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@AddisonFire @TheBellReece lmfao right!? Now you're like "omg why did my parents let me have this!?" 😝 @AddisonFire @TheBellReece lol I used to get those at gift shops when I went on vacation as a kid 😝 @selfshots_daily so much better! Lol that was so annoying. I hate being sick
@Selgomezlover94 lol oh it so was. Finally hatched me a drowzee it was my first one lolUghhh I haven't been able to work out for 3 days because of this sickness! 😩 I'm going on a walk to at least do SOMETHING. @chrizsp Nahh I have that one on Xbox one @pinkypirat I'll be back tomorrow for sure though. The sickness definitely seems to be dissipating @pinkypirat lol I know I just still kind of sound like poop @chrizsp but yet it is fun, because it's given me some time to play assassins creed lol @chrizsp lol i have no idea might just be a cold. All I know is that it's not that fun lolSo I'm just going to spend tonight editing my new vid and sprucing up my MV page. @chrizsp and my cough isn't exactly attractive lol @chrizsp I'm just sick lolGahh sorry guys. It always seems to get worse at night πŸ˜•
@jake18101 absolutely. I mean we're all entitled to bad days once in a while but there are certain people that are just like that everyday
Retweeted by Kailey Ketchum @jake18101 lol thanks. I try my best. It's kind of ugly to be meanI'll be on cam in about an hour or so! Getting ready meow. @jake18101 I'll keep a look out for it because honestly back then I probably wouldn't have gotten half of the humor @jake18101 don't remember too much about cowboy bebop though since last time I saw it I was in like 5th grade or something lol @jake18101 lol yep I've been rewatching Pokemon and Inuyasha lately. Both are awesome showsGrrr my misty wig is taking forever to get here! @jake18101 well that's good πŸ™‚ I like a good challenge. I'm still only on memory sequence 3 though lol @jake18101 @lana_rain duuuude omg I almost forgot about that show! It was all the rage back in the day. @jake18101 yeah I love AC games a lot. I got this one for Christmas and have barely had time to play it so I'm excited to be back on it πŸ™‚So I took advantage of being sick to FINALLY play AC Syndicate and now I can't stop. Yay for being irresponsible! 😜Who wants to see me with Man Haze on cam tonight?I'll definitely be getting on cam tonight, possibly with man haze! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ @markhicks101 thanks 😊Still have a little cough, but I'm feeling much better today! πŸ˜ƒ @XCassandraCainX thanks sweet cheeks 😊 lol @ShawnViper898 thanks 😊 I'll do what I canActually guys I'm definitely sick and I sound like poop. Kind of hard to feel cute tonight. I'm gonna get some rest and try again tomorrow 😊
Had a buddy over for a bit. I'll be on soon πŸ™‚ @Buckiemohawk well then yes I guess that's not so bad then lolFull service sex workers & camgirls put in SOOOOO much work beyond just the sex/cam shows. SO. Much. Never forget that. So much admin work.
Retweeted by Kailey Ketchum @Buckiemohawk that's the worst kind!Lol I appreciate the honesty of the culprits πŸ˜‹ @drphantom27 lol. My grandma bought me this one for Christmas though so I got the hard copy 😊 @drphantom27 good thing for digital downloads these days lol @drphantom27 yes that too! I wanted to play AC and couldn't find it because it was in the tomb raider case lolDoes it annoy the bejesus out of anyone else when someone puts your games in the wrong case? @xErockx420x awhh you're so sweet, my love 😍😍 @frank_baluga lol he does actually @mikegonzalez2k lmao nice. You guys are crazy! LolYep, I'm sick. So. Lame. πŸ˜‘Guys that r grossed out about girls getting their periods are lame. I'm sure your mother was praying to get hers but got you instead, tragic
Retweeted by Kailey KetchumOnly 150 more followers til 19K! πŸ˜ƒ Oh the hype.I'll see you guys tomorrow for some kind of cosplay. Not sure who I want to wear yet. 😊Despite the fact that I'm getting sick, it was an awesome show tonight. Thanks so much guys for being so awesome! πŸ˜ƒ
I'm on @chaturbate now. Pika pi! @brando616 well thanks 😊 @Selgomezlover94 yeahhh party poopers lol. I don't really go to the gyms though so I personally don't care lol @Selgomezlover94 yeah I just have no idea how you would be able to cheat to get what you want. I think I've heard of it happening though @Selgomezlover94 damn that's crazy! Maybe they're just hatching mad amounts of eggs? That's how I get most of my Pokemon lol @Selgomezlover94 on the way. I like to batch evolve everything though when I have a lucky egg active @Selgomezlover94 yayyy! Yeah I heard they were rare over there which is crazy. They're all over my area here. I have 2 arcanines with a 3rdHell yeah thanks new followers! I'll get you some naughty pics shortly πŸ™‚ here are a couple oldies for now @Selgomezlover94 nice! We have a ton of those over here 😝 I want a snorlax so badddd. He's so cute lol @Selgomezlover94 lol jealousy felt round the world 😜 @selfshots_daily @goldgunsgirls00 lol I'm sure a quick ass smack could be worked out 😝Omg I loooove it! 😝😝😝 @Selgomezlover94 I'm not gonna lie, I'm super jealous lol @selfshots_daily lol I'm imagining the big buckle part just two butt cheeks. I'd wear it proudly 😊Do I get a belt? 😜 @Selgomezlover94 @valor_club niceeeee!πŸ’œ@KaileyHaze420πŸ’œ @BabesPromo2 @Boogie_1969 @Natuky85 @hottychix @Onlybadchicks @nlheels @Honey_B69 @PollaPrenadora
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I'm hereeeee on @chaturbate! 😊 @HotGirlGuide @hottychix @selfshots_daily @thesexpedition @kandikayfan01 @Natuky85 @Onlybadchicks @xErockx420x lol I could have looked better @HARPERMADI_ @orangebruise anything that has the "". I've gotten Amazon too. It's always important to look at the urlAfter looking at my nocturnal wonderland pictures I'm really determined to step up my workout game. I know I'm capable of better.Workout time! πŸ˜ƒ @VoodooLou1 lmao! Hellllll yeahhh! I'd rather suffer short term memory loss than be an asshole lol @radionowhere1 @Shelle_Chelle lol yes! I want those @VoodooLou1 people feel like they're a much bigger deal than what they really are @VoodooLou1 some people don't know how to keep their heads level once they start to get followers. The Internet has a funny way of making