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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the Lord JESUS the best I can with the grace GOD is giving me.

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Are you looking to do more ministry work for the kingdom of GOD? Check this out -->>> brand new video here is all about using wisdom! Check it out, I pray GOD bless you here -->> you going through some very very hard times in your life right now? Check this out & may GOD bless you -->>> everyone..... My new video here is all about the topic of - Trusting GOD during the fiery trials!
Do you love the Psalms in the bible? Check this out & may GOD super super bless you! everyone! Here is my brand new video on (Psalm 51) Check it out, read it with me and let's have a great time a look at what this picture says --->>>> Tell me what you think about it a look at this picture, I pray GOD will really bless you here -->>> it possible the next war will be fought in space? Check this out & may GOD really bless you my brand new video here, I talk about the next war about to start! in my new video, I showcase a picture that I pray you will find very interesting -->>
Take a look at my new video here, this is all about the topic of sinning. I pray it will really help you to feel be… everyone. In my new video here I showcase a picture that I found on the Internet. Check this out -->>> @MyMichelle1964 Applying church is not important at all, applying JESUS CHRIST in your heart is more important than… is a really cool miracle that JESUS did for me - Check it out, seek out JESUS to do the same for you too! @MinisterVer Hey you cheated and stole my answer hahahahJESUS did a really cool miracle for me here. Check this out & I pray you will be encouraged! there anything that could cause Heaven to be completely empty? Check this out and be blessed everyone! My brand new video is called - (Heaven Would Be A Ghost Town) @Phrenchie3 Everyone is on a separate path with GOD and no 2 paths are alike............... Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Phrenchie3 We are each on a separate path with GOD, so since this is true, GOD will show us what he wants us to do… long time ago love came down......... This is really cool -->>>>> you wanting to love GOD more, to love people more, to even love yourself more? Check this out ----->>>>> you are battling against masturbation, can GOD actually use this for your good? Is GOD wise enough, smart enough… you are battling against masturbation is there any hope left? Check this out -->>> will tell you that if you are battling against masturbation you will go to hell! Is this actually true? C… you been telling the LORD that you are willing to suffer for him? Check this out & may GOD really speak to y… you battling against homosexuality at this time in your life? Check out these videos & I pray GOD will use them… the LORD GOD in control of our attractions? Whom & what we are attracted too? Check this out -->> is my video on John 15:16 This is really cool --->>>> there actually be a connection between JESUS & the UFO crash at Roswell New Mexico? Check this out -->> is a music video all about battling against sinning, addictions & the forgiveness of the LORD.......... everyone. Here is a very deep and personal video I did on the topic of hell. It is called - (I Feel Sad Today) have almost 700 videos here ranging from all different types of topics on the Kingdom of GOD! everyone! Praise GOD for you! My You Tube channel is still suspended for some reason. You can find all of my vi…
Billy Graham just died a week ago. Check out what a Christian brother said to me at what this Christian brother said to me on Facebook -->>> you going through a lot of issues in your life at this time? Check this out & may GOD bless you can we stay calm in the middle of the storm in our lives? Check this out
This demon tried to cause trouble in my recording studio...... Check this out -->> was in the recording studio working on videos and then this happened -> you looking for a miracle in your life? Check this out --->>>> at this super cool miracle that GOD did for me -->> GOD possibly use evil for your good? To bless you? To change you? Check this out -->>>> everyone. Here is our brand new video called - The War Rages On
Hi everyone. You Tube suspended my video channel for 2 weeks. The 2 weeks are up & I still CANNOT upload videos yet… do you want to study spiritual warfare even more? Take a look at this -->>> scary things ever happen to you at night time? Check this out --->>>>>"Sam Bradford"Have you ever been attacked while laying in bed? I sure have! Check this out........ you looking to do ministry work for the kingdom of GOD? Check this out first & may GOD bless you -->> everyone. Praise GOD for you! Here is our brand new video all about - Doing ministry work for the LORD.
Hi everyone! We are switching from using You Tube over to -->> Vimeo Check this out -->> everyone. Here is some important information for you! GOD care about the small things? I mean the real small things in your life? Check this out -->>> gave me a message the other day when I was in my kitchen. Check this out and be encouraged I pray! you ever wondered what it would be like when GOD speaks? Check this out, this is super cool -->> is a supernatural miracle...... GOD the FATHER speaks. Check this out, find out what he has to say -->> you like to watch movies? Check this out -->> everyone! Here is a brand new video that we just completed today. Check it out, may GOD bless you!
Help O LORD help, help us in every single area of our lives! Help........It is you and me JESUS until the end! In the meantime, hmmm it is still you and me!You are all I got JESUS............... In this cold, dark, lonely world! @PrissyMay10 Uh oh what happened?I am totally lost without you JESUS in my life and sometimes I feel totally lost with you, but praise GOD you are in my life! @PrissyMay10 hello how are you?I need you now! I need you now JESUS, right now!It is shocking how helpless we truly are before your throne O LORD GOD, just shocking!
Hello everyone Here is our brand new Vimeo channel where we have close to 700 videos to bless you
Here is the video that talks about this evil that You Tube is doing Tube has been deleting channels...... Because of his I am switching to Vimeo, here is my Vimeo link -->>> everyone. I am switching from using You Tube over to - VIMEO Here is my Vimeo channel everyone! Here is a very important video about You Tube.
Do satan and the demons run the evil side of things? Check out this perspective satan in control of evil? Hmmmm check this out & I pray GOD will super duper bless you pray I can get closer and closer to you JESUS in my lifeI cannot make it, not even 1 single day without you JESUSI need you O LORD, I need you more and more JESUSHere is some information about the bible that you might not have heard before