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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@sportsrapport an excellent piece.#EaglesNation
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@ByDavidMurphy I did.Sam Bradford said there's a chance he could play Thursday. Said the left shoulder is the issue now. Not the concussion (3d of career).
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Ok_Dave44 @ByDavidMurphy lightning in a bottle. Get enough tape on a guy and the offense w no adjustments, you can't sustain success.@ByDavidMurphy Sanchez? yes. Bradford? no.@ByDavidMurphy always a good discussion David. Appreciate the conversation.@ByDavidMurphy yes. Agreed. It's a crapshoot. Of the options at the time, chip was THE choice.... if you don't have the franchise QB..@ByDavidMurphy haha! And that is million dollar question.@ByDavidMurphy awful. Notice who left before then? Heckert. Set the team back so they went dream team. Similar to phils w Arbuckle?@ByDavidMurphy my point is that chip's offense was supposed to help QBs. (It did for one year w Foles).. Where has the growth been w any QB?@ByDavidMurphy no doubt. But the issue down the road will be the roster-- fitted for his scheme guys.@JakeMarc23 @ByDavidMurphy who's mad? But if your expertise is offense and QB play and you move up to get one. He better show something.@ByDavidMurphy the peters thing gets me because they refused to address anything w the line in the drafts.@ByDavidMurphy agree on the price tag but it's inexcusable that there was no speed brought in or realizing Huff was not ready.@JakeMarc23 @ByDavidMurphy they moved up in draft to get Barkley. That's on chip.@ByDavidMurphy that comes with accepting fault or at least recognizing mistakes and being adaptable.@RebeccaLobo the best kind. Shiny.@ByDavidMurphy extend cooper, guaranteed $ to Austin. Sign Sanchez. Not develop Barkley, Ertz, Agholor. Not have guards ready. All on him.@ByDavidMurphy so the point that any coach could've been in this 2015 predicament is a little stretch. He hasn't developed talent either.@ByDavidMurphy appreciate your approach in this but chip brought in many of his players for his scheme. Some questions on Talent evaluation@RwC103 appreciate it!@KevKerrr appreciate it.@hollyholm insisted I wear the belt. One of the most humbling champs I've ever met. Great to have her in studio"Mind you, I'm wearing makeup & I'm in a suit." @KNegandhiESPN gets a @ufc lesson w/ champion Holly Holm #LIVEonSC.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThis is a resigned @knegandhiespn grimacing through Sal Paolantonio's report on the Eagles moments ago.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiComing up this hour on @SportsCenter, @hollyholm joins us live to talk about her upset win over Rousey and what's next..Thank you Flyers for ending a miserable slump this month for Philly pro teamsThe 76ers’ team salary is just south of $60M, but only $18.5M of that has seen the court this season.
After not scoring in the opening quarter of the season vs the Steelers, the Patriots have now scored in a NFL record 36 straight quarters.According to @EliasSports, the Patriots are 72-3 at home since Brady’s 1st career start in Week 3 of 2001 when they win the turnover battle.@FrankKnuckles 👍🏽💯Good to hear my boy @FrankKnuckles is back in studio w the Roots for the Tonight Show. Stay healthy my man, and keep doing what you love.@DesmondHoward nah man. Those memories are ageless.@matt_mullin I've got nothing else.My only hope- the decade that followed that awful year was pretty good in Philly for all 4 teams. my only hope- The decade that followed that awful year was pretty good in philly for all 4 teams.@matt_mullin what a different time. Chip owned the city even after the loss.@matt_mullin I saw the piece. I think it's close to even. What would kill me is Andy's first season. Devastating playoff collapse vs colts.@matt_mullin the power of a franchise QB.Joey Bosa on Ezekiel Eliiott: "I think he said what a lot of people were scared to say."
