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@HeyUGuys Each week he punch-capitates a different ethnicity.Attention companies, it is not too late to send me expensive tech for my Christmas buying guide. Failing that my paypal is...I'm old enough to remember when creativity died because nobody saw AMERICAN ULTRA.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesTerrorist Synthesizer, is what he meant. A casio that can take threats of violence and make them have a wah-wah sound.@ASMVidal @rosstmiller @adlow76 That first Delta Force is a real corker, beyond the lunacy of the sequels.@Screenjabber @montimer Where's the need to be fair with the twunt?@montimer BallsNobody seems to be around and Adam-Scott-Nerdy to catch Krampus with me this weekend. Will U2 join me?@ianloring I seen a movie where a Leo-looking guy gots fucked by a bear downstairs in Soho@totalfilm And dealing with drugs.@davefranklin I go by release dates.@adlow76 @rosstmiller Also I loved seeing a trailer for Hero And The Terror, a real title, at a @badlandsfilm event.@TheMilesJackson It's huge and joyous because it's dark to realise the truth, that hard lessons fucking work, living dangerously though.@ComedyBangBang @IFC Double Billerman@davefranklin I mean, Whiplash.@rosstmiller Not at all, you'll enjoy the schlocky reveals of genuine films as the film rolls on.@Splitsider And we all get to grade them and decide if they earn a degree.New app idea: Tinder but for human interaction.@EDouglasWW Creed isn't a genre. It's a way of life.I love Fury Road but it feels the other high-speed stuntacular movie of 2015 is being ignored. Blart.@robbiereviews Just read the Paddington 2 first draft?@BrettRedacted Birdrape was Iñàrritu's last film.Peanuts is having previews this weekend, that's early considering release. Go see!@daveszt @HeyUGuys @brielarson @room_movie Saw the trailer before Carol the other day and saw the site's stars. Kudos.Was We Are Still Here a sequel to We Are Your Friends? Discuss@Truly_Defective Pa-rumpa Papa is a new Rodian character.@Cinemartyn Yes.@scottEweinberg Cinematically? Cos Crackle released summin' awful.@HelenLOHara How does he write like tomorrow won't arrive?Won a thing last night. Am presently at that dark crossroads where happiness and hangover meet.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@robin_hill Congratulations!@Screenjabber @filmthug SvedishStella. Inga's StelkaNice to see The Night Before is barely playing at either of my near-by Cineworlds. Just a Seth Rogen holiday picture, nothing important.Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is now on Netflix UK.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesToday on the site: Jar Jar, Into The Badlands, every Dean Cain Christmas film we could find. There are lots of Dean Cain Christmas films.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DavidBedwell I love his work on Comedy Bang! Bang! But going for that comic number? No.Imdb put Pablo Escobar and Jared Fogle before the directors of Hot Rod and Borat for today's birthdays.
@TillyTweets @Variety Here comes a Big Breakfast Cinematic Universe!.@Clickhole's war against Chris Pratt continues
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@chrisblohm I would rather date MI3, it's a lot more rambunctious and funny.As much as I enjoyed Christopher McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible, what I like about the franchise is that each new director keeps it fresh
Retweeted by Andrew JonesI'm already resigned to not going, but if anyone wants to sponsor my trip to January's TCA tour, RSVP deadline is tomorrow. Just sayin'.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesA second McQuarrie Mission? They didn't invite John Woo back...You are not alone.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWent to a big Battlefront event tonight. I've still not played Battlefront.Johnny Cash becomes a Key Grip in Walk Below The Line.Remember when they announced all those new #StarWars movies?I’ll never get bored of this…
