financial what ya want her to for an encore? start WWIII? @CNNPolitics what does @DWStweets think about @HillaryClinton comedy routine? @CNNPolitics only if HRC is the opening act with her comedy routine @IvanJoyederpuss @RP39279683 @CNNPolitics @realDonaldTrump and she's the savior of America @eddemorgan @CNNPolitics Destroy him? really? what ya bet MSM eventually runs this story between now and then? @EscapePlatoCave @CNNPolitics lol... we get to add 1 more thing to her long list of scandalous BS... Open racist @panininef @CNNPolitics I guess that would make Hillary the Anti-Christ @aaadaltonoke @CNNPolitics we deserve sleazy racists like HRC? Think Indian-Americans support her? @CNNPolitics here's @HillaryClinton "voice"... feel free to juxtapose this next time CNN or HRC calls Trump a racist @CNN @369DamnYo_CLINE you have permission to feature this on CC @CNN @JennStudebaker your have permission to feature this video on CNN @KazmierskiR @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo just found this hilarious video that will never see the light of day on MSM @KazmierskiR @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo and yet the media can't seem to find any of it... lol... what a shocker! @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo @KazmierskiR lol... more damn dirty haters trying to pick on poor hillary @HFA wanna explain this comment next time you call Trump a racist? #hypocriticalDem @woodrufftwit @ChrisCuomo let's see you juxtapose these HRC comments against Trumps next time you call him a racist @anondud3 @HillaryClinton her, her supporters & the media think they can throw stones at trump? let's see this lead off the hour on @cnnwow.... and she's throwing stones at trump? @Statistar30 @iskledovich what's she's scared to do is release the transcripts.. sure she's grateful she has mindless zombies for supporters @realtacoking25 @HillaryClinton HRC could be found over a bloody dead body w/the knife in her hands & her supporters wouldn't care #psychos @HillaryClinton lol... i'm sure you quoting yourself in the @TheEricGoldman transcripts would be awkward #ReleaseTheTranscripts #sleazybitch @creynoldsnc Brian Williams? ohhhh yeah... lol... there's a stalwart of honesty and integrity @HillaryClinton "A great nation can never turn its back on a donor to the Clinton Foundation" -- HRC 2016 @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo @KazmierskiR lol... like emails the Inspector General said she dropped the ball with? those damn dirty republicans @elsrbrown @ChrisCuomo that's funny cuz Cuomo has 2 types of twet's! Bashing Trump & making excuses for HRC lol in an unbiased way of course @ChrisCuomo almost as odd as HRC SoS staff being told not to discuss her private mail server... lol.. That's a transparent leader for ya @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo @KazmierskiR cuz maaaaybe HRC never learns and keeps pulling the same ole BS nonsense on the public year after year @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo @c_cgottlieb you listen to CNN & MSM their 24/7 quotes of HRC saying others did it to w/o digging into the truth @AvieAvie47 @ChrisCuomo @c_cgottlieb out of the last 4 SoS (incl. HRC) 2 didn't use email & 1 used it sparsely & she was the only 1 w/server @ChrisCuomo yet MSM keep playing her quotes that say what she did was ok because others used private emails... coincidence? I don't think so @ChrisCuomo watched @CNN anchor try to flip the script & say it's arrogance on Bernie's side for not dropping out... lol.. unbiases my ass @ChrisCuomo I guess that means the American public can never expect to hear server security discusses... Walter Cronkite you aren't @ChrisCuomo @camarohouse yeah... she had NOTHING to do with Benghazi and the people that died there... lol... mainstream media said so @woodrufftwit @ChrisCuomo why do you think HRC supporters refuse to acknowledge her indiscretions? Mental health issues? of massive ego's? @ChrisCuomo zero risk of that? lol... the Clintons already sold out to the Chinese and their doing it again... Look at Terry McAuilffe @ChrisCuomo server security doesn't get discussed by MSM media because it's inexcusable & you only talk about what you can make excuses for @ChrisCuomo you left out the absolute lack of security on the server which NEVER gets discussed... I'll guarantee you that server was hacked @ChrisCuomo what does following rules w/handing over emails have to do with her "privacy"... you trying to say the rules don't apply to her? @ChrisCuomo Terry McAuilffe should be coming up as a topic of scandal w/HRC but I have yet to hear you or MSM talk about it.. lol.. shocker! @ChrisCuomo i have yet to hear you or MSM give a legit story about her email or lack of security! every story ends with her saying it was ok @ChrisCuomo They should call you DJ Hill for all the spin you give HRC @BeckiPR @ChrisCuomo verses @DWStweets who stacked the deck against @BernieSanders i promise you HRC has a hit list as long as your arm @CNNPolitics CNN didn't mention the same Chinese donor that got McAuilffe in hot water donated $2M to @HillaryClinton lol what a shocker!We're glad to be home. #LetsGo
Retweeted by me @CNNPolitics CNN trying to help legitimize HRC message she didn't do anything wrong #yellowjournalism @WhiteHouse @POTUS then why does obama back HRC for President? lol... For the irony? @ChrisCuomo those two spelling bee kids seem about as impressed with you guys as non-wack job liberals
@CNN @CNNOpinion someone forgot to clue HRC because all i heard during her 1st 6 mo's was how awesome it would be to have a female @POTUS @greta @carlquintanilla @ABC7 he should try standing outside Qualcomm or firstenergy... He might have a shot there