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I will not waiver in my commitment to building a more just Oklahoma for all of our citizens. #CJReform 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity has OK ranked No. 2 among small states + 5th in Growth Entrepreneurship… sat down w/ @GrantHermesKWTV to discuss OK's emerging programs that work to stop the cycle of incarceration. you to the WSJ and the @The_RGA. I will not waiver in my commitment to building a more just Oklahoma for all…
I was saddened to hear of @SenJohnMcCain's diagnosis. He's a true American hero + a fighter + I'll be praying for him throughout his fight.ICYMI-I will continue to highlight the impact incarceration has on the children of parents who are behind bars. talking with @GrantHermesKWTV about speaking at #WomenUnshackled and #cjreform in OK. Look for his story toni… want to offer my continued thoughts and prayers to OHP Lt. Heath Meyer who was injured last week. Everyone in OK is pulling for you.Thank you for having me, @USJusticeAction. It was tremendous to see so many people committed to improving the lives… was wonderful to have the opportunity to highlight the work Women In Recovery does in OK to a national audience. Mary Fallin outlines the costs of Oklahoma's high female incarceration rate:
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinIt was an honor to be invited to speak at the #WomenUnshackled event yesterday + talk about OK's #cjreform efforts., @GovMaryFallin, it is time for restorative justice & treatment over costly punishment that ruins lives!…
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I'm back in OK now, but it was great seeing @EPAScottPruitt and @SecPriceMD at the @WhiteHouse. Thanks for all your… @JusticeReform I agree. OK's prison system is in crisis. By championing #cjreform +participating in forums like… coverage of #WomenUnshackled by @KWGSNEWS. #cjreformOK Gov. Mary Fallin, emerging as one of the most outspoken champions in her party of overhauling the CJ system. work by @GovMaryFallin in OK - this is what real conservative leadership looks like.
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinI was proud to be part of this monumental event. #WomenUnshackled #cjreform @USJusticeAction @nicoleporter @casey_anderson9 I was honored to be asked to speak at the event + applaud NY+NJ's success in reducin… moving video on #CJreform played after my speech at @USJusticeAction's #WomenUnshackled earlier today. is Coding Dojo's 1st campus in the Midwest + its 7th nationwide. It's exciting news for #STEM careers + effort… a touching video. If you missed it after my speech at #WomenUnshackled you can watch it here @USJusticeActionOklahoma has the highest rate of female incarceration in the nation. @GovMaryFallin wants that to change.…
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinWhat an amazing voice + what an incredible champion she has been. -@holly_harris speaking of Gov. Fallin's dedication to #cjremform.We know that children with a parent that is incarcerated are 5x more likely to enter the corrections system. We must break this cycle.If we don't address these issues we will see an increase in our prison populations + it will cost the state $2B.#WomenUnshackled #cjreformWe passed a measure requiring all offenders to receive a risk + needs assessment + develop and individual case plan upon release.Ok has been working on solutions to reduce the incarceration rate.We are #2 in the nation for incarceration of men + women.#WomenUnshackledI signed an order "banning the box" that indicates that a person has served time in prison. #WomenUnshackled #banthebox #cjreformOne of the things we see from people who are coming out of the prison systems is trouble entering the workforce. Finding a job is difficult.Only 3.2% of Mental Health Court program participants end up going to prison. #WomenUnshackledPeople who go through drug courts have a lower rate of going into prisons. -GMF #WomenUnshackledThe systematic risk assessment has been successful in putting people in community based services to keep them from entering into correctionsWomen in Recovery is a remarkable program that pays women offenders for success. A unique public-private partnership. #WomenUnshackledWe want to restore their hope and their self-worth. -GMF #WomenUnshackledA lot the reports have I read say there is a multi-generational cycle of incarceration. We're trying to break that cycle. #WomenUnshackledWe want to people in programs that we know work, not programs we hope will work. -GMF #WomenUnshackledSystems of Care provide services to people in corrections to take of the needs of women in our criminal justice system.#WomenUnshackledWe are prioritizing treatment for women in prison who are pregnant; who have children. #WomenUnshackled69% of women in prison in OK have a had an actively managed mental health issue. Compared with 44% of men. -GMF #WomenUnshackledVast majority of women (80%) who go into OK prisons are there because of non-violent offenses. -GMF #WomenUnshackledThe gap has continued to widen, since 2012 the rate of female incarceration has increased 30%. -GMFWe need to make sure our state's most precious resource is protected: our families. #WomenUnshackled @USJusticeActionWe need to be investing in programs that are successful. #WomenUnshackled is not the answer and the best option for every offender. For our nonviolent + low level offenders there are better options. -GMF @GovMaryFallin is live on issues facing incarcerated women - thank you for shining a bright light on this issue!