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe book on Peter Jackson's desk in that Doctor Who video is The Silmarillion. World class trolling Pete.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWatched a twitch feed yesterday and the player complained of long load times, each load took nearly 30 seconds. People, man...@Cinemartyn It's a film that feels like a classic as you watch, works so well, then see so few discuss at any point and wonder why.@Cinemartyn Ah man, Quiz Show with an audience, in a cinema, that would be amazing.Trust The Man Also if you're not yet watching this cracking story, get on it. style artists, you know you want to give this a shot. @JessyCritical @MHarrison90 They'll simulcast to cinemas worldwide. Then do a quote-along.@Screenjabber @JessyCritical @MHarrison90 In a decade when it's a cult classic, I'll be leading the parade.@MHarrison90 @JessyCritical Which is fine. You gave it a shot (Sorry for the result)@TheCaterjillar I don't need a video game to do that.@MarieMJS The Stranger.@JessyCritical @MHarrison90 I have to amplify my perspective to face up to the tidal wave of negativity out there. One man against the world@MHarrison90 @JessyCritical It is hard to sustain the level of laughter that EACH line deserves. #Mortdecai@JessyCritical @Screenjabber Quite the opposite, jump on board and you'll hopefully have a fun, goofy time with it.@Screenjabber @JessyCritical #Mortdecai!@craigfilm @badlandsfilm 'Hi Ian, this is the bank, we've seen some VERY common activity on your card' Boom.@craigfilm @badlandsfilm And spending money on the company card. Penthouse here we come!@AntBit Paprika was my favourite Battlestar Galactica prequel series.@NickdeSemlyen @PhildeSemlyen Hope your hair's on point.@AntBit At least that has a catchphrase that makes sense. Banana is not hysterical.@EmptyScreens I hope none of the solutions are final.@denofgeek Hi there, what is the amount we have to pay if we want to have @Laurie_Rose drunkenly dancing to Christmas songs the whole time?@AntBit Poor guy. Get some earplugs, it's a headache-inducing 90 minutes.@iamnotwaynegale I'm trying so hard to fill minor holes left in the twittervoid of the fairy.@Screenjabber You know he'll come back as Darth Blofeld in the next movie.@FilmFan1971 Is it like Jason Lee screaming 'Alvin'?@PatrickDane 100%@PatrickDane I'm looking for those small titles that I haven't yet discovered but that I would know immediately and are on many consoles.@PatrickDane Never heard of any of them, I want to know which ones are the good recognisable indies, household names, from SOny@PatrickDane I see. Already ignoring the little guy, corporate whore. With your reviews in progress and every game is 10/10@PatrickDane Which indie game are you championing this year until a big company sends you on a trip to make you love them instead?@papsby I hope this respects the man. I would follow up with a link to an article I wrote on him, but it has long vanished :(@ParisLDN Fantabstic Phwoar? Fantastic Six-pack?@GrimWord @NetflixUK @ComedyBangBang It would be best if Lord ALW were allowed to be seen by all of his subjects.@Screenjabber Who has, really? Life constantly removes it from us just as we swing our legs.@Screenjabber Beyond the humour and sweetness there's just the right tone that makes it easy to devour.@Screenjabber About 35 minutes in I clicked that this may be one of those films you own on blu ray and watch evermore as pure comfort.I tweeted an AirBnb/Apartment remake joke the other day and nobody laughed. No more Website Wilder movie ideas for you!@Screenjabber I did. So I was awake enough to tear up without confusing it with tiredness. The final 10 mins, subtle brilliance.@Screenjabber EZ Jokes was my favourite open mic artist in Straight Outta Largo This is an LA joke. I am proud of this.@Screenjabber The joke isn't related to any part of the movie except the fact that it is about a newspaper. No more context. Easy jokes!Two days on, I'm not thinking about the hysterical parts or the super 3D parts of Peanuts, but the little in-between moments. And I smile.@LondonMovieLoon You know Liev is on twitter too, right? @LievSchreiber@Screenjabber @TheSun The deal is you pay to block it now. A new world of news media. That's what Spotlight is about, right?Dear @Lin_Manuel why do you make such catchy tunes? When one earworm leaves it is because another darn one has pushed it out.@Lips_Loose Oh, James DEAN, I thought it was about The Canyons star James Deen. Different movie.@iamjamesward Not unless you added once relevant now dated pop culture: The director of Alien Cubed? Strange get.The poster for my first short as director - @bricksfilm - with a quote from an okay filmmaker.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@papsby I have Here Comes The Boom in my Ultraviolet collection, so...@PapaSonsFilm @Raindance And my parents finally saw it and, naturally, loved it.@ChrisHewitt Great, I can swap it with Wimpy for a burger today.
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