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I've taken great pride & joy with all the crazy liberals that would rather block me than deal with facts

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@jessicasweet194 lol... oh we've talked... lol... this i know @jessicasweet194 who'd ya brawl with though? a guy or girl? lol... and it looks like you can take a punch to me :P @jessicasweet194 lol... holy shit!!! wtf happened? and i'd still do ya ;) @jessicasweet194 hell ya... lol.. thats what i'm talking about! loved how you pounded on it when it was down... lol...true killer instincts @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview ok thats it genius... lol.. i got shit i gotta do... lol.. keep running your mouth like a loser if you want though @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... your family portrait... lol... Sure you & dad hit the girls bathroom together @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... thats no way to talk about your mother... lol... she's dumb but you should refer to her as a "hole" @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview haha... don't get mad at me cuz daddy makes you do sick & twisted things when mommy's asleep @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... but i got facts buddy... lol.. not a liberal delusional wet dream @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... between the two of us... lol... i'm the only one posting actual links to statements made by gov agencies @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview got more important things to do than deal with some mindless zombie.. now clean your room before your mom gets mad @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... how convenient for all the mindless lil zombies @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview haha... go watch more TMZ or Keeping up with the Kardashians... lol... you bring nothing to this @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview now go read something and actually learn something you idiot @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview So basically you got jack shit except your mouth and a handfull of nothing you dumb ass @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview bwahahaha... The NSA reports to Clapper and he said their attacks were only "consistent with a Russian attack" @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... then it shouldn't be a problem for you to send me the link from the NSA sight5 that confirms it @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview but very conveniently no official NSA statement... lol... cuz government agencies don't make official comments @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview i'm done with you. lol.. you don't have shit except loopy liberal logic & zero facts/evidence to back what you say @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview you're saying there's no OFFICIAL NSA statement saying the Russians did it? @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview no killer.. lol... send me the NSA statement itself... should be easy for a well informed individual like yourself @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... ok genius... lol... send the link to me of the NSA's statement @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview haven't seen where you found in the DHS statement "the Russians did it".. lol. or is that someone elses fault too? @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol... so you blame your ignorance on things i say? lol... sounds legit for a liberal @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics lol... now you feel free to show me where it says specifically "the Russians did it" @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics well let me give you a 2nd chance to pretend you didn't get it @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics hahaha.... NOW proof is important to you???? @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview lol. love how the liberal rejects slam straight into the conspiracy wall at full speed & think it adds credibility @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics to it was trumps grand plan to bamboozle the country? You ever suffered head trauma? @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics i sent you the link to Home Land Security.... lol..Don't get mad at me if you're to scared to read it @dalesview @DonTrumpsComb @CNNPolitics haha... that would be amazing!!! @dalesview @DonTrumpsComb @CNNPolitics lol... it's hilarious they're leading dumb asses like this guy around by the nose so easy #zombies @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics lol... do dumb ass lil liberals like you ever get tired of being wrong? @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics there are these things called "facts"... lol... you might wanna learn about them before you hit tweet @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics the FEC didn't say a peep dumb it was some computer programmers @DonTrumpsComb ohjhhh... well here ya go let me know if you have a hard time with the words @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics lol.. says who? some douche bags with an agenda? Where's the "outrage" over how HRC screwed Bernie? @DonTrumpsComb @ValskeeW @CNNPolitics bzzzzzzzzz..... wrong genius try reading more & twet'ing less @MattMurph24 1) PROVE Russia "infiltrated" us 2) I don't hear many Dem's crying over the screwing HRC/DNC did to Bernie... Priorities buddy @AdamBaldwin @horowitz39 40th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution? lol. it ended in 1976 & not 1959? lol I'll contact all the textbook Co'slol...Suddenly it's democratic to question the results... lol... Wish these asshole liberals would make up their fu… @CNNPolitics lol... you say that like were suppose to believe HRC & her evil band of fuck up's weren't behind the recount the entire time @DonTrumpsComb @dalesview @CNNPolitics before election obama & HRC said the election was now it's hackable since she lost? @michael_favreau @CNNPolitics and if this recount somehow alters the election result it better trigger recounts in states HRC won by too @WaukeshaGOP @CNNPolitics lol... it makes a difference to an evil bitch that wants to be the great american dictator @DonTrumpsComb @ValskeeW @CNNPolitics What "intelligence agencies" said this? Show your source @CNNPolitics So HRC team is gonna monitor the recount to make sure it's fair but who's gonna monitor that scum bags team? #Fingeronthescale @jessicasweet194 lol... I'm gonna say you knee someone in the face you'll be calm for weeks afterwards :) @jessicasweet194 lol... gotta kick some ass to do that... lol... but i got faith in ya... lol... release the rage :) @TheNewThinker Cuba's great.. lol.. If you hate free speech & don't mind a political oppression or getting locked up Obama's statement on Fidel's death carefully-worded to avoid condemnations of his decades of dictatorship.
