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The most unpleasant aspect of council tax enforcement is use by councils of bailiffs to intimidate impoverished & v…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe latest The projectbrainsaver Daily! Thanks to @Delaproser #rape #globalcitizen
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserGoodmorning Everybody!!! Today is special, it's time to give back with #Change4Change on #TheBreakfastClub!
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserFamilies who join Universal Credit now 'will get no money before Christmas' - 60,000 households in UK are currently…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDisabled people, single parents and women have been among the biggest losers under seven years of austerity,...
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserResearch linking care cuts to 120,000 deaths ‘is fresh evidence austerity kills’ via @johnpringdns
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser @Delaproser Ha ha. Thank you! Hugz 4 U2. 😘❤️😘 JM®️
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDisabled people, single parents and women have been among the biggest losers under seven years of austerity, accord…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser“To me, art is the heart of activism. Without art there is no hope of changing the world.” Angela Davis, keynote conversation #nwsa2017
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser @joolsmagools Big hugs from across the water :) @Delaproser #CardinalGeorgePell #GeorgePell #Pope #ScottMarsh #AbbottAndPellMural #ComeOnOzziesComeOnComeOn Tony…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThanks @Channel4News @jonsnowC4 & all for such empathetic yet incisive reporting & for staying with & telling the s…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser.@RosaryPower #CardinalGeorgePell #GeorgePell #Pope #ScottMarsh #AbbottAndPellMural #ComeOnOzziesComeOnComeOn To…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe conclusion of Rashan Charles pre-inquest review, which will decide whether police officers involved will be gra…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserNew universal credit claimants 'will get no money before Christmas'... Merry Christmas Love The Conservatives
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe House just passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill that’s brutal for poor people
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser.@TheDolorians #CardinalGeorgePell #GeorgePell #Pope #ScottMarsh #AbbottAndPellMural #ComeOnOzziesComeOnComeOn T…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLots of FREE fruit l TODAY for the community at our Solidarity Centre 48 Seven Sisters Road N7 6AA Come get some!…
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Black man in Louisiana who served 43 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit will be freed after he pays $2000…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserSUPPER STATION STARTING 2MORO NIGHT FOR LONDONS HOMELESS HOOMANS & STREET DOGS- cold nights are drawing in so tomor…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserEnglish councils are now deciding to tax the Universal Credit with up to 30% of the council tax in 2018/19 and to e…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser11 Million People In The UK Are Not "Just About Managing" At All, New Research Shows via @jamesrbuk
Sixty percent of women in jail have not been convicted of a crime. Many are incarcerated because they are too poor…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe Singular Sorrow of Grieving Behind Bars via @MarshallProj
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#Zydeco set: #CreoleZydecoFarmers #ZydecoDots #DonnaAngelle #BrianJack #CurleyTayloer #RosieLedet #LilNathan
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserListen to "Blues In The Night" by Walter M. Dubiel via #spreaker
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLast set : #Vintage18 #LarryGriffth #JamesArmstrong #LauraRain #CoreyDennison #MarthaHigh #FrankMendenhall
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLIVE: JAZZ FOR THE AGES 13 NOV 17 on #spreaker
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe latest The projectbrainsaver Daily! Thanks to @Delaproser #freepamsmart #yemenfamine
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Join me tonight at 9:00 EST for #BluesInTheNight ! Tonight's opening segment will have a strong #Louisiana flavor a…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserFREE WRONGLY CONVICTED PAMELA SMART #FREEPAMSMART - Sign the Petition! via @Change
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Join #DeeRobinson and me tonight at 9:00 EST for #TheSensationalSundayShow! . Dee will present the music of…
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The latest The projectbrainsaver Daily! Thanks to @Delaproser #brexit #libya
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser"CyntoiaBrown" - top stories by @Delaproser
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser @Delaproser ❤️😘❤️ JM®
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Listen to "The Humpday Rideaway 8 Nov 17" by @ntrakit62 via #spreaker LIVE NOW !!!
