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Gabriel Givens @GDGivens Near Olympia, WA

#LGBT #PCCC #MinimumWage #RaiseTheWage #TheDemocrats #RenewableEnergy Bleeding Blue Liberal Here!

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Damnit I want Never Ending Pasta Bowl Today!!!And he broke the law again. Using his office to influence the decisions of a private business...but I guess I... the eff is the stupid treasury secretary commenting on this? I mean seriously?
2017 and interesting fact of the day: Margin is what percent of a price of a good is profit: Example: If you...
2017 @SteveKingIA It's a valid viewpoint. And actually many of the points make sense. Nobody should feel obligated to have children by society.Yes sign up for your daily dose from the Orange coke-mired propoganda machine's e-mail address....this'll be good.
Omg so cute
I think the Trump Team is encompassed in all the red squares on this: level of military spending is unacceptable. We have become what our founders feared, a state of perpetual... is fucking outrageous! FUCK HIM! Trump plays diplomat at the UN and basically threatens an entire country with full on destruction...#horrified.Outrageous! How dare they celebrate working for money with good food and brews! But all is good in the world, the...
I do not endorse violence in any way to others of alternating opinions...but I may have snickered at this a bit. yah! Thunder Storms! is how I feel in civilization 512 players are both going for a cultural victory.
2017 sun and rain make beautiful art together.How I feel when the sun comes out after it's been raining all day. Happy – "Weird Al" Yankovic ;) myself. — eating deliciousness at Olive Garden'm filling a complaint against @realDonaldTrump with @Twitter for using this platform to incite & promote violence against women, join me.
Retweeted by Gabriel Givens @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott So are you both! @mcair01 Your donation is very appreciated! Thanks for your kindness.Jiro's surgery-A former coworker friend's best kitty friend needs some help. If you can spare a few bucks to assist! coworker friend needs help for his best animal friend! Sims, have you heard about this?'s the role of government to pass laws that improve human existence, further collective goals for all, &protect/bring justice to the weak. @RepSims Are you aware of this disgraceful tweet from the Representative of PA's 10th district?
For reasons!
While I do support Medicare for all ideally...I will not agree with calling people who don't as corporatists...
2017 opposed to being brainwashed by TBN and Fox News? am open to the idea of a corporate tax cut. But that cut must be mirrored by a personal income tax increase on...
Rhetoric from the deplorable non-president Trump is how wars start. This is how hostilities escalate into open... poorly represents the 3rd district. She needs to go!
Ok with the new proposal to charge a driving surcharge based on miles as opposed to the gas tax, I would pay... want an income tax, not regressive taxes that disproportionately harm rural communities who have to drive...
Thank you @Chipotle of Olympia for the comp meal.Outrageous
Oh my god...I have no words. worship of extreme individual right and the trampling of reasonable collective rights is a travesty in our nation.If you believe your Christian faith teaches you to hate your neighbor, then you are committing the sin the... into a story that is entirely Arabian in origin to be despicable. There is no reason to cast a Caucasian person in Aladdin-Live.#Aladdin I believe in telling a story in it's correct cultural context, I find the idea that they have to add a white person (Thread) @DisneyStudios You need to STOP white-washing. Arabian Nights is ENTIRELY a legacy of the Arab world! Cast it right and fairly! #stopracism
LOVED this book series and show!'s that season now! Pretty Bad Ass actually! Watch it! am QUITE excited for this!
2017 have nothing but simmered disgust for HoAs. It's worse than High School Politics.'s time for tax reform in this state, and not this madness! a wonderful idea! Make it happen City of Olympia - Government