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Remember when Newman's friends in the Legislature abused their power to rig the election in their favor? Well, see… home price for June: A CRAZY $555,150. Democrats broke it, Democrats own it. #CAHousingCrisis
Fighter. Hero. The nation stands behind you @SenJohnMcCain. Judy and I are praying for you and your family.
Retweeted by CAGOPLike many CA issues, #CAHousingCrisis can’t be fixed by subsidized housing. We cant keep throwing $$ at the problem…
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Check out my Op-Ed with Antonella Pianalto regarding my bill on Women's Business Centers
Retweeted by CAGOP"Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people." -Nelson Mandela #MandelaDay the wake of another misleading ballot title from the AG, @latimes has endorsed my bill to remove partisanship fr…
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This is unacceptable. We share your outrage, @asmMelendez 😡
.@KevinKileyCA’s no chef, but he still knows spicing up ballot language is a recipe for disaster. #CADeservesBetter
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@RandyVoepel Your first protester of the month looks A LOT like CRP's newest intern...’s not rocket science. Skyrocketing home costs hurt ordinary Californians & local economies.#CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPWe are going to fight back against the Dem's attempt to bully and intimidate College GOP students. #RecallNewman
Uh-oh. It's time for real leadership in CA! #DemDisarray
"Democratic politicians want campaign-finance limitations to apply to everyone but themselves." there's hope for problem-solving in Sacramento after all. Good work @J_GallagherAD3.
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Wow. Let's focus on the real problems of CA #affordablehousing
Dem response to #RecallNewman is to obstruct the rights of Californians w/ lawsuit, legislative tomfoolery, & special interest $.Democrats latest effort to stop recall involves suing college students for their political engagement. #RecallNewman 11,000 people signed the Recall Newman petition since our last announcement. That makes more than 96,000 signatures. #RecallNewman
California Democrats out to reverse another election rule to help one of their own
Retweeted by CAGOPKeep your head up, @AsmHarper. We all know you're still the true 'Huntington Beach Bad Boy.'
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Just in: @CAGOP says they've submitted 84,988 signatures in @SenatorNewmanCA recall. That's 20K more than they need to land on ballot.
Retweeted by CAGOP84,988 signatures to recall Sen. Josh Newman over gas tax vote submitted by @CAGOP. Needed 63,593 by mid-October.
Retweeted by CAGOP @CAGOP says it's submitted 84,988 signatures to spark recall election of @JoshNewmanCA in #SD29. 63,593 valid signatures needed.
Retweeted by CAGOP☆ 。★ 。☆ 。★ 。☆ 。☆ 。☆ ☆ 。★ 。☆ 。★ ★ 。\|/。★ #AuditUCOP 。★ /|\ ★ 。 ☆ 。★ 。☆ 。★ 。☆ 。☆ 。☆ ☆ 。 ★ 。☆ ° ★
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.@senandyvidak's SJR 9 - Help Immigrants Who Serve in the Military Obtain Citizenship
Retweeted by CAGOPGovernment-run heath care is NOT the answer. #NoOnSB562.
Retweeted by CAGOPLast week, Cap Dems jammed through critical policy w/out adequate public input & policy hearings.#CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPCA Dems are so corrupt even @FresnoBee is calling for them to be voted out.
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"The bill is an insult. Emergency safety plans are made for the public, but the public can't see them?" Couldn't ag…
Retweeted by CAGOPAnother scathing audit, same bottom line: state agencies are mismanaging billions of dollars. #CADeservesBetter
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Edu budget transparency ensures children in poverty & struggling in school get resources they need…
Retweeted by CAGOPThis year I am honored to recognize Sgt. Major Bill Paxton as the 2017 'Veteran of the Year.' Learn why here:…
Retweeted by CAGOPHonoring our Veteran of the Year.
Retweeted by CAGOPHonored to name Rev. John Heath as my 2017 Veteran of the Year for the 34th Assembly District.…
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CA is home to 6/7 least affordable cities.Streamline home building and fix #CAHousingCrisis. #CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPCA taxpayers deserve to know where their tax dollars go. Our latest oped with @TomLackey36.
Retweeted by CAGOP.@AsmDanteAcosta spoke with @KABCRadio on how Sacramento Democrats used veterans in their attempt to reform the rec…
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Recent study ranks CA dead last in budget transparency. CA's deserve to know how their taxpayer $$ are being spent
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Yesterday the people's Constitutional Right to Recall was weakened by the "all powerful" State. In America, the citizen is sovereign
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@SenJeffStone opposed SB 96 which would change the recall election process mid-stream to hold onto power…
Retweeted by CAGOPWe should not be changing the rules of democracy midstream, and worse hiding behind veterans to do so.…
Retweeted by CAGOPRecall needs to be separate discussion. Don't blend the issues of veterans and cemeteries with political efforts.
