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UC regents admonish UC President Janet Napolitano for approval of interference in state audit
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The recent report exposing the efforts of staff from the Office of the UC to interfere with a state audit and to su…
Retweeted by CAGOPMy constituent from Needles sent me this picture showing the stark contrast between California and Arizona gas pric…
Retweeted by CAGOP$1.7 billion over budget. $35 million emergency fund transfer to continue construction. Top executives dropping lik…
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This is unacceptable. Will Sacramento Democrats get to the bottom of this, or just continue to sweep it under the r…, I introduced bipartisan legislation that will provide financial relief for Californians impacted by the rece…
Retweeted by CAGOPSimilar,but needs work on his form.Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But no…
Retweeted by CAGOPImagine what would happen if we empowered businesses to succeed so they could grow and hire more workers.
Retweeted by CAGOPI’m all for increasing voter participation but the Ballot collection bill will lead to the worst type of voter inti…
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BREAKING → The House just voted 356–70 to give our troops a well-deserved pay raise—their largest increase in 8 yrs…
Retweeted by CAGOPMy prayers are with the innocent victims, their families, and those who are hospitalized from the Tehama Shootings.…
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We can't let such blatant mismanagement slip away. #SubpoenaUCOP is as important today as ever.
Retweeted by CAGOPMercury News re gas tax: "Less than 70% goes to road repairs and maintenance." #CAPolitics #gastaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOP.@vfong says voters deserve the right to weigh in on #gastax. Sacramento #Democrats rammed through the measure, whi…
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Today & everyday we honor those that have served our great nation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.…
Investigations underway as state Sen. Tony Mendoza denies improper conduct with female legislative fellow
Retweeted by CAGOPHappy 242nd Birthday to the #MarinesCorps !
Retweeted by CAGOPNot a surprise: The majority of Californians want to get rid of @CA_Dem's massive new car & gas tax increase.…
A pre-veterans day #TVT honoring World War II Vet John Fitisoff. Thank you for sharing your story of Okinawa with u…
Retweeted by CAGOPVETERANS DAY WEEK HIGHLIGHT: This is Carney - our Operations Manager. He served in Iraq & Afghanistan as a flight e… CA Sen. Tony Mendoza faces allegations that he made unwanted advances on a Senate fellow seeking a job in his…
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Hint: it’s thanks to California Democrats’ new gas tax hike that took effect this week
Retweeted by CAGOPTo honor #VeteransDay the @NatlParkService & @Interior will offer free admission to our National Parks, many of whi…
Retweeted by CAGOP20 veterans die by suicide every day. Our commitment is to end this mental health crisis and this bill is another i…
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“Public Safety Rapidly Becoming a Statewide Concern...” by @vfong & @MarieWaldron75
Retweeted by CAGOPCA has the nation's highest average regular gas price today. You can thank the supermajority in Sac.…
Retweeted by CAGOP.@CAPolitiFact: California now has the highest gas prices in the nation #gastaxtrophe
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May we come together in prayer for those who were affected by this horrific attack at their place of worship.…
Retweeted by CAGOPJust in case you forgot...@JoshNewmanCA is the face of the $52 billion #GasTaxtrophe! #RecallNewman haven't felt the real "pain at the pump yet." Just as Dems planned it. #GasTAXtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPWhat happened to the billions of dollars for roads they've diverted to other purposes? #gastaxtrophe #CAPolitics
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America stands with all of the victims, first responders, and those affected by this heinous crime.
Retweeted by CAGOPThe evil perpetrated in Sutherland Springs is indescribable.
Retweeted by CAGOPA great turnout at the #GasTaxtrophe protest at Huntington Beach Pier. Let's get the Gas Tax repealed!
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#Gastaxtrophe Day #StopTheCarTax
Retweeted by CAGOPProud to join @SFGOP protesting the highest #gastax in the nation. #gastaxtrophe #votegop #sfgop
Retweeted by CAGOPTaxpayers fed up with the Democrats' outrageous 40% hike in gas & vehicle taxes rallied across San Diego County tod…
Retweeted by CAGOPThat’s a good question. Any thoughts, @KenCooley? #GasTaxtrophe @DanaRohrabacher and the @CAGOP @OCGOP stand together for #gastaxtrophe in Huntington Beach to oppose the 19.5 cent…
Retweeted by CAGOPDemocrats can run, but they can’t hide from the #GasTaxtrophe they caused in the 2018 elections! the pups are coming out for #GasTaxtrophe Day! 🐶 little rain didn’t stop Nevada County Reps from protesting the #GasTaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPSay NO to the #GasTaxtrophe let your voice be heard #GasTax #GasTaxtrophe Day! @CAGOP
Retweeted by CAGOPToday is #GasTaxtrophe Day! Taxpayers are protesting throughout the state. It's not too late to join the fight.…
The Supermajority Party hit Californians with a 40% #GasTax hike, and now we stand against this #GasTaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPToday California gas prices are higher than every other state, including Hawaii. Tax hikes have consequences.…
Retweeted by CAGOPDems’ huge new gas tax is breaking our backs! Higher prices at the pump, higher prices for goods. A total #GasTaxtrophe!
