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ladeitche @KathyDeitch LA mostly & NYC some

Viva la Deitche!! I like to be filthy on here bc my Moms hasn't joined yet.

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It is pleasant at times to play the madman. ~ Seneca
Retweeted by ladeitcheThanksgiving leftovers: share them with the person you love. I'm assuming the person you love still speaks to you. Mine does. #adelehatesyou
Retweeted by ladeitcheHollywood, instead of using the term "strong female characters," can we instead say "great roles for women" and start creating a ton more?
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis thing is terrifying. Even though just a MM long... you're going to do something, do it with gusto. Hold nothing back. In life. Or love. Or anything at all.
Retweeted by ladeitcheOmg she just rick-rolled Kevin. #TheLeftovers@ChadDarnell did you see him fall out of the bathtub, though...@ChadDarnell I'm watching it out of order which maybe is helping. Ha.The Leftovers is so weird and tense and yet I can't look away.The truth lies within you—as does all the power you will ever need to change the direction of your life and the course of human history.
Retweeted by ladeitcheAll you ever had was your dignity. No one can take it from you. It's yours to damage or abandon, or uphold and enhance. It's your grace.
Retweeted by ladeitche@RobynRules oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!! ♡@TLouden3 noooooowuh! #JesuChriste@RobynRules Gurl. We shoulda been doing this the entire time! #LiveTweeting@TLouden3 omg pls tell me you're not working RN.I still don't understand how @LeoDiCaprio didn't win an Oscar for The Departed. #LateNightThoughts♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
@joshwolfcomedy my fam loving Yahtzee, too. #Samsies lovanet, Norway
Retweeted by ladeitcheTotes. #Samsies🎶 Just gimme that side dish! 🎶 Your new #Thanksgiving anthem has been freestyled by @TheRoots:
Retweeted by ladeitcheBurping, too! #Pickles #BroadwayAtTheWhiteHouse !! So good! (@KChenoweth, your dress we're obsessed w here)What Thanksgiving Is Alllll About, by Joshy Deitch #happythanksgiving #happythanksgiving, Lovah! Back atcha! alllll makes sense now... #RockyEndstheColdWar
And down the rabbit hole I go... #JamesBaldwin #BlackLivesMatter is so fierce i dont even know what to do w myself. #JamesBaldwin #BlackLivesMatter corn didn't look like the corn we have in America today. It was brown & the size of baby corn that you get at Chinese restaurants.
Retweeted by ladeitcheWheat didn't grow well in the rocky soil so they made flour from Indian corn, which could also be used for shoes, canes & pipes.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThey say all they had to eat at the first Thanksgiving was porridge, horseshoe crabs and little berries that gave everybody a bellyache.
Retweeted by ladeitche"I went over to Tower and rented us some movies." - real line from Felicity.
Retweeted by ladeitcheI like the holidays in New York. There's just a little bit of sugar on everything.
Retweeted by ladeitcheHow Silicon Valley billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates are changing philanthropy:
Retweeted by ladeitcheOMG the genius that is @WhoopiGoldberg in #SisterAct ....and @kathynajimy ! With that high singing in the choir! #ComicGenius #DEAD#Everything in this coffee shop singing harmony to Chicago's "You're The Inspiration" is what I'm thankful for this year and always
Retweeted by ladeitcheWait- Amy Poehler & Will Arnett in that figure skating movie?! DEAD.Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Retweeted by ladeitche"I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears." - @Adele Perfectly Dismisses Questions About Her Body day when wearing jeans feels like a punishment... #Old #NotCute #CantBreathe@KChenoweth miss yooooou! BUT we WILL be in Philly at the same time.... muah-ha-haaa! Grateful for you!!!Practice Active Listening. Read between the lines. Look past the words. It can work miracles.
Retweeted by ladeitchePreeetty sure I was doing an ugly cry on @KChenoweth 's last day....right, Chenny? ♡ cast an Oscar-winning friend in the play she wrote, @EclipsedBway
Retweeted by ladeitche
As you chow down this #Thanksgiving, turn up the music on @TLC for #BroadwayatTheWhiteHouse w/ @Matt_Morrison & I
Retweeted by ladeitcheA black man is playing Hitler on @drunkhistory RN and it is EVVVVERYTHING. (I'm sure #Hamilton had something to do with it) #BwayEverywhereThis world is full of great people, if you can't find one, be one.
Retweeted by ladeitcheICYMI: @Adele performs "Water Under the Bridge" 🎶
Retweeted by ladeitchePlease, please share and help find this girl. SAG-AFTRA Executive’s Daughter Reported Missing | Deadline
Retweeted by ladeitcheWho was leaving?! We were cryyyyinggg... :) the words of Ella Baker, the real MVP
Retweeted by ladeitcheJaysus. #4thPrecinctShutDown Learn things. They found the email chain of their plotting.There's over 100 people out here & it's almost all students of color. Where you at white students? #UMNStudentWalkout #4thPrecinctShutDown
Retweeted by ladeitcheThose emails... #Terrorists #4thPrecinctShutDown stands with those attacked in Minneapolis as they seek justice #4thPrecinctShutDown
Retweeted by ladeitcheOne of the guys that was shot last night is back here today. #4thPrecinctShutDown
Retweeted by ladeitcheBREAKING: Second suspect arrested in shooting at Black Lives Matter protest.
