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I am a Messianic Jew who loves the Lord JESUS the best I can with the grace GOD is giving me.

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Hold me JESUS I pray, help me, heal me & hide me in your arms O LORDI can do absolutely nothing without you LORD, nothing! So I fall down at your throne face down on the ground waiting for your grace!I am helpless O LORD, completely helpless before your throne JESUS....I bow down before you JESUS for you the the LORD of all lords & KING of all kings and I am your slave!I need you JESUS more and more each day of my life! Thank you for showing me this, thank you for teaching just how weak I truly am.
Here is a very short article on spiritual warfare that I pray GOD will use to bless you in your life everyone! Have you been feeling ashamed lately? Or do you ever self condemn yourself? Check this out and be b… there is quite a lot going on at nighttime.... Check this out and be blessed by GOD I pray!
Out of the 900 videos, this is one of my favorites! I pray GOD will really bless you with this -->> is a little hard to believe, but we have over 900 videos here to bless you with! Check them out and have a super…
I am glad I am still alive...... Yes I want to go to heaven, in fact, I cannot wait, but each day here on earth is…
Life has been very very hard, but you have a plan, yes you have a plan for my life, for our lives JESUS!
Even though all hell is raining down, you are with me, you are still with me JESUS..........
Thank you for another day here on earth O LORD, hold me tight, take care of me I pray JESUS..........
I need your love JESUS, I cannot make it, not a single day without youYou have always been there for me JESUS, right by my side, always!!!!I fall down before you JESUS as if I was dead, because without you JESUS in my life, I am dead, completely dead!I bow down before you LORD, face down on the ground...... For you are the Master of the universe and I am your help… am so helpless, yet you are the LORD......................... I need you more in my life JESUS, more and more and moreI make mistakes and mess up all the time, yet you O LORD JESUS are perfect! I need you in my life, in my heart more & more & more!I am so weak O LORD, yet you are so strong. I need you JESUS!I have to make you more important O LORD JESUS, I just have to do this, I need your grace to make you much more important in my life!I need to get closer & closer & closer to you JESUS! This is super importantI am calling on you JESUS, yes YOU O LORD, the KING of kings and LORD of lords for help in my life!
@NCBALMSGIFT Do not worry about who is a so called prophet and who isn't, that is not important....... Instead let… here are 35 videos all about the topic of - Pride..... Think about it, 35 videos on pride. Yes, this is super s… are 25 videos all about - Battling against addictions will say goodbye by saying this. Did you know millionssssssssssssss of children of GOD are battling against porn… what can I do when other Christians want to argue, debate and fight with me about doctrines? Well, pray for them… if you wonder why you are still battling against drugs, porn, headaches, addictions, masturbation, colds and flu… is the reason why we are so quick to speak. Pride is the reason why we are so slow to listen. Pride is why we… will tell you why! You brand new children of GOD and you younger Christians who have not received the education y… @GodsFlowerGirl9 I didn't say everything, I only mentioned a few thingsSo let me ask -->> Why are you brand new children of GOD so eager to teach others? Why are you younger Christians w… a brand new martial artist start teaching a black belt series on video? Of course NOT!!!!!!!!!!!Should a brand new cook take a position as the HEAD CHEF in a French restaurant? Of course NOT!I mean should a brand new guitar player be teaching guitar? Of course not!!!!!!!!Now here is a brand new question please -->>> Why are you young and brand new Christians trying to teach? I mean wh… more you work on humbling yourself, the weaker and weaker those drugs addictions you are battling against will… more you humble yourself over time, the less porn & masturbation will be entering your life. This is a general… is not a formula I am sharing with you, no when it comes to GOD do NOT use formulas! Do not tie down GOD into… if you have been battling a porn & masturbation addiction for a long long time, stop blaming satan, stop blaming… is why when I record videos on the topics of pride, and practicing to be more humble, I always start with myse… how I wish Peter or John the Apostle would of wrote a bible book on the topic of pride, starting with themselves… how I wish Paul the Apostle would of wrote a entire bible book on the topic of pride, starting with himself, oh how I wish that was done!You see the church has taught you to blame satan and the demons for all of this evil. And by doing that, the church… can stop blaming satan and the demons for your porn addictions and the masturbation problems.. You are simply w… of GOD, have you noticed the sexual sinning your stuck in? The pornography? The battles against masturbati… you been noticing how much you have been sinning lately? Have you noticed the addictions you are battling? Do… of GOD! Have you noticed the headaches you get, the cold, the flus, the sicknesses, getting fired on your… level of pride in children of GOD is off the charts, it is off the scales! It is even getting to go up as high… church of JESUS CHRIST is INFESTED with PRIDE.............Why is that? Why is it almost always younger children of GOD debating with me, arguing and telling me how wrong I a… is almost always younger Christians who want to argue with me, debate with me, contact me really aggressively to… more you humble yourself before GOD, the less and less you will care what other people say about you! The less… I speak to people know, GOD has taught me not to worry anymore about if they listen, or argue, or debate with… I was younger, it would really bother me when I was preaching, if people would constantly disagree with me...… you care about what other people think, or when you are worried if other people will agree with your views, I… have learned that the closer I get to JESUS, the less I care about what other people think about me.... Try it, t…
@APOSTLESULEMAN Well we do not want Judas hanging himself, and we do not want anyone else to hang themselves either… everyone! Here are 14 videos on the topic of free will Check them out, I pray GOD will really bless you! you notice during these end times that GOD is teaching us through tests, trials, tribulations, temptations, tor… want to show up at work with the attitude of a servant. We want to be going to church with the attitude of a sla… children of GOD want to make it a goal to mention satans name less & less & less as we grow in the LORD JESUS our CHRIST!Pride is the main thing we are battling against..... We can stop mentioning satan, we can STOP mentioning the demon… doesn't owe you anything, not a single darn thing. Everything you get comes from GOD, it is a gift, it is his… do NOT deserve to go to heaven, you do NOT deserve a job, or a husband, or anything at all. Everything, yes eve… might go to church thinking you should be the Pastor, or you should be the worship leader, or you should be in… not go to work with a attitude of pride, with a attitude of your boss owes you more. Go to work with an attitude… humble = Nobody owes me anything, but O LORD GOD, how can I serve you more?A feeling of entitlement is nothing more than pride! You might feel your boss owes you, or you are entitled at work… might be thinking - Garrett! I deserve to go to heaven, I have given my heart and soul to JESUS. Listen child o… wants us to appreciate him to appreciate his son JESUS But how can we appreciate GOD when we have a entitlement… some of you might be thinking -> Garrett! JESUS died on the cross for me, now I will get this, and that and thi… of GOD, listen up! GOD doesn't owe you anything, not a single darn thing.......... It is you who owed GOD EVE… think many children of GOD have a entitlement complex.. Yes they actually think GOD owes them things....... I got… spiritual warfare has been tremendous the last 3 years. I know it has been for many of you too! Today, all I ca…
Are you looking for a new movie to watch? How about Full of grace - The story of Mary & Peter? Check this out, see… is the shocking true story of what happened to a young Christian girl -->>