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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Credit, MBS, financials, structured products, and anything with leverage.

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The latest from @SIRF_Report on $VRX @groditi @SoBendito I don't believe you'd actually go buy TIPS if you were given a million $ - prob some strange FX pair@Olivianuzzi your Twitter stream is awesome@asaruxin haha!!!Point being, & if I were forced to generalize, it's *never* enough for people. So best to enjoy and focus on what you have *today*.@munilass it's not a good trait for our country, but I'm guessing it's not just a US thingOne of the weird things is how few people think they're wealthy. Person making 50k thinks 100k is wealthy. Person making 1m looks to 10m etc
@DavidSchawel Among US equity MFs (assuming YTD through Oct), that'd be close to bottom n'tile. Only 6 of 2,331 uniques had lost 20%+. fwiw.
Retweeted by David Schawel@quantian1 wait, you're the quant! You tell me!@MebFaber hmmm good point, so on a distribution I'd guess -20% is a bottom decile portfolio@BlairReeves @conorsen "mass amounts of young professionals would lament lower than expected wage growth & go home depressed"Greenlight down 20% YTD, wonder what the probability a randomly selected portfolio (however many large & mid-cap stocks) would be down that?@lopezlinette @maggieNYT or he has a sick sense of humor@Copernicus2013 Stockholm syndrome?@TheStalwart that's a great chartTune in to @SquawkStreet on @CNBC in 30 minutes to catch @paultrible on the small screen! #CNBC
Retweeted by David Schawel@maxvision33 don't hate on lacroix@munilass don't ask questions, remember they're "disrupting"@bondgeekette @IvanTheK Ivan didn't like my BATS "night IPO" joke@IvanTheK first night IPO?$AMZN sales up $1.1bil is obviously feeding over to CLO spreads, where BB rated tranches are a few hundred bps wider this year Barclays, B-BB spread in leveraged loans continues to widen @carlquintanilla peeps have short memories, they said similar about MJ, and sure enough Lebron will be washed up one day too!@Vox_Magoo false alarm! Old tweet apparently
@BCAppelbaum I have no clue, just saying nothing from the replay looked intentional@BCAppelbaum ha, doubt it was intentional!@MacroHedge_ there's someThe Silk Road Affair: Power, Pop and a Bunch of Billionaires spent a summer teaching English in Samarkand@stkbullgod great advice! So trueI had a sit down conversation today with someone &neither of us had our phones in hand.It was amazing!Few actually pay attention these days!@scottsauls that's a comfy looking couch!@DavidHaugh he was pretty bad as UNC's OC too@conorsen maybe, but point being people say both sides of the coin"Star athletes play too long, they should retire earlier!" "Too bad we didn't get another few years to watch XYZ athlete!"@TheArmoTrader wow you're young!@grrzillo haha@LadyFOHF since when is 500k a jackpot?@LadyFOHF @TheStalwart probably doesn't know what to tell the mother in law to get him@LadyFOHF totally - week after thanksgiving@TheStalwart classy@austinklee rather have Doeren? Doeren isn't terrible, but is looking very mediocre@Noahpinion maybe college isn't for everyone/ too many attending for a poor ROI? I know people will throw things at me for this response@austinklee I'll take Richt at NC State@17thStCap huh, they own the little mall I went to growing up@howardlindzon @PlanMaestro no choice with the ridiculous onslaught of regulationsThis 70 degree weather in late November is pretty pretty pretty nice.@IvanTheK streak over@SoBendito way to show self restrain!@trengriffin @quantian1 @pmarca didn't specify, I meant on the IBM side@quantian1 @trengriffin @pmarca debatable- the "value" is based on earnings/sales/FCF estimates that could prove much too high
@TheArmoTrader You should really let someone know all of this good basketball advice you have. Maybe tell Kobe & Lakers mgmt?@MarkLazerus another example of you trolling - like the end of the Bears game.The End Of Diet Soda? Huge Study Links Aspartame to These Major Health Problems
Retweeted by David SchawelVote on @jvposter 's poll as he mans the Life at DT account this weekend could be a real article go bear!These independent research short selling shops are aggressive- this one is interesting. @2ndCityHockey eyeing a d-man?@DavidHaugh you the only media member?@MarkLazerus thought Dano played decent yesterday - in the middle of a lot?@TheArmoTrader #yc@hilarycakes 😐@HoldenTrades my advice isn't free Is Delisting National Bank of Greece After 91 Percent Plunge
Retweeted by David Schawel
@munilass a botched field goal or fumble will determine it@michaelafulton @newsobserver @Morrisville_NC I'll rent out my house!!!@naufalsanaullah @jvposter @groditi @conorsen I live in the Cricket capital! tough to track you down- it's like where's Waldo! Twitter edition!@MacroHedge_ Absolutely@35patfan35 refs! Lolololol Yeahhhhh@MacroHedge_ good friends, family, food and health! How can I complain?@munilass brutal no call@MacroHedge_ have some wine & relax!@_oldmangloom fair point@FriedgeHNIC cc @_oldmangloom see this suspension - similar@_oldmangloom 4 game suspension coming@munilass get the feeling it'll be a real defensive struggle :)@BarbarianCap so pretty much canned goods & processed foods are doing poorly?@BarbarianCap This is a level of geekery I've never seen before - even on Fintwit!@TheSweaternotes in the minority & suffer as a White Sox fan! Go Cards!@TheSweaternotes Not today! Ducks & Blues will always be second place to Toews & Hawks.@lillitreatch_ but awesome!@TheEuchre no way to know, were all speculating, but not my guess... Will be fun to see@TheEuchre not a camp im in@IvanTheK family member brought over "Seven Deadly Zins" wine, I actually wondered whether you were behind the naming@TheEuchre my feeling is market repercussions, spread environment will cause Fed to hold onto the bonds forever or a very long time@TheEuchre narrative is the right word, I don't see mkt caring to be honest, but of course I could be wrong@TheEuchre What's the concern? Worst case they hold to maturity? These are govt bonds, why the concern about MTM so much?@TheEuchre you're telling a half truth. Remember Fed remits profits to treasury - think about the equity if they didn't@TheEuchre tons of discussion! We've just had a massive dollar rally the last year or so with central bank divergence@MarkLazerus all guys who have never won anything@MarkRoeTv @rickhodgson2 RIP Rick@TheEuchre bond bloodbath is a huge assumption, we might just see an even more wicked flattening@TheEuchre Fed borrows at 25bps (IOER) and invests in USTs and MBS, it's a massively profitable carry. Not insolvent.@davelozo @MarkLazerus @markus_si #nohuman@TheEuchre @groditi @agurevich23 they're still reinvesting runoff, so obv a big topic is when they stop reinvestment
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