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Forward-thinking, bigotry-hating, bleeding-blue-hearted Progressive. Building systems all can live comfortably in. #LGBTQ #HealthcareIsARight #SinglePayerNow

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NASA Says Presence Of Diving Board On Mars Confirms Planet May Have Once Contained Water cannot force worship, reverence, or respect. It must be given of one's own free will or its fraud and really just fear. cuts for the rich only help the rich. NFL Commissioner, you can kindly fuck off. Dear soldiers who are offended by flag defend our…
Do I agree with everything Tomi Lahren has to say? No. But do I feel that she should be able to visit my city wit…
Retweeted by Future-thinking Gayboy @neoncontrol That sounds like a fun kink.If you need help. Apply for public services. They are there to help you. I gladly pay for them. @joshnorthsouth I'd throw a drink in her face too... The racist bigoted bitch. @neoncontrol It's not a rumor if it's true.
2018 agree with this also. like this are effing scary.
@MikeyJonJon How about a body rub and food in bed. @MikeyJonJon 5 lbs since last weighing in! #myfitnesspal #myfitnesspal
@LesOubles Thick is sexy...don't let anyone tell you otherwise.People need to enjoy life more. We let the world events bring us down and forget to heal our minds from the strain.
2018 Is Applauding This National Geographic Cover But The Real Shock Lies Inside The Pages @WalshFreedom Fuck you @JoeWalsh . Go crawl back into your Hellespont and suffer. @MikeyJonJon That was me last night and this morning.Fuck your thoughts and prayers....Action now! #GunControlNow #MakeAmericaSaneAgainI like the idea of taking a thin guy I date and steadily watching the weight creep on as he's lost in a haze of hap… @arthusandnico He's yummy!
Thin guys should love to cuddle with fat guys. We keep you warm and offer cushion. Also we are the best at sex beca…
2018 Intel Committee concludes Russia interfered in 2016 election to help Trump @GDGivens @juliehdavis @maggieNYT - Good question, seriously. - @ACLU Thoughts?
Retweeted by Future-thinking Gayboy @juliehdavis @MiddleAmericaMS @maggieNYT Wouldn't this violate their first amendment rights? find it extremely difficult to focus on one thing at a time. #ADHD #Squirrelmoment #CantDoOneThing @dansav1776 I'll remember to vote them out. relevant than ever. accurate. @joncoopertweets Papa John's said it first. They have no obligation to share profits with employees. @br_webb @kevinmaisto Fasting can be harmful to your metabolism. You so do not need this cause you are so gorgeous! Like "ca…
I swear to everything holy...NEVER EVER SHARE AN ANIMAL BEING KILLED. Or you will incur my wrath. I have no desire to see such things. @MikeyJonJon Adorable. Let's cuddle! @eeconnerholtee @Easily_Ethan Me. My last employer. And other.....people?
2018 if you ever have questions about Apple Health. Here's how it's structured. 1. The program is called "Apple Heal… have no words at the level of awful this is. have no words about the degree of disgusting this is. @BeMyBromeo Show - climax @MikeyJonJon Hunger physically hurts. @FreedomWorks Liars! @ShopFloorNAM Taking credit for something that you don't get to claim credit for.
@arthusandnico When was he out of shape? @br_webb @onlyinsf Who was it? @Omeady You are so gorgeous. @cnni Ugh the worst thing ever. Those two are abominations.
Awwwwww adorable! @MarylandOtter I don't know if any rational person would call you ugly by any stretch of the imagination. You are beautiful! @BrianSimsPA Right?!Mom serving 16 years for marijuana pens Mother's Day letter to daughters: 'I'm dreaming of your sleepy faces' @br_webb Have some aloe for that. Man that sucks. But you are adorable! Hugs! @StephenAmell I'm sure he was so broken up about it too!
2018 @StudentsforLife I'm sorry but if you want to be prolife. Do so for your own body and leave other women to choose f… @eeconnerholtee You are the pro dominating women's bodies generation and about as fake newsie as you can get you insufferable twatwaffles. @eeconnerholtee Word. That's quite a bit of wood.I’ll post a video of me doing naked push-ups if this post gets 50 likes!! 😜
Retweeted by Future-thinking Gayboy @literarally I dare you to be more adorable!