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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Reverse Tweets @Circle_R185 Texas getting californicatedDoug Giles - Here’s Why Islam Wants Our Heads -- In THEIR Own Words
If you think that a raging storm in Israel stopped our sailors from completing their mission - think again!
Retweeted by Ed@EDinCali I worked for Congressman Cooley 1994. Newt at Freshman orientation told us. Do what we tell you to do or be a one term wonder YO!
Retweeted by Ed@Radioroger the more I am around, the more I think anything is possible@Radioroger sounds like an interesting read@Radioroger Perhaps, or perhaps it is where every democracy/hybrid democracy ends up when a segment of the pop picks the pocket of the other@texasrosejam Follow the gummint $ and see where it actually ends up@Radioroger and like the dog who takes a dump on your front lawn and trots off, obama left us w ocare/20 trillion/corruption/arab springAustralia, N Zealand, Ireland, France/UK rescinded birthright citizenship. This leaves US/Canada as only industrialized nations to continue@texasrosejam You subsidize your supporters and make your enemies pay for it all@BobbyDasoks That's a good basis, then you won't be fooled@Daggy1 Because if you oppose you are branded a racist and shut down/marginalizedThe way of the left..and then ration it, by making it expensive, then subsidizing like energy and now water...voila! saw how susan rice lied to us on national news about Benghazi?..Just the tip of the iceberg, believe nothing from she or whitehouse@Radioroger Can the machine get any fatter off the vig of obamacare, etc and every special program? 1 billion website? The chicago way@Radioroger LOL...We all contribute something Rog :)@Radioroger When did you become "just a regular guy"?...You know you cast a giant shadow :)300K anchor babies born each yr., causing illegal alien mothers to add more to U.S. population each year than immigration from all sources@Radioroger Yes its the taxpayer funded dnc machine that once ruled Chicago, but is now in the /white House@Stephen_Gash @peden_c @y67940482 That about covers all eventualities :) and the breathers will suck it all in@peden_c @EDinCali @y67940482 It should be called 'Globey Warmy Climatey Changey Thingy.' Covers all eventualities.
Retweeted by EdMecca or Chicago? CNN: Black Friday Madness Turns Violent how about your boss? Amb. Jeffrey: ‘If Putin’s Name Was Pinocchio, His Nose Would Be a Yard Long’ is islamic state in nato?-Gen Vallely: Turkey Should Be Kicked out of NATO for Downing Russian Jet @paulvallely video to blame? CNN References PP Videos, Protests During Coverage of Colorado Springs Shooting @BrookeBCNN not a word about the mayor?-Jesse Jackson: We’re Going to March Until There’s Change in the Police Department everything that comes from this administration-NOAA’s Climate Change Science Fiction via @joewmillerGOPe Nearing “Full-Blown Panic” Over Trump; Now Major Group of Black Pastors Expected to Endorse via @joewmiller@EDinCali we need to continue the "global warming"name. Don't let left get away with changing name when narrative changes. #globalcooling
Retweeted by Ed@y67940482 @EDinCali Don't let Warmist*Believers*get away w/"Climate Change"either. It's #CO2ClimateChange*Falsified*by 100%Prediction Fail
Retweeted by Ed
@Oracl3 @EDinCali @ChicagoReporter @RahmEmanuel BLM must be cutting into the Revs bottom line.
Retweeted by Ed@ChicagoReporter @RahmEmanuel @EDinCali Not a peep for a yr & now the Rev is leading protest? Where's he been?
Retweeted by Ed@Right_This_Ship @FishmanLevine @EDinCali 1 mo in high gun-control city, bt we still hear same lie frm WH that taking guns stops bloodshed
Retweeted by EdChicago criminal gun violence for far. But no Dem outrage. @FishmanLevine @EDinCali @ weaselzippers
Retweeted by EdI remember all the black pastors (and Father Pfleger) who went up for Rahm and.......
Retweeted by EdRev.Jesse Jackson's speech is interrupted with calls for Mayor @RahmEmanuel's resignation during #BlackFriday demos.