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Woman sanctioned for being in intensive care dies at home, heating only on when kids there #ConsciousCruelty
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser“I can’t help but think of the people who have been so utterly let down by the system”: UC from council staff p.o.v:
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserFor the best in #blues, #soul and #zydeco join me @ #BluesInTheNight Monday evening at 9:00 EST.…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThis lady's daughter died cold & alone. She was told being in intensive care was not a reason to not attend a Unive…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser @DoktorrM @velomarr @GardnerGardne88 Your welcome great show :) @Delaproser @velomarr @GardnerGardne88 #ShareTheLove, thanks for the RTs this week! (by
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Hull woman held in Egypt for taking painkillers into country
LIVE: DTR's Tailgate & Shoutout Party 4 Nov 17 on #spreaker
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserListen to ""Nothing But The Blues Wit Yo'Girl, Brenda Pearl"" by @whiteboysinc via #spreaker"BLUES LOVERS" Listen to ""Nothing But The Blues Wit Yo'Girl, Brenda Pearl"" by THE BRENDA WHITE SHOWS via #spreaker
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Tories filibustering to deny young people across the country who campaigned for #VotesAt16 their day in Parliament. Disgraceful
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHappiness is rooted in simplicity.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMasks We Wear In Our Mental Illness
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserInteresting history of youth prisons via @TeenVogue, but why is more recent history missing?
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLa. Leads US In Sentenced Juveniles To Life Without Parole
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserShould the voting age be lowered? #VotesAt16
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserIt’s time 1.5 million young people had a say in their future. We’re calling for #votesat16. With us? Share & sign ↓…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserProsecutors ask for life sentence for #Texas death row inmate #BobbyMoore. @houstonchron @DPInfoCtr @TexDefender
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserConcern grows over youths at juvenile correctional facility being sent to adult prison
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPIP investigation: Hundreds give evidence of assessment failings to MPs via @johnpringdns
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPeter Clark unable to eat properly because of 15 week wait for #UniversalCredit benefit
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserA 28-year-old woman with a spinal tumour taken to her #PIP benefit tribunal by paramedics in an ambulance
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAnd then 287 local authorities hit them with council tax enforcement in the magistrates courts and send them the ba…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPIP appeals: the cruel truth | Private Eye
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser1,500+ women forced into detention centres every year. Our response to vital report by @4refugeewomen this week
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPeople in poverty are going without gas or electricity It's called "self-disconnecting" #NoConfidence
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser"Imprisoning journalists is not acceptable." @jeremycorbyn. 1/3 of all journalists imprisoned are locked up in…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserToday’s demo. ‘Leave your job as a part time teaching assistant and become a cleaner instead’…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserToo many children in criminal court, says senior judge
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLocal prosecutors have been largely responsible for driving prison expansion since the early 1990s. #CJReform
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWelcome to Tory Britain where the vulnerable are treated with utter disdain. Never, ever vote Tory #NoConfidence
Retweeted by Darcy Delaprosergot loads more stories to tell @TrueGeordieTG podcast today, from my dealings with the Mafia to supermax security p…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserA particularly pernicious #privatisationfail - privatising the coercive power of the state is deeply dangerous
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserI am not impressed by money , degrees and titles I am impressed by humanity, integrity , generosity and kindness 🙏
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserRemember when Red Cross had to step in to stop the NHS collapsing? RT if you have #NoConfidence in this omnishamble…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#Grime4Justice - join us for a night of #Grime, #Drill & #HipHop in N4 hosted by @JohnnyandInel, info here:…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser‘I have lost hope’: the people with mental health problems who are being stripped of their benefits
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser“Most people are being held in jail because they’re too poor to post a money bond,” @Pretrial @CFBurdeen
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserKEEP SICK ON ESA!! This NEEDS raising - a rethink @LabourDWP Universal Credit is a farce to remove £thousands from sick/disabled! FIGHT IT!
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDear JC @jeremycorbyn support the campaign to save the last Women's Aid in South Yorkshire
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWe're getting close to 22 years of sending books to prisoners all round the UK! Read about our history here:…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMum, 29, killed herself after 18 calls to mental health helpline went unanswered
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser