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I've taken great pride & joy with all the crazy liberals that would rather block me than deal with facts

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@ChrisCuomo lol... it's hilarious that you're suddenly concerned about debt & the deficit @ChrisCuomo I think you're a liberal hack just like that author... you should be condemning it rather than being a… @jne7043 @DanSonners @Acosta lol.. Who says that? CNN? Cuomo? I've seen twets from real economist that say the opposite @ChrisCuomo hahaha... puhlezeeeeee! It's Cuomo & CNN... lol... They'd have 6 rabid Trump haters & 2 Trump voters &… @ChrisCuomo Who was SoS in 2010? HRC...Who paid Bill Clinton $500k for speeches in 2010? Oh yeah the Russians... An… @ChrisCuomo lol... the story doesn't say anything about "working men & women"... lol... It's about as relevant as anything else you say @ChrisCuomo But your evil aunty Hillary had you telling everyone she wasn't responsible for her nonsense... lol... Double standard much? @ChrisCuomo You didn't answer his question... lol.. Just gave him a BS run around answer... He asked "How does this… @ChrisCuomo lol... How do you hit "send" with a straight face? You're nothing but your evil aunty Hillary & the DNC's PR guys @ChrisCuomo Your funny talking about responsibility! you never reported on your evil aunty Hillary's conflicts of i… @ChrisCuomo if fetuses are grown in a bag... lol... what are feminists gonna bitch about? @ChrisCuomo no insults... lol... till you decide to insult someone... lol... that hypocritical liberal high ideal… @ChrisCuomo no you hack... balance would be to do an equal # of negative stories about the lib's... lol.. add a wor… @ChrisCuomo probably because your shitty lil reality TV station painted them like that... man up for once and own your BS @ChrisCuomo lol. waiting for you to start criticize Americans keeping their money instead of the government taking it all @ChrisCuomo lol.... the fact your evil aunty Hillary was SoS when Bill was paid $500k by the Russians for speeches…
@ChrisCuomo So we know why you refuse to report on liberal violence... to empower them @ChrisCuomo Rice went from: "I don't know what you're talking about" to "Well I know but I didn't do it" to "I had… @ChrisCuomo Cuomo's here to chew bubblegum and spread bullshit liberal rhetoric... lol... And he's all outta bubblegum @itsBraxtonR @ChrisCuomo lol... Obviously there's some shadiness in the air @ChrisCuomo smartest thing they ever typed? lol... no need to be insulting @ChrisCuomo No one asked me what I thought when your evil aunty Hillary was appointed as SoS... lol... Would have a… @ChrisCuomo @NewDay the time for that discussion wasn't when your good buddy Obama attacked Libya huh? lol.. That's… @ChrisCuomo I got an idea... lol.. tell us how you think @ChelseaClinton shits gold bars... lol... Practice for when she runs for office @ChrisCuomo lol...If she was your evil aunty Hillary's professor she would have had HRC expelled for cheating... lo… @ChrisCuomo Winning lib strategy is cussing about Trump? Covering their idiotic tracks & sweeping their mess under… @ChrisCuomo lol... try & save their political careers like a good lil liberal errand boy @ChrisCuomo you do know what was happening during the primaries? Your evil aunty Hillary was rigging them against S… @ChrisCuomo lol... I think @wesbury would disagree with you... lol... Who you got backing your conclusion up?… @ChrisCuomo lol... it's a shame your good buddy Obama doubled the deficit... lol... But since you wanna keep your v… @ChrisCuomo lol... "absolute fact"? No that's an opinion not a fact... lol... If I didn't know better I'd think Eng… @ChrisCuomo if it's a CNN poll then it's worthless.. lol... These are the same people that said Cuomo's evil aunty… @ChrisCuomo lol... Only people that get a pass from Cuomo is Obama, his evil aunty Hillary, @DWStweets @donnabrazile and every other liberal @ChrisCuomo man... lol... it's funny you're still bitter over your evil aunty Hillary's loss... lol... Did you & yo… @ChrisCuomo lol... Google "hypocrite" and you'll find a picture of Cuomo next to the definition @ChrisCuomo lol... what process needs to be safeguarded? Other than to insure liberals like your evil aunty Hillary can't rig elections @ChrisCuomo Head of the DNI saying no collusion between Trump & Russia... lol... Bet your evil aunty Hillary hates… @ChrisCuomo lol... not stopping you from misinforming the public to keep them dumb for your liberals pals @ChrisCuomo When you start reporting unbiasedly across both