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Sell custom videos and clips at! High payouts and withdraw your earnings whenever YOU choose! #customvideos #fetish

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@Gymkid13 @LeviBabestation There you go!@Customs4U would like to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving with friends and family!New @Customs4U contest! Win credits for custom vids from real stars! Play here:!)
Retweeted by Customs4U.comHere you go people!
@MissFoxx_FD No problem! ;-) Happy tweeting! @MissFoxx_FD Hi Jared, if the clip isn't delivered on the due date your credits go back to your account.
And we <3 that view!'mon guys, you know you want to treat yourselves! ;-) does some really great overall! Check her out
Any time! Happy you're happy! Faster delivery incurs extra charges: 1 week = +100 Credits; 2 days = +150 Credits; 24 hours = + 200 Credits.@SploogeBob You can chose a two week delivery for no extra cost or, opt for faster delivery times.
And we're back. Our apologies for any inconvenience our downtime caused!To those accessing the site, we are having some temporary technical difficulties. Thank you for your patience!
Congrats to you guys! @delivery_code is an awesome #wishlist service! we have and someone will be getting back to you ASAP to answer your question. All the best! //ToC
@lancehartfetish $320!Setting up a new account with @Customs4U today, hope it's a good site!
Retweeted by @Customs4U they love that #cameltoe
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Inquiring minds wanna know! ;-)
@misspicas Hi, please email and they will get back to you within 48 hours. @C4USupport
Who's funding my mall trip? Tribute to @Customs4U @RTpig @womenruleonly @underdeskloser @RtCuck #Findom #Goddess ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’ต
Retweeted by We're so glad you like it! ;-)Good news @clipdrone users! It's back up and running for all your video upload needs @Customs4U! @chatloulou ! Could you please follow @Customs4U really quickly so you can DM me the email you're registered with so I can help you? Thx!
@HannahMac73 We're replying straight away.
@Love_Lady_Nina @Customs4U getting it all set up now with the lovely Nina watch this space guys ๐Ÿ˜‰
Retweeted by Customs4U.comGetting @HannahMac73 set up on @Customs4U ๐Ÿ˜ her fans will be pleased to know!!! #sexybitch
Retweeted by Customs4U.comBook it gentlemen! @C4USupport Sure. We're going to add BBW as an option.@Christina_Sofia @C4USupport Hi, at the moment we have these options for build...
@MelancholyMoe Hello, we are currently migrating all of the videos over from the old server and the clips should be up asap. thank you.
@melanthedivine Hello, we have disabled the feature for now but are working on a brand new system! :-)@Customs4U thanks for the DMs and sorting my problem, great customer support!!
Retweeted by It is, thank you for keeping an eye out for us. ;-)@knoxion We're working on it!@knoxion It's back, we apologize for the hiccup!@JeromeMorrow4 Hey, sent a DM since it's a big longer answer. Thanks!@chtucker18 @MichelleMoist If you do the custom through @Customs4U, you can send details through our customs messaging system.@thefootlad We are looking in to it, could you please email with your problems?
@timmkdons ;-)@misshlovescash Replied via DM.@The_Charlie_Z If you give me just a minute, I'll DM it over to you@The_Charlie_Z Username is your email and then your normal pass. Let me know if you're not sure of your email and I'll DM it to you.@CCs_Home_Pornos Hi Claes, the payout on custom videos is 70%. There is no longer a mark-up added to your prices.