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@phillyceltic @jawnes12 if you don't think Bradford has been a bust so far in this offense, don't know what to tell you.@PhilaPhans @Philatticus @JohnBarchard did I suggest he should be fired? Or an observation of my opinion.@PhilaPhans @Philatticus @JohnBarchard this is not an overreaction. They've won 5 of their last 14 games. With same issues still existing.@PhilaPhans @Philatticus @JohnBarchard city has a tendency to fall on negative side but not here. Chip was given clean slate. Owned the city@phillyceltic @jawnes12 the expectations w Bradford compared to the guys you named: With his talent in this offense w Chip. He's been a bust@phillyceltic @jawnes12 match up the talent Bradford has to those guys and the production that he provided earlier this season in this O.@PhilaPhans @JohnBarchard you think it's played out well adding all these pieces at once? I thought it would be ok. It hasn't been.@phillyceltic @jawnes12 where was the overreaction? Before Cowboy game Bradford was playing awful. Not up to his talent.@PhilaPhans @JohnBarchard and wasn't everyone shocked? Didn't say it wasn't going to happen. And look at how it's played out.@phillyceltic @jawnes12 but ignore the details@phillyceltic @jawnes12 and they didn't provide context when I said it: stated when you look at the talent Bradford has to what he's done.I would be shocked if Chip Kelly is the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles next season.@Kappyva again, I didn't conduct the interview. I'm on SportsCenter this morning. So you got the wrong anchor.@Kappyva huh? I didn't do that interviewShe didn't do it on purpose but I appreciate @HannahStormESPN wearing a cherry red dress for @Temple_FB't get a closer comparison between Cam and Jameis yesterday. today at the SC pod: the Warriors have 15 wins right now. Will the Sixers reach 15 wins by the end of the season? I'm depressed..
Philadelphia sports teams are 0-12 at home during the month of November.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiEntering the day, Jameis Winston had 4 TD passes in his previous 5 games combined. He threw 5 TDs vs. the Eagles to 5 different players.@Kikuyu09 that's my squad.@Kikuyu09 or not reading the word "pro". Check my bio.The honeymoon is over in Philly. Chip Kelly era in Philly has hit rock bottom. And don't tell me about the NFC East race. This team is not well coached and ill prepared.@johnstonalanc product has been awful all around.@RandomDude1023 @wingoz no philly pro team has won a home game this month.@utleyshairplugs @Temple_FB read the tweet. "Pro".@robg0927 my saving grace.This may go down as the worst month in the history of Philly pro sports. And to think it happened without the Phillies playing a game.Less 32 minutes of football and Cam a Newton has 5 TD passes. Dab on.The NFC East is bad enough to make you care with no one good enough to make you happy.Eagles defense making Jameis look like a 10-year vet not a rookie. No excuse for that TD pass.@SECbooger you got it. Hit me up.@lawlornfl best way to describe it. Wears. You. Down.Amazing what happens when you give Darren Sproles some touches.@SECbooger bruh, I'm still bitter about what you guys did at the Vet. And I covered you guys at the time.. Low point here for chip@jamarhudson can't wait to see it.This Eagles performance is sad and embarrassing.
Ezekiel Elliott: "Honestly, that was my last game at the Shoe. There's no chance I'm coming back next year."
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi#Buckeyes running back Ezekiel Elliott:"coaching staff didn't put us in position to win. That's a team (Michigan State) we should beat." WOW
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiWow... UConn with the big upset of Houston at home.. 2 undefeateds go down in less than a hour..OSU's 23-game winning streak snapped.Spartans handing out a gift.@AnishESPN haha!! Appreciate the effort. Great job today on the call.This Gator game...................@CS_Burnette huge. They needed this game.The entire @Temple_FB defense and PJ Walker deserve game balls today. #WeTheT #leavenodoubt Tyler Matakevich becomes just the 7th player in college football to have 4 seasons of 100+ tackles.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@AdamDvorin @JohnKincade he came in a little injured. And this D is no joke. Ask another future NFL QB hackenburg.@TheSportsHernia they're Notre Dame for crying outloud!!Or a RedZone interception 8 minute drive by the home team at the Linc? Yeah, they exist.@TheSportsHernia check my timeline. The facemask is a massive fail. They're ND. Not the XFL.@TheSportsHernia I know you're a ND fan and style critic. Those Irish uniforms tonight... Whoa.. Not good.Excellent misdirection playcall by the @Temple_FB offense on that TD..Love the old school look from BC. Not feeling NDs.. Especially that facemask.. Trying too hard.. @Temple_FB defense is bringing it today vs Memphis.Can't say it enough, Temple's backfield depth from recruiting has been excellent the last couple years. Paying off this season.
@Edwerderespn praying for the family Ed. Strength and courage.@warfieldscott no doubt.
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