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Gabriel Givens @GDGivens Near Olympia, WA

#LGBT #PCCC #MinimumWage #RaiseTheWage #TheDemocrats #RenewableEnergy Bleeding Blue Liberal Here!

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Hollye Sletager Givens @TMobile @MazeRunnerMovie @TMobile #TMobileTuesdays #contest Wonder Woman is my favorite.Full Disclosure, the Op-Ed writer is a member of one of the most conservative legal research firms in the... was announced that the White House has hired a contortionist to help The President's staff navigate the continuous web of lies.
I believe everyone should get justice for wrongs against them...but are you also offering forgiveness to those... you a "Christian" business? Then serve all, not those like you. Are you a "Christian" government worker?... more relevant than ever these days.
This isn't news. Shares are debt...and debt being paid is good. So why anyone believed that this wouldn't is... have no words to describe how amazing this movie. It had me balling out of the gate to the Finish Line. GO SEE...
So the outrageous story isn't that Trump paid a porn star to stay's that "HE PAID SOMEONE!!!" @arthusandnico Heh give him a back rub while he sleepsSooooo WROOONNNNNGGG
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming…
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So apparently, the standard of giving two weeks notice only applies to workers. If they expect workers to give... @SamsClub If you expect employees to give you 2 weeks if they intend to end their employment relationship with you,… @StephMillerShow @travisbone79 Travis is the highlight of my morning with you because his voice is so handsome! Lov…
@FreedomWorks @FCC Don't blanket statement. People who use racial slurs are offensive despite whatever affiliation…'s time for Republicans in the State Legislature to be constructive with Democrats and stop demonizing them.... @GottaLaff What's sad is he truly is a representation of the mindset of about 30-40 million Americans and was toler… @GottaLaff Good riddance to really terrible and distasteful rubbish! @pdamerica Truly meant with a sense of humor, but I love the Public Displays of Affection America! So warm and inviting :D @GeraldHayess Awwww Gerald is a dignified name. I'd say it while moaning.
Breaking: We won! Three-judge-court in North Carolina strikes down congressional partisan gerrymander. Much more to…
Retweeted by Gabriel Givens @CPC_HQ Maybe you can be the majority again and waste millions of Canadian tax payer dollars investigating like we… @Adaripp So, I gotta say...your wit is by far your most attractive feature (not intending to diminish your other at… @jacksnowknows @crazylary51 Fucking disgusting excuse of a human being.Some issues I think we can all agree on #StrongerTogether Single Payer Medicare for all children 0-18, reimbursed c… you are experiencing a #Slack outage, consider using your domain mananger's messenger system. For google, it's H… @SlackHQ If you are using a domain/service management service like Google for your domain services...a good… @SlackHQ @daveycraney Have you tried running CCleaner on your server? @SlackHQ @conz Have you tried turning it off and on again? Did you try pressing the ON button? And is it plugged in? @SlackStatus Is there a service issue on your end? The whole lot of us have disconnected from the service.
@SteveKingIA You're a piece of shit sir. You are a chauvinist and a bigot.
@ProudResister @Oprah We need a president invested in the health and wellness of’s the backstory behind the homophobic christian bakers who were fined $135k for refusing to make a cake for a…
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As a society, we eat and drink way too much sugar. I know this first hand because I do some financial disi… usually follow guys cause they're hot or snappy...but if I see a hot guy that's a Republican, I smh in shame beca… @MichaelWolffNYC Hello Mr. Wolff, My coworker was suggesting that when you publish your next round of books, that i…
So I was holding my phone the I fixed while holding it. rocks. @zackinreal_life I find's a good list! @BryanCranston @XGirlNYC @realDonaldTrump You've done shit you moldy pile of dung-hill. @CPC_HQ And between Conservatives and the NDP, that's half of Canada support a Liberal Government and two parts of… @CPC_HQ Or it could be rephrased that at least half of Canadians approve of the prime minister.
"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserve it.” Mark Twain
Retweeted by Gabriel GivensThey bought their disabled dog some new wheels for Christmas!
Retweeted by Gabriel GivensPuppy giving out free boops for everybody.
Retweeted by Gabriel GivensNearest for a better 2018 then there was a 2017 Happy New Year
2017 @ConservGayGuy You're fucking delusional. Willfully ignorant. And no gay person I'd desire to associate with if you… gay need to do in 2018 1. Don't mock a guy's body type (regardless if they are fit or not) 2. Don't drag o…
Retweeted by Gabriel Givens @arthusandnico Ohh myy. Tres bien!
Watching Weeds. I just watched the end of the 6th episode in season 1 where she had watched herself having sex...
2017 love it.
...DOES NOT have to work this morning! That was a welcome surprie
@realDonaldTrump Oh shut up your egotistical orange pimple. You are a sorry excuse of a man and I despise you.
That feeling when the political party you've belonged to almost your whole adult life turns into a cult of personal…
Retweeted by Gabriel GivensAny interference by @RealDonaldTrump in the #TrumpRussia investigation, including firing those involved and pardons…
Retweeted by Gabriel Givens @ncohioguy Ah hah that's what that means. I was not sure what that meant exactly...but now I know!Happy/Merry/Joyful/Positive-energy-based Christmahanakwanzika to everyone! @ncohioguy Well regardless of that. Nurses are heroes and that's even good enough for me. ;) @GreatLakesGay Kinky ;) @ncohioguy Well so I could be greeted by someone as handsome as you everyone I came in ;). @ncohioguy Man I wish you were my nurse everytime I had a Dr's appt! I'd go 4 times a month at least.
RT if you do NOT support @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Gabriel Givens @StephMillerShow I have a change to your all-encompasing happy holiday greeting of Happy Chrismahanakwanzika: Happ… @SavageJoeBiden @AmazingTaIent Literally the most accurate things ever! Libertarianism is one of the most dangerous… Chrismahanakwanzika to everyone! @GreatLakesGay Right? you get an e-mail from PAYPAL or that thanks your for a purchase you don't remember, DO NOT... @Uber I want to continue working with you, but I also want you to realize that peoples' data is very precious and c…