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I've taken great pride & joy with all the crazy liberals that would rather block me than deal with facts

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@Rosie lol... holy shit... lol... talk about being unstable... lol.. lay off the weed @jamieraegomes lol.. get out.. lol. canada hasn't swung the doors open for refugees that sneak over the boarder? lol.. damn canadian racists @NewDay @chriscuomo has shown what lib's are about... lol... Cuomo cares about trans people in bathrooms & mainstreet is worried about jobs @jamieraegomes wait... lol... whaaaaaa...????? You didn't really just say this???? Have you ever actually watched Cuomo or read his twet's? @thehill lol... it will be a shame to see the Democratic party vanish... lol.. Eillison is just as insane as Pelosi is @jamieraegomes @ChrisCuomo lol.. you mean you wouldn't have hug'ed the hate outta them? Such a horrible liberal... lol.... "guns trump hate" @jamieraegomes lol... Suddenly liberals are worried about hacked email content???? *smh* @jamieraegomes @Pogobear57Gary @ChrisCuomo lol... they have things called locker rooms & in them they have showers & ppl get naked in them
@MarkDice @CNN This BS lib agenda has rotted Cuomo's brain out... Bet he never has to worry about his daughters being in a locker room w/men @ChrisCuomo lol... let me guess... lol... liberals love Comey again? @ChrisCuomo 0.6% of Americans are est to be trans... 700k registered sex offenders in America... Whats your plan to police them? Trust? @ChrisCuomo So a scared girl has no rights or choices? She MUST be shamed to accept things & forced into a situation she's not comfortable? @ChrisCuomo it's not about "risk" and you know it... It's about choice! Choice = freedom... No choice != freedom @ChrisCuomo When I've heard you let your daughters shower in a locker room full of trans men... then come back riding your high horse @ChrisCuomo It's not about that... It's about FORCING children (who have limited rights) into a situation where they have NO choice @ChrisCuomo facts? lol... I've seen nothing but an emotional argument coming out of you on this topic... Practice what you preach buddy @ChrisCuomo lol... I've decided I'm "trans-financial" and I want access to your bank account @ChrisCuomo No... You're saying she doesn't have a choice in what she does regardless how she feels @ChrisCuomo Zero to do w/LGBTQ & you know it... it's about FORCING children to expose themselves in front of people they might not want too @ChrisCuomo So your solution is to "shame" kids if they're uncomfortable until they see error of their ways & accept they have no choices? @ChrisCuomo @KenneyYoung99 you back up those lib 1/2 facts... lol... your answers get really soft & loopy when they don't fit a lib agenda @ChrisCuomo @XanderGibb yeah you idiot! it's called a locker room & they have these things called shower & people get naked to get into them @ChrisCuomo Don't see you offering up factually based alternatives to peoples concerns... Your lib attitude is accept it or your a homophobe @ChrisCuomo teaching "tolerance" & forcing children into locker rooms with the opposite sex are 2 different things #liberalbubble @ChrisCuomo Sounds to me like you're suggesting the solution is to shame children into feeling how you want them to feel @DaveEverlasting @tfol35 @ChrisCuomo Easy to be protective dad when you make millions & your kid won't be forced into a locker room w/males @ChrisCuomo @sldc74 lol... did you just put on your tough guy hat again? How old are you? @ChrisCuomo BS... it's about FORCING people kids to be exposed to topics & issues parents don't feel they should learn at young ages @ChrisCuomo Convenient attitude when you make millions & your daughter will probably never be forced into locker room w/males cuz of the law @ChrisCuomo How many males have your daughter been forced to undress in front of cuz they were in the women's locker room? Betting not many @ChrisCuomo lol... i bet you blame Trump for your negativity don't you? @ChrisCuomo @murrayH2O Not all of MSM wanted HRC... lol.. You sure as hell wanted her to win & went all in for it too #biasednewsisfakenews @ChrisCuomo and I nailed it.... lol... You just gave @keithellison a pulpit and didn't press him on his answers... lol #weakliberalbullshit @ChrisCuomo lol... and you sheltered your evil aunty Hillary, Donna Brazile & Wasserman-Schultz... basically anyone on the DNC status quo
