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@ouijabored__ Ok
@BrookeMarieCam What sick fuckers. That's some bullshit.@ouijabored__ Awwwwwww u need that stuff haha you r a princessFuck i didnt do a damn thing this weekend....SMH....but I was broke so I guess its ok@MissVikkiLynn Lol@daribarbz :(@ItsCleoLive such a bad girl@Bryci haha pigtails on you is the best lol mmmm@Bryci hellz ya@Bryci choking the chicken"NO NO U GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!" Haha love #SouthPark@ItsCleoLive haha ya baby ya keep favoriting you fucking @AntonioBrown84 lol USE THE FLAG TOO@ItsCleoLive fucking love u@NattyFoxBox Oh@ItsCleoLive so happy i got to see u for a bit tn. Also want that flag and more! Oh and ride @AntonioBrown84 lol@vickyvette @ItsCleoLive @steelers She's gotta fuck @AntonioBrown84 too@briannafrost Happy birthday babe“Dear Mama” by Tupac Shakur, is one of 25 songs that have been added to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry.
Retweeted by 》G《@ouijabored__ babe@Blacked_com @MissDaniDaniels @PrinceYahshua I think Dani should take like 10/BBCs lolWow really? Threats to Greeks at University of Alabama? Wtf #StaySafeBama@ItsCleoLive I still want that flag u had in ur panties hahahah
@naughtyamerica @XNicoleAnistonX Nicole made me want the exact type of wedding #Inspiration #MentionPerfection #NAW #RoleModelDamn!!!! Did not see that coming! Thank god it wasn't @BellaTwins!!! Love you Paige:( but congrats to @WWEAJLee!! 3× Diva's Champ!!!
Retweeted by 》G《Reunited!! @WWEAJLee regains the @WWE #DivasTitle at #WWENOC! http://t.co/IDBah8XVh7
Retweeted by 》G《@BunnyFuxalot @shanexxxdiesel I'd pay for this to happen@shanexxxdiesel haha bout to DM u@brattybunny Happy Birthday as well! #NowFollowing@ouijabored__ i think @LomeliLovelace reminds me a lot of @purrbunny lol all 3 of u r gorgeous tho@shanexxxdiesel who is that and look how satisfied she looks!!!!@AJApplegateXXX @JaySinVideo @EvilAngelVideo i would eat all that damn cream!!!!!!! 👌@FreeshiaMFC No prob. Just tryna buy some more goods soon yo lol@FreeshiaMFC Hey I PMed u yesterday! No wb"@OhHotGirls: Katy Perry 🙌 http://t.co/DwQvFnX6Cd" 😰 8=========D💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦@Sassy_Linn Stop stop stop!!! Stop being so down I'm tired of it. You're way too awesome to be down so much.@MissVikkiLynn @clips4sale @BrookeMarieCam I have to admit this has always been a dream of mine & now its real! I'm buying this! #MakeMore@vickyvette @ItsCleoLive @bretmichaels @steelers I think Cleo should take every cock in the world :)@Remymeow @MsAbigailMac wow yes wow@ItsCleoLive what if @AntonioBrown84 score 3 times? Haha RIDE HIS COCK??? LOL JKWow that shit hurts. Peyton didn't even get on the field. Horrible Sunday for me. @Broncos lose @buffalobills lose & my fantasy team lost.@Lexpece Who i gotta fuck up for u?@xDakotaTaylorx Its not looking good Riss. @BroncosCome on #Broncos!
