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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, Views expressed here are my own.

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We shouldn't be surprised that the guy Washington hates the most is inching up in the battle for the GOP nomination.
That @packers touchdown was a Thanksgiving gift from the refs. @bears interception was legit. Interference call was ridiculous.Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Every day with friends and family is a gift! Enjoy it! (Ok, there may be a cranky relative or two, but...)
If the mayor, and not the county prosecutor, had jurisdiction over indictments, I would ask him!
Why did it take a year to indict a CPD officer who shot a kid 16 times? Would it have happened today if judge hadn't ordered video release?
Coming soon to an Axe Files near you: My convo with @SpikeLee! On @chiraqthemovie, race, politics & his @nyknicks. Pleasure to be with you, and to read your fantastic new book! (Though they're ALL good!)100 percent! As a new grandpa, I'm feeling it! loss 4 @Suntimes & gain 4 @DePaulU. No one in town combines the talent, experience & integrity of @carolmarin. down w/ the great @davidmaraniss to talk his craft, '16 & his new book, Once in a Great City: a Detroit Story.
.@GideonResnick @ChrisChristie @realDonaldTrump Reading this, the Gov of NJ punted. Kudos to @GovernorPataki for speaking out.Has @ChrisChristie defended the people of Jersey City against @realDonaldTrump 's hateful slander? If not, shouldn't he?Does it occur to you that @realDonaldTrump is thumbing his nose at your Pinnochios? He makes stuff up all the time. to the Axe Files podcast from @UChiPolitics and @DavidAxelrod:
Retweeted by David AxelrodNow here's a group that can really deliver! (Except on Sunday.) @LauraJennie @UChiPolitics And it's been a blast! Nothing more fun than talking politics with @matthewjdowd!As I said on @ThisWeekABC, only explanation for allowing people on terrorist watch list to buy guns is pols who fear NRA more the ISIS.
@DavidVitter gets career-ending Dear John letter from voters of Louisiana in governor's race today.As the son of a refugee, who came here seeking freedom from violence & persecution, I found this story so powerful: have been YUGE! But no. You spend your weekends catching up on NYT crossword puzzles?!?? Play with the kids, man!Winter scene: 5 hours at O'Hare, including 3 on 2 separate planes, in a relentless effort to get to NYC for @ThisWeekABC! But de-icing now!Whoops, @warriors only 14-0! #slackersAnd just like that, the @warriors bury you! Still a great game. @chicagobulls put up a fight. But man, the champs aren't 15-0 for nothin'!Holy smokes, has this game between @chicagobulls and @warriors been fun?!! Battle throughout.Why fears over refugees are unfounded and fear-mongering unconscionable. U.S. as refugees would be hard for terrorists:
In back-2-back poll stories, @politico reports @HillaryClinton surging to 25 point lead & SenSanders cutting it to 16. Something 4 everyone!Mexicans flowing over our MEXICO! Maybe this is why @realDonaldTrump thinks Mexico will pay for wall?
As the son of a refugee, I disagree w/House bill. We can protect both values & safety. But on the politics, @SpeakerRyan defter than '16ers..@LornePowell @Canada2020 @JustinTrudeau I'd love to have the PM on my podcast. Such an interesting guy!Europe’s Refugee Problem, and Ours, via @nytimes. Thoughtful piece from conservative voice. the orphans at the border but arm terrorists at home? This is nuts. a great evening last night @Canada2020 in Ottawa, where the buzz is great about new PM @JustinTrudeau.Next to tearing folks down, media likes nothing better than a resurrection story. Is it @JebBush 's turn?
@ChrisChristie, who'd bar orphaned Syrian toddlers, should read inscription on statue in his harbor. is so angry about being called out by @barackobama over refugees that he dared POTUS to come back and say it to his faces.Congrats to @Cubs Joe Maddon on being named Manager of the Year. He did a miraculous job in '15. And what fun to watch him do his thing!
Forrest Claypool, Chicago schools chief, warns of "a hole so deep it threatens the very foundation" of system. 1/3 is 1 of just 6 states where more education dollars are spent on affluent kids per student than the poor. 3/3 #ShamefulChicago schools chief says system receives 26% less per student than average of other Illinois districts. 2/3 #unfairProblem for @MartinOMalley is that back in '08, he was enthusiastically riding in her posse. Didn't bother him then. they all should!I know this will spur gales of protest and righteous fury, but I wonder if the RGA urged GOP governors to exploit the refugee issue?
The inestimable @SamSmithHoops tells me @drose had an ankle sprain, not a knee. Oh, and @chicagobulls win!Awfully familiar scene at @UnitedCenter. In midst of fine game, @drose bangs knee, hobbles off and heads to locker room. #NotAgainCongrats to @KrisBryant_23 on Rookie of the Year Award. @Cubs are lucky to have you!!.@jonfavs Likewise, brother!Spent some great times in WH with @jonfavs & his band of brilliant speechwriters. Chatted w/Favs in The Axe Files. out: @SteveKingIA endorsement of @tedcruz is big development in GOP race. Cruz could very well rise late and win IA--and nomination.Sad to say, post Paris, the refugee issue is likely to stir another Guantanamo-style imbroglio, in all its NIMBY fury.
