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6/12/2019DMS Please don't re-elect him in 2020, my stomach can't take any more alcohol, this game is turning me i…
@RonSupportsYou We know the outcome of impeachment in the house if the senate does not go along. We know this senat… @RonSupportsYou "After his impeachment proceedings in 1998 and 1999, Clinton's rating reached its highest point at…
Congrads all the way around..... @OneLegSandpiper @J_Loaf @LarryStCroix 🥂
6/4/2019DMS I concur... @RonSupportsYou Only Trump would confuse jeering with adulation...6/4/2019DMS Thank you freespeechtv @OneLegSandpiper @J_Loaf @LarryStCroix *hangs medal around neck AND nearby tree, 😜-Larry gets to kick the chair I'm…
@YourKetoDiet 6/3/2019DMS No Thanks!6/2/2019DMS Thanks RBruce
6/1/2019DMS Beautiful pic and message... Thank you!
@CaseyPregent1 I really like this post.6/1/2019DMS Thanks, passing it on... via RT Thanks Alan Good Catch Ani Sangye... @MrDane1982 @MrWeeks1982 @MrDane1982 And MrDanes' new account is ??? @DMansini @andrewkurtser @richardbredon @IsonhoodJ @sgtwheels @TrumpEpicFail @murfholf @GoodOleBoys_ @MarkToney #FF @andrewkurtser OR @richardbredon OR @DMansini OR @IsonhoodJ OR @sgtwheels OR @TrumpEpicFail OR @murfholf @Combatsailor @subsalr @cdjinteriors @missb62 @DianeGrossRE @Windhorse_1 @Elainey0007 @VioletaQSmith @FloraConley12 @Combatsailor @subsalr @cdjinteriors @missb62 @DianeGrossRE @Windhorse_1 @Elainey0007 @VioletaQSmith @FloraConley12 @Combatsailor @subsalr @cdjinteriors @missb62 @DianeGrossRE @Windhorse_1 @Elainey0007 @VioletaQSmith @FloraConley12
@omi66 @byrnin @cbn2 @KMers @mikeboudreau @AtheistMission @shaftofpower @carolerae @Systems_Thinkin @dansden @subsalr I can believe that.... <<grin>> @subsalr Been reading your tweets all morning - really enjoy them.cont. #FF @subsalr OR @cdjinteriors OR @missb62 OR @DianeGrossRE OR @Windhorse_1 OR @Elainey0007 OR @VioletaQSmith -KathyVullis... #FF @KathyVullis OR @patprose OR @sweetsmithie01 OR @Husky2525 OR @FestiveWarChild OR @marthaevapearl OR… That's our pres... Thank you Andrew... Good to know... Thanks subsalr That would be like me praying to the Devil to destroy Christians... Nevermind, I think he already is... adjust -Shay221608 -_atanas_ -imgntnWrld -sunguysgh275/31/2019DMS I've pondered that question myself... his lifestyle reeks of kickbacks & quid pro quo. @TKinMB Back atcha! #FF @RealBuzMartin OR @Al_Solzhenitsyn OR @sunguysgh27 OR @SM00Z OR @raysipe OR @psychdr100 OR @NoudaliAldo O… #FF @menjicm OR @sw19_womble OR @oneconnelly1 OR @onlykellyclark OR @AnooshMCL OR @thefigensezgin OR… #FF @TKinMB OR @graceful2018 OR @Judyjetson209 OR @IainLJBrown OR @Im_TheAntiTrump OR @SharonKyle00 OR… #FF @RbrucegrpR OR @BlackHalt OR @rainperry OR @Franktheshank88 OR @ZehraNYC OR @brownbomber24 OR… @missb62 Your RTs are gold
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5/30/2019DMS Thank you for retweeting this @missb62, I would have missed it. #FF @rockermom53 OR @extradiagetic OR @FearlessOphelia OR @TheAlphawomanTT OR @Typewriterse OR… #FF @Plantpsycho OR @MLAlexion OR @TheMMeltdown OR @TheStaukBox OR @sdwsco OR @linksteroh OR @ambassadorbrief @TrellfromBmore @gailendavid @fxp123 @MSNBC Oh hell Gailen, he can HAVE my ticket... no charge! Consider it my gift… 1st I had heard of it... so.... google searched @CaseyPregent1 @SpeakerPelosi @RepKendraHorn I'm at impeachment as a last resort... there are just soooooo many thi… @OneLegSandpiper Had to look him up via google @maggie_brown67 EXACTALLY ... God can't take credit for all the good in me and blame me for all the bad... He/She/I… @maggie_brown67 Explaination, on my timeline your r u there question came right after reading your WOW statement.