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repost via @divvypic from ybmmg New album from richforever #BlackMarket in stores and online… posted a photo Friday At Club Phantom It's Goin Down..... For B-Day booths and free VIP guestlist text 9195271065
#truth #weaintbegginwebuyin one knows what's best for u better than u.. #weaintbegginwebuyin shouldn't expect anyone to feel your pain ... Guess that's why it's your pain.
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Bless up !!
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder
I fuckin hate the 49ers new coach ion even know his damn name... He should be firedRT!!!! RICK ROSS #Sorry ft @chrisbrown Single purchase now RT this link! #MMG
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Me either price of pussy is on the riseCosign by Kobe 98-2015 stupid afDon't Like me #DontCare U Broke #DontCare Think I'm Cocky #DontCare.....Im just living my life… u know ziti today
Defense time. #BeatFSU
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #mood #weaintbegginwebuyin with @heartlessaarika at Club Phantom ...request her to be your cocktail for the night… your bottle so big... Cause I'm a big ass Nigga #weaintbegginwebuyin #blackbottleboys #phantomlife't sell ya soul for a lighter sentence
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder The minister doesn't support snitching either!
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @djmconline bout to go live in club phantom right now #blackbottleboys
@dy_thefireman goin in early #vibing #phantomlife #pullup
repost via @divvypic from @icebergent THIS FRIDAY WERE RAFFLEING A PINK SKYBOARD phantom IN…
#weaintbegginwebuyin Friday at #clubPhantom see you there!!!
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday @KaraPublishes
Salute to the gorgeous @BellaWoods87 thanks for the luv #weaintbegginwebuyin via @divvypic from @alladreamnc CANCER AWARENESS EVENT @mochacrush THIS FRIDAY PROCEEDS FROM… via @divvypic from @lacedolla 🚨🚨🚨🚨This Friday at @mochacrush we will have the city LIT 🔥🔥 for… via @divvypic from @kweennky The countdown is on!!!! Meet me at 1110 Buck Jones Road, Cary NC… Friday Night I Will Be At Club Phantom In Raleigh NC.. Triangle and Surrounding areas come turn…
Salute to all the real niggas #weaintbegginwebuyin via @divvypic from phantomclub ・・・ PINK SKYBOARD RAFFLE!!!! 🎀🎀🎀 LADIES WEARING PINK BEFORE 12… along with a few other Atlanta rappers ion feel like naming via @divvypic from @ducepoundquise Whenever richforever and HOV get together it's something… work together we eat together.....#IMNOTTHEBOSS #MYTEAMPLAYSTOGETHER #weaintbegginwebuyin ya heart yung nigga 🙏
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder ROZAY x CHRIS BROWN "SORRY"
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Some records speak for themselves. My new single #Sorry featuring @chrisbrownofficial drops TODAY as I ...
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Check out the @HypeWilliams-directed video for @rickyrozay's "Money Dance" ft. @TheKingDream:
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Are we talking fiction or we talking factsLife I wonder
LMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ cowboy fansSoon as the money grew we grew black heartedLMAO'm glad I just one 2 quarters at $70 that's a $140 shots on me at the bar #weaintbegginwebuyinBum ass Cowboys. Hate them niggas
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Do dat shit breez
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Don't come to my funeral if I ain't fuck with you while I was here
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder LMAO out the @HypeWilliams-directed video for @rickyrozay's "Money Dance" ft. @TheKingDream:
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder This generation is ruined smh
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder get #blackdollar now on @datpiff
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Rings on every finger at the chess board
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder 😂 who's byke in the triangle.... My son has a game tomorrow at Durham County StadiumOk When My Big Bruh @imdabully In The Building Popping The Biggest…
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Get on my free b4 midnight guestlist this Fri and party for a GREAT CAUSE... Also a limited amount of… via @divvypic from @alladreamnc PINKTOBER @mochacrush THIS FRIDAY #LADIES IN PINK GET GIFT… I'm in there where is it@Bigga_Vel05 when is itI feel like retiring from the party shit....niggas fuckin up the fun element in it with all the Bullshit..... #TheStreetsLuvMeSo hot I almost had to buy a fan for my cityLadies y'all will agree with Gully until u need something off the top shelf and a short dude can't reach it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 영화예매권 방금 왔네요. 감사합니다. ^^
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Stop the madness us tall niggas can pick them up when short niggas let them down Rodgers gon do my boys dirty today but I'm not gon cryWhat type of games is being played how's it's goin downGon Fuck shorty YO I can keep a secret
repost via @divvypic from ybmmg Pull up... We Turning Up 2nite! Club Climaxxx aka The Lexx… not bad for a kid who use to stare out a window in the hood.... #lifesgood even with the… #norainbih #sunnydays #weaintbegginwebuyin niggas winning this all the proof y'all need 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #weaintbegginwebuyin
This how we rocking tonight #weaintbegginwebuyin richforever #blackbottleboys hottest shit #weaintbegginwebuyin #weaintbegginwebuyin your barber nice af #weaintbegginwebuyin broke them 😂 Says#mymood this morning while I travel #createthelifeuwant #weaintbegginwebuyin #blackbottleboys remind myself every morning....#ImADifferentNigga #weaintbegginwebuyin
Oh idea was born and raised in NC but Florida made me Great...I appreciate the love I get from Duval to… who u sit down at the table with... Just cause y'all eat together doesn't mean he letting u… posted a photo to be Chasin' $$$ but you Chasin Bitches....
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Meagan Good so fineI Respect My Privacy More Than Anything on Social Media. U Will NEVER In Yo Bloodclat Life CatchMe Arguin Wit My BM Uphere
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder No matter how much u give enough will never be enough #sadtruth
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