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18+, #NSFW, Camgirl, Web nerd, Ganja enthusiast, Mediocre video gamer, Artist.

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@Akri61 thanks 😊 I hope so too. I've gotten a decent amount done but I still have the wholeeee rest of the night to go lolGonna be doing nerd stuff again all day. I just want to be back on cam. πŸ˜”
Alright guys I'll be MIA from social media for most of the day. I'll post some pictures for tittytuesday at some point though! πŸ˜ƒYou can buy @KaileyHaze420's new vids with a Victoria's Secret e-gift card!Send to hazyeyedkailey@gmail.com http://t.co/esy5jeaDIU
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyYou can buy my new vids with a Victoria's Secret e-gift card!Send to hazyeyedkailey@gmail.com https://t.co/ua3YjfFUGL http://t.co/ZhxIH0VKYN
Also, if anyone sends me a $75 converse e-gift card, I'll send you ALL 35 of my HD videos. http://t.co/bwsYjx71vJA $25 Victoria's Secret e-gift card gets you my new vids! @Hot_Girl_Guide @Her_Hotties @webbpromo @TeamCamgirls http://t.co/98FhQEOyTY@kolo1994 lol well they're all pretty different so it's hard to compare and contrast. Personal preference is a big factor here lol@kolo1994 the DP one gets kind of intense lol@kolo1994 hmmm it's hard to say because I like them all lol@CodyCollier12 lol well thank you very much 😊Okay guys new vids are out! Today's gift card is Victoria's Secret! All are in HD! https://t.co/ua3YjfFUGL http://t.co/v0UvgJnIfc@Akri61 I don't believe in god, but if he was real, I think he'd approve. We're made in his image right? His perverted image lol.@KaileyHaze420 Thank you lord for giving us such a beautiful and sexy lady. Of course my thoughts are gonna send me to hell. lol
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@WillardHandke @jmj_458 I have videos 😊@CodyCollier12 it's been good, thank you. Hope yours is the sameπŸ˜„Yayyyy! πŸ˜ƒ thanks everyone for helping me hit 13k today! I'll post some pictures of my boobs soon.@CodyCollier12 thank you 😊It's #MirrorMonday! @Hot_Girl_Guide @Her_Hotties @OberonBone @Onlybadchicks @webbpromo @hottychix @bangin_bodies http://t.co/fjuBW3TZbD@BaileyXPaige I support you lady! Best decision I ever made lol.@Akri61 I'm hazyeyedkailey@gmail.com@badboyaquaman lol my favorite picture@WillardHandke @jmj_458 I may be on for a little bit to hang out, but I haven't decided yet@DennisJIrizarry I agree. πŸ‘ there are always people who don't want to work hard so they try to being others down to their level!Ladies, more success means more haters. Just block the ignorant and move on. Time is money. Let them waste theirs, don't waste yours.
@slurpeefreak81 lol Southpark xbox360@RyanHaysJr Awhhh thank you. I wish I could be on meow tooOn CB looking to see who would look good to talk to and basically CB is dead with out @KaileyHaze420 and my other favorite girl :'(
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyI have 3 new videos uploaded and ready to be sold! Full HD. 2 b/g and 1 solo!Sorry guys I won't be on cam tonight πŸ˜” the sharks are on the loose@WillardHandke @jmj_458 no I won't be on tonight πŸ˜”@frank72272 I love every one of them. And yet I need more. πŸ˜† lolLol ever since I got my boobies, I'm obsessed. Thanks to those who have helped fuel the habit. 😘 http://t.co/qwKnmn78mr@Akri61 @webbpromo lmao! I thought it was pretty funny@WillardHandke @jmj_458 lol I hope not! I'd be causing thousands of dollars in damage πŸ˜† lol@webbpromo lol gotta keep it at 69@RekkreThreall @PerfectBlondes nah, that's the difference between you and me. I actually don't have to try at all 😊#SexySunday #BlondeHottie #RTandFollowHer @KaileyHaze420 http://t.co/RSYDyRSFiT
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@frank72272 thanks 😊 I loooove that cheetah bra lolNew yogas and lingerie 😍😍😍 http://t.co/ej8YX5BERY@jmj_458 lol awh thank you 😊Are you going to be @KaileyHaze420 1300th follower? Check her out. http://t.co/SBT2R35o9e
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@Akri61 lol it's very true. It took me a while to get there but I've come a long way since I started@HollyPhoenix1 lol even if you only had 1 follower, I'd still appreciate it 😊 don't apologize@Akri61 I sure hope so!Going on a cam girl following spree! Who should I follow ? 😘 @KaileyHaze420 @LiliAnnax0xxx http://t.co/pUrEUUkbpp
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@selfshots_daily I've gotten a HUGE increase in the number of referrals on CB too! πŸ˜ƒ@selfshots_daily I know isn't it insane!? In just a month, I've almost doubled my followers! Thank you so much!Follow her! RT @KaileyHaze420: Yay closing in at 13k followers! πŸ˜ƒ
