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Proud mommy, wife, ultimately blessed. God Bless America, more than ever.

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@TheNewcOn6 Right?! That was some serious manipulation happening there. @BachelorABC Concerned about this generation of women.... 😬 @BarstoolRia So awkward. @StellaNicole_7 And the absolute most awkward and hard to watch speech.
I can’t with JPJ. #bachelorinpadadise
Turns out Colton’s instinct was correct. I take back everything bad I said. Super happy for them and hope their lov…
If #Cassie had done me like that, I probably would’ve just done myself a favor and gone head first into the fence.… @natalie_rengag @colton Looks like he’s been through hell and back.Name someone who deserved better: Colton Underwood #BachelorNation
Retweeted by JessicaCassie is the actual worst. I can’t. #TheBachelor
@BachelorABC LOL Hannah’s family! Best scene of the show. 🤣Caelynn for Bachelorette! #TheBachelorCassie doesn’t want the ex-NFL player, she wants Tom Brady. Watch out, Colton! #oneofthosegirls #TheBachelor“You don’t microwave relationships” - Tayshia’s dad. That spoke to me on so many levels #TheBachelor
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@colton I actually feel bad for you trying to sort through the confusion. What the girls did with all their silly w… season is the actual worst. Not because of Colton, but because of these women. He deserved better. #thebachelor
@elizabethxreis Onyeka clearly lacking insight.
That whole thing with Elyse was bizarre. I can’t. #soextra #byegirl #TheBachelor
@charliekirk11 Liberals’ rage is usually misdirected. It’s a thing with them. @AdeleScalia @immortal_pat @EWErickson They have to be the ones to start the grace giving since they’re the ones who started the rules. @EWErickson I know what you’re saying, but the Dems set this precedent and they would be hypocrites if they didn’t… @chilljat @RantyAmyCurtis It’s all semantics. I’m not playing. I have more important things to do with my time than… @chilljat @RantyAmyCurtis Just trying to speak in a language the poster can understand. No matter what word is used… situation in Syria does not warrant complete withdrawal. We can’t effectively maintain security or intelligence…
Retweeted by Jessica @RantyAmyCurtis Also, all “cis-gender” says to me is “somebody who knows a whole lot about being a woman”. Don’t st… @RantyAmyCurtis *in @RantyAmyCurtis Actually, I think this is taught is elementary sex-ed now. It’s not tough stuff. @realDonaldTrump Really, @robportman ??? #disappointingI’m going to give (most) Dems credit for not being hypocrites in regards to Northam’s blackface pic. I wondered whe… @Irish__Matt I don’t know any racists, but I appreciate your concern. 🙄
@Irish__Matt I disagree with your “modern day equivalent of the white hood” assessment so I guess we will just have…
@Irish__Matt They are kids - therefore fearless and with questionable judgment, as well as no cognitive ability to… @skeptic74 Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. @Irish__Matt The KKK explicitly states their hateful intent. These people see this as a symbol of supporting a pres… pretty much sums up the left’s entire beef in the #CovingtonCatholic controversy. Disclaimer: I strongly disli… @xmalfran @DerekCressman
Thread. leaning Democrats trying to avoid seeing what socialism has done for Venezuela
Retweeted by Jessica @xmalfran @DerekCressman Also, almost every news article written absolves the group based on the extended video, so you’re the outlier. @xmalfran @DerekCressman Was THAT kid speaking or acting during the extended video? The answer is no. @JonathanBarkan Who let the dogs out. Also, I’m sorry. @Chopshop2011 Does anyone care what this woman thinks? I certainly do not. @xmalfran @DerekCressman The kid didn’t say one word or make one action, so you’re obviously only paying attention…
Whenever I see people in a stressful political confrontation, I like to diffuse the tension by standing as close to…
Retweeted by JessicaNot even close. Not even close to being not even close.
Retweeted by JessicaFact Checker: Ocasio-Cortez’s misfired facts on living wage and minimum wage
Retweeted by Jessica @kEricProulx @nytimes @kerpen This guy also tried to crash a Catholic mass in DC several days ago while people were… @kerpen @Cernovich My mother gave birth to me right before the fall of Saigon. It was in a hospital in TX, but it w…
Retweeted by Jessica🚨Nathan Phillips, January 3, 2018🚨 "I'm a Vietnam Vet. I served in Marine Corps 72 to 76. I got discharged May 5,…
Retweeted by JessicaUpdate: Nathan Phillips's military service record released Wednesday indicates that he enlisted in the Marine Corps…
Retweeted by Jessica @KirstenPowers @washingtonpost It’s ok for adults to harass a child, but not ok for adults to hold other adults acc… @RichLowry @nwlaguy Look, I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those hats, but leftists need to re-hinge themselves… the end of the day, it’s all about the hats
Retweeted by JessicaMedia: Covington kids were racist! Nope, you botched it. Media: Okay, but other Covington kids were racist! Nope, y…
Retweeted by Jessica @DerekCressman Oh, please. The extended video tells you everything you need to know. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get to the truth.The Republican party is no longer a political party. It is a personality cult. RIP, GOP. Nice knowing you.
