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Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@TweetKissKara nvm I'm dumb lol@TweetKissKara when did this happen?!?@ShawnaLeneeShow Xmas if around the corner babe lol@SisDrizzy god I miss you lol@ShawnaLeneeShow oh anything good??@JenSelter morning Jen@TheRealBibiNoel @MyFreeCams I seen u for a bit but had to leave. Hope you'll be on again!@TheRealBibiNoel @MyFreeCams what's your name?@tashareign @LAZoo i would if u let meeee
#HappyThanksgiving everybody!!!!! I'm a few beers in but enjoying myself!!! 😊 👌 & I making alexxmoy bday cake! #HappyThanksgiving 👌Pilgrims did not find a new and empty land. Every inch of land they claimed was Indian land.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!! 👌
@InMelRosePlace wow....I love your....socks 😍😍😍😍@tashareign the boy??@tashareign @ipictheaters I'll have to check it out. Thanks babe! 😍@tashareign @ipictheaters I see one in LA and one in Pasadena. Which do you go to? Or recommend?@tashareign id make ur night any night if u asked lol #SuckUp #Reigndeer@ThatChrisGore as excited as I am for this... This is the first #Marvel trailer that didn't excite me... Should I be worried?I really want @kj_fetishmodel to bend over!!!!!! 😈😈😈😈 wow ur 5'3"?? Ur so damn perfect... I wanna fuck u cum in u then let my boys cum in u too. Fill the slut up!! 😈😈😈@tashareign @ipictheaters where is that?
@KarmenKarma hey babe, I voted!!!!! 😈😈😈 @goldfish_415 @pridedoestoo lucky dogsUPDATE on Peyton #Manning
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Kira13Sage will you talk to me if I get on babe lolThis whole #ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies thing is getting outta control...@InMelRosePlace wish I could be there 😢 😩Shit, sometimes the side chick is right at that table eating w the girlfriend… Heartless Heathens smh
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶I think I wanna go out for lunch today.... Hmmm...@Kira13Sage sheesh this is why cam girls trust no one! Sorry for the Male species.@tashareign you are the best!I need to sleep mang cmon 😴😴😴Might be because I went to bed right after the @buffalobills game cuz that game sucked balls!Idk why I'm fucking awake...
This @buffalobills is killing me... Ugh #MNF #BUFvsNE@InMelRosePlace gotta love the holidays 😍@JennaIvoryxxx smh@JanessaBrazil SMH at your profile pic but hey at least ya look good lol
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Kira13Sage @manyvids sexy@kj_fetishmodel @adrianachechik can I watch this show forever?!? 😍😍😍😍😍@KarmenKarma been voting daily. I have an alarm to remind me to vote too. U better win!@Kira13Sage looking good hun!@WickedPictures @MiaMalkova @Not_really_wise @CassidyBanksXO UM HOLY FUCK THIS IS A GREAT PAIRING!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍It's been a long few weeks for @WalkingDead_AMC fans, but finally they have an answer
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Want to be @AugustAmesxxx's #boyfriend for an ENTIRE day? #interactive #porn @LifeSelector -
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@briannafrost I wish u the best and nothing but the best. Addiction is a bitch. You'll make it thru it tho!@LilveronicaR @VRodProductions yay congrats babe!@MsAbigailMac @SouthwestAir this is why I never fly Southwest & why tf would they go thru ur bags?
@kj_fetishmodel what is the fee!!!!!??????@AugustAmesxxx how do u see stuff if ur blocked?@JenSelter @dominos they aren't even that good babe@KarmenKarma @AugustAmesxxx omg whooooooooo lol@KarmenKarma voted again babe!!!! I'm so sorry Tasha! May the kitty rest easy.
@DavaFoxx oh lawd didn't u just move too?!?! Hope everything is all good.@JennaIvoryxxx good morning Jenna plz let me buy stuff from yooooou@RileyReidx3 @Abella_Danger I wish I knew why I was blocked Riley... I miss ur work 😢@Abella_Danger I'd share you babygirl 😈@ShawnaLeneeShow that's saying a lot! They've all been great. Email me back when u can so we can start the next package.@littlesexbuddha @KarmenKarma @debunt @adrianachechik can I get all y'all panties after that session?? 😍😈😍😈😍😈😍@KarmenKarma @littlesexbuddha @debunt @adrianachechik wow...@tashareign I wish you'd cuck me with ur fake bf lol
Fuck I love my lifeeeeee@ShawnaLeneeShow should I buy this one too?@Kira13Sage I'm going to pretend fun things about this@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp will u wear it again for meeeeeeeeeeeee lol@kj_fetishmodel fuck I love your life I wanna watch u forever@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp I'll buy it all@kassie_kane gunna blow a load at fn work@KarmenKarma my alarm to vote went off!!! attracts happy,
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶I NEED TO BUY MORE STUFF FROM @ShawnaLeneeShow 😈😈😈😈@ShawnaLeneeShow @manyvids HELL YA CANT WAIT FOR MINES@Ms_HeartAttack you need a wish list 💳 💵 💸@kassie_kane thank the gods... Haha ur awesome. I want it inside u, face, tits, and mouth! Hahahaha 😈@JennaIvoryxxx thank the gods!!!@kassie_kane and just like that a smile is on my face and I'm happy again. God can I blow my load any where I want? LOL@kassie_kane its Friday so I'm amazing. Just trying to finish the work day without blowing up on someone.@jr0sebabyxx fuck u@CoeyDean wow u always got the best bra and panties@kassie_kane wow I remember u...@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp 😍😍😍@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp also this is all our stuff I assume?@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp can I email u or DM u?@badboycraven @kj_fetishmodel @avnawards @RICHELLERYAN I think if u called in... Nomination taken away lol jk@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp would be OK with that? Hahaha@kj_fetishmodel fuck yes I am lol@KarmenKarma @littlesexbuddha @adrianachechik 3 of my absolute favorite!!! One day I wanna group pic with meeeeee 😍😍😍@AugustAmesxxx what the actual fuck...Every pic ive seen of @Erica_Boyle 👌 so perfect but ofc its gunna be brrrr look what ur wearing!!! Not that I'm complaining at all 😍😍😍😍@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp damn I wanna buy it all@KalliDash @Poshmarkapp damn I'd buy this lol
@Kira13Sage what time?Shooting another #FoxGives event. @ Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica hope I'm one!!!
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