Retweeted by CAGOPTomorrow, join YRs from across the state as we protest the Democrats #GasTaxtrophe! #NOgastax
Retweeted by CAGOP.@SenJeffStone says #gastax is a power tax grab by Sacramento #Democrats #Gastaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPLocal activists are protesting the Dems' 40% #GasTax increase tomorrow. Make your voice heard too! #GasTaxtrophe
2017 Dem’s new $52 billion tax increase! Find out ways you can help fight back against this #GasTaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPCome out and help protest the gas tax that was rammed through the California Legislature on November 4th! Let's en…
Retweeted by CAGOPCapitol Dems' new gas tax is breaking our backs! Help us fight the #GasTax & say NO to the #GasTaxtrophe Join us:… one of NINE #GasTaxtrophe rallies against the Democrats' gas/vehicle taxes in San Diego County THIS SATURDAY.…
Retweeted by CAGOPCA families shouldn’t have to pay more for gas because Sacramento keeps mismanaging taxpayer resources #repealit
Retweeted by CAGOPCA families & businesses all over the state are protesting the Dems huge #GasTax increase. Join them! #GasTaxtrophe
California's #SB1 gas tax increases kick-in today and it's time we hold Sacramento Dems accountable! #gastaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPGas prices last night vs. this morning in our district, thanks to the Dems & @JerryBrownGov’s gas tax hike. Taking…
Retweeted by CAGOPGas tax went up $.12/gal today although increases vary by station. #NoGasTax #GasTaxTrophe #CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPWant your voice heard on the Capitol Dems' huge new gas tax increase? Join the growing protests in your community!' $52b gas tax increase starts today. Higher prices at the pump, higher prices for goods. Nothing but a…
Californians beware! Count Taxula is here to warn you, you’re in for quite the fright at the pump tomorrow. #Boo
Retweeted by CAGOPWe have been spooked by the scary Democrat gas tax increase. #GasTaxtrophe
Retweeted by CAGOPWe stand with New York City in the wake of another heinous terrorist attack. Our thoughts & prayers are with all th… every time you fill up, pay an extra 12 cents per gallon. Diesel? 20! Keep paying extra at pump to make u…
Retweeted by CAGOPCostumes won't be the scariest things you'll see in the next 24 hrs. Tmrw, CA will pay more at the pump b/c of the…
Retweeted by CAGOPWant to know what scares us most this #Halloween2017? The Democrats' new $52 billion gas tax that starts tomorrow!… scary thought for today? 🎃 Tomorrow’s #GasTaxtrophe, the #caleg attempt to hide the theft of road funds by burdening Calif families. ⛽️
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Dem’s waste transportation funds, then burden families w/ new 40% gas tax increase. Say no to the #GasTaxtrophe those who say we need to raise taxes to fix our roads I ask: Why didn't any of new revenue go towards roads?…
Retweeted by CAGOPThe biggest gas tax increase in CA history takes effect Nov 1 and will make our state even less affordable for work…
Retweeted by CAGOPI have run a bill FOUR TIMES to provide whistleblower protection. Killed every single year. MM #wesaidenough
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Saturday is National Prescription Drug #DEATakeBack Day from 10 am to 2 pm. Find a drop-off location near you at…
Retweeted by CAGOPCA has highest poverty in nation - Dem's 40% gas tax further increases burden on low-income families #GasTaxtrophe Nov 1, the $52b gas tax hits the pumps. Instead of raising taxes Dems should have remembered…
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Declaration of #opioidcrisis as "public health emergency" is a step in right direction. But more needs to be done:
Retweeted by CAGOP#BreastCancerAwarenessMonth. Early detection saves lives, get checked today.
Retweeted by CAGOPToo many kids in foster care turn 18 without resources to transition into adulthood, leaving them on the streets.…
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