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@ChrisCuomo lol... sort of skipped over the part of the debate where Trump called your Aunty Hillary out for taking money from Saudi Arabia @ChrisCuomo
@ChrisCuomo lol... you'd think the debate was a one man show with your wonky ass twet'ing... lol... it's almost like HRC didn't say anything @ChrisCuomo lol.. you're joking right? TRUMP put himself above the process? lol.. have you even bothered to read any of the Wikileak emails? @ChrisCuomo your Aunty Hillary has got to be sucking hard if your this focused on trashing him during the debate... So much for "fair" huh? @ChrisCuomo and Walter Cronkite is doing the same thing every time you claim to be a real "journalist" @ChrisCuomo lol... is he wrong? @ChrisCuomo hahaha... verses her dead on accurate analysis of Iraq? Hence her vote to go to war? @ChrisCuomo verses Cuomo & his Aunty Hillary which prove enough Americans are stupid enough to buy their cheap BS without question it? @ChrisCuomo lol... fortunately for your aunty Hillary she has you to bullhorn he BS talking points @ChrisCuomo even funnier it was made w/Chinese steel she made more profitable to use that American steel.. Keeping them 1%'er buddies paid @ChrisCuomo lol.. and yet you're still focusing solely on Trump flaws... lol... not a peep outta about Aunty Hillary's flaws & failures @ChrisCuomo and he's not mixing apples & oranges... if she deleted the content of her server it couldn't be forensically analyzed @ChrisCuomo @TimOBrien how many businesses does he currently have up & running? Something like 500? and 4 went bankrupt? @ChrisCuomo lol... gonna take a stab in the dark and say your Aunty Hillary screwed up finding out when she "wiped" her server @ChrisCuomo hahaha... cuz your Aunty Hillary's #'s are skyrocketing? wtf? such nonsense @ChrisCuomo Anonymous threatened his Aunty Hillary's mo's before her emails were leaked.. Cuomo will never report it @ChrisCuomo lol... America won't get a real wage either if your Aunty Hillary has her way... gotta make profits for all your 1%'er buddies @ChrisCuomo we have tech to help stop hacking... but my guess is DNC/HRC were to cheap & didn't listen to anyone on the subject @ChrisCuomo you won't "report" the fact Anonymous threatened your Aunty Hillary mo's before her emails were leaked? @ChrisCuomo what you refuse to acknowledge is Anonymous threatened your Aunty Hillary's email mo's before the leaks @ChrisCuomo instead of saying no one knows it it was hacked you say it wasn't hacked... HUGE difference! @ChrisCuomo lol... so did your Aunty Hillary say Mexico was gonna pay us for us to let it's citizens to use our infrastructure? @azrolexguy @ChrisCuomo he doesn't know that at all.. Even the FBI said they could have and not left a trace.. Cuomo's full of shit as usual @PallMallPatriot @ChrisCuomo and no one still has shown proof... Cuomo/HRC/Obama Just want people to take their word @ChrisCuomo what is this proof? Obviously it's not conclusive if it hasnt been released or convienced trump @ChrisCuomo @Amethystravn well if your aunty Hillary wasn't up to no good then they wouldn't be an issue would they? @ChrisCuomo @Stacy9298 lol... You ask for proof against hrc in one twet & then suggest trump would be outins puppet in another... Idiot @ChrisCuomo @BelindaDRobins1 so instead of dealing with the issues she's doing her deflection & shame routine... lol... Sure you'll help @ChrisCuomo @azrolexguy you can't prove that at all!!! Your just covering for your aunty Hillary again @ChrisCuomo open border's is "sharing infrastructure"... lol... flat out ridiculous @ChrisCuomo lol... best liberal idea to stop gun violence in a town that's suppose to be gun free zone @ChrisCuomo lol... it's a bullshit civil suit... lol... wonder which buddy of HRC is behind it @ChrisCuomo sure you don't wanna "report" on it cause it opens a can worms cause Bill's been linked to Epstein too? @ChrisCuomo @robertbirsinger lol.. you NEVER put them into any kinda classification other than they were "illegal to possess" #liar @ChrisCuomo lol.. thought you were there to get your Aunty Hillary elected @ChrisCuomo @mike_favreau whoa whoa whoa... lol.. did you just hit "internet tough guy" status again? lol... so professional @ChrisCuomo @mike_favreau luv how you admit you're not neutral & the media (i.e. you) are biased.. lol. then whine & cry no one believes you @ChrisCuomo @MarioSig1 how old were you 1st time you met your aunty Hillary? Guessing it was when your Dad nominated Bill for POTUS in 1992 @ChrisCuomo @zebageba