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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse.

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@KHeneage @CraigHope_DM Not. more. Wingers. !?!@Suhail1905 @TheSun best you read it first. That's not what it's about.'1 in 5 Brit Muslims' sympathy for jihadis' - the truth behind the awful @TheSun headline... thought this might make you feel a little better about the world: for those of us who do know the full context do yourself a favour & stop making yourself look like a prat @holly there's a movie script ending to this exchange ;)@ChrisDHWaugh "I'm leaving" ?@jmcomms @spode @robkerr all roaming will end soon in EU, but 18 month delay is v annoying: @spode @robkerr my crazy deal (unlimited data, truly unlimited tethering, unlimited calls/SMS + Feel At Home - £15pm) keeps me at 3@jmcomms @spode @robkerr I didn't. I can relate to that in France, but Finland so fast got 10+Mbit everywhere. (40+ on native sim though!)@spode @jmcomms @robkerr I have an old school contract. Truly unlimited data and no caps (they killed it as a new customers opt in 2013).@spode @jmcomms @robkerr once roaming ends for everyone around Europe I'll move. But for now 3 saved £1k in France in Sept, more in Finland!@spode @jmcomms @robkerr big win for me is 3's free roaming in so many countries & (in UK) unlimited tethering. But woeful signal indoors.@spode @jmcomms @robkerr no experience with BT (don't have it's broadband either) bit agree 3 woeful recently & 4G speeds getting worse. But@rich_trenholm @IanMorris78 @_JayMcgregor fair point. I should graduate to silk!@_JayMcgregor @IanMorris78 aaaah the Sports Direct vibe. Join me in dressing gown land, black is almost smart! Oh and the towel kind :)@IanMorris78 @_JayMcgregor mine have all gotten used to me greeting them in a dressing gown. They'd be freaked out by actual clothes.
@ChuckOp It does, even when directly contacted by the press. And some of the TOS/Privacy clauses are ludicrous in scale of permissions.@ChuckOp pure facts in there: it changed preferences and name. That sucks. It has been called on it.@ChuckOp those happy are those who don't understand. That's not a justification to claim their vote. Best you use W10 Home for some empathy.@ChuckOp so you understand the anger, frustration and loss of control yet think the answer is to placate? No, it's to fight for their issues@ChuckOp and now you're a) cherry picking, and b) ignoring obvious move to warn users. Some prioritise key programs over instant updates@ChuckOp no, it's a consequence. When you limit a user's control messing with what they can control provokes greater anger.@ChuckOp one of many on this: also removed user defaults incl. browser and reset to MS services.@ChuckOp you spell that out. And you don't re-enable *and* name change simultaneously. You see MS perspective. I see user perspective.@ChuckOp If you change something or rename something a user specifically disabled (& only due to lack of upgrade control in main OS) then@ChuckOp it was given plenty of opportunity for communication. It's a poor move, poorly explained. That should be spelt out, strongly.@ChuckOp this from the upgrade which also deleted user's system monitoring programs with warning.@ChuckOp No. It should respect user preferences when upgrading. You don't upgrade Android/iOS and find all your notifications changed. And@ChuckOp that's an assumption. Microsoft hasn't been transparent and my requests to explain it were acknowledged but met with silence.@ChuckOp renamed AND re-enabled. You don't do both at the same time. It's wrong - plain and simple.@ChuckOp it's bad practice but only hurts SOME users. That makes it fine!@ChuckOp few hundred? Just... Wow. With Windows 10 changes it's a massively popular hack. Now you're just trying to wriggle out by saying@ChuckOp EVERYONE trying to find the service to disable it again. You don't change settings then rename to hide it. You can't see that?@ChuckOp for good reason. This should be CHANGED. You do not switch user's privacy settings without warning & hide by renaming the service!@ChuckOp (misleadingly) renaming the service and re-enabling it for all is v poor. It should be called out as such.@ChuckOp WorkED - it's been a sea change since Windows 10. You know that. And user control is the big loser.@ChuckOp The FACTS are appalling.@ChuckOp fact you attack the writer, not the company for the action speaks volumes.@ChuckOp sure. With complete neutrality.@ChuckOp aaaah, just checked your bio. Moving along...