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Damn it's hot out in LA
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@JenSelter but it was just 70° yesterday! See u come to LA & u make it hot with your hotness!! ❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Legit pissed off rn but gotta keep it low key@JenSelter whens the next shoot?@xxxjennamarie oh no what happened to you and Daquan?God damn @Sassy_Linn has my heart!!! So god damn gorgeous!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@JesseAndDaquan god I could watch this everyday forever!!! Wish Jesse was my gf mmmmmm2am and I can't sleep@tushy_com @RileyReidx3 I wish Riley would unblock me!!!!! Idk why I'm even blocked.You only fail when you stop trying
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶This drone footage of two huge whales swimming peacefully next to a paddle boarder is hypnotic...
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Well I guess I'm happy with this weekend I suppose lolReally had my mind set on going out today....then I just got super lazyBe the type of person that you want to meet
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶GOAL! Erica Boyle puts IUP up 2-1! 7 minutes left in the game.
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If you don't understand then we can't be friends.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Cool Beans vs. Jelly Beans
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶👄👄👄
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶sleeping in on the weekends is my favorite
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.
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Was gunna do my laundry before bed....but i laid down@littlesexbuddha god yes I am rule me lolMade @InMelRosePlace my banner cuz well....look at her!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 and chill.
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Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@JessicaKadiu wow@InMelRosePlace God yes@shawnaleneeshow @DogfartNetwork @billywatson3 @DTheMinion @fred_nice fuckkkkkkkk yessssss I can't wait to see this babe
G_is_for_Great has a crush:
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Nicole_Laurell I'd buy yours lolOnly #WCW today & it goes to @InMelRosePlace! She fn stunned me with this pic she posted! #WOW #WomanCrushWednesday wow...just wowPornhub Will Donate Money To Breast Cancer Research This Month Every Time You Watch Videos —
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Nicole_Laurell greatness03
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶PEYTON MANNING IS A SAVAGE 😂💀
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶HEY DOGFART, @kj_fetishmodel @DogfartNetwork #DOGFARTGOTM GO KATRINA!!!
@KarmenKarma @DogfartNetwork @PrinceYahshua @itzmericostrong that's beautiful@kj_fetishmodel god damn youre the fn best@tashareign @Penthouse @PenthouseForum I'll do anything you tell me to do 😍😍😍Love&Hiphop promotes cheating and weak women to "men" who got a few coins GIVE ME THE TRASH MAN INSTEAD so glad I stopped fuckin rappers !
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@sssniperwolf god damn I'll buy ya anything ya want lol WOWZACollege changes you
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Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@tashareign no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no don't do it babe 😢😢😢😢
@Nicole_Laurell god I miss uIn case you missed the #SuperBloodMoon this is what happened:
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@PrinceYahshua @tashareign I hope you dominate and destroy the girl I adore!!! ❤❤❤ #ReigndeerDon't forget: #SuperBloodMoon makes an appearance in the sky tonight. How to spot it:
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@AugustAmesxxx @lmahloogi daaaaaaaaamn god those guys r lucky wtf@tashareign @PrinceYahshua 👍👍👍@JessicaKadiu @theweeknd gotchuStill waiting @TESOnline ... Still waitingSo once again I'll sit here in a loading screen on @TESOnline & wait and maybe in an hour I'll be able to play! #ESOProblemsI just want to say @TESOnline has the absolute worst #CustomerService. I've been trying to play all day & no one has responding to me.Still waiting on a reason why I cant log into my main character on @TESOnline but when I log on another i get this...
Here's what we know about the meth lab raid in Riverside earlier today:
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶JUST IN: BPD make arrest in connection with small meth lab operation in Riverside that was broken up earlier today.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Arguing with people on twitter is pointless and a waste of timeExcuse me @TESOnline why can I not even log in on @Xbox? Been sitting here for at least 30mins. #ESOProblems #ESO @littlesexbuddha yes listen to Adriana. Those things are dangerous@littlesexbuddha @adrianachechik really....smh@Will_in_Mandy @James_Jones000 @Paulf_Roe @XNicoleAnistonX @shawnaleneeshow people like you take this and blow it up to be something bigger@Will_in_Mandy @James_Jones000 @Paulf_Roe @XNicoleAnistonX @shawnaleneeshow work on. If I don't like an assignment I choose another.@Will_in_Mandy @James_Jones000 @Paulf_Roe @XNicoleAnistonX @shawnaleneeshow a more realistic & accurate thought would be choosing what I@Will_in_Mandy @James_Jones000 @Paulf_Roe @XNicoleAnistonX @shawnaleneeshow ofc not but that's not even the same thing.@Will_in_Mandy @James_Jones000 @Paulf_Roe @XNicoleAnistonX @shawnaleneeshow so because they choose not to do IR they're racist?@tashareign @gustaf36 you're very welcome my friend 😆@tashareign @gustaf36 smh to people like this. You wanna see her naked she does have a website for that sir. @James_Jones000 @Paulf_Roe @XNicoleAnistonX who even says they HAVE to do b/g IR? It's their choice. Leave it as that.@WGRZ any updates?Retweet if you want to marry @AugustAmesxxx.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@AugustAmesxxx @JohnW_Horny @Twistys lol
Sophomore Erica Boyle leads the Crimson Hawks with 3 assists in 7 games this year.
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Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@AugustAmesxxx look almost the same!!!! Ahhhh mmmmmmmmSo @HeidiWow2 am I still banned?@Nicole_Laurell god yes I can't wait to watch this later 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍@AugustAmesxxx @TomasinoPhotos holy fuck yessssss and blue is my favorite color (or colour lol)@PlaymateKhloe coming for any good reason? Or just to come? One day I'll bump into u....maybe @polinaOH too 😍😍😍
I love the "down for whatever" type
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Cleaning house #picoftheday
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@tashareign gunna get fucked on date night??? 😆😆😆😆
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Nicole_Laurell @GYMFR3AKS but you still look good lol@tashareign something about that glow makes a girl look so much more sexy😂
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@shawnaleneeshow why are you the best thing ever lol I need to meet u when your at a convention or club. But ya lmk bout them prices 😍@shawnaleneeshow I emailed you lol I need prices and I promise I won't get mad🌈
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶GOODBYE, @WWERollins... #TheDemon @KaneWWE reserved a spot for you in hell. #Raw
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@xxxRiley can't stand it!!! Fn high 90's again this week! Ofc always hotter I'm the Valley tooooooooHope i can keep this up thoBut I do feel better. I think overall I had maybe 6 Sodas in the past week and a half. I'm usually doin like 4 a day!I had to have a soda today tho cuz I couldn't deal. Headaches like crazy blood pressure prob thru the roof.Been feeling like crap. Stopped drinking soda cold turkey and man it sucks. Don't let anyone fool you it is a drug!Officially been in #Cali for two years. Happy anniversary to me!
@Nicole_Laurell @ufc @danawhite TAKE MY MONEY LOL@RachelStarrxxx god yes I want you to secretly do mean things to meeeeee
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