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Nurses to pay back thousands more in student loans than bankers, new study claims # via @HPYoungVoices
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#KeepTheGuards #SafetyB4Profit #SummerOfDiscontent
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Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPopular: 'Too many' patients locked in for mental health care - #Disability #News
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserSuspicion fall on Tories as stats confirm crime increase coincided with record police cuts via @psbook
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe latest The Darcy Delaproser Daily! Thanks to @CA_Innocence @IPRT @FAMMFoundation #eventprofs #unitedstates
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser“Anyone who thinks you can escape while giving birth has never given birth.”
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPennsylvania parents get jail time in 'gifted' girls case
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#REUNITED Female Terrier Cross Petworth GU28 #reuniteddog
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserTory cuts: Police numbers at their lowest since 1985 - as crime surges to its highest level ever in England & Wales
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserStop For-Profit Prisons! Prisons profit by ‘gouging’ poor families for calls
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWe support #cut50 - A Bipartisan Initiative to Cut the Number of People Behind Bars by 50% over 10 Years…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserBreaking: Disabled People Against Cuts have occupied the central lobby of the Houses of Parliament. Pics via…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDPAC occupies Parliament again to protest against social care & independent living funding crisis via @thecanarysays
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#SummerOfDiscontent #NotOneMoreDay #CutsKill @Dis_PPL_Protest @roswynnejones @johnpringdns @JoanaRamiroUK
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAlyona is a 19 year-old homeless college student 'flying a sign' in Pasadena.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserSharron has been sleeping rough in Oxford, England for a couple of years now.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserImants has been sleeping rough for 6 months, but this is not his first time homeless in the UK.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAll of his relatives are dead so Dennis has lived on the streets homeless for 10 years now.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserShelly survives by recycling cans. She says it’s just a band-aid until the economy gets better.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserJackie is making the best of homelessness but no one should have to accept homeless as their only future #NAEH17
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWhy We Need to Stop Shaming and Start Helping the Homeless
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Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserA Labour government will give our NHS the funding it desperately needs, bring it back into public hands, and ensure…
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#Grenfell Tower residents call on new Kensington council leader to resign amid shouts of 'murderers'
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserPulling people out of the sex industry without their consent and penalizing them does not "save" or "rescue" them.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserYou've let the dead down, now you're coming for the living: Grenfell Tower victims say Tory council leader must go
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserNine Lessons About Criminal Justice Reform: What Washington can learn from the states.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDisability activists block Commons entrance in cuts protest>John M & JC totally on point with this #peacefulprotest
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserNurses crowd-fund their parking fines after working unpaid overtime
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserTheresa May asked when Labour ever gave workers a pay rise – try the minimum wage that she voted against via @psbook
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserJeremy Corbyn vows to slash pay for BBC stars under a Labour government
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser"Keep youth out of solitary confinement" #StopSolitary #KaliefBrowder
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserJeremy Corbyn​ at PMQs yesterday. Time for the Tories to call it quits and let Labour govern #ForTheMany
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Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserChildren locked in cells and security footage taped over at youth detention centre
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserOfficials from both parties say too many women are incarcerated for low-level crimes
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWatch: Trailer for wrongful imprisonment drama 'Crown Heights' MT @hotpress
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserOur prisons are in crisis. They're not safe for staff or inmates. It's a crisis driven by Conservative cuts to pris…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMore bad news With just 48 hours before parliament ends for summer, Theresa May gets a depressing end-of-term gift
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAnimal cruelty sentences are a joke. Stand up for the animals by emailing your MP today. #NotFunny
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThis is Elsa❗️ She has Cancer and is the mother of two small kids! She needs your help! Give her a million retweets…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserHow to count the hidden prisoners: A new study examines the lingering impact of war-on-crime policies.…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserCompare #BBCPay to what British people with disabilities have to live on: low benefits, no benefits.…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserAs crime has steadily declined, average time spent in prison has increased exponentially. #justicereform
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserOfficials from both parties say too many women are incarcerated for low-level crimes #JusticeReform
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLOUIE #lostdog 25.09.12 #microchipped #Birmingham HE COULD BE ANYWHERE! Pls RT #ScanMe #checkthatchip @DoglostUK
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserNINA @FindingNina2 #lostdog 16.10.15 from #Salisbury #Wiltshire but could be anywhere Pls RT @DoglostUK #ScanMe
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserProtesters in wheelchairs block MPs' entrance to House of Commons over disability benefit cuts
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserI have recommended a two-part inquiry into Grenfell: into the immediate circumstances of the fire & into the wide-ranging underlying causes.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserNurse reveals she left the NHS after being charged £80 for parking as she treated patient having cardiac arrest
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThese women are only hidden because society forgot to acknowledge them until now. We read their letters every day.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserOr Jodi Richter, sentenced to 15 years for her minor part in a drug conspiracy in #northdakota
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLook at Cynthia Powell, given 25 YEARS for selling 35 pills
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMass incarceration is a women's issue and a racial justice issue. #WomenUnshackled
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#CitizenLoveFilm #FreeLauri // An article about Lauri and a documentary made by his little sister, @LauriDanska
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserUtterly bizarre @theresa_may. I ask about about child food poverty in my constituency and you say the way out of poverty is to work? #PMQs
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser“We cannot allow this Government to push people to work longer and longer to pay for its failed austerity agenda." @Debbie_abrahams
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#SummerOfDiscontent #NotOneMoreDay #CutsKill DPAC shut down lobby area of parliament near House of Commons doors...
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserThe Tories are holding Britain back: 6 million people earn less than the Living Wage and 1 in 8 workers live in pov…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserLove+Solidarity @Dis_PPL_Protest todays Social Care Lobby #Parliament #IndependentLiving #AssistUs2LiveNot2Die @EllenClifford1 @paulapeters2
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWhat Statistics Can’t Explain About Life on Parole
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser @Abilty_PTR @Dis_PPL_Protest @EllenClifford1 @paulapeters2 We are in a cage like animals
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMay: 'work is the best route out of poverty' Corbyn: 'half of people in poverty are in working households' #PMQs
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser.@Dis_PPL_Protest calling for the resignation of Theresa May over cuts impacting on disabled people
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserFurious protesters in wheelchairs block the House of Commons entrance over the Tories' benefit cuts
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserMillions of British workers will be forced to work longer as retirement age is moved from 67 to 68, Govt announces.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserBBC News - The prison monitor sacked after voicing her concerns
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser"Not a single young offender institution is safe: prison inspector’s dire warning" @standardnews article:
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserTO BE DESTROYED 7/19/17 Please share View tonight’s list here: ...…
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserWheelchair protest at House of Commons chamber entrance over benefit cuts via @NewsNowUK
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDisabled People Against Cuts occupying the Palace of Westminster #cutskill #summerofdiscontent
Retweeted by Darcy Delaproser#summerofdiscontent #CutsKill @Dis_PPL_Protest @EllenClifford1 @AnitaBellows12 @LindaBurnip @depresseddawg74
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserProtesters in wheelchairs block MPs' entrance to House of Commons over disability benefit cuts
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserDWP is briefing journalists to expect an announcement this afternoon. It's likely to be state pension age review response.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserGovernment just won a bid to permanently ban prison officers going on strike
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserYouth custody centres in England/Wales are so unsafe a "tragedy" is "inevitable", Peter Clarke, the Chief Inspector of Prisons has warned
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserOn #MandelaDay, we thank @NelsonMandela for all his contributions to advance women's rights.
Retweeted by Darcy DelaproserUS Prison System Plagued by High #Illiteracy Rates: Traps Inmates in Criminal Justice System…
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