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Look at tom braby so deflated
What you remember that time next week when we went to Baylor and beat them back into the 90's I doYou need someone to do Oklahoma steak a solid call the big twelve what you serious you we will hey stoop I know we've had our differences but it is an honor sharing this big 12 championship with youLike I've always said some schools are football schools some are basketball schools we are a volleyball school remember that time I said this I do Aggies you saved les miles job so you can continue never beating LSUOklahoma steak should not worry the refs have plenty of time to win them the gameBecause they are stupid and they suck glow if you have a black light got those Aggies tacklingAnd mock turtlenecks don't forget those was not a cookie cake that was a vomit cake covered in vomit shaped like vomit against us did he commit to do what pack of velociraptors baker mayfly was a qb he was a drifter
.@CoachJim4UM did urban give you his personal pan pizza.@CoachJim4UM it's okay we would have lost to Ohio steak too I mean probably not as bad but almost definitely we lose that game so chin upWhat time does a and m save les miles jobChristians are people not trees get your facts straight hey you need to unblock me so we can go sliding together after you give birth to your babies of courseAre you serious've been hoisted two times so Baylor remember that time five seconds ago when you realized you will always be baylorI guess this means god is a christian not a baptistHey I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that and you can pretend I didn't crush your ribcage with a roundhouse you know a good midwife he needs one still thinking about those yamsYou wouldn't ask me that unless you thought I was a god wait a minute am I a god bad you guys remember that time six hours from now when this game was called a tie after nine overtimes I don't because I stopped watchingSanta clause rollin around on Xmas eve handing out Lexuses to rich peopleI am on my way to the Amazon where I am told they have all sorts of gifts would tell them that there is more to life than basketball What are we talking about bet these teams wished they had offense like ours.@CoachSumlin has LSU called you yetBaylor do you remember that time one second ago when that thing happenedYou mean wear purple yes it is disgusting's karma for not being on bed rest Gary PatternsonThat's karma for all the rape art brile.@TCUCoachP are you going to keep the placentaGary Patternson how long do twins take to gestateI think they should both just play in the lightning
.@TTUKingsbury next year in lubbocks we'll come out in the victory celebration and take an actual knee to your faceHave you found a house in why am I a jerk land list what are those aliens is not relevant what are your qualifications short list list list are a passable Michael from godfather at best Pass list🔪 that real list list list class can I sign up list doesn't have ports Pass's hockey list list clue what this means WarMan list sounds smart out a way to do this in real life and you're hired list list that game suspend rapists that's crazy list made a tecmo bowl 3 are u serious u know anything else or is this it you're just making up imaginary people play 11 on 11 Pass you're from the future okay right u serious sounds legit has Shawn Watson pass am now taking offensive coordinator applications through Twitter send your application tweetWhy would I do that I could just ask him offensive coordinatorNo I want to run it up on them was right here zack I don't know you joking bc this would be great am waiting to hear back from the Aggies on this on you I don't know how to play chutes and ladders
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