Retweeted by 》G《Ok ok ok...@CoeyDean is this real? Am i being teased? I can't even say how happy this makes me lol & u like @WWE http://t.co/0SvUVoTB6ZRetweet if you wanna see my next pic..featuring my TITTY! #boobsandbeer #tits #MillerLite #flash http://t.co/pUdllq7qBC
Retweeted by 》G《Dear Santa, For xmas i want @daribarbz to follow me because she's so badd and sexy. Ty Santa 🎅🎄🎁 -GTHAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING I LOVE YOU PEYTON MANNING #18@CoeyDean damn it I got so excited & so sad in a matter of seconds....awwww one day I hope I guess. #NewFan http://t.co/YvfgYpzEiw@CoeyDean I fucking love that u like wrestling. Glad to have finally caught u.@purrbunny Where do u get this Mexican cola?@purrbunny Always answering the haters and critics but never the ones who like ya lol I love everything about ya especially ur attitude@purrbunny Can't believe u got implants lol love it@MJlZZlE @TashaReign @Brazzers HOKY FUCK TASHA IS THIS A NEW SCENE???@StevieShaeXXX @LilveronicaR @VRodProductions You both look so damn happy and that makes me happy!!!@TashaReign @axelbraun @xxxRiley FUCK YES OMG I WOULD BUY ANYTHING THEAE TWO DO TOGETHER AND DO IT A LOT & MORE AND ALL DAY ERRRRDAY!!!!@purrbunny That's so god damn hawt. Do u Luke a certain brand?@StefaniexKnight @PlaymateKhloe @PlayboyPlus THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING J CANT FUCKING WANT I WANT THESE PICS PLASTERED ALL OVER MY BEDROOM@JessicaKadiu Stop smoking
@c0urtneyb00 👌no doubt@polskismak @Marina_X0x0 lol meant no offense man. U the man on that booty grab tho lol #HighFive 👐@Aria_excitement @CarterCruise I wanna subscribe to the AVN mag I didn't even know they had one. #SupportTheIndustry@purrbunny yanno I don't get u. U give madd attention to the haters and ppl who talk shit to u but your #fans lol get no love or follow back@HeidiWow2 Miss u more. Still waiting on that follow back babe@AlexxxaRose_ me too@SarahSpicex @shanexxxdiesel haha control her!!!@JessikaGottiXO @JessikaGotti Looks fn perfect@shanexxxdiesel @AJApplegateXXX fuck that keep it covered in her juice@briannafrost I know whatever obstacles you're facing you'll conquer them and be stronger for it. #Believe@Marina_X0x0 wowza 😍Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game
Retweeted by 》G《@JessikaGotti wowza!@TrinityStClair Simply amazing girl@allie_brady sounds like a fun night@ouijabored__ What can I do to make u happy@NattyFoxBox Sorry I disappointed u@ouijabored__ ×°×° hugs babeLol all i want is the perfect @purrbunny to WB to me and follow me! Wish I still had her dang wishlist.@purrbunny Holy fuck can u post more????@alexmftanner welcome backFor #Christmas i want @purrbunny to follow me and I'll get her an Xmas gift lol #GuysCanDream@Sassy_Linn @overlyxclusive GUESS THATS NIT YOU FOR MEEEEEEE 😞@XTiffanyTylerX if they go can I just buy other pairs?? Lol@TatyanaJenene Wow...OK lol whatever to u too@TatyanaJenene you really unfollow me u punk@chloeechasee call and get that shit towed@NattyFoxBox How about u answer a text first lol@AlexaAimes good luck kid@JessicaKadiu haha wtf kinda pants t u wearing I love them@luisaadelucaa wowzaWhen you write a status but it was too mean to post 😭😭😂👌
Retweeted by 》G《"@c0urtneyb00: Pour some sugar on me" that would be a visual that I'd wanna see for the rest of my life 😍 #PourSomeSugarOnCourtney@JessicaKadiu @RosaFidilio Wow@giifarin doesn't even matter. You look great now and your hard work paid off. Beautiful girl and very down to earth. #ToughToFindTheseDays@giifarin no way an amazing beauty like you has stretch marks but if you do god damn u still are pretty AF 😍@badboy_cisco @GiannaNicolexxx Damn that's an amazing pic. Repost it!@Sassy_Linn mmmmmm post more lol@daribarbz Daaaaaaaaamn sexy@TeenKayleeMFC I'm not home but if u want I'll head home for u@TeenKayleeMFC booooooooo no lol not what I suggested@Sassy_Linn Miss the booty
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