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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the Lord JESUS the best I can with the grace GOD is giving me.

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And here is another song to hopefully bless all of you too! everyone, here is a beautiful for song for you today -->>>
@agape_bea Nobody knows everything about you except GOD and his son JESUS who died on the cross for you! People kno… you O LORD for another day of life here on earth! Many people died yesterday, this I know, so thank you for another day!Hold me JESUS, put your arms around me I prayYou are all I got JESUS, you are all I need, you are all I truly truly want, you are what I have to have in my life more and more!
Hold me JESUS and never let go I prayThere is just no hope in life without you JESUS, none at all!I want to say publicly that all of my cryptocurrency success has been 1000000% GRACE from GOD!I just sold a whole bunch of bitcoin. Praise GOD! It is not me who is smart, it is 1000000% grace from GOD.......... It is all graceI know O LORD JESUS that I am completely helpless before your throne, thank you for teaching me this very hard kingdom of GOD principal~!I am totally lost without you JESUS & sometimes I feel lost with you, so hold me tight O LORD and never let goHelp me to spend more time with you O LORD JESUS I pray, send graceThank you O LORD JESUS for super super blessing me, for blessing us, for blessing your chosen ones! Thank you I appreciate you!I know O LORD JESUS that I do not deserve anything from you at all, so thank you for my food, clothing and my place… whatever reasons O LORD JESUS you are giving me another day here on earth, thank you!Thank you O LORD for another day here on earth. I know many people died last night, yet you chose to give us grace…
@JanieDuVall I sent you the link to join up, the coin is going up and down every day between .75 cents and almost 3 dollars @JanieDuVall The disney coin has doubled 2 times this week so far @JanieDuVall Here is a invitation to join up with me @JanieDuVall It is available at one crypto market only let me get you a link to join up @JanieDuVall which coin are you looking for exactly? @JanieDuVall do you need any help to get started @JanieDuVall All the crypto coins are doing fantastic, any of them would be a great time to get into at this time!
Hi everyone! If you want to buy some of the most famous coins on the Internet like - Bitcoin, Ripple, Verge, Tron,… everyone! If you want to buy some of the most famous crypto coins on the Internet like - Ripple, Verge, Tron, Ca…
Start buying and selling the brand new Walt Disney Crypto coin now while it is still low you have any questions or need help with the coins, let me knowMany of you have bought & sold bitcoin, the new Disney coin is out, it is going to explode upwardsssssssssss Click… everyone! Walt Disney has a brand new coin that you can now buy and sell to make money on. Click the referral li… are my only hope JESUS. You are my only strength! You are my ONLY.................
If you are on my friends list, I praise GOD for you!!!!!!!! More & MOre & MORe & MORE......................................
It is you and me JESUS for eternity! Just make sure we have some good pizza please too!I am totally lost without you JESUS in my life @JanieDuVall You simply buy low and put it up for sale high it is that simple, you study the graphs to find out whe… just have to get closer to you JESUS, yet it seem so impossible at times, that is why I cry out for grace, send g… @JanieDuVall I bought 80,000 TRX, but do not copy me, see what GOD asks you to doHi everyone! If you want to get started in buying ALT coins, yes coins besides Bitcoin, click the link, it is compl… @JanieDuVall They all go up and down a lot, so we want to buy it low, then put in a auto sell at a higher price and… want to get closer to you JESUS, I pray for grace O LORD @JanieDuVall Hey praise GOD for you and if you need any help, just let me know and Ill try to help @JanieDuVall You can hold on to some special coins, or you can buy and sell daily/constantly like what I do, ask GO… @JanieDuVall here is a video about hearing from GOD better on the topic of trying to make money @JanieDuVall I only hear his voice clearly when he commands it, yes the demons try to trick me all day long, especi… @JanieDuVall Use the graphs here and on Binance to learn when to buy and sell too @JanieDuVall We want to buy when they are either way down, or fairly down, and sell when they go back up over and over as much as we can @JanieDuVall I ask Yeshua when to buy and when to sell, and I practice hearing him in my mind! Although I make mist… @JanieDuVall I buy those 4 famous coins low and sell them high, I stick with those 4 and a few others @JanieDuVall XRP/ADA/XVG and TRX are my 4 favorite to buy on that site low, and sell them high, over and over and over againOr here you have access to about 100 other coins including Bitcoin and many others everyone! If you want to start buying Bitcoin but ALSO Altcoins, click the link and sign up, it is all for free!
@PrissyMay10 I am OK too praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For!!!!!!!!!! You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you JESUS for another day, another chance to spend time with you, another moment to get closer to you LORD!
I am so weak yet you are so strong O LORD, I need you!I need you JESUS more than I ever thought! Thank you for teaching me this!The blessings are raining down O PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @PrissyMay10 I am hanging in there the best I can, thank you for asking, I appreciate it!
@PrissyMay10 Hello hello how are you doing?Or if you want to get started doing Cryptocurrency here is your link to join up and try to make some money with the… everyone, if you are looking to start buying and selling cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, click the link and make a…
And here in part 2, you will find out even more reasons why I am boycotting the NFL hopefully for the rest of my li… everyone, it is another Sunday. Please consider joining me & boycotting the NFL. If you are watching football no…
Bitcoin is down $3,000 dollars today, this is a great time to get started if you have been waiting! Contact me if y… everyone! The cryptocurrencies are DOWN today! Today is a great time to get started in buying and selling Bitcoi… everyone! The cryptocurrencies are DOWN today! Today is a great time to get started in buying and selling Bitcoi…
Are you looking for a new Christian movie to watch? Check this out, see if you like it everyone! Here is my brand new - Christian movie review of the movie (Slamma Jamma) Check it out, I pray GOD wil… like me, does it feel like all hell is raining down right now on top of your head? Check this out & may GOD bles… you have lots of problems right now in your life? Check this out so you can feel better! What can we do when our entire life is falling apart? Check out this video & I pray GOD will really bless you want all of you to know, that if you bought Bitcoin last month when I asked all of you too, you would be UP about…
This is all about the Nazis, the concentration camps, the gold, yes huge amounts of Nazi gold and of course - The V… that Vatican has been caught in even more evil. Check this out now!
So who was really, REALLY BEHIND the Las Vegas false flag shootings? Check this out we get the truth on the Las Vegas false flag shootings, check this out is my FINAL video on the - Las Vegas False Flag shootings - Here is some key information that is very interest… what can we do when we get a terrible headache? Check this out & may GOD bless you my new video, I try to explain that getting a headache could be much more complicated than most of us know about everyone! Do you ever get headaches? Do you know anyone who battles against headaches quite often? Look at wh…