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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the LORD JESUS very much!! A Messianic Jew is simply a Jewish man or woman who loves JESUS and follows the LORD wherever HE goes!

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Now in Romans 8:34 - GOD gives us some fantastic news! Check this out @xnfl_fan Let us bypass all football now , check out the videos and find out whyHere is Romans 8:33 - This is some really INCREDIBLE news for you! here is something quite shocking about the NFL that I bet will really surprise you. Let's boycott ALL football… everyone, it is the weekend again. I am asking all of you to join me and boycott all football whatsoever. Here i…
We need your grace O LORD, we need your companionship JESUSNow O LORD, help us now we cry out to you!We need you JESUS, we need you so much more than we ever thought, more than we ever imagined, more than we ever rea… @Bk1Blair yes O LORDI pray JESUS you will crush the sadness, crush the loneliness, crush the depression, crush it all and hold us tight… are all I have JESUS just you and me! That is the way it has always been!You are all I got O LORD, yet you are also all I need JESUS @PrissyMay10 Praise GOD he is sending you amazing grace!Hold me JESUS, help me JESUS, heal me JESUS, hide me JESUS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, @PrissyMay10 Uh oh what is wrong? What happened? @PrissyMay10 I am about the same............ But how are you??????????????????????We will be together for eternity O LORD JESUS yet, what about tonight! Hold me now I pray!It is you and me JESUS until the end, but forget about the end, I need you now O LORD @PrissyMay10 Ouch, that is rough little sister!I am so weak O LORD yet you are so strong JESUSI want you JESUS more and more and more in my life @PrissyMay10 Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hold me tight JESUS and never let me go I prayI need you JESUS, I call on you, I want you O LORDI pray O LORD rain down love, rain down love into our soulsHelp O LORD, rain down grace JESUSI pray O LORD that you will fix up and heal and correct my own theology and teach me more truths about the kingdom of GOD I prayI pray O LORD JESUS that you will reveal more and more truths...........I need you JESUS more and more in my lifeI cannot make it in life without you JESUS, not one single day!Put your arms around me JESUS, I pray for HUG!Hold me JESUS I pray, hold me tight
Last but NOT least, here are a few examples of how to humble yourself! Check it out, be blessed I pray! @gods_maria That is for sure!Dolphins are my second favorite pet! After cats hahahah - Check this out is my movie review of a movie where JESUS is a young boy - This movie is really really GOOD! (The Young Messia… here is my movie review of the best Christian movie I have ever seen so far! Raggamuffin - The true story of Ri… is my Christian movie review of a really good movie called - (Full Of Grace) is the video I made of when demon scratched me the stars up in the sky tell the gospel story of JESUS our CHRIST? Now this is really amazing -->> we cast out every single demon out of someone? This video is very important, take the time to check it out you ever battled against dry eyes? Having a eye that is always dry? Check this out -->>> video here is all about a very specific evil spirit that when he shows us, he is a bright burnt orange color! everyone! Is JESUS coming back very soon? Check out this video, I pray GOD will really speak to your soul! are 2 types of demons, one makes you very cold, one burns you with fire, check this out -->> there bible codes in the bible that talk about UFO'S/Aliens? Check this out & may GOD bless you is one of the craziest demonic attacks I have ever gone through in my life -->> you noticed how often people argue & debate? In this video I ask, does it even matter if we agree on something? have seen demons with my own eyes, even in broad daylight, check this out -->> is life so hard? Check out our video here & may GOD bless you
Here is one of the MOST amazing scriptures in the entire bible humanly speaking is actually ruling the world? Take a look at this the chosen ones of GOD be found in the bible? Check this out you 1 of the 144,000? Here is some important information for you is an AMAZING story of a UFO crashing in Germany in 1936 you know JESUS is literally building a mansion for you in heaven? Check this out -> you ever wondered how people lived to be 900 years old in the old testament? Check this out ->
I need you JESUS more now than even when we first met!
@dahboo7 Hello Dahboo7, what do you think about investing in bitconnect earning interest?Or do you think GOD might have a very special message to tell us in his very last Psalm? is the last Psalm in the bible. What would GOD tell us in his very last Psalm? Check this out -->> me here & let's read Psalm 150 together & have a great time
Hi everyone! Here in part 2 we expose something very shocking about the NFL, check it out -->> everyone! I am boycotting the NFL for the rest of my life. Click here, find out why and join me!
@_loveeeayanna @lovelypay Ask GOD who to date, because he knows who is best for you!This Christian man said something shocking to me, check this out, find out what it was at what this young man said to me on Facebook -->> false flag attacks are getting worse and worse, take a look at what they are planning next -->> Soros just wasted $18 BILLION dollars on his anti-Trump rally last week. Look at what he will do next! is some very interesting information about - The dark side of the moon everyone! Here is a very short talk about what might be going on the (Dark side of the moon) I pray you really e… are finding more and more things up on the moon, check this out everyone! Pyramids have been found on the moon. Check this out & may GOD bless you you know 60 years ago JFK exposed the US secret space program? Check this out of the things JFK said here are going to really shock you --->>> is some IMPORTANT information about the CIA - JFK files that you probably haven't heard you looking for new Christian movies? Well check this out everyone! Here is our Christian movie review of the movie - (A Time For Heaven) I pray you enjoy it
Or do you like space, the stars and everything else up there? Check out what David says here