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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the LORD JESUS very much!! A Messianic Jew is simply a Jewish man or woman who loves JESUS and follows the LORD wherever HE goes!

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@785_851 Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everything has to be GOD'S grace, this way there will be no boasting or bragging in heaven! GOD'S grace rules the universe!Ask GOD to turn your heart to JESUS more & more & I pray he will for you! So you can get to know JESUS better! This is real important!Ask GOD to help you to love his son more, go ahead, I dare you! And me super blessed by GOD!You cannot love GOD nor his son JESUS without the grace of GOD. This is impossible! So ask GOD to help you to love JESUS more & be blessed!JESUS is on fire for you! So why not ask GOD to help you to love JESUS more? You see it has to be grace, you cannot do it!JESUS already loves you, so your relationship with him is half done! Why not work on your half?So JESUS came down to die, so you could go UP to live! Now that is true love right?GOD sent his son JESUS down from heaven to die on the cross, so you could be forgiven! Forgiven of what? All of your sins!Put your faith in JESUS that he died on the cross for YOUR sins. Now is a great time to do this!JESUS is our only hope! There is no other way to escape eternity in hell, for JESUS = Salvation! JESUS is our savior from the 2nd deathHere is what my definition of friendship means. Watch the video, see if you agree or not! @birdlover91 We need JESUS so much more than we ever thought we did! @birdlover91 Or battling fear and anxiety at the same time, or battling depression and despair at the same time! @birdlover91 Yes that is for sure! Or battling loneliness and lust at the same time!Step 10 - The Final Step - Humble yourself more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the pride go & humble yourself even more!Step 9 - Humble yourself more!Step 8 - Humble yourself more! The more you humble yourself, the more JESUS will set you free from the sexual types of sinning most likely!Step 7 - Step 7 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP..... Humble yourself! Humble yourself way WAY MORE than you have been!Step 6 - Start realizing that JESUS will use all of this for your good, for the LORD is perfect & he loves you!Step 5- Do NOT share these filthy sexual sins with other Christians unless GOD tells you too! Why? Because most Christians are very immatureStep 4 - Trust JESUS. Trust the LORD that he knows what is doing in your life! Practice trusting him more & more & be super blessedShare as much as U can with JESUS about all of this & the rest of your life & you will draw much closer to him during these difficult timesStep 3 - Talk to JESUS about what you are going through, how it upsets you, how you are afraid & concerned! Share it with JESUS!Step 2 - Let the embarrassment go! Embarrassment shows even more pride! Humble yourself & let the embarrassment go the best you can!Step 1 - Let the shame, guilt & condemnation go! Get all of that evil out of your mind, heart & soul as fast as you canCan GOD turn around this filthy type of sinning & use it for your good? Check this out -->> is happening because of pride, yes pride in you & me, PRIDE IN THE WORLD WIDE CHURCH!Believe me, children of GOD all over the entire world are being humbled BY GOD and are going through sexual sinning!The demons will tell you that you are the only one who is committing these sexual types of sins, but those are all lies! This is world wide!If you are battling sexual sinning do not be embarrassed about it that shows even more pride Talk to JESUS about it insteadIf you are battling against filthy sexual sinning I have news for you GOD loves U just as much as all of his other children too! Praise GODIf you are battling against sexual sinning, let the shame, guilt & condemnation go & seek out GOD on what the LORD wants you to do!Do not be ashamed by the trials & tribulations that GOD has you going through. Instead, talk it all out with GOD, seek his guidanceI want you to know that children of GOD all over the world are battling against all kinds of sexual sinning, not just you!There is a deep, dark, terrible secret in Christianity! This video talks all about it! (The twisted sexual demon) think about it - 31 videos all on you getting help if you are battling against sexual sinning! Praise GOD! you are battling against any kind of sexual sinning, we have 31 videos here for you & may GOD bless you! you are a man suffering in - Erectile dysfunction is there hope? Check this out & may GOD bless you -->> are married, you are having sex as designed by GOD, but you cannot have a orgasm! Is there hope -->> is a detailed step by step process of why people masturbate & what we can do about it to be free! what can you do to STOP the terrible masturbation? Check this out -->> what if you cannot stop masturbating and you feel there is no hope? Check this out what if you are battling against terrible masturbation at this time in your life? Check this out maybe you are battling terrible lust at this time in your life. Check out this video and be blessed! everyone! If you are battling against sadness, loneliness & or depression, check this out & may GOD bless you! @jenarson57joy Yes praise GOD
Hi everyone! Here is one of my favorite articles. I pray it will really bless you! everyone! Now this is an amazing scripture! this is super super cool! Psalm 110:1 is so cool!!!!! This is Jeremiah 1:5! The Oakland Raiders are coming to my city! Hahahah sorry everyone else, we GOT the Raiders!!!!!!!!!!!Would you like to live to be 900 years old? Check this out you ever wondered how people lived to be upwards of 900 years old in the bible? Check this out - might be the MOST GUARDED SECRET in the entire bible! is what happened when - Love came down! about it - 18 separate videos all about pride, and I might do another 20 in the near future. will JESUS use U to help others if you R still UNFRIENDING & blockingpeople just because U disagree with what they say about a scriptureHow will JESUS CHRIST use you to help people during the Great 7 year tribulation if you are INFESTED IN PRIDE?How will JESUS CHRIST use you to help people during the coming earthquakes, tornadoes, tidal waves & starvation if YOU ARE INFESTED IN PRIDEHow on earth will JESUS CHRIST use you in the FEMA camps, the torture centers, the concentration camps if you are INFESTED IN PRIDE?How on earth will JESUS CHRIST use you to fight against the Dragon & the Beast if you are walking around INFESTED IN PRIDE?We have to be more humble! This is vitally IMPORTANT! This is essential for this end time church body to practice! WE MUST BE MORE HUMBLEThe number 1 reason why people UNfriend, block, gossip & start new denominations is because of PRIDE! PRIDE IS THE MAIN CULPRIT HERE!We have 18 YES 18 video all on pride, just think about that! Right here for you - pride is the number 1 reason why people UNfriend me & block me on a daily basis! This is pure evil living inside of us!So what is theological pride? Is it actually real? Check this out -->> guy who added me as a friend, only to block me 1 hour later last night did this because of theological pride! Yes I upset his PRIDE!So since 3 out of the 4 very very very special friends I use to have are gone, how can I function? By giving them to GOD & resting in JESUS!Do you want some encouragement on marching forward with JESUS? Here is a video I pray will really bless you! you ever been fired? From a church, job, Christian group? Check this out -->> you have a friend? I mean a TRUE friend in your life? Here is my video on the definition of friendships! belongs to GOD, not to you! So who cares what anyone types, thinks, gossips or lies about you? It is all so silly BE FREE IN JESUSbe FREE IN JESUS!So what should I do when these people bother me? I should practice everything I just typed to you the last 30 minutes! Let it ALL GODoes this bother me when they do that? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on what kind of grace GOD is giving me!Why, why do they do this? Because when I talk to them about GOD I offend their theological pride so they quickly get rid of me!You wanna hear something that is very common? Someone adds me as a friend, talks to me online for 20 minutes then UNfriends me & blocks meWho cares what they say, what they do, if they UNfriend us or block us, or gossip about us, who cares? It is all so sillllllyyyyyyy!!!!!