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@jamieraegomes lol... Pervette @jamieraegomes Hands @jamieraegomes lol... Someone's looked pretty hard in that general direction @jamieraegomes haha... Now that would have made a great lawn statue for you @jamieraegomes lol..., you can hold off on the mandatory trump toe nail clipping till later @jamieraegomes lol...,at least the liberal crowd isn't,gonna find out you suck the toes of,a,trump guy @jamieraegomes lol...,a regular Prince charming @jamieraegomes,you got the inner feminism strength @jamieraegomes all 150 of my of who are trump think your secret is safe @jamieraegomes lol...,i got faith @jamieraegomes lol...embrace it @Bodisha lol...damn!....its out now...Im a poutine eating liberal toe sucking crazy canadian!
Retweeted by me @jamieraegomes lol... You been such a slacker till now @jamieraegomes lol...,there's a lot I haven't mentioned befofe @jamieraegomes lol... Don't be,i,reqd your journal when you we rent looking @jamieraegomes you know you wanna suck my toes @jamieraegomes lol...,and foot Don't be forgetting them @jamieraegomes lol... And if,i gotta give it to a fact hating routine eating Canadian as well be you,too @jamieraegomes haha @jamieraegomes lol... You love all the butt abuse i inflict on Don't lie :P @jamieraegomes lol... That ass is taking some abuse ;) @jamieraegomes lol... By "to many security issues" you mean no one with money @jamieraegomes and what did HRC do? ohhh yeah... pick pockets & hobnobbing with Hollywood big shots instead @jamieraegomes you'll try sneaking back up when you don't think i'm paying attention... lol.. and i'll be all "nope" @jamieraegomes my short version is HRC is evil... Vote for Trump to keep her outta the Oval Office... lol... and Cuomo is a TMZ reporter @jamieraegomes lol... you'd be all "I'm sorry... i'll read the story now" @jamieraegomes i imagine this gif convo "You only read the headline & didn't actually read the story? Get out!" @martyalpert let me speak slower for you... lol... you're a dip shit loser who can't understand when the La Gov disputes a CNN story #moron @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump lol... all the aggravation without the sex @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump lol... smartest thing you've EVER done @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump omg... lol.. WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump your confused cuz you listen to & believe CNN... lol... knock it off @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump watch the video... Edwards str8 up says they got the story wrong @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump CNN pretty much fabricated a story saying Edwards told Trump not to go to La @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump lol... CNN criticizes Trump 24/7... lol... what do you think? @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump the chick on CNN even asked & Edwards told her she got it wrong @jamieraegomes @CNN @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump they most definitely did criticize trump for going after they said Edwards said not too @jamieraegomes @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump yeah... lol... tapping foot... lol.. and i'm still waiting for an answer @martyalpert As bat shit crazy as liberals are these days they wouldn't have any shame running him into the ground... your who's tainted @StreetDoc_67 @Women4Trump lol. only a dumb ass liberal would say visiting & helping is ineptitude while HRC & Obama haven't lifted a finger @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump now we know you CNN fuck up's got this story wrong... you still gonna make excuses why Obama hasn't been there?So @CNN saying Edwards told Trump to stay away turned out to be another BULLSHIT story #CNNSotu @jamieraegomes i know right? lol... "lucky girl" doesn't even begin to cover it @jamieraegomes the best? lol... let's not get crazy there... lol... but i am pretty cool @jamieraegomes lol... glad to see you're being grateful... lol @jamieraegomes lol... i know right? lol... it's a blessing for you @jamieraegomes lol... keeping women in line... lol... duh! @jamieraegomes lol... i'll start working on gotta get you working hard on those "womanly duties" @jamieraegomes well come here... lol... i'm ready to push you outta bed in a second to make you cook me meatloaf @jamieraegomes lol... it's there from all the times you landed on your butt... lol.... now go make me some meatloaf @jamieraegomes lol... then you're not a true HRC supporter if you aren't willing to sacrifice your chickens to satan in her name @jamieraegomes lol.... what do you expect? @jamieraegomes only if you promise to eat it and not sacrifice in a evil voodoo ritual in HRC name @jamieraegomes lol... it was a pretty great speech @jamieraegomes i think once we kill your evil overlord... your soul will be released from her evil grip & influence @jamieraegomes ya... lol... but only if she has people holding her up at the time @jamieraegomes