Retweeted by me @jlange481 @DrJillStein What cracks me up is people really think HRC's at home with a good book crying & not trying to undermine AmericaAll the lil uneducated socialists don't wanna acknowledge Stalin killed 34-49 Million of his own damn people & Hitl… regimes killed 100 million in the last century. Defending and praising them is as repugnant as defending Nazism. #FidelCastro
Retweeted by me @GagaMagazineUK @ladygaga performed with R Kelly who raped a 14 yr old & pee'ed on her... guess her girl love stops where a paychecks beginJust when you thought 2016 could not get any more ironic, Fidel Castro died on Black Friday, the most capitalist day there is.
Retweeted by metwitter & social media's had the drop on @CNN for a year now... CNN is a pretty fucking worthless source for the tr… @blackmarvelgirl really? you gonna stick by that comment? don't wanna amend it at all? maybe rephrase it? @LawyerRogelio bullshit... Obama got his 45 sec photo-op in and then ran into a backroom to work on undermining the election results for HRC @DebraMessing lol... recount audit doesn't start till sometime next week... lol... and this idiots RT'ing bogus stories about it's outcome? @Donkey_Feed lol... totally scrapping the electoral college just cuz California is fucked up makes zero sense #liberallogic @ChrisCuomo @NewDay bullshit... if you were reporting economic data HONESTLY you'd be ripping into Obama as relentlessly as you have Trump @camanpour the fact that you think you can justify pushing a biased BS agenda under the guises of "truth" is laughable @ChrisCuomo which is why you want everyone to stfu & not criticize you... 8 months ago you were happily pushing the transgendered BS for HRCIf this Hail Mary recount move somehow flips the election it damn well better trigger a recount in every state HRC won by a small margin too
Look who "can't accept the election results" Hillary Clinton Supporters Call for Vote Recount in Battleground States
Retweeted by meReally @DrJillStein ? Then why not also contest any states that Trump LOST to Hillary?
Retweeted by me @HackRead "Hack proof"? lol... Sounds like famous last words to meshocker... the guy at center of all these fake news sites is a liberal pretty funny when liberal media outlets start eating the left over their lack of ethics but still expect the… @jessicasweet194 lol... had a couple aunts that got drunk last night.... lol... they were practically dancing on the tables
@jessicasweet194 that's a family Did you color your hair again or is,this an old pic? And damn you look good :).@PrisonPlanet @DrJillStein In New Hampshire Hillary only won by 3,000 votes, why no recount there either? This is all a complete crock.
Retweeted by me @PrisonPlanet @RedPillTweets @DrJillStein @YouTube cuz Hillary disnt pay her to contest the votes in those states... lol... Duh!Both my cousins kids who are in college & high school were laughing at special snowflakes that are upset Clinton lost #grateful4MyFamily @J0ANRlVERS @HillaryClinton won what? The worst Presidential campaign ever?
Retweeted by me @HillaryClinton busy screwing the American people behind the scenes... Paying off electoral college voters like you did DNC superedelegatesTurkey's ready! #DeadYourself at dinner and add this week’s newest feature: #TWD
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