@mattbai @JohnJHarwood @jmartNYT Yep. Nature of this process, though we never seem to learn the lesson..@jmartNYT Terrorist events or other sorts of events? One thing experience teaches us is year out, we just don't know.Paris attack was horrific. Aftermath will reverberate for some time. But will it supplant all other issues next fall? Who can say that now?On Paris and presidential politics >
Retweeted by David AxelrodThis is very good for Spencer Zwick. And it is very good for @SpeakerRyan.
Retweeted by David AxelrodHaving dumped all over @ChicagoBears when they sucked earlier in the season, have to give 'em & Cutler big shout out today. Impressive win!He is one of the most interesting and accomplished officials in U.S. Thrilled to welcome @JerryBrownGov back to @UChiPolitics. Tomorrow!Just to clarify. I thoroughly understand the implications of climate change. Just saying @SenSanders should have given nod to ISIS there.
Bottom line on debate: Little changed. The race tomorrow will look very much as it did today..@SenSanders talks around question of why background checks, supported by 92% of Americans, never went anywhere in Congress.All you Wall Street executives who had planned to be part of a @SenSanders admin, put your resumes away..@HillaryClinton vehemently offers support for Wall Street as post-911 recovery effort. Does that fly?Not his fault, but I can't watch @SenSanders without thinking of Larry David.Krueger: “Research suggests that a minimum wage set as high as $12 an hour will do more good than harm for low-wage workers.” #DemDebate
Retweeted by David Axelrod@MartinOMalley: "Fact check me" on immigration. Make his day!@BernieSanders goes after Ike as crypto socialist, promising not to raise top rate as high as the 90 percent it was under Eisenhower.Good answer for @MartinOMalley on how to pay for progressive programs, invoking MD record.Accepting refugees is right, but issue fraught after Paris. Expect @tedcruz missiles at any moment!.@HillaryClinton seems trapped between being candidate and a responsible potential president. Solid answers. Not necessarily winning ones.Wasn't @MartinOMalley the guy who was beating up on @SenSanders on @maddow for being insufficiently supportive of @BarackObama?.@HillaryClinton getting frontrunner treatment from @johndickerson and opponents. Playing a lot of defense.Dukakis redux? @SenSanders seems a little tin-eared repeating assertion on this night that climate change is #1 foreign policy challenge.@MartinOMalley gives muscular answer on ISIS, apparently ducking to the RIGHT of @HillaryClinton..@MartinOMalley opens up talking about "21st Century" challenges and the need 4 "new approaches." Gunna hear a lot of that from him 2nite..@BernieSanders addresses Paris attacks--briefly--and then heads right back to economy.But she has great command of the subject. Strength and experience are her strongest attributes. This plays to them. piece reflects the challenge for @marcorubio in trying to straddle the great divides within the GOP. pre-debate thoughts on @HillaryClinton likely winner, but @SenSanders has won.
Retweeted by David Axelrod
In his long, nasty diatribe last night against @RealBenCarson, has @realDonaldTrump taken a hammer to his own candidacy?
Pressures of campaign apparently are making @realDonaldTrump grate again, Dr. Carson! Scrutiny is part of the deal.
.@tedcruz stakes out populist turf in vowing not to bail out failing big banks.Apparently most of these folks believe that the financial crisis of 2008 occurred because of OVER-regulation..@marcorubio wins hyperbole award of evening for suggesting that @barackobama treats ayatollah with more respect that he does @netanyahu."I love trade. I'm a free trader 100 percent," says @realDonaldTrump, in rejecting trade deal.1st meaningful Xfire: @randpaul goes after @marcorubio for child care tax credits & more military spending. Rubio hits him as isolationist..@tedcruz hates the commerce department so much he said he's eliminate it twice in the same list!Interesting that @RealBenCarson offered full-throated defense of eliminating mortgage and charitable deductions. Does that play with base?Fiorina: The secret sauce of America is innovation and entrepreneurship. (And golden parachutes and lifetime coverage for CEOs?)Clearly @tedcruz doesn't have many friends in the press. Wages for reporter's ARE going down!!!! (But not due to illegal immigration.).@marcorubio has taken several opportunities to make his new generation pitch. Whether you agree or not, he's gotten off to a good start..@JebBush is right that nativist talk imperils GOP. But is it an argument that primary voters are eager to hear?@realDonaldTrump has a point. How many Mexican immigrants have snuck into Israel lately?Paul: income inequality is worst in city's run by Democrats. Maybe we should move Wall Street to rural Kentucky.Social conservatives cooling on @realDonaldTrump, so he launches on @Starbucks to restore Xmas on holiday hot cup.
This is the time when the @chicagobears secondary usually gives away the game. Let's hope this is different.Could California's new automatic voter registration law be a model for nation? non-violent offenders fill our prisons? Mark Holden from Koch Industries says no. Interesting Axe Files.
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