lol... close enough... lol... tie her down & dose her with lighter fluid... lol... and stand back as the evil spirits escape @jamieraegomes lol... thats from all the biting @jamieraegomes and she can talk about gun reform AFTER she works on bank reform... lol.. basically gun "reform" is safe then @jamieraegomes help the middle class? oh lord... lol... you drank the kool aid... lol... only solution is to burn you at the stake with her @jamieraegomes lol... i'm trying to get that pain to move south on ya... lol... but ya gotta work with me here @jamieraegomes except HRC... her goals is to destroy America with her Satanic values... and turn it into her private piggy bank @jamieraegomes uhmmm.... lol... screw those anti-American pansy's... lol... Merica! Damn dirty canadian communist @chriscuomo still trying to link Duke to Trump? really? and then you whine like a lil girl when people call you on your BS bias #YouBitch
@jamieraegomes @PA_Proud @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek don't lie... lol... the trump hair turns you on @jamieraegomes @PA_Proud @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek idk... lol... what did you say? sure it wasn't the voices in your head? @jamieraegomes @PA_Proud @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek lol...i realize as a liberal you hear what you want... but i'm anti-HRC... not Pro-Trump @jamieraegomes @PA_Proud @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek don't deny it... you know it's true... a vote against HRC is a vote for Democracy @jamieraegomes @PA_Proud @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek and i think he is trying to do something for our country.. he's not voting for HRC :P @jamieraegomes @PA_Proud @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek i know her... she's not that bad of a person... lol... for a fact hating liberal canadian @jessicasweet194 ohhhhh....duh! Connor... i hate nate @ChrisCuomo @Panawahpskek perhaps the Hillary Puppet should have all CNN actors on its lap? Report on Soros
Retweeted by me @fehmida444 @ChrisCuomo dude... you're bat shit... no one lies... everyone lies... lol... you got some issues there @fehmida444 @ChrisCuomo then you clearly aren't paying any attention to what Cuomo says & does @InsaneB0lt the movie itself was so so... she was the highlight of that movie and saved it from being bad @jessicasweet194 who are conor & nate? @jessicasweet194 haha... sounds delicious @ChrisCuomo lol... such a fancy way of saying "Make HRC look good... Make Trump look bad"#wherestrump In Lousisiana pissing @HillaryClinton supporters off while she's hobnobbing it w/Hollywood big shots @HillaryClinton Play "Hillary or Trump" with these millennials to see who said what @HillaryClinton you just can't seem to knock it off with the racist jokes can you? @HillaryClinton lol... have you & your jerk off supporters forgot all the ignorant shit you've said in the past? @ChrisCuomo talk about losing credibility! Who loses credibility when u keep sweeping HRC BS under the rug & make constant excuses for her? @ChrisCuomo lol... you should start ever day off with "Once upon a time..." because what you push as "journalism" is nothing but HRC fantasy
@jamieraegomes to busy hobnobbing w/Hollywood big shots to worry abt Louisianan! lol... hell of a candidate ya got @peterdaou @KellyannePolls if you played all your dirty twat HRC BS back to back in a video you'd have days to watch it... you dirty whoreOmg.......hysterical!...lolololololol
Retweeted by me @jamieraegomes @HillaryClinton hahaha... That was funny @jamieraegomes @HillaryClinton you're soul's tired of this election cuz HRC is stealing them from her supporters to power her satanic empire @jamieraegomes @HillaryClinton that's cuz you're on the dark side... lol.. i keep telling you to come into the light with me @jamieraegomes @HillaryClinton lol... deep in your soul you know it's true#whereshillary @Hillaryclinton is to busy picking pockets at fundraisers to concern herself with the people of Louisiana @NatureGuy101 @realDonaldTrump bitch has exploited everything under the sun... bet she's bitter she can't go w/o looking bad following trump @felipe_lab yup... lol.. you got ziltch... zip... nada... nothing... lol... just like every other fact-less liberal @felipe_lab lol... and now you're trying to deflect from the fact you're BS argument is falling apart so you're becoming insulting @felipe_lab lol... i'm the one using facts genius... lol... you're the one spinning the same tired BS opinions lib's have for months @felipe_lab i'm bright enough to not claim Trump's racist when HRC has a horrible track record with her own racism lol you on the other hand @CNNPolitics you mean end the use private prison & mass incarceration @hillaryclinton helped create? @felipe_lab lol... makes my day when some douchy lil liberal starts spinning the wheels in their head to justify HRC racism @felipe_lab the fact you're trying to guess what my education level & status of my income tells me you're not the brightest.. or most honest