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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the LORD JESUS very much!! A Messianic Jew is simply a Jewish man or woman who loves JESUS and follows the LORD wherever HE goes!

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I need you JESUS more & more & more in my lifeI pray hold me JESUS and never let me go!
You are all I got JESUS! Praise GOD for you LORD!Even though I am still sick, I still praise you, I still want you, I still love you JESUS!
Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered where do our thoughts come from? Check this out -->> @Westroad22 Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I need you JESUS in my life every day, every hour, every second, I need you!I need you O LORD more & more & more in my life!Hold me JESUS I pray and never let me go!
@dahboo7 Hello Dahboo, can you advise me on which company to use to buy- Alt currencies, which company would be safest?
If you had a birthday a few days ago, or your birthday is coming up, check this out if your birthday was sometime in the last 10 days or even this week, this is for you -->>>>>
We have 15 separate videos here all about the topic of -->> Battling against masturbation -->> me ask you a question -->> How big is JESUS to you? are 6 separate videos all about - GOD & our sexuality! Check them out, be blessed I pray!
And here is one of my favorite scriptures in the entire bible! is the video I made the day my mom died! here is the Christian movie review on - (New Hope) everyone! Here is the Christian movie review on - (Saved by Grace) you ever wondered who is in heaven & who is in hell? Check this out -->> everyone, here is the Christian movie review of - (Full Of Grace) humble can be quite complicated. Here are a few examples of how I humble myself! Check it out, be blessed! everyone. Here is our article all about - Thoughts!
Even in the midst of the terrible storms over my life, I am super blessed by GOD!I have been sick exactly 30 days today now, even though this is true, I still say I am SUPER BLESSED!
I am completely lost without you JESUS in my life!Hold me JESUS & never let me go I pray!I am so weak O LORD yet you are so strong!I need you JESUS more & more every single day of my life I did not know this when I was younger but thank U for teaching me this now O LORD
I am sick, but I am getting to know JESUS, I am saved and I am going to heaven! Now that is some very good news! @TT23_ Hey this is Garrett, we were talking on Youtube. What would you recommend I buy with real money in Madden 18 to get jump started?I am still alive, I have food, clothing and a place to live, YES GOD is super blessing me!!!!!!! @onetittle Hey thank you for caring, praise GOD for youI am still sick, but you know what? I am still alive and that is amazing grace from GOD!
Will JESUS come back soon? Check this out & may GOD super bless you
@Khaji_Angelica Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Khaji_Angelica watch the 2 videos about it too down below, click the links they are done very well @Khaji_Angelica This is happening world wide every day, all day long on the Internet and yes you are right, this is… THOSE TWO PRINCIPALS THERE ARE THE WAY TO DO IT!And Paul worked his butt off making tents and working hard with his hands so he NEVER HAD TO BEG FOR MONEY!As I finish up this talk on giving money to strangers let me say this -->> JESUS NEVER worried about how his bills would be paid......because GOD tells us ALL OVER THE BIBLE TO HELP OUR FAMILY MEMBERS! So yes it is ALWAYS GOOD to help family, when GOD says too!I am NOT giving money to anyone ANYMORE unless JESUS DIRECTLY tells me too. Now if my family needs money, that is different,This is what satan would do!It is NEVER OK to come online, tell people you run an orphanage, then lie & manipulate your way into getting money from other Christians!or roommates, or sell music equipment, or move in with mom and dad etc etc insteadDoes GOD wants us going on the Internet begging people for money? I highly doubt it! So let us stop this lazy behavior and go get jobs,The early apostles were ALL broke, yet GOD used them to spread the news of his son JESUS worldwide! Isn't that amazing?Does GOD want me to sell my guitar, get a roommate, get a 2nd job etc etc? What does GOD want me to do, NOW THAT IS IMPORTANT TO FIND OUTIf I am broke, does GOD wants me broke? Does GOD wants me to look for a new job? Does GOD want me to move in with my dad? Etc etcSo step by step, what would I do if I was broke? I would seek out GOD intimately on exactly what he wants me to do, why, when & how to do itSo Garrett, what would you do if you were completely broke? Are you kidding me, I am 52 years old & was broke ALMOST my ENTIRE life!Now this is sadlie to us and tell us they run an orphanage for children, then manipulate us into giving them money out of the kindness of our heart!You know what is really sad? There are real children of GOD who have learned to come online,tell us they have an orphanage with children & manipulate us into giving them money! This is wrong/evil/UNbiblicalPeople all over the world have learned how gullible children of GOD can be! So they come online,I would highly recommend you watch this video -->> who should we give money too? Whoever JESUS tells us too, that is who we want to give money too!Now here is a longer video on people who lie to us on Facebook while they beg for money is a very short video about someone lying to me on Facebook to get money to these men always begging for money on Facebook, they are ALL running orphanages . Hmmmmmmmm No they are not!Begging strangers for money & lying about how you are running an orphanage for children is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what GOD wants you to doGOD speaking through Paul tells us over and over go get a job, earn a living, pay your bills and bless other people!So what does GOD tell us to do on this topic -->>> GO GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!Does GOD talk about this in the bible? OH YES HE DOES! GOD speaking through Paul gives us the PERFECT answer on what to do!I never saw JESUS our LORD nor Paul in the bible begging for money all over the Internet/cities/towns/villages etc etcYes in the past, out of the love of JESUS CHRIST living in me, so called godly people cheated me out of lots of money overseas @dlouyoung Praise GOD he is teaching you thisDo you want to know why I will NOT send money overseas to strangers anymore? Because in the past so called Christians cheated & lied to meSTOP begging for money, GOD is much much MORE powerful than this!needs! This is the better way of doing things and this is the more godly way of doing things too! Christians, I am warning you,We want to BYPASS begging people for money & learn to go to JESUS instead in a close intimate 1 on 1 relationship about our financialChildren of GOD begging strangers all over the Internet for money and this is wrong & unbiblical to do!are doing things the WRONG way... King David said - He never saw a child of GOD begging for bread. But what do we see in the year 2017?Hello everyone! I want you to know I am NOT sending strangers any money. You Christians who are begging for money all over the InternetI am still sick going on 18 days but I praise GOD! Why? Because he is sending me grace, it is grace it is always grace so no man can boast!One last video for this Sunday This is an amazing video about AIDS/HIV & Magic Johnson Check it out have 32 videos here all about battling different kinds of sexual evil. Check them out, let GOD bless you -->>