… @KrisL1026 @Sarah_SKG_1983 @grinningbamE @KellyannePolls She absolutely DID say She absolutely did say it. Glad you found the clip @maggie_brown67 Mistaken Idenity? Maybe, they think the're god... and they are letting you know they are there for… Thank you Algernon for pointing that out... @cocoajohnston @HowardA_Esq @Helenhs @itz_tera Helenhs thru epictioniweiss *Happy Dance* @fxp123 Good grief! She shouldn't have a right to carry under any circumstances. @LANavarro7 @carogonza @Helenhs @hannahdelight Responsibility, It's not their fault... God ordained it! Those who… @maggie_brown67 Welcome... Maggie @ohiomail welcome....😀 @KrisL1026 @Sarah_SKG_1983 @grinningbamE @KellyannePolls Interesting.. Kristine, did kellyanne really say that? @Sarah_SKG_1983 OR @EjazGujjar55 OR @fxp123 OR @caseyPregent1 OR @NadelParis OR @malavai00x OR @cwaynemc OR… @Helenhs OR @Kaiya1212 OR @maggie_brown67 OR @bcbnyc1 OR @khankiso OR @azannaphx OR @BEVHOWARD40 OR @Ohiomail OR… Using my page I am welcoming all my new followers and some of my more recent o… @RonSupportsYou 😇 @dylanbrody You have to hear something three times before you remember it... That is why "there is no collusion, no… Thank you Ron Thank you Jenna @CjWalke19139700 Love it, but cannot figure out if it was photoshopped. Think it just about has to be. 🙃5/30/2019DMS Thank you RBruce Thank you TK @CjWalke19139700 @HappyGiraffe64 Must just be your end glitchy .
@OneLegSandpiper That that mean there is hope for the Republican species... ...….naaa, probably not.
5/28/2019DMS Interesting, I went from why would they do that (?) to ok, that's why.... …….It sounds like they will… .@LaraeKHughes1 Beautiful pic's - Thank you! @LauraBergerol I've got two cats and a chihuahua with an over bite... not a chewer. Just thinks she is smaller than… @LauraBergerol Just to be on the safe side, might get him his own remote... that is probably on his to do chew list. 😀5/28/2019DMS No brainer, get him his very own paper fan, plastic bag, and hairbrush... he obviously like them... <… Good catch! Interesting group to check in on... occasionally 5/28/2019DMS @LindsayGrahamSC4 OR @GOP OR @SenMajLdr OR @SenatorCollins OR @PressSec OR @SecretaryPerry OR @SecretaryCarson O…
5/27/2019DMS Thanks for the likes buds.... Hoping you are having a great day.5/27/2019DMS Your idea gets a definite second from me... That would be a channel worth watching. @Joy__Hart I'd do it but I'm already following you so it wouldn't count.... ❤️
@LegalizeitLala 5/25/2019DMS I'm woke, I'm woke, I'm woke! Never smoked pot, have no need to now... but recognize the truth when I see it!5/25/2019DMS Good to know... thanks Oh my gosh, I haven't thought about putting out milk bottles in 60-70 years. Thanks for the memories. @LBui0615 @BEVHOWARD40 @Franktheshank88 Second BEV's comment - Once is "disgusting" enough...Night All... @filmystic OR @bcbnyc1 OR @Sarah_SKG_1983 OR @fxp123 OR @Darcy_M -filter:retweets 5/25/2… @TheStaukBox OR @baedorothyhow OR @Franktheshank88 @TheMMeltdown OR @sianoresist OR @ambassadorbrief OR…
@innermostinn @RVnGrammy @Hoptoad4 @jilloatmeal @hoomie24 @5wa @bmangh @RipleyInCT @BetoMetroDos @EuroPleasureMac S… @CaseyPregent1 @RealMuckmaker Actually, I'm afraid of heights so wouldn't be anywhere near him.... makes me dizzy just looking at the pic.😨 @RocketNina66 Interesting read, Thanks! @RocketNina66 I'm just learning about interesting ways to use the Twitter search bar. The -filter:retweets lets m… for the retweet... Have a wonderful weekend...5/24/2019DMS Wishing you all a pleasant weekend. have a great weekend buds.