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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the LORD JESUS very much!! A Messianic Jew is simply a Jewish man or woman who loves JESUS and follows the LORD wherever HE goes!

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The shocking power of JESUS CHRIST you battling against homosexual thoughts, feelings, imaginations? Check this out is a shocking true story of what happened to a little girl! you drinking coffee or energy drinks? Check this out -> & Lust - The Christian Killers......... is Psalm 110:1 - Get ready to be super blessed! is Jeremiah 1:5 - Check it out this is really cool -> is amazing! Check out Psalm 147:4 you know JESUS is building a mansion for you? we actually lose our salvation? Check this out -> this video I ask the question -> Can a chosen one lose their salvation? Check it out -->> is my music video on the important topic of - Suicide! here is my music video on the topic of - Cancer, Loneliness & Rejection! everyone! Here is my music video on the topic of - Abortion!
Even through the torture, tormenting and tribulations, you are still by my side O LORD JESUS!For the Lord doeth all things yes all things in the universe are under the control of God'sDad in queens the good and the bad the happy and the sad the wonderful and the terrible all credit goes to GodI don't know about you but I give God all credit glory and honor for everything and I mean everything that happens in my lifeFor God doeth all things and all things are of GodYou held me Jesus as the tidal waves come crashing inI will be stillI bow down before your throne as you rain down hell on top of my headFor you are the Lord and I am not so I will be still before you JesusI will be still before your throne as all hell rains down on top of my headFor you are the Lord Jesus and I am not so I bow downMy soul cries out stop the pain Jesus stop the torturing stop the tormenting as I bow down before your throneThough the tidal waves come crashing down on top of my head I still bow down before your thrown JesusThrough all of the crying and tears you're still there JesusThrough all of the hurting and pain you're still by my side Jesus you're still there day-after dayThrough all of the torture in tormenting you're still by my side Jesus you are still buy my sideYou're just one step just 1 tiny step away JesusYou're only one step away from me Jesus just 1 tiny stepI need you to Jesus more and more and more in my lifeI know one day O Lord that the torturing & tormenting will stop, but until then i bow down before your throne and praise you JesusI need you Jesus, you don't need me for anythingSo sometimes I just stay silent before your throne Jesus and keep my mouth shutHonestly speaking Jesus I don't really like everything you do in my life but I bow down before the throne and you are God's sonI don't really like everything you do in my life Jesus but I still love you and you are still my LordI love you JesusI need you Jesus
I pray O LORD things will get better one day, but even if they don't, praise GOD praise GOD praise GOD ANYWAYS!Through all of the suffering, pain and torture, thank GOD you are there JESUS right by my side!You O LORD JESUS are truly the only friend I have in my life!I need you more in my life JESUS, more and more!I am totally and completely lost without your love in my life JESUS!If you are putting your trust in your husband or wife, wow are you making a big mistake! We have to put our trust in JESUS!Every person in life is going to let you down & fail you I absolutely promise you this The only person we can fully trust is GOD'S son JESUS
I need you so much more JESUS than I ever thought I did!I am so happy GOD sent his son JESUS to die for me, yes for my terrible sins, praise GOD!
This was a very special experience GOD had me go through. Check it out, may GOD bless you
Hi everyone! Are you experiencing bad thoughts? Check out this video & may GOD bless you!
@faithwalkers4 Well ministry is not really important to me as compared to spending time with JESUS. But but how are… @MICHAEL_MOORE__ Hey praise GOD for you! @nursejenn11 Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @faithwalkers4 Hello hello, how are you?
I want you Jesus, I want youI cherish every moment we spend together JesusYou are the only thing that matters JesusWhen I think about love, I think about you JesusYou see I never shed a tear, I stay strong for everyoneI remember the first time I saw you JesusI need you more JesusI want you more JesusI need you my SaviorI'm ready for change O Lord JesusKiss me O Lord I prayDo it O LordChange me Jesus from the inside outMake me over Jesus, I cry outI'm ready for changeChange me Jesus I prayLord make me overMake me over JesusBreathe in me O LordWant me JesusHug me O LordKiss me JesusHold me JesusChange me Jesus