Retweeted by Jessica @LadyJessMacBeth I took your tweet to mean Nathan Phillips lied about being a vet. No?Sure, Socialism has lead to starvation and genocide 100% of the times it's been tried, in 100% of the places it's b…
Retweeted by Jessica @LadyJessMacBeth Where did you hear he lied about being a Vet? @RealJamesWoods Maybe all the celebrities eating crow now could call off the rabid dogs that they’ve now influenced who can’t stop the hate. @Alyssa_Milano I can’t stand Donald Trump but this s*** is crazy. The term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real.He is a socialist. I fled socialist country under soviet influence once. I don't want to get back into that shit.
Retweeted by Jessica @iwannaberunning @SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow Are you seriously comparing this kid to Alex Jones?! Another unhinged leftie! @SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow I challenge you to bring on the Black Hebrew Israelites and be half as tough on them as…
@jordynhtaylor Or any story, for that matter. If her life is so wonderful, her parents have been married forever. Talk about that. @TheBachelorBF Good find! 😮 @KelseyMaz Yeah, really. Elyse is the most beautiful in my opinion and she’s “older”. I don’t think Colton is looking for a Skipper.I think the REAL feud between Caelynn and Hannah B. is which of them have more teeth in their mouth. I think 5 ou…
Retweeted by Jessica @BachPartyPod No depth there. The kicker is she had no idea it went badly. 🤔 @iLiveAverage 😂😂😂😂Colton talking to Caitlin #TheBachelor
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@LionTedPride @realDonaldTrump Really? Where’s the “I obviously know who he is” part? I think I missed that. Or are you just Trumpsplaining?If relying on Erdogan, an Islamist dictator, is a cornerstone of the Trump foreign policy agenda, we’re in worse sh…
Retweeted by JessicaThis "president*" is loyal to two people: himself and Putin. To think otherwise is damned foolish and dangerous.
Retweeted by JessicaThe president of the United States does not know the top U.S. envoy overseeing the effort to defeat the Islamic Sta…
Retweeted by Jessica @CaseyHinds @konrad_jeff You know Trump didn’t even read the whole thing, let alone understand it. @realDonaldTrump Yeesh, even I know who Brett McGurk is and I’m a nobody.“(Trump’s) career has been one of betrayal—of business partners, of customers, of subordinates, of his wives, and a…
Retweeted by Jessica"I'm saddened for the broken relationships with countries that have been with us. I'm saddened for the many Kurds a…
Retweeted by JessicaTrump: "I hire the best people!" Also, Trump: "Tillerson sucks!" "Sessions sucks!" "Mattis sucks!" "McMaster sucks!"
Retweeted by Jessica @eye2winner @realDonaldTrump I can’t figure out why this isn’t obvious to every single American. Did we all forget 2013-2014? @WalshFreedom I don’t think I will ever get tired of reminding you that this fact was fairly obvious during the ele… @realDonaldTrump Your future ex-SecOD.
The idea you can perpetually delay a SCOTUS confirmation because of a decades-old claim that arose after the hearin…
Retweeted by JessicaAm I wrong or did Dems' messaging shift from "hear what she has to say" to "how dare you ask to hear what she has t…
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@lmcall102 @Jennacooperfit Benoit isn’t even attractive btw and she went after him like a fly on s***. Even entertained obnoxious David. @jenipenny @Jennacooperfit You mean the level of feeling when she dodged his kiss on the after interview and looked…
@WalshFreedom @Trump_Regrets I’m glad you’ve seen the light, but Trump hasn’t changed. This was 100% predictable be… @AngelaTN777 @DaveWright1968 @WalshFreedom @realDonaldTrump @GOP @DNC You know, Trump is the real RINO, right? Wel…
Retweeted by Jessica @johnsweeney15 @WalshFreedom I love how someone who doesn’t support the buffoon that is Trump is a “full liberal”.… always have to double check and make sure this isn’t a sattirical Twitter account. Conclusion: it’s not. @PolitiBunny I love conspiracy theorists. They bring back fond memories of when I used to work with the elderly w dementia in college. 😂
@CoopBren @jackbean818 @Jennacooperfit @RealitySteve Listen, if your theory turns out to be true, I’ll be happy to… @CoopBren @jackbean818 @Jennacooperfit @RealitySteve But they only wanted to stalk her and not one single other con… @CoopBren @jackbean818 @Jennacooperfit @RealitySteve That turning-the-tables-on-people-who-are-trying-to-get-to-the… @CoopBren @jackbean818 @Jennacooperfit @RealitySteve That’s what I thought I heard when I listened to it. Even so,… @MakennaCoop @leaconner @gus_tsourapis @emr35701 @sunfan227 @adah905 @_paigelindsey @AngryBayernFan @amwilson823 @MakennaCoop @_paigelindsey @leaconner @AngryBayernFan @amwilson823 @RealitySteve @jordan__kimball @Jennacooperfit @_chelsallsxo @leaconner @BeTheChange2211 @MakennaCoop @AngryBayernFan @amwilson823 @RealitySteve @jordan__kimball @ChoiSaysPodcast @TVjunkie33 @Jennacooperfit @jordan__kimball The phone number has been verified so she wasn’t prog…