Retweeted by ladeitcheMore people ought to be discussing #4thPrecinctShutDown - The end is near and we should be afraid of home grown terrorists #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by ladeitcheWith all this Islamophobia rising so rapidly, I hope all of you good people out there will #VisitAMosque
Retweeted by ladeitcheShoutout to the U of MN students doing a walkout in solidarity w/ #4thPrecinctShutDown They want #Justice4Jamar
Retweeted by ladeitcheBig Ups to the high schoolers that just walked out in the name of #Justice4Jamar They will be joining us at the #4thPrecinctShutDown
Retweeted by ladeitcheHi media. Bringing guns to a peaceful protest is terrorism. Do your job. #4thPrecinctShutDown
Retweeted by ladeitcheThree white males are suspected of shooting #4thPrecinctShutDown protesters in Minneapolis, injuring five people.
Retweeted by ladeitcheDear @julie_james, pleeease sing a @SandiPattyP song at @RetreatBroadway's Comfort & Joy concert on Dec 7!!!! #ComeLetUsWorshipTheKingLOVE THAT TRACK., I thought it was Spanish and @Rosagrazz said Italian! #WeAllStillCried 7:30 FastTrack Storytelling at QED @laurenhennessy @whoismarcabbott @anitajewtina @NoYouTellIt @kevinrfree and 3 open mic slots! $5!
Retweeted by ladeitcheTell Congress: Close the loophole that lets suspected terrorists buy guns #TerrorGap
Retweeted by ladeitche
Don't take anything personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. ~ Don Miguel Ruiz
Retweeted by ladeitcheDear @kevinrfree , I think you have to do Babs' Jingle Bells w me at the @RetreatBroadway fundraiser on Dec 7. It's a tradition. #Insomnia.@MarleeMatlin & the cast of @SpringBway on @LateNightSeth tonight - Fantastic!! Love this show!!
Retweeted by ladeitcheYou used to call me.
Retweeted by ladeitcheMars: Come over NASA: You're 33.9 million miles away Mars: I'm wet NASA: I'm coming over
Retweeted by ladeitche"Get your body back after baby" is one of the silliest things we tell women. Your body has just done something AMAZING. It was never "gone."
Retweeted by ladeitcheYour moment of awakening can come to you at any time, and through any person. Therefore, honor all times and all people.
Retweeted by ladeitcheIt is better to deserve honours and not have them than to have them and not to deserve them. ~ Mark Twain
Retweeted by ladeitcheIt just cost $51 to valet my car at the @ResidenceInn at City Hall. Five. One. It's absolutely criminal. And I'm too tired TGAF. #JaniceAcct2 weeks until our concert & 1 week to send Ad/Message form (deadline Nov. 30). Send awardee @KathyDeitch some love!
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We send our support to all 💛 If you are struggling, call the Trevor Lifeline 866-488-7386. #lgbtqia #lgbt #lgbtq
Retweeted by ladeitcheI might have just watched #TheLeftovers again bc Justin Whazhizname's butt nekkid n all...Cc @jilltwiss !!!!!!!! #nope #TheLeftovers is so fucked up right now.A boycott of all Trump’s businesses could actually be somewhat effective. His base is not the people who use his golf courses/apts/hotels.
Retweeted by ladeitcheWhen you're watching Hook and this is the view out your window... #Philly #PeterPan #Dusk #CityHall #RobinWilliams us Dec. 7 for a festive holiday concert and some great prizes! Tickets starting at only $25 each. See you soon!
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If I were a drag queen tomorrow, my name would be Eddie Claire or E. Claire for short. #InsomniaThoughtsGun lobby extremists tried to intimidate our supporters in Maine. It didn't work.
Retweeted by ladeitchePreach!🙏🏻. ❤️ #rebelheart
Retweeted by ladeitcheA sense of playfulness is the best defence against taking yourself too seriously. ~ Peter Kai Chang
Retweeted by ladeitche
Yay! 3 cheers for @sprowsie !!!! The CW Developing ‘Cry’ Cryogenic Drama From Paulist Productions cc @Rosagrazz , Please follow. LOVE, KD the end of the day when all of your cards have been played, just remember that u did all u could. And it wasn't enough. #adelehatesyou
Retweeted by ladeitcheImagine the person u miss the most in the world. Now imagine a wall being built between u... made out of all my Grammy awards.#adelehatesyou
Retweeted by ladeitche♡ Didja see this?!?'s truuuuue!!! #PrinceMT
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