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@Sassy_Linn my lifeeeeeee
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @Abella_Danger @EvilAngelVideo @periscopeco sexy @kj_fetishmodel *gets on hands and knees ready to eat that booty like its groceries* @ShawnaLeneeShow @SexyTravelCo might as well right!!! Ur so lucky. Ugh I wanna go to Vegas now.... @andreaillobre love it @ShawnaLeneeShow @SexyTravelCo I love Vegas. I'd love to go back even for the day idc @SexyTravelCo @ShawnaLeneeShow I could use a trip to vegas @ShawnaLeneeShow ok I'll email it to u now @ShawnaLeneeShow thats awesome u thought that. I'd love to take u to lunch & bring you on the lot for a tour. Want me 2 email u my info? @ShawnaLeneeShow OMFG THE DAY IVE BEEN WAITING FOR LIKE SUCH A GOOD BOY!!!!!!! FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 @ShawnaLeneeShow I'd love to get to run into u!!! 😊😊😊
The best.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @kquinnnnx hope u feel better 😊Haha cool @PortableShua #JoshPeck posted a clip I pulled today. Cool beans man! @JenSelter tell @FOXTV about it!!!! @PlaymateKhloe I'm prob in that group lol @tashareign ya hold down ur finger on ur face and it will auto detect it and open up the animations and u can swipe thru them like filters @Erica_Boyle holy fuckkkkkkkk
@AJApplegateXXX @BlaCK_PoWeR_10 @FreeOnes who is Kaylee Evans?Why am I still in love with you? Why? ☹️
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @alixlynxXXX send them to LA too
@ShawnaLeneeShow both those videos look amazing and I want that bikini and these movies ugh yesI've had faith the #Broncos would slay everybody. I wasn't even scared of the Patriots.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶GO Broncos! @Brazzers football > #superbowl
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @Sassy_Linn this makes me like u so much more!!!!!Peyton deserved it w/ his humble ass. Everyone dick rode the Patriots and every other team that wasn't the Broncos. Eat a dick if that was u
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#Gatorade bath for the biggest Manning fan!!! #18 in the program,…'s about to get real in this post... All the past 2 weeks all… of the 3rd quarter... One more to go... Cmon.. By the gods old… #SuperBowl #DENvsCAR CMON ##PeytonManning we're almost… the 1st quarter... #SuperBowl #DENvsCAR GO #PeytonManning LETS GO broncos LET'S WIN THIS SUPER BOWL...… @kj_fetishmodel @littlesexbuddha the thought of this is amazing. I wish I knew u both in HS lol even if it was just to watch idc @ShawnaLeneeShow god I want this. I love the way this looks. I want that bikini too lol @TweetKissKara you always make me so hungry or wanna travel!!!!! @LilveronicaR PEYTON MANNING BABY!!!!! #DenverBroncos @Broncos plz wish them luck for me plz V.Damn Jim Kelly's daughter's are fine as fuckkkkkkkk!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 @ShawnaLeneeShow I seriously love this bikini on u!!! Love purple and blue on u!!! 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜 @LilveronicaR that's BS come to LA mamacita @XNicoleAnistonX @tashareign I would seriously clean for both of u. I need to get outta the house too lol Tasha! Consider it lol
Did a lot in the last few hrs. Went & got gas & lunch for the week, made chicken avocado salad & brownies, did laundry & cleaned kitchen. @Sassy_Linn lets see some pics @parks_trisha anything else for sale? @LilveronicaR ayyyyyyyy I fuckin love that bootayyyyy 😍😍😍 #TeamVRod @Erica_Boyle smart & successful 👍 @Sassy_Linn you even see my tweet bruh @Kira13Sage sweet!!!