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinShe does it (pursues criminal justice reform) with a lioness mother's heart. -Malika Saada Saar introducing GMF at #WomenUnshackledI'll be taking the stage shortly at #WomenUnshackled, tune in here @USJusticeAction #cjreform @USJusticeAction I'm proud to be part of the fight. #cjreform #WomenUnshackled @casey_anderson9 Our prison system in OK is in crisis, there's no denying it. I'm working every day to change it an… @govmaryfallin helped pass significant #cjreform helping create real change in people's lives @ashleyhannah75
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinStaff will be livetweeting Gov. Mary Fallin's keynote from #WomenUnshackled. @USJusticeAction time to tune in to #WomenUnshackled. I'll be discussing how the justice system negatively impacts women + the… 11:45 CT I'll be talking about mass incarceration and its impact on women and their children. #WomenUnshackledFor far too long our treatment of nonviolent offenders hasn't focused on treatment + reintegration. That needs to change. #WomenUnshackledAwesome! Let's see if we can make it to #1! for Oklahoma's own Charles Machine Works @ditchwitch at the six second mark. #MadeInAmericaWeek in to the #WomenUnshackled livestream going on right now @USJusticeActionIn a few hours I'll be speaking on criminal justice reform + mass incarceration at #WomenUnshackled. Join me here
She made history by raising incarcerated women in her state of the state speech. And tomorrow, @GovMaryFallin will…
Retweeted by Governor Mary Fallin @KakeandGunjelly @USJusticeAction @CoryBooker @RepDougCollins @JacksonLeeTX18 one day left until our #WomenUnshackled event! @CoryBooker, @RepDougCollins, @GovMaryFallin, & @JacksonLeeTX18
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinAlways a pleasure to meet with VP @mike_pence to celebrate #MadeInAmericaWeek and discuss issues that are important… to @ditchwitch for representing OK at the @WhiteHouse for #MadeInAmericaWeek. to see @ditchwitch representing Oklahoma at the @WhiteHouse today for #MadeInAmericaWeek
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinHonored to be at the @WhiteHouse for #MadeInAmerica Week with representatives from Oklahoma's own @ditchwitch and C… # of women in prison nationally has shot up 744% since 1980. Excited to talk about solutions nationally and her…
I’m listening to @GovMaryFallin & discussing how we can strengthen trade, growth and job creation in Ontario & Okla…
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinHonored to present the @NatlGovsAssoc New Leadership Slate. response and recovery is better than ever thanks to Govs like @GovMaryFallin @EricGreitens, @FEMA_Brock Lo…
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinThanks to @GovMaryFallin of #Oklahoma for talking to @SecPriceMD & me at #NGA2017 about the need for flexibility i…
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinIt was a pleasure to speak on a topic I am so passionate about, The Workforce of Tomorrow, at the @NatlGovsAssoc pa…
Join me at @Newseum on 7/18 at #WomenUnshackled—a forum on the challenges women face in the justice system. RSVP: to see @GirlsWhoCode at @NatlGovsAssoc. Such a smart group of young women! #GirlsInSTEM #GirlsWhoCode to hear PM @JustinTrudeau and VP @mike_pence speak at the @NatlGovsAssoc session on creating tomorrow's gl… Laval is expanding its facility in Broken Arrow, adding to manufacturing base. #EconDev
Retweeted by Governor Mary FallinAppreciate the work of Brock Long, new @fema admin., for ensuring OK's requests for assistance are handled in a timely + efficient manner.
Thanks for the great discussion @Kathleen_Wynne. Lots of opportunities for OK and Ontario to be successful in these…