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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

I am the God fearing, gun owning American that Obama warned you about. Molon labe ego te provoco

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Today when you are giving thanks, please say an extra prayer for guys like this. Obama really compare the Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower? This just keeps getting better..@FoxNews reports ISIS has the ability to launch a Paris style attack in the US? Gee ya' think? Where do these people come from?Fox reports Imam Obama meets in person with his Nat'l Security Advisor for the first time in a year? Thks for keeping us safe there Barry.
Imam Obama called the climate summit with world leaders in Paris a “powerful rebuke” to Islamic terrorists who attacked Paris this month.
The total amount of vacation expenses accrued by both the Obamas and the Bidens during the past seven years is a ridiculous $70,563,336.75.Obama’s June trip to Palm Springs cost $2,187,172.20, and was for playing golf.Obama has spent $3,115,688.70 on travel expenses this year making unnecessary trips to Palm Springs, New York City and Martha’s Vineyard.Brussel's is pushing gun control after Paris. Obama wants serious discussion about gun control. Here let me start..from my cold dead hands.COWARD: What Obama just said about the U.S. makes me sick to my stomach you have a CHL you need to carry at all times. It's coming. State Dept issues rare warning for ALL U.S. citizens…
2015, but he's been vetted: though they look alike, he always holds HIS severed heads in his RIGHT hand. #ISIS #tcot
Retweeted by Dave Barry has contained ISIS, what's with all the refugees..just sayin.Finally some common sense advice. this is a little creepy. don't care if muslims are put on a data base... sex offenders are put on a database ... nuf said.
Retweeted by DaveYou don't say "Happy Holidays" on New Years Eve. You say "Happy New Year." It's "Merry Christmas!" I don't give a damn if that offends you.
Retweeted by DaveExecute these little bastards. 5 teens arrested for raping 17-year-old in Mint Hill
For the liberal coexist bunch. steps in where once again Obama's pussification of America falls short.
The Whitehouse actually said "ISIS lacks the ability to carry out a Paris style attack in the US." You can't make this stuff up.Justice for Murder Victim Tanya Chamberlain - Sign the Petition! via ChangeObama arrived late for a moment of silence. Of course he did. What an asshole. interior minister says he's going to start the "dissolution of mosques where hate is preached" we could learn from this but we won't.
Political correctness is going to cost American lives. Why can't politicians just say Islam = Terror? Everyone knows it but won't say it.Sometimes we need to regain our perspective This is a good read. Opinion: The three times I saw God today - Fox News is an ideology in which safe people expect you to allow yourself to be butchered so they can feel morally superior. #caring
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Not so much there Bar.. Tolerance: 4th Grade Boy Faces Sexual Harassment Charges for Love Note
Retweeted by DaveIslamic Terrorism: Why There Is None in Japan: via @RachelMolschkyWhy France you ask? One in six French citizens sympathises with the Islamist militant group ISIS Obama doesn’t “want to speculate” on who perpetrated the attacks? The gunmen were shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘This is for Syria.’Closing our border won't fix it. They are already here courtesy of Barry and co.France is closing their borders. It's past time we close ours!
Retweeted by Dave@ChuckNellis read an article of survivors account described people "cowering on the floor with no way to defend ourselves" Think gun controlNext time you hear someone mention gun control, think of Paris."Thank God for the Second Amendment or we’d be Europe." @marklevinshow Amen Mark!@ShockTop @LilPookieJ I've got the same thing in one I am drinking now.
Just 8 percent of GOP likes GOP-controlled Congress. That's bad for Paul Ryan and great for Trump and Carson. you had to vote today Trump or Carson?
Ok this is just bizarre! Toddler bites, kills poisonous snake in his backyard | Fox News Latino via @foxnewslatino@HillaryClinton The HERO ordinance defeat is a local issue. You dont live here, it doesnt affect you so shut up and butt out.
NY prosecutor reverses employee gun ban after taking fire from legal experts via the @FoxNews App violated a non disclosure agreement by sending classified information. Why is she not in jail? The Republic of Texas.
Houston voters reject civil rights measure for LGBT community
Retweeted by Dave@AnnCoulter @PlayfulWalrus we just defeated the bathroom bill in Houston yesterday. Hopefully that will set a precedent for other cities.We sent a message to our liberal mayor. Proposition 1 Bathroom Ordinance is Defeated | Texas Values Action
RIP sir. Fred Thompson, former U.S. senator and actor, dies in Tennessee @CNN Muslim leaders say saying Merry Christmas is worse than murder..? Merry Christmas asshole. #
MY right to defend myself supersedes YOUR irrational fear of guns #2A #NRA #GunControl #WakeUpAmerica #tcot
Retweeted by DaveI will never apologize...
Retweeted by DaveMT @tweet4upatriots: Refugees come to America then want America to change, ungrateful. #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET
Retweeted by DavePlease join NY’s finest boycotting Quentin Tarantino’s motion pictures! He referred to police as “murderers.” #tcot
Retweeted by DaveMiley Cyrus is pathetic. via AFF_PATRIOTSObama's pussification of America agenda. Son of a bitch makes me sick.
When you think of Hillary, think of this. the mainstream media is on your side, it's not about responsibility, it's about "optics."
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Rubio looked presidential tonight. #CNBCGOPDebate@JohnJHarwood you sir are an asshat.They are scrolling the same tweets over and over. #CNBCGOPDebateThese moderators and the questions are a joke. #CNBCGOPDebateGreat..Christie is going to lecture us on morals. #CNBCGOPDebateChris Christie is an anti gun RINO and needs to sit down and shut up. #CNBCGOPDebateRand Paul is becoming as kooky as his dad. #CNBCGOPDebateTed Cruz is awesome! #CNBCGOPDebate@BeckyQuick implication that Fiorina is incompetent is ridiculous. #CNBCGOPDebateWho is this bimbo moderator with all of her gotcha crap? #CNBCGOPDebateCNBC is terrible. These people are ridiculous. #CNBCGOPDebateJeb is a clown. #CNBCGOPDebateDamn Rubio..whup that ass! #CNBCGOPDebateNot a fan of Rubio but that was a damn good answer. #CNBCGOPDebateTed's flat tax. Love it!Kasich is not relevant.
Glenn+Beck:+'If+We+Choose'+to+Do+This,+'We+Will+Turn+Into+Darkest+Nation+Ever+t... via @theblazeObama just like Carter before him has reduced our military and other countries see us as weak. U.S.
#texans #worst team in football fire in this order Smith, OBrian, et all coaching staff, Hoyer, Mallett, Clowney, secondary, equip mgr,#texans please don't send O'Brian out post game interview saying " we have to play better" nobody wants to hear it. FIRE HIS ASS!#texans Hoyer 1-9 for 7yards.@SportsRadio610 Texans need to start firing people starting with Rick Smith and Bill O'Brian.#texans need to start firing people starting with Rick Smith, O'Brian and go from there.
If he only knew.. course Obamas racist ass would defend Black Lives Matter movement. His anti police stance is disgusting.! Fruit fiasco: High school students face punishment for "racist" fruit basket via the @FoxNews App NRA more popular than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton via the @FoxNews App her traitorous ass should be in prison.Hillary Clinton Jokes, Laughs, and High-Five’s During Benghazi Hearing Breaks; via youngcons
Yep!! Sad! I don't #FeelTheBern
Retweeted by Dave@michellemalkin would make my day if you would follow me.
@HTC_Delaney I've been following you for a while but you don't follow me back. (Found out with
2015 Clinton: Gun Confiscation ‘Worth Looking At’
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