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Last week, the Chairman of the High Speed Rail Authority said that voters should have another say on the over-budge…
Retweeted by CAGOPUnder decades of failed Democratic policies, CA's middle-class is rapidly shrinking. It's time for a new direction.… is the backbone of America’s economy, contributing to at least 8.6% of our GDP & providing us food to p…
Retweeted by CAGOPWhile Sacramento is worried about making political statements with pension investments, California cities are drown… consider attacking their own CA candidates to win back Congress... #DemDisarray Republican #WomenWhoLead ➡️ Assemblymember @MarieWaldron75. The American dream is there for all women &…
RT for good luck. Happy #StPatricksDay!
#FactsFromSac: #CALeg considering firing employees with developmental disabilities to hire more expensive union lab…
Retweeted by CAGOPWant to solve the #CAHousingCrisis? Just build more houses. Richard, governor’s point person for high-speed rail​,​ admits it’s time for another public vote on the project…
Retweeted by CAGOPWATCH: Californians are seeing real benefits from #TaxReform ⬇️ takeaways from the bullet-train costs: 1. The cost keeps increasing 2. @CaHSRA officials have no idea what the… good news for employees in #CA45! @STERIS , with several locations throughout Southern California, including o…
Retweeted by CAGOP"The bullet train still looks like a solution in search of a problem, rather than a vital transportation system."…
My #WorkflexBill will help employees find a better work-life balance by providing paid leave and flexible work arra…
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Billions over budget. Years of delays. It’s time for Capitol Democrats to end the High-Speed Rail project. #CAHSR housing costs. Top companies leaving the state. Highest poverty rate in the nation. Living the CA dream is… #PiDay! March 14th represented in numbers is 3.14, which are the first three numbers in the pi constant. Pi i…
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Democrats say single payer will pay for itself. Objective analysis from @sacbee_news says it'll cost at least an ex…'s critical we take strong action to protect all Californians from the threat of natural disasters & climate chan…
Retweeted by CAGOPCalifornia Republican #WomenWhoLead ➡️ Sen. Janet Nguyen believes it’s important for all women to empower one anoth… rule has failed to address CA's soaring housing costs, crumbling infrastructure, and rising poverty level…
New business plan shows High Speed Rail cost more than doubles to $77 billion w/an opening date delayed by at least…
Retweeted by CAGOPNot trying to pick a fight? You've picked 30 of them. Let's focus on fixing California, instead of fighting with th…'s failing High Speed Rail project has more than doubled in cost since it was first approved in 2008. It'…
Retweeted by CAGOPThe California high-speed rail project has gone far off the tracks. According to a new report, the bullet train is…
Retweeted by CAGOPHopefully Sacramento Democrats are paying attention to this ⬇️ #TaxCutsandJobsAct #TaxReform #CantAffordCA
Chairman Brulte denounces political stunt by @JerryBrownGov & @XavierBecerra. #CADeservesBetter
When are we going to hop off this crazy train? Republican #WomenWhoLead ➡️ Senate Leader @SenatorPatBates. California is stronger when women across the…
The 2018 CAGOP Convention is rapidly approaching. It will be held May 4-6, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina… we celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, a day to celebrate and salute all the women who work tirelessly everyda…
Retweeted by CAGOP#FOSTA + Walters Amendment legislation, which passed the House last week, would help end sex trafficking in the U.S…
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"According to Republican state assemblyman @FrankBigelowCA, Sites could have captured more than 586 billion gallons…
Retweeted by CAGOPDemocrats have controlled our state for decades. Here’s what they have to show for it ⬇️ #CADeservesBetter can #KeepThePromise to give Californians with developmental disabilities the services they need without asking t…
Retweeted by CAGOPYesterday I spoke on a panel to @CaliforniaBIA. California has a housing supply crisis & our builders need help in…
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We’re staffing up for victory in 2018 & are currently accepting resumes for positions in Communications, Data, & Po… @CAGOP chairman @JimBrulte stated, "Sean's qualifications, innovative ideas, and commitment to creating jobs & rest…
Retweeted by CAGOPToday my bill AB 1735, to help victims of labor trafficking qualify for a 10 year protective order, passed Asm Publ…
Retweeted by CAGOPNow it makes sense why @NancyPelosi believes $1k bonuses are "crumbs" & "pathetic." #TaxReform Republican #WomenWhoLead ➡️ Asm. Catharine Baker said it best: We need more chicks in politics.…
With high crime, skyrocketing housing costs, crumbling infrastructure and the highest gas prices, Californians have…
Retweeted by CAGOPThe biggest difference between CA & FL is that you can actually afford their “Bay Area.” #CantAffordCA is bigger in Texas...except gas prices.