@Katalinamills_ oh ok I added u"My brothers are counting on me." Antonio Smith will play in #SB50 after losing his father
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @Katalinamills_ here? @ShawnaLeneeShow I HOPE I GET THE EMAIL TODAY OMG AND WHEN CAN I MAKE ANOTHER ORDER lol I know ur backed up @ShawnaLeneeShow holy fuck this is awesome!! Its everything included?? Even the custom and both panties And DVDs and haha idk what else @Katalinamills_ what's the costs? Do you have a way set up for payments for it? @Katalinamills_ adding u rn!!!!! I wanna see!!!!!! @Katalinamills_ do u do customs too? @Katalinamills_ @adriaxrae can I get a custom video with both u? 😍😍😍😍 @JanessaBrazil @dawnavrildotcom now there's two gorgeous girls!!! Funk yes!!! 😍😍😍 @ShawnaLeneeShow what's that? @ShawnaLeneeShow OMG COULD THIS BE??????Sitting here at work watching my boo @Sassy_Linn on Twitch! 😍😍😍 (On mute doe) #SassyLinn @LilveronicaR idk why you even concern yourself with all these negative ppl. Ik im way above that shit. Wanna question me? Blocked.Wake up! You need to make $$$!
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @ShawnaLeneeShow I think I might have to Skype. I can't wait for my package. I need Shawna! @HotAdultModels @littlesexbuddha @adrianachechik this is perfect. Wish it was my live wallpaper @DailyXXXTweets @XNicoleAnistonX @JohnnySins @Brazzers wow...just wow @kj_fetishmodel I'd love to feed u lol @SophiaLeonexo @ShesProbsAHoeIf best hoe I know lol idk @kj_fetishmodel may the force be with u @tashareign @LilveronicaR after all the horrible legal stuff is done can both work together plz?
@MyAustinWhite vegan apple pie? Isn't that like saying eating a meat steak? LOLI need to watch more of @parks_trisha work!!! She's gorgeous IMO 😍😍😍Why tf is everyone going off on @LilveronicaR? Stop pestering her w/ BS & b thankful for all she does! Stop complaining fuck boys! #TeamVRod @InMelRosePlace damn.... 😆 #TheReasonImFineBeingSingle lol @Abella_Danger you realize the amount of guys daily u make happy just by getting naked like this? The joy u bring to guys lives....😍😍😍 @TweetKissKara @artviibes that's impressiveWell I guess I'll have #porn to keep me happy.... #porn won't go off and marry someone who is wrong for them...Probably the only person I've ever had that type of connection with... SucksProbably for the best... Better we just don't talk...Fuck I can't believe I just did that @xoxoashleyadams @Katalinamills_ I have you both on my twitter notifications now 😈😈😈😈 @xoxoashleyadams @Katalinamills_ I hope you at least take a few pics when that happens 😍😍😍😍 @Katalinamills_ WOWZA TY @xoxoashleyadams for introducing me to Katalina! Shes gorgeous! Y'all gunna walk together soon? Or have u already?
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@TweetKissKara I have everything rn right?Also thanks @ShawnaLeneeShow @tashareign @MARSHAXXXMAY @MissyXMartinez for the knowledge!!!! 😍😍😍😍 will admit I was nervous before I read this cuz Ik I can be a creep... But thankfully I'd never do any of this! @TweetKissKara oh ok phew got a lil nervous. Thought you were leaving 😢.@WWE icon @BretHart is a hero with his fight against cancer. MSG stands by Bret in his latest battle #GetWellHitman
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶ @TweetKissKara how come? @PlayboyRadio @PlaymateKhloe I mean I wonder how often Khloe has sex cuz ik she works very hard on her body. So this interests me. @TrinityStClair HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIN!!!!!!!!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂OMG @missdanidaniels we are so sorry your bush caught on fire!!! 🔥 hope you're alright #burningbush
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I love me some #Pho mmmm and #zombie movies and shows...… least the #Pho place said they'd deliver my foodThere goes my savings.....Fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkk I might need a new battery
I should at least do my laundry, huh?I didn't do shitSuch a boring Sunday
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