@ChuckOp huh?Samsung 'Black Friday' 2015: Best Galaxy Smartphone Deals #Samsung #Galaxy #BlackFriday Restarts Windows 10 Secret Automatic Spying - not the company's finest hour... just replied :)@j_brorsson you think?! It's pros and cons for every. single. company. Btw got a critical MS post coming though so skip that one ;)@j_brorsson which is what makes you unqualified to have ANY comment on it whatsoever. Obviously. But happy it irritates you!@j_brorsson funny thing is you can't even get my tech preferences straight! Apple Watch? Hilarious. Android, Chrome OS, Gmail, my prefs.@j_brorsson ah yes... your conspiracies. Enjoy: and how do you explain my Microsoft Black Friday tweet 2 minutes later?@j_brorsson really? Just really? Boy are you delusional. No-one hold Apple to task more than me. No-one.My hat tip to Microsoft... #Microsoft #BlackFriday #Windows #Surface #Lumia #Xbox guide to Amazon's Black Friday blow out... #Amazon #blackfriday pick out the highlights... #Apple #iphone #ipad @mrcfield actually works without it :)A long time ago in a galaxy far far away - type it into - Now!@VentopiaBiz well I've only ever been outside the top 100k once in 6 seasons so it's mad. Big points hit this week. Had to.@JulianZip yep and turned those 2 into 4 with a -8. Crazy as I have the usual suspects, just always punished by any popular player I lack!@BonusFPL not a clue, I've got the usual suspects. Bad captains, benching wrong players at wrong time (Mata/Mahrez, etc). Crazy.@brianfagioli if it's any consolation, no-one in England is doing ANYTHING for Thanksgiving :)@BonusFPL [update] Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past... it's reaching genuine levels of slack jawedness now! thought you'd appreciate the latest update...! I think I'm now approaching truly special levels of awfulness this season!
Microsoft 'Black Friday' 2015 Deals Are Surprisingly Great - you won't want to miss this... has Taylor been rolled out yet?Let's recap: Paris attackers were known suspects, didn't use encryption, and boasted in public about their plans.
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Amazon 'Black Friday' 2015 Deals: How Good Are They? My thoughts for @Forbes #Amazon #BlackFriday@NUFC_Index so your Thauvin love-in didn't last long! I told you he would be an abject failure and we needed a £15m CB instead.
@radiorazvan ...scary! More on this Monday too as well.Amazon 'Black Friday' 2015 Deals: How Good Are They? @Forbes wow. Fact he didn't use his customary 2-3 subclauses makes it even more impressive.@geekraver I think Apple *has* to speak up on this sooner rather than later...What Does It Take To Gain Refugee Status In America? <--- Quite Incredible.
Best Black Friday Deals For Apple Watch, iPads And iPhones @Forbes the the launchpad Google needs, but has it the nerve to truly challenge partners with a mass market device?"I'd Like to Add you to My Professional Network on LinkedIn"
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Surprise Galaxy S7 Leak Reveals Massive Samsung U-Turn @Forbes Phew! Release was a bit vague. At least Country Life gets a bit more country life...@willhains Star man. Thanks! And yep, maths light for comparisons like 'x long to get to beta 3 here' vs 'x long to beta 3 in releases xyz'.@andyvan Farnborough?!@willhains beta 1 (8 days/8 days), beta 2 (14 days/22 days), beta 3 (11 days/33 days) etc. Very handy for accurately tracking overall time@willhains for eg right now it's per beta: beta 1 (8 days), beta 2 (14 days), beta 3 (11 days). Extra data would mean:@willhains hey Will random request: if it possible on your iOS history chart to also tally total days not just days of each individual beta?@CommonSense_Bob thanks! Certainly a good option.@clivel_98 agree 100%.@zak_storey @amolrajan could you have bigger #firstworldproblems? Christ, get some perspective.@clivel_98 I agree - and they won't notice. But not giving the option for greater control to those who want it is the big problem.
iPhone 6S Has Problem Apple Won't Discuss - odd problem, stranger response...Windows 10 Big Improvement Will Anger Users - gap widening between the haves and have nots...@amolrajan oh do get over yourself!@ChrisDHWaugh @FowlerAndy such a fall from grace. Remember those debut season Chelsea links...
@pmasmx @lockheimer not for Nexus, but take your point. Actually... even Nexus updates aren't simultaneous - roll outs. No excuse for that.@lockheimer stabilisation video improvements and snappier camera launch from double press shortcut please. Otherwise you guys nailed it ;)@junaid_chhips @lockheimer hah!@cheeto0 @Faryaab in a nutshell@FPLPriceChanges @fplhints no@Nuovocastrian you're quoting a celeb quoting a celeb quoting a Fox News anchor... Don't create a panic.@fplhints Ayoze and Sissoko too, if we weren't such a selling team...Now let's see @google provide the marketing push it deserves... #dontwastethisgamechanger
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