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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the LORD JESUS very much!! A Messianic Jew is simply a Jewish man or woman who loves JESUS and follows the LORD wherever HE goes!

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Hi everyone! Very bad news here, Chester Bennington killed himself! Check it out Bennington killed himself, the topic of suicide is very important Bennington, lead singer of Lincoln Park kills himself! singer of Lincoln Park kills himself, check out the information and may GOD bless you! Bennington Of Lincoln Park is Dead! @PrissyMay10 are you OK ? @PrissyMay10 You tell me? @PrissyMay10 Hello shorty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here is a devastating demonic attack new video is called -> A demon is trying to kill me! I pray GOD will use this to super bless you! Hero - Amin Afshar Naderi everyone! Here is a Christian Hero that I pray will really motivate you towards JESUS!
Dont forget O Lord, its for eternityFor eternity JesusI cannot wait to see you face to face O LordGet the pizza ready O Lord, I'll be up there soonEternity is a long time Jesus, i hope you are ready for meI am yours you are mine, ill meet you in heaven JesusHelp me to love you more and more O LordI love you JesusRain down Jesus, rain down I prayI need a hug O LordAnd you are mine O LordI am yours for eternity JesusI pray you will be stronger in my life JesusI am so weak, yet you are so strong JesusI am counting on you O Lord, for everythingHelp me O Lord, helpThank you for dying for me on the cross JesusLife can be so hard Lord, it is impossible without youHold me Jesus I am all alone, hold me I prayYou are all I have LordI cannot make it a single day without you JesusI call on you JesusHold me Jesus I pray
Thank you for dying for me O LORDGlory to the one who died on the cross for our sins! JESUS!I need you O LORD more and moreI praise you JESUS for you are worthy to be praised!I want you JESUS more and more and more in my lifeI need you O LORD JESUS in every single area of my lifeHold me tight JESUS and never let me go I pray @PrissyMay10 Get that hair going hahaha
Look how wonderful Paul's prayers are in Ephesians everyone! Our new video is all about - Ephesians Chapter 1 is some information about the USA and the Great 7 year tribulation, check it out will be happening during the 7 year tribulation? Check this out & may GOD bless you brand new video here is ALL about the Great 7 year tribulation! @PrissyMay10 Hello little Madonna hair sister hahahahHave you ever wondered why you are afraid of flying or dying? Check this out are you afraid of dying? Check this out & may GOD bless you everyone! Are you afraid of flying? Check this out you remember the big boxing match with - Mayweather/Pacquioa? Check out our new video here you interested in the Great tribulation? Check out our new video, I pray you really enjoy it when will the Great 7 year tribulation start? Check this out, may GOD bless you! if you are looking to do Internet ministry work for GOD, check this out our new video we go over some ways that GOD speaks/teaches us young Christian brother attacked me on Facebook. Check this out
Or this is about Mount Everest and the world wide flood is all about the world wide flood, this is really cool we try to uncover a great world wide deception! what does the bible actually say about the rapture of the church? have you had any loved ones who took their own lives? Take a look at this you have any friends or loved ones in the military? Check this out -->> this is a real tragedy! better yet, look at what king David says here about sinning & forgiveness! you love the psalms? Check out this video is Psalm 65:3 - Look at what king David says & be blessed! have you noticed that the demons are doing more and more now? Check out this new video at this demonic attack that happened in my bedroom at what a demon did to mirror!! How can we become holy? Check this out and may GOD bless you more and more you ever wonder what exactly is holiness? Check this out my new video I ask -> Are all children of GOD equally holy? Check this out if you love the book of Jonah like I do, check this out and be blessed! at how GOD used Jonah here to bless NON believers on the boat! new video is about Jonah in the bible. This is super cool! if you want to learn about some of the things that demons say to us, check this out you want to study demonic warfare even more, check out our new video here