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Thanks for hanging with me tonight guys! πŸ˜ƒ I'll see you guys for #moviemonday later tonight. 😊
Internet is temporarily down! Brb. πŸ™‚I'm online on @chaturbate right now! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ thanks SO MUCH to everyone who bought vids with gift cards last night. Now I can look pretty. 😊Sending out vids from the gift cards that arrived over night πŸ™‚ @sharpesgold @Selgomezlover94 that is way too true lol. The child inside me is living on strong lol @Selgomezlover94 @sharpesgold all the actors in the trailers looked like mid twenties there weren't too many kids at all @Selgomezlover94 @sharpesgold yeah it did seem to be geared towards more of the original pokelovers.Thank you guys so much for an awesome night last night. I'll be back later for game day. πŸ™‚ @sharpesgold @Selgomezlover94 lol well that doesn't really make any sense
I'm on @chaturbate now! My panties are super cool.'ll be on cam in about 15-20 mins. 😊 @sharpesgold you totally will. It's almost hard not to when you're playing a game that's just 90% walking lol @Selgomezlover94 lol I know I can't wait to hatch mine lol @sharpesgold you're right, I don't. It's more or less about the fat/muscle ratio πŸ™‚ @Selgomezlover94 but I'm working on a 10 km so it'll be a while. It's been wayyyyy too hot to go walk @Selgomezlover94 lol yep hopefully! I have a good few eggs on deck lol @sharpesgold lol same I've already lost some weightπŸ™‚but the sun has been pretty brutal the last couple days so I'm trying to protect my skin @sharpesgold not so good lately since its been hot as hell πŸ™ @Selgomezlover94 hell yeah nice!
Just about ready. I cannot stop sweating. πŸ˜‘ soooooo hot.Now that is love. 😝'll be on cam around 10pm PDT. I'm about halfway ready but it's taking forever because it's so damn hot. πŸ˜‘ @pinkypirat awhhh I love it 😊Snap did an update! Models🍌 Make sure you unclick the quick add button in settings!! Friends& family can find you!!
Retweeted by Kailey KetchumFollow @KaileyHaze420 on @chaturbate @AdultBrazil @DelMister @SX6YY @JuiceLizard @TeamPervcb
Retweeted by Kailey Ketchum @Selgomezlover94 I will google it because I honestly have no idea what that is and don't want to sound ignorant lol @Selgomezlover94 lol understandable. Yeah I've been trapped lately because it's been hot as fuck lol @Selgomezlover94 lol I think so too. So yeah, I just walk. I don't mind it though. I like being outside πŸ™‚ @Selgomezlover94 yeah I just don't like that lack of control. @Selgomezlover94 yeah busses around here are too scary for me lol @Selgomezlover94 lol I'm too cheap 😝
Sorry guys, my boyfriend can be kind of distracting. But he's hot so it's all good. I'll be on within 15 πŸ™‚How can anyone function outside right now? The heat is unreal 🌞πŸ”₯
Retweeted by Kailey KetchumI hate how it takes me twice as long to get ready when it's hot out because I sweat off the make up I JUST put on. πŸ˜‘I should be on cam around 9pm PDT. πŸ™‚ I'm getting ready right meow. 😊 @ocalamike @Buckiemohawk @xErockx420x lmao although that would have been delicious @Selgomezlover94 it's a ploy to get me to spend money in the store I just know it! Lol @Selgomezlover94 but I think the game knows I'm almost out of pokeballs. Ever since I got low almost every Pokemon I try to catch gets out @Selgomezlover94 yeah the nidorans are kind of plentiful around here @Selgomezlover94 hell yeah! I have both nidorino and nidorina but trying to evolve them now. Going to take forever lol @Selgomezlover94 I almost feel like I'd have better luck just finding the fully evolved form lol @Selgomezlover94 yeah I'll say! It's the same with the nidorans and to get victreebel. I've been working on those tooWhich Inuyasha character would you want to see me cosplay first?Right there with you. You're not alone. πŸ™ŒπŸ» @Selgomezlover94 than gengar lol. It just looks so much cooler and more badass! Lol @Selgomezlover94 I've only hatched ghastly so that's where I got the candy from. I'm not in any hurry though. I always liked haunter moreYayyy! One of my most favoritest Pokemon! 😊 make my day? Send a $10 iTunes egift to so I can play more Pokemon 😁 I'll reward you with vids.Mannn I woke up wayyyy too late. Why does my alarm never go off? 😒 @ocalamike @xErockx420x lol didn't really have that problem @vipguy0004 @xErockx420x there isn't one @Selgomezlover94 lol right!? Maybe it's because Japanese dragons are are long and skinny lolI'm online now on @chaturbate!
