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2020 candidates, I think she means it! @davidmackau You are an artist, you've found your medium. You mustn't quit, this should become your lifetime calli… @_RubenLopezJr BS! @kd5118 @Gram_Kat but FUCK isn't one of those things... @expatina @hooven08 so did I... @anders_stacey Looks delicious- Good job Jayden!Ok Here goes the first of several giveaways today My #BlueWave 4” vinyl stickers (featuring my drawing) are in!…
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@GottaLaff Of course, it is obvious he manipulated the market for his personal gain. It's in his DNA.'m missing you guys ..
Retweeted by DarcyI miss the days when the biggest presidential scandal was that time Obama wore a tan suit
Retweeted by Darcy"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..."
Retweeted by DarcyI appreciate retweets that bring back good memories of politicians. @ShiraOvide @DelRey Another, if you want to read the rest of the story get a subscription ad for the Wall Street Journal.
@RonSupportsYou Truthfulness is not a virtue with Faux - Their "Jesus" and "the chosen one" will sort that out. Se… @CaseyNewton Special Offer: Try out The Information today for only $10/month for your firs… @dylanbrody no end in sight...
@CNN @stone_circle I believe you nailed it! @RonSupportsYou They keep splitting their distance by half until there is no more... (by that reasoning they will a… @davidmackau He's buying that 'C street' 'Jesus' shit! @anders_stacey One needs to consider the source - @owillis Love them, love them, love them. Thanks for the pleasant reminder... @RealBuzMartin OMG - I had forgot about the DJT news channel. Certainly don't want to be reminded or have any part in amplifying it.The Amazon rainforest, the most important ecosystem on earth, has been burning for THREE weeks now. It is insane ho…
Retweeted by Darcy @OneLegSandpiper @extradiagetic Well, she did say it was "really" "really" fast... maybe it just flittered off the page... @Soxwriter @Twitter The likes are from someone I follow most of the time but the person making the post twitter put… @Soxwriter I want @TWITTER to stop throwing other peoples 'LIKES' in my timeline. Their likes really isn't my business!
@mimi2Pace No amount of Obama bashing will change my love for the Obama family. No amount of Trump bashing will c… @stevesilberman interesting read @RustyBertrand @dylanbrody I had to look it up... A gas giant is a giant planet composed mainly of hydrog… haven't read it yet, but if @CaseyNewton wrote it - I will!
@RustyBertrand I sure see why picture quality is important to you. They are beautiful pics. @RustyBertrand Were those retrieved from the archives? @RustyBertrand << I don't get to see pics because I am not logged in. They crawled your sit… @RustyBertrand What was your handle on Flickr, I'm curious whether they are recoverable. @RustyBertrand @RustyBertrand Highly recommend you watch it... Netflix "The Family" about C street, @RustyBertrand Listing to the interview now... Added for more information. Having just wa… @RustyBertrand <GOOD LUCK> @RustyBertrand you should be able to go back to specific dates and see snapshots of Flickr… @RustyBertrand sure, I'd love to hear it! @RustyBertrand I'm been computer savvy from it's beginning but let the cloud rain on my parade and withdrew for a few years now. @RustyBertrand I think this is a new thing that may prove useful for private business type and personal needs. @RustyBertrand Sorry to hear about FB jail... I don't have a fb account yet either. I'm an 81 yr old social media… @RustyBertrand I just learned about Dropbox - had occasion to use it for a better quality pic I wanted and was amaz… @RustyBertrand Nice! I don't have an Instagram account; should I? @ebpersons I just went to tools button and deselected the trends for you and Susan Sarandon disappeared - suits me fine... Here's wishing him much success in his newest venture. He may yet prove to have been an im…, I have dish and dish no longer carries HBO so I miss and miss John Oliver.😀😜 @marcoviewfinder Nice meeting you... @marcoviewfinder No English on your bio so ferreting out anything worthwhile wasn't easy. Good luck on your Twitter experience.This is infuriating! Twitters leading me like a sheep to what it THINKS I'm interested in instead of letting me de… a bot post (one follower) but it did lead me to an interesting article via looking up Photojournalism fro…
I'll drink to that! 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍹🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 @MorganABeaudry @leahmcelrath @owillis humn… Kind of like todays Social Media, you become much like what you choos… @owillis @leahmcelrath I was born 2 years before Marvel comics came on the scene and my taste ran to the DC comics,… @leahmcelrath @owillis Am I missing something by not having an interest in Marvel comics?Interesting read, Thanks @avivajazz colleague's story turned out to be an interesting read. Do we create the circumstances or does circumstances… @Deb_Libby FMI: doxing - had to look it up! search for and publish private or identifying information about (a pa… of the more pleasant immigration stories. Thanks for sharing.
@WhySharksMatter OMGosh!A thing of beauty sure and turn on the sound... binged watched it too. Well worth my time. Brand new Christian perspective I never thought of USING Jesus that w…, sounds like a plan, Twitter. The bigger the dick the higher the fee.... maybe Twitter could offer a TL cleanu… yes! This article is so true, and so unlikely to be taken serious, much less read, by most of u… What??? me... The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, som…
@JRHorsting @JillWineBanks This "vile criminal crap" IS The GOP. I recommend you watch Netflix's "The Family". For… @SangyeH Netflix's "The Family" sheds a lot of light on the 'devils playground' - well worth the look see! @CaseyNewton It isn't who follows you but who you follow that shapes your thinking -That's why I'm a @CaseyNewton @WindsorMann @Cattra922 Watch Netflix's "The Family" to see what happens when the devil gets ahold of Jesus. @true_pundit I didn’t know horses could fly.
@hardknoxfirst From that picture I can't believe she's 63.Playing "Whack a Troll" … <<That's a good one! is at least 61, maybe 89 stars in grandsons crown... God bless them both! @Cbaileywine If you get a chance, I think you'll like Netflix "The Family" definitely political. An eye opener on… @Cbaileywine It's fine to follow back and be in the resistance via twitter if that is what you enjoy. I'm not enjo… @Cbaileywine I am unfollowing all F B R (I'm 82) and find it unproductive, political wise and twitter wise. @Cbaileywine Follow Back Resistance. It is a group of progressive left democrats that band together believing in s…
@cj_disabledVet @spooney35 Had to read the binary... 01000110 F 01101001 i 01100111 g 01101000 h 01110100 t couldn't help myself... @ThatEricAlper The old Twitter format.
@lfwons_eka Oh my, you are not followed by anyone who I follow so we can feel safe holding doors open for others to… @hardknoxfirst I haven't watched it yet but I plan to. @IaineMacComedy @dylanbrody ut ho.... @dylanbrody Thanks for the update! Always like a good ending to mystery date stories.
@TheRickWilson Nailed it! @PurpleEggsNHam @Dutchwouter777 Sounds like a well reasoned response. Cancelled out my knee jerk reaction favoring… @andrewkurtser @richardbredon @DMansini @IsonhoodJ @TrumpEpicFail @murfholf @GoodOleBoys_ @MarkToney @KumarAGarg wept!
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