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@HollyPhoenix1 Awhhh thanks lovely 😊 you are so sweet@zuzuyam lol Awhhh thank you! πŸ˜ƒ@Akri61 lol Awhhh thank you. I've gotten a good majority of my followers in the last month! I've almost doubled! πŸ˜ƒYay closing in at 13k followers! πŸ˜ƒ@Akri61 yeah I'm going to try my best to do at least a couple a week 😊@Akri61 Oooh yeah definitely lol. I can be patient though.#Bumwars Help us to 10k followers! RT your fave booty #Bumwars10kChallenge check sexy @KaileyHaze420 http://t.co/Ajx9bcqcgC
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@Akri61 lol any gift cards are fine really. It's no big deal. 😊@slurpeefreak81 I have ps4 and xbox 360 at the moment, but I've owned others in the past lol@Akri61 yes I have 7 actually! The whole package is 700 tokens or $35 gift cardEven though my internet crapped out on me, tonight was still pretty good. πŸ˜ƒ thanks guys! ❀️
Hanging out on @chaturbate meow! Cum join! http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu http://t.co/C163gSXZIH@Akri61 omg don't apologize! It was wonderful, thank you!@Akri61 omg I just checked my email! Thank you so much! πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ@WillardHandke @Akri61 yes very shortly 😊@Akri61 thank you that's very sweet 😊@Akri61 Just click the link and you can send them to hazyeyedkailey@gmail.com and that's it! =D https://t.co/V1w4xS4OPm@I8UnUKM @xErockx420x lol it does, but the flame is shockingly smallWhen your boyfriend loses all the lighters and you have to use this one instead. @xErockx420x http://t.co/Lg8ABhRfkJ@kolo1994 Awhhh wuv you too kolo ❀️😊@Akri61 @FitAsFuckGirls @Hot_Girl_Guide lmao! Nice. I usually put on pants before I go to the gym though lol πŸ˜†@KaileyHaze420 Made me think of you ahahah 😘😘 http://t.co/GZBhnhQBIA
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@kolo1994 lmao! Awhhh he is so cute! But it's also extremely accurate lolIf you still look cute at the end of your workout, you didn't work hard enough. @FitAsFuckGirls @Hot_Girl_Guide http://t.co/wDaBFqJjhc@Akri61 there is one solo and two boy/girl I'll prob do all 3 for a $20 gift card@Akri61 my new videos 😊 some are customs so those won't be released to the public for a while, but I did make new ones for everyone@webbpromo Awhhh yay! Thank you!"Babe of the day", today goes to @KaileyHaze420 :D http://t.co/8N7elgbcP8
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@delgados1987 thank you 😊@Luulzed1 hello@Akri61 yes unfortunately I never made it πŸ˜” my videos have been taking up more time than I would have likedDamn I slept late today! Lol. Caught up on a week's worth of lost sleep and I feel great!
@Akri61 I suppose with a gift card. Then I would get 100%@Akri61 I would get $25. The model gets $0.05 per token@camgirldesigns I knowww. So expensive!@Akri61 no I don't get anymore if your a paid member. Paid members just get to pm and change their font color@Akri61 I get more out of tokens, but I get credit if you sign up through me. But don't worry if you already signed up, I only get $1 lol@camgirldesigns yesss! Omg!! As soon as you add global illumination forget using the computer anytime soon. Lol@Darkart69 lol easier said than done, my friend. Computers that can handle hours of HD rendering aren't cheap.@Akri61 amazon stuff on Sundays lol. I get my mail every Sunday. I knew I wasn't delusional lol.@Akri61 how I got a fedex package on a Sunday lol. It wouldn't make sense for USPS to dig through the already sorted mail to deliver ONLY@Akri61 have something with fedex to deliver on Sundays. I remember getting it now because I specifically remember being very confused as to@Akri61 lol they DO deliver on Sundays. I figured out what that guy was talking about when I was looking through my amazon history. They@Akri61 that's totally cool. You're doing fine lol. It takes a little getting used to.@Akri61 it's super easy and simple to use, that's why I like CB so much. User friendly and more friendly guys gravitate there too 😊@Akri61 lol. Here's a link to the site http://t.co/48G5ZXUSSu@B4ckSp4c3 hmm that is really strange. I always tweet when I'm on 😊 and if the link doesn't work then, I'll be somewhere on the homepage lolEditing vids now. I hate having to surrender my computer for hours to render. 😑😑 I just want to get on cam!Ladies RT this one if you plan on having sex this weekend!
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@B4ckSp4c3 I'm not currently on, but that's my profile page
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