cuz if you mean O'Keef you're full of shit... he's not a felon @ChrisCuomo @zebageba who are you trying to trash now Cuomo? cuz your implying shit without being clear again @ChrisCuomo i figured your goal was to get HRC elected and advance you & your bro a step closer to the White House @ChrisCuomo sure the fact HRC has cut deals & made promises to get hacks to do what she wants doesn't hurt the bias against trump does it @ChrisCuomo @MarioSig1 haha... why don't you start by telling everyone how close your Dad, Bro & you are/were with Bill & HRC #lyinghack @ChrisCuomo @TheGuardian_001 i've said it many times you sensitive daisy... knock off the biased BS and see how fast ppl leave you alone @ChrisCuomo @NewDay 5 makes up a "host of analysts"? lol... 5 is a lil more than a "couple" @ChrisCuomo @TheGuardian_001 and this reminds me of when HRC sold top secret seats to our security board #biasedhack @ChrisCuomo @NewDay ya he "covered" it... and proceeded to tell everyone to ignore it and it was BS.... typical Cuomo w/zero objectivity @ChrisCuomo you could catch HRC sacrificing children in the name of Satan and you'd still stick up for her & blame… @ChrisCuomo @mrgordberg since you never mentioned the status of her email classifications... there was nothing to conflate... so your lying @ChrisCuomo wow.... you talking about "hypocrisy" is fucking ridiculous!! lol... I can't believe even you'd spew th… @ChrisCuomo isn't that why you refuse to pursue the story with Brazile turning over ?'s to HRC... cuz she wouldn't do it in your "opinion" @ChrisCuomo @factsdomatter1 no cuomo it's not twitter... it's you! the mob doesn't deal w/as much biased BS as you spew without some justice @ChrisCuomo riiiight.. lol. cuz i'm sure your Aunty Hillary surounds herself with non-supporters... lol.. Like the White House Travel Office @ChrisCuomo and everyone knows HRC & Obama destroyed Libya & Syria cuz of their incompetence... lol... even you know that @ChrisCuomo lol.. and your buddy Obama is sending more back into that "hell hole" right? don't wanna talk about that right? #hack @ChrisCuomo lol.. had NOTHING to do with the wikileaks emails right Cuomo? #Inthetank @ChrisCuomo lol... but you blast out each and everyone of your Aunty Hillary's campaign promises like they were written on gold #hack @ChrisCuomo lol... just like Bush signed NAFTA too? @ChrisCuomo oh yeah... lol... i'm sure your Aunty Hillary is filled with the love and joy of the holy spirit @ChrisCuomo @Sedona_333 women are fierce bad asses that are just as capable as men... lol... and they can't handle words? so many rules @DebraMessing let me guess... lol... you trust the "government" when it comes to HRC but distrust the cops when it comes to blacks @TheGuardian_001 @RepChrisCollins @ChrisCuomo @buffalobills lol... his shitty one-sided biased coverage might have a lil to do with it too @ChrisCuomo lol... those damn dirty liberals can't handle opposing points of view? lol... what a shocker! @RandySativa @ChrisCuomo by what measure? How about debt... Labor force participation... income stagnation & rising poverty levels to start @ChrisCuomo but it's always fun to see you blaming everyone for not making your bias their problem @ChrisCuomo u'd have to start off neutral & unbiased to get a "real argument".. anyone reading ur twet's know they aren't getting 1 from you @cameleowhyte @ChrisCuomo you go do some research about HRC & her "relationship" with blacks & get back to me @jamieraegomes yes... you're cute... lol... ego much? @jamieraegomes naw... lol... you're the lucky one i'm such a giver and willing to help you hone your skills :P @jamieraegomes lol... assume the position @cameleowhyte @ChrisCuomo on top of that she used racist language to justify doing it! thats the only issue u need to concern yourself with @cameleowhyte @ChrisCuomo bottom line is a white woman lobbied congress to pass laws that caused blacks to be incarcerated in mass... period @cameleowhyte @ChrisCuomo lib's do nothing but make excuses for their shitty behavior and then can't figure out why no one respects them @jamieraegomes ya... lol.. you oughta... chop chop @jamieraegomes the words to this song salt 'n Peppa need to be changed to... "rig it good" @jamieraegomes come to chicago... lol... it happens every election... Our politics are world famous for being rigged#RejectedHillarySlogans I'm in charge... now do as your told and vote for me you insignificant worm @cameleowhyte @ChrisCuomo I'm sure you think a guy that uses mean words is giving a white woman locking up blacks isnt