Retweeted by CAGOPGovernor Hiram Johnson would oppose the Democrats' tactics today to gut his recall process. #CALEG #SB96
Retweeted by CAGOPIf #SB96/#AB112 were law in 2003, #StevePeace could have postponed the @GovernorDavis recall for as long as he wanted. #corrupt #CABudget
Retweeted by CAGOPUsing budget to corrupt CA political process is a dangerous precedent set by Dems & is exactly what one-party, dictatorial rule looks like.
Retweeted by CAGOPAssemblyman Jim Patterson (R) says using the budget process for recall power play is "exactly what one-party, dictatorial rule looks like.”
Retweeted by CAGOP @DanCALmatters Wait until "Tempers flare" on the part of voters when they realize how the majority party manipulates election laws.
Retweeted by CAGOPIt's shameful that we're using the budget process to tamper w/ election laws to benefit one Senator. It's indefensible and #CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPAt first when Capitol Democrats don't succeed... they rewrite the recall rules, ignore their constituents and try a…
Retweeted by CAGOP.@AsmHarper says Hiram Johnson (father of CA's direct democracy system) is "rolling in his grave" over recall changes in budget.
Retweeted by CAGOP"This is embarrassing and the people of California deserve better," @MarcSteinorth says as Assembly takes up SB 96.
Retweeted by CAGOPBudget update: Sen Dems just voted down amdt to repeal punishing new gas + car tax. Bad for CA & Bad for our poor working fams! #CABudget
Retweeted by CAGOP @SenJeffStone response to the passage of record spending California budget . Read:
Retweeted by CAGOPListen carefully as @AsmDems discuss $ for flood control. The $111m will NOT fix levees damaged by wet winter & Oroville Dam crisis
Retweeted by CAGOPGave Dems a chance @ redemption by supporting amendments 2 unwind $52B gas tax. Instead they killed it. #CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPWhen you start paying more at the pump remember that the Dems voted TWICE to place that burden on you and your fami… expected all Prop 56 $$ o go to help families needing hlth care..not just some of the $$, #wedeservebetter
Retweeted by CAGOPThe @JerryBrownGov admin continues efforts to shield information from the public. 'Nothing to see here folks....'
Retweeted by CAGOPGovernor says cuts and deficits are coming, but here we are ramping up spending in biggest budget ever #CABudget
Retweeted by CAGOPWonder where your #GasTax $ goes? In the #CABudget Capitol Democrats put practically no #GasTax $$ towards new road…
Retweeted by CAGOP#CaBudget reminder
Retweeted by CAGOPDem budget trailer would undermine voters' right to recall “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
"Combined, the provisions of SB96 could effectively eliminate the possibility of recall elections in California." 😧 for the bravery of our @CapitolPolice today and every day. Prayers are with @SteveScalise, staff and officers wounded this morning.
Retweeted by CAGOPWe will not let violence disrupt our democracy. Prayers for those receiving care and thanks to U.S. Capitol Police.
Retweeted by CAGOPOur prayers are with Rep. Scalise, the Capitol police, & staff member who were injured in this morning's attack.Judy and I are praying deeply for our friend Steve, the members of Capitol Police, and staff who were wounded.
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.@1JoelFox1 explains how the majority party has developed a habit of changing rules for their own benefit: #CaLeg
Retweeted by CAGOPThe belief that keeping power is more important than serving people breeds corruption @SophiaBollag @jjcooper #CaLeg
Retweeted by CAGOPThis is what happens when budget bills are rushed through #CABudget
Retweeted by CAGOPDems need to know passing 89 bills w/o giving voters chance to express positions to electeds doesn't allow us to represent our constituents!
Retweeted by CAGOPChanging the rules to advantage politicians over people is wrong: @jimmiller2 @TarynLuna @1JoelFox1 @JazzShaw #CaLeg
Retweeted by CAGOP.@KevinKileyCA wants to #HonorTheVote and talk transparency in #CaLeg watch him live via FB
Retweeted by CAGOPDoes #CALeg thinks its above the law? Assembly leaders argue #Prop54 doesn't apply to them: #CAPolitics
Retweeted by CAGOP @AssemblyDems @CASenateDems @SenSanders @CalNurses #SB96 proves @CASenateDems are more afraid of public comment tha…
Retweeted by CAGOP"I think this is a corruption of the process," @AsmHarper says of #CABudget bill that would change recall certification timeline.
Retweeted by CAGOPJun 12 AP story: "You want to recall me, that's fine," Newman said. "But do it fair and square." Ha. Guess he hasn't read SB 96.
Retweeted by CAGOPBased on @JoshNewmanCA comment to @JoelAndersonCA, "“F--- off, Joel," he should read @DougHeye article.…
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