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CU-Boulder is a member of the Association of American Universities, an elite group of 62 research universities.
There is a club for everybody at CU-Boulder! Check out for more information. #BoulderBound story behind the name of @CU_UMC's Alferd Packer Grill. to get involved in a student org on campus? Check out for a full list of orgs we have, or start your own!Diversity, learning and student success shine in summer pre-collegiate programs. things to do this summer:, learning and student success shine in @ODECE_CU summer pre-collegiate programs.
It's 30 days until classes! Follow us here for info, tips and resources so you can start strong! #BoulderBound @PeterMcGraw Cool. Check out the @mycuboulder visit page - you read the most recent @CUBoulderAlumni Coloradan Magazine? #ForeverBuffs
How do you find the resources you need on campus? Journey Leader Courtney can help. can we learn from social media when it comes to disasters? leader among trees! Check out this week's spotlight on FM arborist Vince Aquino @cuboulder
Retweeted by CU-BoulderGet to know Lori Bergen, Dean of @CUBoulderCMCI. to @cutriteam athlete Timmy Winslow who was recently featured in @usatriathlon magazine! #ActiveBuffs
Retweeted by CU-BoulderBobby Braun named new dean of @CUEngineering and applied science. A look at @foxtheatreco in #Boulder and its former life as the Buff Cafeteria
Retweeted by CU-BoulderOur state economy in mostly positive territory, as expected. your CU pride on the road with @CUBoulderAlumni license plates! Draper: Making costumes for @COShakes.
Opus Beethoven: Grammy-winning Takács Quartet likes a challenge. #ForeverBuffs wisdom earns top @CUSystem Innovation and Efficiency Award for 2016. summers just can't be beat. @CUBoulder
Retweeted by CU-BoulderThe @CUBoulder UMC Bike Station has moved! Visit at its new location on the southwest corner of the UMC by Hellems.
Retweeted by CU-BoulderWondering how and when financial aid will show up on the Fall tuition & fee bill? Watch our video to see:, take in the myths & legends of #TheComedyOfErrors under the stars...and a #fullmoon!
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Finding student resources on campus - we can help. @franzenchad it's true! Thanks for sharing your pic, Chad.East campus of @CUBoulder looks good tonight.
Retweeted by CU-Boulder.@deadandcompany's righteous show at @CUBoulder paves way for more @Folsom_Events. Story:
Retweeted by CU-BoulderWhat does a smell look like? John Crimaldi of @CUEngineering is finding out. grad student Kari Santos leads a "Girls on FIre Computer Science Bootcamp” for middle schoolers.
Retweeted by CU-Boulder.@ODECE_CU's summer pre-college programs draw diverse middle & high schoolers to #CUBoulder.
Retweeted by CU-Boulder#CUBoulder working to serve LGBT international students via @SarahKuta
Retweeted by CU-Boulder @its_courtcourt we can't wait to have you on campus!The @CU_UMC bike station has moved! You can now find it near the Dalton Trumbo Fountain. #BeBoulder Hunter Ewen and the iPad Quintet. photographed, always inspiring: The Flatirons. Photo by boulderphotography on Instagram.
Retweeted by CU-BoulderOur @CUBoulderAlumni report high satisfaction, earnings in systemwide survey #ForeverBuffsMany thanks to Dr. Fiez and her colleagues for a lively, valuable discussion about @AllThingsResearch! @CUBoulder
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Biochemist & @CUBoulderAlumni leads center where students find tutoring, sense of community. @BrionGeorges Cynthia is part of the the @COShakes costume dept!Fall 2016 tuition & fee payment plans are available in MyCUInfo. Enroll today: are a foundation for costume maker’s business. @Rodriguez77 welcome to campus, Miguel! We hope you and your son enjoy your visit.Hardware developed by #CUBoulder headed for International Space Station via @mitchellbyars
Retweeted by CU-BoulderMissed @CUBoulder's Terri Fiez at #AllThingsResearch 2016? Then check out the link below:
Retweeted by CU-BoulderEnroll in an interest-free payment plan for fall tuition and fees in MyCUInfo - reconnaissance: Learning from a disaster.
.@CUEngineering's Ronggui Yang to serve as associate editor of two scientific journals: awarded @FulbrightPrgrm grants: #Fulbright
Studying natural gas leakage in the Denver-Julesburg Basin: @cu_video nice work, Buffs!CU Video wins an Emmy! Sports Program Series category!
Retweeted by CU-Boulder'All the World's a Page: Shakespeare and the Book Arts' family workshop 7/23. update: Initial work begins for new CASE building atop Euclid Autopark. you played #PokemonGO on campus? Commencement: Planning ahead for May 2017. #ForeverBuffs @CSCKate @PhETsims we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Awesome video, Kate!Who do you think will splash away the competition come September? #WeWantTheBuffsToWin @CSUCamtheRam
Retweeted by CU-Boulder#Boulder ranked 4th healthiest city. More than 90% of residents are physically active:
Retweeted by CU-Boulder.@Pac12 pick: We are one of four universities to research student-athlete wellness. #GoBuffs
Pokémon Go at CU: Have fun, be safe! #PokemonGo Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Patricia Rankin to return to Physics faculty. data of disasters: the heat and head indoors to hear a research talk. Check out our weekly schedule #CU_RC #CUBoulder #HPC #Events
Retweeted by CU-BoulderIt's going to be a beautiful weekend in Boulder. Grab a friend, get outside and explore our backyard! a mitochondrial mystery: @iK5M we miss you too! Awesome photos. @ErinMeador we offer PhD degrees in five program areas. Let us know if you have questions, Erin! to all those who took alternate transportation to work today -- tube, bike or bus. Happy Tube to Work Day!
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Class of 2020: Find your community on campus, we can help. #BoulderBound @dianearonov she's awesome! @CUBuffsRalphie - what is Ralphie up to this summer?Staff Council Spotlight: Alan Cooley, sheet metal worker and @CUBuffs super fan! #GoBuffs YOU to @CUBoulderAlumni, @UCCSAlumni, @CUDenverAlumni who took our survey & good news for ALL our CU family!
Retweeted by CU-Boulder @Cthulhu0fficial we're so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos.The LEGO installation of the CU Boulder campus is a must-see, even if you're not a LEGO fan.
Retweeted by CU-BoulderCorsets are a foundation for costume maker’s business. canopy with lead campus arborist Vince Aquino. more about the Baseline Underpass Project, which is currently under construction
Retweeted by CU-BoulderIt's a spectacular morning on campus. Make it a great day, Buffs!
Back to the future: High schoolers get hands-on experience on campus. natural gas leakage in Colorado's Denver-Julesburg Basin. @ArnoldEllis_ @dailycamera the survey had over 100,000 pieces of data. It has taken several months to complete the secondary analyses. 2/2 @ArnoldEllis_ @dailycamera We released the findings in 2 phases (Feb & July) in order to share the results as soon as available. 1/2 @bigbroncosfan thanks, Daniel! Beautiful photo - thanks for sharing it with us. #GoBuffsThe @CUBoulder campus is gorgeous. I never get sick of it am am proud it is my hometown school. #GoBuffs
Retweeted by CU-BoulderFive students, one alternate tapped for @FulbrightPrgrm. @CUBoulder study examines the occurrence rate of #groundwater methane in Colorado's Denver-Julesburg Basin
Retweeted by CU-BoulderJust a reminder that we will be training at @CUBoulderLiving Will Vill North today. Officers & vehicles but no traffic impacts. #CUBoulder
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Playing #PokemonGo? Have fun and be sure to watch where you’re walking while on and around campus! DiStefano: Phase II results of #CUBoulder sexual misconduct survey inform our training efforts. during team meeting at Biotech building @CUBoulder #lovemyjob #Boulder #TuesdayMotivation
Retweeted by CU-BoulderNever know what you'll find in the Norlin library stacks #cuboulder #pokemongo
Retweeted by CU-BoulderAre you playing #PokemonGo? There are Poké Stops all over campus and plenty of players roaming around! Community conversations about recent events in Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge and St. Paul 12-1 and 5-6:30 @CU_UMC Aspen Rooms.
Milky Way now hidden from one-third of humanity. @sarah713rose this is the best! Did you find @CUBuffsRalphie on campus?Go Buffs! @CUBoulder
Retweeted by CU-BoulderEnroll in an interest-free payment plan for fall tuition and fees in MyCUInfo -