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As West Coast fights homelessness, kindness is contentious via @seattletimes
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserTera and her children have lived without a home in Los Angeles for the last 3 years. via @InvisiblePeopleAn inside look at #Brixton's local heroes @Brixsoupkitchen #volunteering #homelessness
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser"It's important to understand the history of juvenile punishment in America, in its full, racialized nature." Comme…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser998,137 views in two days I can't see their stats but the original video on YouTube now has…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWe urge u to read the story of Jermane Scott & his #wrongfulconviction Jermane is fighting for his freedom & innoce…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserCheck out "2018 Women's March on NYC" @Eventbrite
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserCyntoia Brown, Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison at 16, Challenges Life Sentence | @scoopit
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWestern Australia's Corrective Services Boss Denies Teens Were Subjected To Solitary Confinement | @scoopit would stop old 10-year-old felonies from being used in state's three-strike laws | @scoopit prisoners launch strike against slave labor | @scoopit Brown, Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison at 16, Challenges Life Sentence | @scoopit search of political prisoners: A dialogue with Padraic Kenney | OUPblog | @scoopit
A Just Cause - Fantasies & Lies takes Center-Stage on IRP6 Case - Part 3 | @scoopit has been on the streets six years. When he sleeps inside he now feels caged.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserRobert 'Seth' Hayes, imprisoned since 1973, is up for parole for the 11th time in the summer. Father, grandfather,…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWhen I asked Jennifer what she would like people to know about homelessness that they don’t know Jennifer responded…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserBlack Lives Movement Pioneer Has a Story to Tell | @scoopit | Sent home to a deadly nightmare by Trump’s America | @scoopit held in isolated cells for more than 250 days in Western Australia | @scoopit’s Prison Laborers Are Going On Strike | @scoopit latest The projectbrainsaver Daily! Thanks to @Delaproser #tourettes #climate
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser
French prison protests: Workers block jails nationwide, demand staff pro... via @YouTubeThe Innocence-Denying Prosecutors Who Have Insisted on Guilt No Matter the Evidence | @scoopit Slate Magazine Slams Prosecutor Kym Worthy As an 'Innocence Denier' | @scoopit in Florida to strike on MLK Day | @scoopit Brown, Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison at 16, Challenges Life Sentence | @scoopit jails contain thousands of prisoners too poor to bail themselves out | @scoopit for prisoners in solitary confinement on exhibit via @NewsdayPack the court for Mumia on Jan. 17! | @scoopit seeks amicable solution to Barberton prison hunger strike | @scoopit Prisoners Prepare to Strike, Demanding an End to Unpaid Labor and Brutal Conditions | @scoopit
I never thought I'd be homeless at 58 ~ Cheri
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHow? One random act of kindness .. #KindnessHeals #Mindfulness
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserFlorida Prisoners Prepare to Strike, Demanding an End to Unpaid Labor and Brutal Conditions
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDogs React To Being Adopted and Rescued: Happy Dog Compilation | The Dodo via @YouTubeKing’s words on hate and love still resonate via @YouTubeDavid worked as a cook for 20 years but cannot find work.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserJustice for MURO, a defenceless cat beaten with a shovel -TORTURED FOR HOURS!
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserIs the cost of Florida’s death penalty too high?
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThis is Noel. When she arrived at @MMDogRescue her front legs and feet were so badly injured the shock almost kille…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAwareness Video A dog's life in #SouthKorea #EndDogMeatTrade
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser16-year-old Ahed Tamimi has spent 26 days in an Israeli jail. Int'l law requires kids only be detained pretrial as…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPrisoners in at least eight prisons in Florida are striking against #PrisonSlavery on Monday, January 15th “This…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWalker Should Be Ashamed of His Inaction on Lincoln Hills | @scoopit the court for Mumia on Jan. 17! | @scoopit Bail rules are keeping upstate jails overcrowded | @scoopit detention deaths reach the highest total since 2009 | @scoopit Manning eyes U.S. Senate seat for Maryland | @scoopit in Florida to strike on MLK Day | @scoopit Prosecutors Are 'Innocence Deniers' #DavontaeSanford  | @scoopit
She is innocent if the crime she is incarcerated for!!! Please help us #FREEPAMSMART
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser
Reports of excessive force by Edmonton Remand Centre staff investigated after hunger strike ends | @scoopit Against Prison Slavery Ramps Up With Operation PUSH In Florida | @scoopit Barberton Maximum Prison hunger strike continues | Mpumalanga News | @scoopit Just Cause - Fantasies & Lies takes Center-Stage on IRP6 Case - Part 2 | @scoopit
“Child sex trafficking is the biggest evil in this country. If you think the fight against drugs has been tough, th…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAs Erica Garner Is Mourned, Why Are Black Mothers in NYC Dying at 12 Times Rate of White Mothers? | @scoopit's time for @realDonaldTrump to #ChargeOrRelease the remaining Guantanamo detainees. Join the movement to find ou… Brown, Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison at 16, Challenges Life Sentence | @scoopit you're homeless at 18, it's hard to see a future
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserJoin the Bronx Documentary Center and The Marshall Project on Thur, Jan 11th, at 7PM, for a screening, and...
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser⭐️We have now have raised just over $900 towards Jermanes Zellner Law Firm case review fees via donations & family…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserS.C. lawmakers consider electrocuting death row inmates if lethal injection drugs unavailable…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHow can you be a part of the solution to end human Trafficking? #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThis is real. This is happening RIGHT NOW. This is a blight on us all Life is a precious thing, not a commodity.…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHuman Trafficking is a public safety, public health & human rights violation- NC Human Trafficking Commission.…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserChild #SexTrafficking affects both girls AND boys. No gender, community or race is immune from this terrible crime.…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserToday is #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay. Let's be a voice for the voiceless! ❌
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay victims are all around you; Do you know the signs?
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHe who saves on child, saves the world...Join the fight to #EndHumanTrafficking that is happening right here in our…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserVeterans behind bars: US jails set aside special cellblocks. 6 percent of the roughly 331 participating veterans i…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary plz join us all weekend contact your state leade…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserReport: National Movement to Reduce U.S. Prison Population Has Largely Ignored Women | @scoopit considers using electric chair for executions #DeathPenalty @AbolishDeathPen
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser2BKILLED 01/11 #NYC #DOGS 2B #ADOPT #PLEDGE #FOSTER or #RESCUE @Gdad1 @Falconlady7
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser🌸💐Precious boy, very calm, friendly with all Pls HELP! 🎀id# 37223967 🎆Looking for a home & family to Love💓 @ Tuscal…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHere is a behind the scenes tour of the #EustonChrismas event at @NetworkRailEUS Thank yo…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMentally ill inmates sue sheriff over solitary confinement | @scoopit