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Have questions or need help? Team Vidak will be out and about holding Mobile Office Hours in June. All the details…
Retweeted by CAGOPState agencies deserve less uncertainty about future #cabudget -- glad to see Gann limit reversal from Gov Brown…
Retweeted by CAGOPAprops passed @ChadMayesCA’s #AB227, putting CA a step closer 2 helping people achieve their dreams.…
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Rent just keeps rising. @TomLackey36's proposal would increase the renters tax credit and help folks afford CA.…
Retweeted by CAGOPThis @ocregister editorial nails it: "Subpoena needed on UC financial deception" -
Retweeted by CAGOPHonored to co-host the 20th annual bipartisan Congressional Women’s Caucus Wreath Laying Ceremony, recognizing all…
Retweeted by CAGOPThe WSJ covered my efforts & the efforts of others to restore campus free speech. MM
Retweeted by CAGOPAs we near the end of Military Appreciation Month, join me in thanking those that put their lives on the line for o…
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We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.
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Our hearts go out to all the families and friends who lost loved ones today. We are keeping you in our prayers. at Dem Convention include: Photo ID wasn't required in voting for CDP Chair which may mean voter fraud. Seriously? #hypocrisy
Retweeted by CAGOPShameful! Pork rolls in for two who provided votes to boost gas taxes – Press Enterprise
Retweeted by CAGOPDems should have joined Ralphie after their General Session last weekend. Disgraceful display of un-American behavi… @RandyVoepel Californians seeing that 400B #SB562 price tag today feeling a bit like:
Retweeted by CAGOPThe collective reaction of everyone learning of the #SB562 cost estimate:
Retweeted by CAGOP😯😯😯 Fiscal analysis of single payer says we'd need $200 BILLION IN ADDITIONAL TAXES PER YEAR ⬇️⬇️⬇️•_•) 🎁 <) )╯ HAPPY / \ \(•_•) ( (> BIRTHDAY / \ (•_•) <) )> @BMaienschein! / \
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#CADEM17 have to bash national Reps, because they brought CA: a budget deficit, millions of children living in poverty, & higher gas taxes.
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We did it! FFA and CTE students your funding has been restored to the budget, congratulations, well done! MM
Retweeted by CAGOPWe did it! Future Farmers of America will be continuing to get their funding! “It’s nice to know our efforts...
Retweeted by CAGOPThese Hemet FFA students have a message for Governor Brown MM
Retweeted by CAGOP❤️ It’s unfortunate when #caleg is getting in the way of helping students in need. #AB1482
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Taxpayers should get a tax rebate from the state for 17/18...but we're betting that some slight of hand will keep t… probably doesn't want the "freeloaders" to get their rightful tax rebate.
Retweeted by CAGOPWatch my speech in support of the Thin Blue Line Act, which allows a jury to consider the death penalty for the mur…
Retweeted by CAGOPProud to participate in this year's Capitol Blood Donation Drive! #Giveblood #caleg
Retweeted by CAGOPIt was an honor to attend the Delano Cinco de Mayo Dinner and recognize Jay Tamsi as the 2017 Grand Marshall!…
Retweeted by CAGOPKeep the #Prop56 promise.
Retweeted by CAGOP.@AsmRocky's ACR 82 to recognize 5/20 as #ArmedForcesDay passed with bipartisan support. #CaLeg
Retweeted by CAGOPEncouraged this program I fought for showing results.VIPER money played key role in massive gang sweep in Merced
Retweeted by CAGOP.@LATimesSkelton is right - Gov. stiffed doctors, dentists by not increasing provider fees w/ new tobacco tax $.
Retweeted by CAGOPGovernor Brown lied. And stiffed Californians. Again. MM
Retweeted by CAGOPWe fought in 2014, we will fight again! CTE programs like FFA provide real-world knowledge and skills! #SaveFFA
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175 million in hidden funds + tuition increases + tampering with the audit = #SubpoenaUCOP #CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOPStudents, faculty and taxpayers deserve answers. Only way to get to the bottom of UC's secret fund is to…
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Prosecuting an 86-year-old widow, while ignoring the shenanigans over at the UCOP, hard to understand @AGBecerra pr…
Retweeted by CAGOP.@asmMelendez is spot-on. AG Becerra needs to stop chasing butterflies & focus on CA's rising violent crime. #CaLeg
Retweeted by CAGOPDespite "blocking" from Gov. Brown's team, our campaign team and volunteers are getting the signatures!…
Retweeted by CAGOPRead @MarcSteinorth’s op-ed in the @ivdailybulletin on how the gas tax will impact middle class Californians
Retweeted by CAGOPEvery child in CA deserves access to a quality education regardless of zip code, socioeconomic status or personal b…
Retweeted by CAGOPWant to see @chadmayesca talk housing? Tune in shortly to for the live feed.