sides of the isle then you'll be providing facts... lol… @ChrisCuomo lol... welcome to Cuomo's cheap one-sided version of "facts" @ChrisCuomo lol... and you think you're reputation is in tact? @ChrisCuomo lol... I can't wait to see you flip the script & start rationalizing when your evil aunty Hillarys swee… @ChrisCuomo lol... it's not about supply? at all? or is it about you manipulating the mindless zombies into not wanting a wall? @ChrisCuomo interesting you've never heard any "fair criticism" about Obama or your evil aunty Hillary.. lol.. When… @ChrisCuomo @DaveEverlasting lol.. Cuz your privy to some special insight nevershared with the public? or you wanna… @ChrisCuomo "facts first"? You're funny Cuomo... lol... Only that matters to you is pushing your BS liberal rhetoric to the mindless zombies @ChrisCuomo Which explains perfectly why you've never done an honest story about your buddy Obama or evil aunty Hil… @ChrisCuomo lol... and yet ironically you're the biggest troll of them all Cuomo.... lol... Shocker @Racheldoesstuff @BillNye @BillNyeSaves I guess according to this ding bat & @billnye guys taking it in the butt is "evolution" @RealTimBlack @GratefulDog @PrisonPlanet May not agree with someones opinion or conclusion but most definitely resp… @tariqnasheed It's awesome when the bat shit left start eating their own cuz they're outta control at being offende… @static_errtic @FlREFLYED @girlswithtoys You know who gets mad at people who ask questions? People who don't have answers
@ChrisCuomo @QtipTheAbstract you the media & your evil aunty Hillary are to blame for letting this BS genie outta t… @dkprestin1 @ChrisCuomo lol... it sums up the fact he has your & the entire lefts number... lol... so keep propping… @matthewjdowd @chriscuomo "berating people who want the truth and a community"? Sounds like you described how liber… @FrankConniff if the DNC hadn't pushed such a poor candidate on the public then maybe he wouldn't be in office.. Bl… @nicoleagallant @buffaloguy1991 @winsb45 @dingalingy55 @FrankConniff If the DNC hadn't pushed such a poor candidate… @DavidRedstone2 @buffaloguy1991 @winsb45 @dingalingy55 @FrankConniff It's a shame liberals continue to blame voters… @boinloinmcbutt @PolitikMasFina @FrankConniff Or else? lol... Or else what? you'll get mad & throw a tantrum? @ChrisCuomo libs LOVED wikileaks when it was releasing stories about Bush admin... lol.. Now you hate it cuz it for… @ChrisCuomo are you gonna ask what everyone's thoughts are... lol... then throw a tantrum when you read something you don't like again? @ChrisCuomo @NewDay lol.. watching you pound a square peg into a round hole about your bias is a work of art... lol… @ChrisCuomo lol.. call him "handsome" is transphobic @ChrisCuomo hahaha... I see good ole @ChelseaClinton doesn't appreciate a lil SNL joke when it's at her expense...… @supacoolshann @riyasharma266 lol... who's "we"? :) @CNNPolitics He's taking a break from working with his communist buddies undermining America to bamboozle the mindl… @IrisRimon @Chiefchuck24 luv how the whites that elected Obama into office twice are suddenly racists cuz they didn… @cnni lol... he finally took a break from coordinating the undermining of America with his communist buddies? how gracious of him @WillMatthewsVA @ChrisCuomo @CNN read away... and learn what hacks like Cuomo won't tell you @_tatvamasi @BobbyM62 @riyasharma266 lol... Liberals should be happy Obama's outta officer... lol... You guys don't… @Yamiche I assume that should be interpreted to mean you'll advance the spread of communism in America and do your best to undermine it @JacquiUpNorth44 True blue Democrat? lol... You could have just said you were bat shit crazy too... lol... means the same thing :) @Vext6 lol... The bat shit crazy feminists will say your a sexist & kick your ass if you don't think that evil hag HRC is your President @_tatvamasi @BobbyM62 @riyasharma266 We also had to listen to "It's all Bush's fault" for 8 years too... Just keeping things in perspective @supacoolshann @riyasharma266 only people that want more Obama are the crazy ass liberals that are disconnected from reality @ChrisCuomo Not saying anything on #HolocaustRemembranceDay? lol... You're such a racist! @cynthiakouril @ChrisCuomo lol... luv it when snarky liberals don't read & let's Cuomo bamboozle them with 1/2 fact… @ChrisCuomo Your evil aunty Hillary still would have lost to him... lol... Glad to see your journalistic integrity… @ChrisCuomo Bet someone got fired for putting this on the CNN website... Look at that long list of things you never…