Retweeted by EdChicago Black Man Arrested For Execution-Style Killing Of 9-Year-Old Boy; no protests planned via @WeaselZippers
Retweeted by EdBut obama lifted the sanctions anyway~State Department: Iran Deal Is Not ‘Legally Binding’ and Iran Didn’t Sign It lying from this administration~Narratives Over Facts @worldnetdaily the trouble is no one is personally responsible in Obama's govt‘Thousands’ of ISIS fighters now inside U.S. cities via @worldnetdailyDecisions, decisions! Climate change has Charlie Daniels in a bit of a pickle'No safe space?' Pat Sajak shows how #BlackFriday is a social justice nightmare [photo] Gulf Muslim States Have Accepted No Syrian Refugees via @dailycallerHypocrite selective law enforcer obama just Sent MAJOR Threat To Every State That Won’t Take Syrian Refugees Just Showed 100+ Radical Muslims What Happens When You Kill Christians @EDinCali @SAPresident:There's ongoing torturing of #NnamdiKanu,leader-#IPOB,Dir-#RadioBiafra & #Biafrans by #Nigerian Notorious #DSS
Retweeted by EdA credible witness saw it sir-@SAPresident I saw with my own eyes what #Bashir is doing - killing innocents in #NubaMountains@greta @SAPresident A disgrace to humanity@EDinCali @SAPresident I saw with my own eyes what #Bashir is doing - killing innocents in #NubaMountains
Retweeted by Ed@SAPresident ; tell him to quit helping mass killer #Sudan #Bashir under indictment for #genocide We have enough genocidal mass murderersTweet to @SAPresident ; tell him to quit helping mass killer #Sudan #Bashir under indictment for #genocide
Retweeted by Ed@greta @SAPresident I'm going to take your word for this Greta, you know that area better than most@RudyTakala @dcexaminer Ask him why he never delved deep into Benghazi murders and none of hillarys emails were subpoenaed@greta @SAPresident There just seem to be no good choices Greta, it is sadWords actual mean something to some people- vs South Florida and Ohio State vs Memphis ARS Rescue Rooter Hoop Hall Miami InvitationalThankful she hasn't yet been indicted!
Retweeted by EdHypocrite "father" pfleger leads protests against chicago cops, but ignores elephant in room:corrupt chicago politicians like mayor emmanuel@CarmineZozzora @IvyVicious aka: Straw men@IvyVicious @CarmineZozzora Well spoken...for a former fetus :)@CarmineZozzora @EDinCali And they would never be ok with being victims. So, yeah, the puzzle pieces don't fit with the picture they draw.
Retweeted by Ed@CarmineZozzora Bingo!!!!!If the left truly cared about poor blacks in America's ruinous urban areas, there wouldn't be any. It's physics. #WakeUpAmerica #tcot
Retweeted by Ed@dcexaminer As a good narcissist should...While radical islamics set the world on fireJust another lefty shill, who really isn't funny @tparsi @PersianPrinzess I heart that :)There should be 1,000 but no funds-FBI Using Elite Surveillance Teams to Track at Least 48 High Risk ISIS Suspects Scam-Google Deems Bernie Sanders’ Economic Plan a ‘Phishing Scam’ via @joewmillerFollow the green (money)-Pope Makes Radical, Ridiculous Global Warming Claims via @joewmillerALERT: If You See THIS Bug, Do NOT Let It Get Near You… Actually, Run The Other Way [PIC] what a cool event! ARS Rescue Rooter Hoop Hall Miami InvitationalARS® / Rescue Rooter® Hoophall Miami Invitational via @YouTubeSurprise, surprise... Study reveals where all those pro-ISIS twitter accounts are located... H/t @persianprinzess
Retweeted by Ed@AllanDudley3 @TheEricErbShow @joeyyeo13 Chicago is jesse jackson turf@MidEastNews They are the 500 lb natural gas gorilla in the living room, fits the leftist green energy memeEverybody gets a participation trophy to boycott Turkish goods; 'We'll buy from Israel instead'
Retweeted by EdUntil "Father" Pfleger leads Chicago mobs in calling for Rahm Emmanuels ouster as mayor...he has O credibility, is just part of the problemOh no! What scares me is I believe he could be right.
Retweeted by Ed@josephjett Of course they are now weak under powered stuttering conveyances...Just the way the left intended@DRUDGE_REPORT Think we can beat the record for deaths by stampede just set in Mecca? 3,200 and counting
3212Brandy: "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." ~Thomas Jefferson ~ #PJNET #tcot #bcot #ccot #SOT #2nd
Retweeted by EdMario Lopez Hung out with Ted Cruz — but Everyone Went Nuts over What He Showed off Later via @ijdotcom@EDinCali Clinton New Network did that? Hmmm... What next? They will declare her victory 2 weeks before the vote?
Retweeted by EdDems dont care, want whats best for their unions-Collective Bargaining Fails Students, Competent Teachers/Taxpayers EU NATION Just Had A MASSIVE Protest AGAINST Islam (Crickets From 'Media') via @Doug_Giles@980HELENA68 If you think that's bad, try coming to after a 3 day benderDepends on what the definition of is, is-Obama: ‘We Know of No Specific ... Plot on the Homeland’ @BarackObama Never looked out for your interests, only his handlers@carewolf10 Potomac Fever...Strikes Deep@BfsOtto Yes killers of birds/killers of economies...Ask Spain@EDinCali The last couple of times the Republican's picked a RINO we lost.To clean up the mess OB has made we need a true Conservative.
Retweeted by Ed@CherylRenetteBa For being a banker he doesn't even know what FDIC insurance is for depositors of 250K or lessYou might want to expand that to noise/enviro pollution from wind turbines too @GayPatriot The ones who only had imaginary friends as they grew up?@imuszero :)
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