Retweeted by CAGOPAnother major benefit of #TaxReform: New incentives to grow jobs and opportunity in some of California's poorest n…
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Braving the rain- thanks Southern Region CRs!
Retweeted by CAGOPWe’re out today with the California Republican Party to stop the gas tax and support a repeal on the ballot. @CAGOP
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How much do you need to buy the average home in SF? $1.1M. With skyrocketing housing costs & highest poverty rate i…
For #WomensHistoryMonth, we honor the strength & determination of the women that came before us. Let’s remember the… Jim Brulte: Democrats broke it; they own it. #GasTaxtrophe #CADeservesBetter #CantAffordCA
Pleased to join my colleagues @DrPanMD, @Scott_Wiener, and @Mayor_Steinberg today in a discussion on improving…
Retweeted by CAGOPSen. @ScottWilkCA: State Bureaucrats Stifling Progress On Water Storage. #BuildWaterStorageNow #CADrought #CAWater
Today, the House voted to hold accountable those who knowingly facilitate sex trafficking, and support survivors in…
Retweeted by CAGOPCA Democrats can't even get along -- makes sense they can't govern. Their #CADem2018 convention greatest hits was a…, @TeamUSA, for bringing home 23 medals from the 2018 Winter Olympics! #PyeongChang2018 nations heroes shouldn't have to worry about the cost of their travel to VA buildings, doctors offices, or visi…
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Learn more about the second woman ever to lead a party caucus in the California State Senate:
Retweeted by CAGOPA shortage of workers has led to even more delays in building housing. To help combat the #CAHousingCrisis we must…
Retweeted by CAGOPThank you @JerryBrownGov for signing #AB1270 to improve dam safety in California. #OrovilleDam #NeverAgain
Retweeted by CAGOPTo sum up the #CADem2018 convention in one word: dysfunctional. alert: A day after @CA_Dems fail to endorse @SenFeinstein, they're expected to endorse #MeToo activist…
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100+ came out in Orange County, CA yesterday morning to the @GOP Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) training. 2…
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You didn’t miss too much at #CaDem2018. @GavinNewsom’s list of accomplishments as CA Lieutenant Governor: 1) Runni… @TomSteyer is welcome to rid politics of himself whenever he wants. #CADem2018 LOVE LOVE these amazing young people! The future belongs to you guys.....hang in there! ❤️💖
Retweeted by CAGOPICYMI: Out-of-touch Democrat @SaraJacobsCA bashes her opponent, a marine, in a district that includes Camp Pendleto… calls! 🙌🏽 🇺🇸 #TeamGOP #LeadRight
@CA_Dem Ask @HillaryClinton how much polls matter. #CADem2018With his few accomplishments as mayor of LA, he can give the crowd recommendations on what restaurants to eat at in… Democrats plan to spend all weekend tearing each other apart. @CA_Dem #CADem2018 #BluePuddle2018 years ago today, Marines on Iwo Jima raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi. Semper Fidelis.
Retweeted by CAGOPFor my millennial followers, here's a great recipe for #AvocadoToast: 1) wheat toast 2) crushed avocados 3) salt &…
Retweeted by CAGOPThe AG cannot be trusted to provide impartial info to voters. His description of a new initiative to restore approp…
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There Are Lies.There Are Damned Lies. And There Is This Janz Campaign Tweet. cc: @JanzforCongress looks like the #BlueWave might not make it to the shore 🌊 🙅 wonder low- and middle-income Californians are leaving... 🤔 #CantAffordCA #GasTaxtrophe to @TeamUSA’s women’s hockey team for taking home the gold last night 🥇 🇺🇸
Legislative Republicans scold CA water agency. It's time to #BuildWaterStorageNow