Retweeted by CAGOP.@ChadMayesCA: (addressing affordable housing) We don't have enough housing in Ca we have a supply problem. #CaHousingCrisis
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Watch LIVE as @POTUS delivers remarks at the 36th annual #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay Service:
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Military spouses take care of the house, kids, bills & everything in btwn while their soulmate is deployed. MM…
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SLO Tribune: bad call. It will only further divide Californians along party lines. We urge @AGBecerra to reconsider.
Retweeted by CAGOPCapitol Dems convince folks their tax $$ fund popular programs, but $$ is actually diverted to pet projects.…
Retweeted by CAGOPWhen will the elected leaders in California acknowledge that this state needs reform? #MayRevise #CABudget
Retweeted by CAGOPWe're going live shortly with statements from @JayObernolte and @ChadMayesCA on the #CABudget #MayRevise. Tune in
Retweeted by CAGOP.@AssemblyGOP understands there are budget uncertainties, but we will fight to solve problems that affect ordinary…
Retweeted by CAGOP @kdeleon is also pursuing an indefinite contract w/corrupt ex-AG Eric Holder. 1 yr w/Holder will cost taxpayers ⬆️…
Thank you @TomLackey36 & @CalChiefs for the drugged driving demonstration to educate CA on how 2 keep dangerous dri…
Retweeted by CAGOPCongrats @KevinKileyCA & his sidekick "Frog the Bounty Hunter" for hopping your way into victory at the annual…
Retweeted by CAGOPToday's Legislature: One Dem bill makes it more difficult for those under 18 to marry because immature. Another lowers voting age to 17
Retweeted by CAGOPAfter UC audit findings, recent tuition increases should be reversed. #caleg #KeepCollegeAffordable @mtdemocratnews
Retweeted by CAGOPUC president’s budget scandal should not be swept under the rug
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@Rendon63rd won't issue subpoena "at this time" for docs related to UC audit. Guess hiding millions & simultaneousl… AG punts on probe over allegations against UC President Napolitano --> too many CA families, it is not affordable to live and work here anymore. Affordability should be top issue we…
Retweeted by CAGOPUC may have broken law when it interfered with audit. Subpoena UC, find truth our students demand.…
Retweeted by CAGOPStudents and teachers could both benefit from the amendment to #repealthecap Sad that CA Democrats are so short sig… and their spending habits are the #1 reason we can't have nice things. the Democrats want to spend $$$$$ to keep corrupt ex-AG Eric Holder...and CA's AG budget is already $858 milli… @kdeleon plans "move forward" to keep corrupt ex-AG Eric Holder indefinitely. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ #NationalTeachersDay! Thank you teachers for all the hard & valuable work you do to shape the minds of the next…
Retweeted by CAGOPLess than a year before raising tuition and making higher ed less affordable, UCOP spent nearly $40k on fancy parti…
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The ‘Classroom Protection Amendment’ allows local districts to save responsibly.
Retweeted by CAGOP27 Central Valley laborers are out of work bc the state insists on passing regs w/ no concern for real-world impacts
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#FactCheck: Those "morally repugnant" & "un-American" singers you felt the need to call out were Democrats, not Rep… from Valadao and Denham... right back at ya, Gov. Brown.
Retweeted by CAGOPCA's Dem-led leg does similar. Ex: Ignoring #Prop54 where CA voters demanded ⬆️ transparency #hypocrites feel your pain here in Sacramento Senator. I must have missed your outrage when the same happens here.
Retweeted by CAGOPIf Sites Reservoir had been built it could have captured enough #cawater to fill it, this year alone! #sacvalley
Retweeted by CAGOProses are red violets are blue if you love star wars may the fourth be with you
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At @CAREALTORS panel on housing, @CBakerAD16 says state needs comprehensive CEQA reform. Met with huge applause, hoots, hollers of support
Retweeted by CAGOPSpot on from @AssemblyGOP housing lead. Words matter. #CADeservesBetter
Retweeted by CAGOP.@CBakerAD16 Only way to determine if UCOP broke the law is to subpoena records and conduct forensic audit. Read ou…
Retweeted by CAGOPFact: housing growth isn't keeping up with population growth. This drives up prices and makes California unaffordab…
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We are calling on #CaLeg to appoint independent forensic auditor to study UC and determine if any laws were broken. #CADeservesBetter (2)
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