@EroticVimana It is :) But will be a menu option very shortly! C4U@EroticVimana Thank you! Sure, just click the Performers tab and you will find the Search buttonIf something is missing, please give it 24 hours and then contact, we are still synchronizing data.@ShawnaLeneeShow We just went live with our new site and information is still syncing over. Please give it 24 hours then mail support.@GoddessCandika It is gone for now, but we're working on a replacement solution for it.Guess what! The new site is LIVE!! Keep in mind it's not 100% yet, so please be patient.@CityXXXFan We are still syncing information from the old account to the new, so there may be some missing videos.@sophiasmithuk Where are you when trying to click tags?@sophiasmithuk We are looking in to this.@CamDiva Cheers! We're getting close. Running through some final testing.Please keep in mind, when we do unveil the site, we've tested it, but not in a live environment, so if you see any bugs, let us know!@monavela_peeps We know! It'll be up again soon! New and improved, faster, better, stronger, pinker!@SATANICROXSTARR As long as it fondable, right?@sophiasmithuk Trust me, we're equally anxious to show it off and let you guys loose on it!@SATANICROXSTARR But we're not ready for you! Patience young padawan.@SATANICROXSTARR It will, you'll even be able to log in and set a profile picture for yourself!We have implemented a credit system on the new site, this means added financial security for both models and customers!@SATANICROXSTARR Let's hope that she delivers then!@SATANICROXSTARR I think you'll be pleased when you see the new site, lets face it, it cant be worse than what we had. ๐Ÿ˜‰Just a few more hours left now until we unveil the brand new @Customs4U site!@SATANICROXSTARR I'll drink to that! Cheers!@SATANICROXSTARR You're a grown ass man, do what you want, but dont come crying when you accidentally tweet your mother some porn. ๐Ÿ˜›#FF @OhyeahBabes @lucy_camswell @The_Charlie_Z @MrSamClarkson @YorkMilf @CamGirlsUK @MissIrishDiva @poccaxx75 @Customs4U @CLEOSUMMERSXXX
Retweeted by You will have a clear overview of gross and net sums on all transactions!What would you like to see on the new site? Let us know and if it's not there, we might add it!Please note that the models in the screenshot are not real. it's personal preference. Personally, we believe downloads are far more popular, but we believe in giving the choice.Both members and models will have accounts where they can track what they have done on the brand new @Customs4U site!Latest news! Read all about it! top lists manually with yesterdays information, thank god this will be automated in the future!@Princess_lyne Forgot to tell you, you'll be able to turn off downloads so that people can only stream your content, if you want to.@sexycrystal_c Once it's live you'll find that you have more things to set up, such as a bio block where you can tell people who you are!The site is down, now begins the long hard work on moving over to the new site, this will be done in approximately 8 to 10 hours.@sexycrystal_c It's being replaced with a new and improved version!The site is about to go down in a couple of minutes, wrap it up folks!Curious about what to expect when we launch the new site? Read all about it here: See, that's kind of reaction we're hoping for with this new site! :)@timmkdons I got your email and I've made sure that our Customer Service deals with it, expect an answer shortly.@Princess_lyne They will be able to stream it from their account and download it as many times as they like.@Princess_lyne Customers will be able to access videos they've bought from their member accounts. No one time download.Once the old site goes down we will be looking at approximately 8-10 hours until the new site comes online.@christyberrie This is part of why it's been delayed, all information will be moved over from the old to the new site.@timmkdons Could you send it to please.New site alert! The current @Customs4U will go down in just over an hour! So wrap up what you're doing. :)@timmkdons email addresses and staff will remain the same. So you should have a response if you've sent an email.Countdown has started! Customs4U will be brought down within 2 hours. So make sure to wrap up anything that you are doing!If you are currently online for phone calls, please keep an eye on twitter, we will alert you as to what time the site will go down.
@samsubLondon Shoot an email over to with your order number and they'll help you out.In less than 12 hours we bid farewell to the old @Customs4U and start the process of putting the new and improved version online!@b2ruffxxx @C4USupport Let us know if the money doesn't come in after the stated time. //Anders@xJessikaLexi Super exciting! We cant wait to show you what we have!The schedule as it stands: 8 am Amsterdam time Friday the 6th the current site will be put to sleep, and then we'll bring the new one up.We have chained down the programmers and are currently whipping them to work faster on getting the brand new @Customs4U site up and running!
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