I'll be getting on cam in just a few mins. Told you guys I'd be late lol. @DBTSfan13 14All dat sand @Buckiemohawk @xErockx420x lol the actual beachOh by the way, I had sex on the beach for the first time with @xErockx420x today. It was magical. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ¦„rt if you have enough experience
Retweeted by Kailey KetchumTHIS is why I wade through all the California traffic.'ll be on cam tonight to hang with the late night crew much later. Wrapping up this beach day with a shower and dinner with @xErockx420x @Selgomezlover94 Charizard is the exact embodiment of what a mythological dragon looks like lol @Selgomezlover94 right? Idk why people would think otherwise lol @Selgomezlover94 I mean he does have wings and breathes fire lol @Selgomezlover94 lets hope so! Lol @Selgomezlover94 awhh yeah electabuzz would be bitchin @Selgomezlover94 lol nice! I've still only got my hitmonlee and scyther @Selgomezlover94 damn I'm so jealous! I still haven't had any luck finding anymore 10k eggs yet πŸ™
I made these too! πŸ˜ƒ Having too much fun with this. @BlazeFyre it's Sirius Black @kolobae_ lol did you post that in Fahrenheit? @DBTSfan13 I kinda want a kitty though. And some dogs. Furry kids lol @DBTSfan13 lmfao! That's exactly how I plan on living my life @DBTSfan13 lol well that's only because I have oily skin so I'm constantly moisturized lol @DBTSfan13 when I start seeing friends getting married and having kids I go into freak out mode lol @DBTSfan13 well happy birthdayyyy! It's okay I'm getting old too 😩And make more perler stuff because it's ridiculously fun.Sooo I'm predicting that I probably won't be on cam tonight. Gonna spend some time with the boyfriend today πŸ™‚Going to see my skin lady today so I can be lookin fresh 😎I still think this little pika is cute, but I could have done better with the ironing. @HARPERMADI_ @c0rtanablue I wanna be in on this. I suck at make up. πŸ˜‘Just made these little guys 😊 @Selgomezlover94 yeah I'm hoping so too I was a little disappointed lol. @Selgomezlover94 no not as of yet @Selgomezlover94 yeah I really haven't had any luck with them so far. Pretty simple Pokemon have still escaped @Selgomezlover94 lol don't worry. They really don't seem like they work any better @seanhickey07 that's still not bad though
Come watch the second half of Battle of Gods with us if you're not already here! trying to watch this movie but CB is being stupid. I think I am officially going to attempt to try another site next week.VALOR WILL REIGN SUPREME.
Retweeted by Kailey KetchumI lied, movie is actually at 7:30 but I'll actually be on time πŸ™‚ I always forget that I have to eat something before I get on.When you walk 5km for a PokΓ©mon egg only to hatch Rattata
Retweeted by Kailey Ketchum @radionowhere1 lol well not really. The only DBZ costume I have right now is cell and it's not done. Waiting on more materials lolWhich of these Pokemon characters would you want to see me cosplay first?
Retweeted by Kailey KetchumWorkout complete. πŸ’ͺ🏻I decided that this is what we're watching tonight πŸ™‚ Movie starts at 7 PDT. High tipper chooses next week's movie. @Selgomezlover94 πŸ™‚ @Selgomezlover94 meh it's cool. At least o hatched one and it was one I didn't already have so I'm happy lol @Selgomezlover94 yeah it took so fucking long for me to get in. I could have hatched 2 eggs instead of 1 lol