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Suffering from mental overload? Find out how it might be affecting your physical performance in the blank by telling us why you love your tracker. #Fitbitisms
@SumerSloan Awesome! Welcome to the Fitbit fun!
.@harleypasternak expands our horizons with healthy habits he’s picked up around the globe:
Heads up, gift-giver! Make your move & shop our biggest sale of the year to save up to $50!’re grateful for good food, good health, and our family and friends. #HappyThanksgiving all!
@MichaelCarrubba Awesome! We;re cheering you on. Keep those steps coming! #happystepping #fitbitfriendsWrap up the gift of fit for everyone on your list. Shop our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! your #Thanksgiving leftovers with these fresh recipe ideas: that heart rate high with @LaceyStoneFIT’s exclusive Fitbit Charge HR workout #4. #Thanksgiving, savor that slice of sweet pumpkin goodness & serve it up with a side of steps. crushed it at the Chicago Marathon! Here’s the workout that got her up to speed:
@imTulip we've saved the best for last. We'll be serving up dessert stats soon!@FittieIn30s Thanks for your shout-out! Let us know how else we can assist you. We're always here to help! ☺ #happystepping #fitbitfriendsSee how many steps it takes to burn off 4 of your favorite #Thanksgiving foods:, how many steps did your audience get doing the happy dance over their new gifts? #Ellen12days calories without cutting the flavor. Try these simple & tasty #Thanksgiving swaps: those extra steps—and how easy it is to find a spot. #Fitbitisms #BlackFriday
Hey gym newbies! Round out your training with @LaceyStoneFIT’s simple circuit workout #4. your workouts with our new exercise features! You can vote on this request: For the notifications, please post the idea here: goal is a steady climb. But nothing beats the feeling of reaching your peak. #MondayMotivation
Thanks to everyone who participated in #FitForGood! See how your steps made a difference:
Guess who's been gearing up for tonight's big fight with his Fitbit Surge? Nice move, @RealMiguelCotto #WarCotto Thanks for doing that! Please get in touch with us through our other support channels at Hi! Have you tried cleaning the charging contacts of the tracker: Let us know!@DaveStangis Sorry to hear! If you experience the same battery issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.
@imvictoriafratz Hi! You can meet new friends through groups: Hope this helps! ☺ #happystepping #fitbitfriendsCrushing grapes meets crushing step counts in tomorrow’s #WineCountryHalf in Temecula – best of luck to everyone! fitness into your #ThanksgivingDay travel with this @FitStar Traveler 10 session:
@drockserpa Nice work! Try to get over 10K a day- we believe in you!It’s the final countdown for #FitForGood! How many steps will you take to help your charity secure the win? your heart rate up with @LaceyStoneFIT’s Fitbit Charge HR workout #3: best sweat happens when you’re having fun! What's your favorite way to stay active? #findyourfit
@fitclubint Way to go! Keep those steps coming! #happystepping #fitbitfriends.@parkjames and @Surgeon_General meeting to make strides towards a healthier nation. how pro boxer @RealMiguelCotto gets in fighting shape with his Fitbit Surge: #warcotto Glad to hear that! #happysteppingThe office kitchen can get a bit hectic. Handle it like a boss with these quick & easy tips: we love hearing this! Keep up the great work 💪@juliannehough thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@WW1DUpdates thanks for joining #FitForGood!@DavidOsmond1 thanks for joining #FitForGood!@AustinBasis thanks for joining #FitForGood!Every rep gets you closer to your fitness goals. How will you reach yours this #WorkoutWednesday? Thanks for your help! #happystepping
@shemarmoore thanks for joining #FitForGood!Gym newbies will love the simplicity & variety of @LaceyStoneFIT’s simple circuit workout: out these 5 national park trails that made our bucket list for #NationalTakeAHikeDay: no to weight gain this holiday with these strategies: #NationalTakeAHikeDay! Tell us, what’s the most beautiful trail near you? heart was left racing Sunday night after #TWD? Keep it in check with a Fitbit Charge HR 2/2 but do share your ideas for HealthKit ( and Google Fit ( Thanks!@Jaime_Rivera 1/2 For now, we don't have immediate plans to integrate with Google Fit or HealthKit,
@WonderMoms_ca Thanks for your shout-out! Let us know how else we can assist you. We're always here to help! ☺ #happystepping #fitbitfriends“Running isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.” #MondayMotivation from Fitbit Ambassador @ryanhall3 more #MondayMotivation? There’s still time to get #FitForGood! Sign up here: tracker would you pick? MT @cheatsheet: The best @Fitbit for your fitness personality:
@SimonMajumdar Thanks for trying! Please reach out to us at and we'll take it from there.@SimonMajumdar Have you tried charging it? You can try these tips on battery not charging: Let us know how it goes!@SimonMajumdar Sorry to hear! Can you tell us more about your Fitbit? Is it no longer charging or is it something else?
@trulyTaylerMade Sorry to hear! Our team is aware of this issue, and we hope to have a fix in place soon. Thanks for bearing with us!@SadaKMusic Amazing! Keep up the great work :)@estoyhabbs Great! Glad to hear you'll be #backontrack very soon!Multitasking at mealtime? Stop! Focusing on your food can help you lose weight & more. Oh no! Please try 2-3 restarts: Let us know how it goes!Introducing #FitbitLocal, a new series of FREE workouts in your city! Learn more here: that's great! Way to stay active and reach 10K steps.@myoaktown Glad you rested well last night! Happy Friday!Out of all the steps you take today, make sure none of them are unlucky and land on a crack. #FridayThe13th
@ThePaleAlewife Woohoo! Great job!@harleypasternak thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@SaraHall3 thanks for joining #FitForGood!@DeanKarnazes thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@amyschumer thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@TWallisch thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@SHAQ thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@1LaurenRussell thanks for supporting #FitForGood!@amyschumer thanks for supporting #FitForGood! Join here: the gym with @LaceyStoneFIT & discover a new reason to heart your Fitbit Charge HR:’s toast to the new colors for Fitbit Surge with a tasty smoothie from @DeanKarnazes:“10,000 steps! Nailed it.” #Fitbitisms
Pull–ups are the ultimate bodyweight exercise. How many are you doing for #WorkoutWednesday? the troops this #VeteransDay with a military training inspired workout from @FitStar: Thanks for the love! #fitbitfriends #happystepping
@MarylandAJ92 That's awesome! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. #happysteppingNicole T.’s fitness journey didn't take off until she got the whole family moving.’t let the cold weather freeze your step count. How will you keep moving to reach your step goal? up, and then tone every muscle group with @LaceyStoneFIT's simple circuit workout #2. We're happy to hear that Fitbit helps you live a healthier life! #fitbitfriends@CathyZielske The pleasure is ours! Reach out again, if you need further assistance.
Train smarter, go farther and conquer every goal in color with Fitbit Surge—new in Blue & Tangerine. #ConquerInColor is officially on! Sign up to help your charity win part of our $1MIL donation out why delayed onset muscle soreness is better for you than it feels.
#FitForGood is only 3 days away! Which charity are you supporting with your steps? Join here how to fill those awkward family moments with something other than food or drink:
Bump up your heart rate with @LaceyStoneFIT's Fitbit Charge HR workout series’re giving $1MIL to charity. Your steps help decide where it goes. Time to get #FitForGood Oh no! Please try restarting your tracker: Let us know how it goes!#TBT to those hula hoop days. What was your favorite childhood activity? #findyourfit
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