@ChrisCuomo You make some of the same claims... lol... Like Trump watches your show all the time... and trust me that idea is bizzaro @ChrisCuomo Funny how the left says women don't owe men anything but then cough up lists of shit men owe women & need to do for them @ChrisCuomo I think you RT divisive crap like this to help the left rationalize their hatred of Trump.. Which makes you an agent of the left @NewDay @ananavarro oh right... lol... cuz Navarro isn't bat shit crazy & must be believed @DerrickGaffney lol... enjoy your lil delusion that HRC was ever a good candidate @DerrickGaffney lol... well you're just going in circles so i'm gonna let you live in your lil liberal bubble... lol... have a good day @DerrickGaffney lol... and I have an admission a HRC staffer started the birther movement @DerrickGaffney lol... you have conjecture & opinion @DerrickGaffney i don't know but you're making a lot of assumptions I'm sure the media wouldn't extend to Trump @DerrickGaffney if CNN had intv'ed the person & they said "I did it on my own & i fucked up" that would but this to bed... but they didn't @DerrickGaffney we don't even know what their name was @DerrickGaffney the fact there are so many unanswered questions is the problem @DerrickGaffney doesn't prove who did or didn't know what... or that they weren't just picked up by some other aspect of her campaing @DerrickGaffney "lends" is not proof @DerrickGaffney once again... we don't know for a fact what did or didn't happen... fact CNN never intv'ed the "volunteer" is sketchy @DerrickGaffney but thats was examined in depth by the media... this was swept under the rug &thats the diff... we don't know who knew what @DerrickGaffney your attitude also speaks volumes about how accountable you hold media... They tell you what to think & you do w/o question @DerrickGaffney you can be as desperate as possible to change the subject... doesn't change the fact the left has a diff standard for HRC @DerrickGaffney You're taking a HRC staffers explanation of what happened without proof... I suspect you'd have a seizure if Trump did that @DerrickGaffney If a HRC staffer started the birther BS then we need to have the rest of the questions answered before she's absolved @AmyMainzer With my limited knowledge the moon seems essential for adv life on earth. Can our tech prove if Trappist planets have moons yet? @DerrickGaffney when we establish who started it then we can move on... You & the left just wanna sweep this under the carpet @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting i mean the heads explode off liberals shoulders when the same standard is applied to Trump @DerrickGaffney we don't know who knew what though do we? We have to take HRC & her staffs word about what happened @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting then the question becomes who knew what? The fact CNN never intv'ed the staffer is very disturbing @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting prove it with dates @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting the you are grossly biased @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting when you admit HRC staff started it... then we'll move on to the next topic of discussion @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting then why aren't you mad at her & CNN? Her staff started it & CNN helped bury it @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting i can show CNN never pursued the story... which is weak journalism @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting lol... now you want proof? lol... man the left just can't make up their mind about that can they @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting i haven't said any such thing... thats you trying to blame Trump for HRC staff starting it @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting funny trumps personally responsible for everything his staff says/does but you give poor sweet hrc a pass @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting prove they fired them... All we have is the word,of a high level hrc staffer @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting bottomline is the birther conspiracy started with HRC staff & instead of own it she had media bury it @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting you mean like the conspiracy theory good ole HRC pushed that 1/2 the country are crazed racists? @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting hard to prove something media's sweeping under the rug & CNN would have perused it if they had credibility @DavinDuhamel the liberal bubble you think MUST be extended to everyone else & if people don't accept it then it's acceptable to attack them#WhenCaliforniaSecedes The Democrats will lose 55 Electoral College Votes and Won't have a chance to win the popular vote.
Retweeted by me @ChrisCuomo @ProudConse Patti Doyle admited a staffer emailed the birther story out... CNN journalistic failure @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting and who proved it was a volunteer in Iowa? Certainly not CNN... they couldn't bury this story fast enough @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting the story you posted CNN claims she denied it... At best this sotry is weak journalism & at worst collusion @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting also prove they were fired... All we have is the word of a former high level HRC campaign staffer @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting And I've never seen the email they sent out so prove it had anything to do with religion @DerrickGaffney @DaveEverlasting 1st the topic is who started the topic of the birther story... not who's apologized