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I want to live with an ocean view 😍
Retweeted by CoochieHappy National Tequila Day Everyone #NationalTequilaDay
Retweeted by CoochieVanilla Glazed Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Retweeted by CoochieThe best relationships are the ones you were never expecting. Friends and lovers the same
Retweeted by Coochie💪🏾😏
Retweeted by Coochie @karrueche @tvonetv I'm yet to se it over in the ukwhat's up?
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Amazing street scenes in Endelberg, Switzerland | Photo by @miracolei on IG
Retweeted by Coochiefake mean mug
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id rather be waking up with this view ☀️
Retweeted by CoochieBeyoncé tearing up during her show in Milan ❤️ #FormationWorldTour
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the catchiest song you'll hear all summer (Caroline - Aminé)
Retweeted by Coochiewhat my daily thoughts consist of
Retweeted by Coochieyou gotta have a couple mill just to be average in dubai 😳
Retweeted by CoochieWow Karrueche this shoot is 😍😍 @ColourPopCo
Retweeted by CoochieKarrueche is keeping us on the edge of our seats with this shoot
Retweeted by CoochieCool down the HARIBO way! 😎☀️
Retweeted by CoochieStrawberry Cheesecake!
Retweeted by CoochieGrilled Shrimps 😜
Retweeted by CoochieRainbow Cake
Retweeted by CoochieI am absolutely baffled.. how could you have possibly thought that was okay?
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@KimKardashian has become a savage like @kanyewest and I like it! Expose the liars 😂Karrueche is definitely one of a kind #Mykonos 😍
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Cave pool in Santorini, Greece ☀️
Retweeted by CoochieStrawberry cake! 🍓
Retweeted by CoochiePink Birthday Cake 💗
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Goddess 🔥 #FormationWorldTour #Zürich
Retweeted by CoochieBeyoncé looking gorgeous in Zürich! #FormationWorldTour
Retweeted by CoochieGunfire heard on bridge over Bosphorus, Istanbul as military coup unfolds in Turkey
Retweeted by CoochieWhat's happening in Turkey 🤔Praying for Nice ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by CoochiePraying for world peace ❤️
Retweeted by CoochieKehlani Bounces Back on New Single, 'CRZY': Listen: Kehlani debuted a defiant new single, "CRZY," on Thursday...
Retweeted by CoochieStrawberry milkshake cheesecake
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I wish clubs had nights where they just played one artist and all their songs, imagine a Beyoncé night or Chris Brown night! 🎶
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Currently where I am now! ❤️😍 have to visit the stairway to heaven in Hawaii 🙏😮
Retweeted by CoochieBeyoncé, Jay Z & Blue spotted in Antibes, France today (July 13)
Retweeted by CoochieCandids of Karrueche at Cecconi's yesterday
Retweeted by CoochieKarrueche at Cecconi's in West Hollywood yesterday
Retweeted by CoochieInt'l shipping is now available! Get your #KaePop now all my international lovers ❤️
Retweeted by CoochieIf you guys missed #AWeekendWithTheFamily in theaters - it'll be playing this Sunday on @tvonetv!
Retweeted by Coochiemood after eating truffle honey ricotta at Cecconi's
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White Chocolate Strawberries
Retweeted by Coochieice cream cone
Retweeted by CoochieSomeone take me here 💙🌊
Retweeted by CoochieHe talented & fine af 😩😍 IG:thejonmoody
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Retweeted by CoochieHot damn 💦
Retweeted by CoochieThis song I released for free for anybody dealing with injustice or struggle in their lives.
Retweeted by Coochie THEY DONT CARE OR KNOW ABOUT US!!!!!!
Retweeted by CoochieWant this right now 🍉
Retweeted by CoochieI couldn't even dream of a nicer house 🙌🏼
Retweeted by CoochieTriple Melon Popsicles 🍭🍭🍭
Retweeted by Coochieyour replacement is closer than you think
Retweeted by CoochieThe Carters raked in a regal $107.5 Million over the past year; Beyoncé pulled in $54 Million alone 👑
Retweeted by CoochieGod can turn around any situation.
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Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk!Well done @AugustAlsina ❤️✊🏽Money or no money don't be a scary cat! This is why I have the up most respect for Snoop, Game, TI and Lala ❤️✊🏽my mood has been so up and down lately and no it's not my period
Retweeted by CoochieThe rich kids of L.A need to start protesting forget the social media uploads and concerns. Y'all need to get out there and protest!!!!!😂 of Karrueche leaving the #BeautyCon brunch yesterday
Retweeted by CoochieBeyoncé looking gorgeous in London today.
Retweeted by CoochieGarden paradise in The Shire, Hobbiton
Retweeted by CoochieBeyoncé looking absolutely gorgeous 💋
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I cannot be on social media rn or watch anymore videos of murder, arrests or harassment! I'm gone! 😢 #blacklivesmatter
Lord give us strength 😩🙌🏽Beyoncé holds a moment of silence in honor of the victims of police brutality; names shown on a 60feet high monolith
Retweeted by Coochie👏🏽 to reaching the goal! #PhilandoCastile Please help donate to his daughter,family & girlfriend.Thank you!
Retweeted by Coochie[cont'd] So this morning before getting dressed we had to explain to kids that friendly gentle Phil had been killed by the police. #RIP
Retweeted by CoochiePhilando Castile worked as the cafeteria supervisor at my children's school. Everyone there called him Phil, and he was widely beloved. ...
Retweeted by CoochieI'm so angry just thinking about life and the world we live in it disgusts me. 😔😢Love you, @karrueche! #TBT
Retweeted by CoochiePlease take a look. Thank you.
Retweeted by CoochieBetween the extremely graphic video and the little girls voice.. I just canttttt - I don't understand how any of this is okay
Retweeted by CoochieHeavy heart today 😔 At such a tragic time - I want to spread some love ❤️ #BlackLivesMatter Please let's do what we can to fight back
Retweeted by CoochieBeyoncé updates her website. #FREEDOM
Retweeted by CoochieNever lose that smile beautiful @karrueche
Retweeted by CoochieAmazed to see how many people are continuing to give to support the family of #AltonSterling tonight. $262,000+
Retweeted by Coochiehis 4 year old daughter had to watch him shot to death,this has got to stop😪#blacklivesmatter #FalconHeightsShooting
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My latest. STOP asking African Americans to "remain calm" in the face of police brutality and racial terror.
Retweeted by CoochieI met Beyoncé and Blue Ivy 🍋🐝🙆🏼
Retweeted by CoochieRainbow Sherbet Ice Cream 🍦
Retweeted by CoochieBBQ Chicken Wings.
Retweeted by CoochieChocolate Crepes with Nutella and Mixed Berries
Retweeted by CoochieCandids of Karrueche and Christina in Beverly Hills last night
Retweeted by CoochiePink Velvet Swiss Roll
Retweeted by CoochieGlazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake
Retweeted by Coochiewho knew donuts could be even cooler
Retweeted by CoochieBanana Cream Cheesecake Jars 🍌
Retweeted by CoochieIt's impossible not to like these cookies 😍🙏
Retweeted by Coochiewhy is this me everyday
Retweeted by CoochieSteak Sandwich
Retweeted by CoochieBaked mac n cheese
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