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Presidential debates, #HungerGames, #CaptainUnderpants & more on our Kid Reporter blog:
The holidays get happier for the homeless every year thanks to @TheRoadHomeUT >> #Thanksgiving #tbt: @TheRoadHomeUT ensures that families in need get a holiday meal #Thanksgiving from the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps!
“Our focus has got to be on intelligence, increased manpower & fighting international terrorism.” @BernieSanders up with the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps on our blog >> #KidsPress
Our #KidReporter got a backstage pass to the press room at the #DemDebate in Iowa"This election is not only about electing a president. It's also about choosing our next CINC." @HillaryClinton 2015-16 #KidReporters are already reporting from the campaign trail. Follow them here -->“Kids across America should be interested in this election because their future is at stake." @marcorubio
“Everyone is very excited about this #election and wants to get involved.” #SunshineSummit#ICYMI @KidsPress
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThe Republican Party of FL held its 1st #SunshineSummit. Our #KidReporter has the story: Monday! Catch up on all things #KidsPress by checking out our blog: #KidReporters #Journalism
#CaptainUnderpants fans! This one's for you: #PilkeyPower Our 2015-16 #KidReporters will cover everything from breaking news to entertainment & sports!
Meet the 2015-16 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps: 35 #KidReporters from 22 states & the District of Columbia penny can be a powerful thing! Just ask Olde Sawmill Elementary (OSE) School in Dublin: @CommonCentsNY.@ScottFais interviews @BobbySena43 of @Scholastic @KidsPress about his first expo experience #IAE15
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThis week, we announced the 2015-16 Scholastic News #KidReporters. Here's the full list:'re excited that Orlando-based reporter @BobbySena43 of @Scholastic @KidsPress is joining us at #IAE15 today!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress"Penny Harvest shows kids that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can make a difference." #KidsPress
Excited for #MockingjayPart2? This #HungerGames Unofficial Fan Tour is a book lover’s paradise. Sawmill Elementary School in Dublin has raised more than $6,500 for charity by participating in @CommonCentsNY #KidReporters cover breaking news, entertainment & sports. Meet the new team -->'s our #KidsPress recap of the most recent #DemDebate >> #politics HUNGER GAMES! Our #KidReporter checked out where the movie was filmed: @TheHungerGames.@AmandaBecker to kids: “Whoever is elected in 2016 might still be president when you’re old enough to vote." We welcomed 27 new & 8 returning Scholastic News #KidReporters to our team this year
A BIG congratulations to the newest members of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps: #KidReportersBridget's excellent story on the #DemDebate was published by @KidsPress!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress“Kids should care about whoever is elected,” explains @AmandaBecker. Here's her reason why: #DemDebateWe're proud to introduce you to the next generation of young journalists! #KidsPress #KidReportersMiss the #DemDebate on Saturday? Our #KidReporter Bridget has all the highlights: our 2015-2016 Scholastic News Kid Reporters >> #KidsPress
VERY proud of my Gracie! She is a national correspondent for @KidsPress @Scholastic! #StandByForKidsNews
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWay to go, @ThisKid_Erik! So thrilled for you to have this opportunity with @Scholastic and @KidsPress. Congrats!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress*throws confetti* We're so excited to announce the 2015–16 Kid Reporters! #KidsPressHello @marcorubio! Our #KidReporter caught up w/the Republican presidential candidates at the #SunshineSummit. had 200+ amazing #KidReporter applications this year - Thank you to everyone who applied! cheese! Presidential candidate @RealBenCarson posed for a selfie w/our #KidReporter at the #SunshineSummit. excited to work with this superstar team of @kidspress reporters! You're looking at the next gen of #journalism:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressBIG NEWS! Meet the newest members of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps: #KidReporters
Spotted! A #KidReporter selfie with presidential candidate @JebBush at the #SunshineSummit in FL. Olivia: “You can kind of do whatever you want, if you try.” #KidsPress with @KidsPress may be kids but they ask tough questions! I got one from Bridget at the #DemDebate
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThis 12 year old was invited to @HillaryClinton’s birthday party & they even took a selfie! Here's her story >>
This 12-year-old wrote a letter to @HillaryClinton & it went viral! Check out the interview: new #HungerGames movie comes out 11/20! Our #KidReporter walked in Katniss's shoes to prepare: @TheHungerGames
Catch up on all the latest #KidsPress stories right here: #KidReporters #journalism Our #KidReporter went on the ultimate #HungerGames tour, complete w/archery & camouflage! you a big #HungerGames fan? Then this is the tour for you: #KidsPress @TheHungerGames
What's it like to meet @HillaryClinton? This NYC student has the answer --> #KidsPressFun Fact: #HungerGames was filmed in DuPont State Recreational Forest in North Carolina! @TheHungerGamesHappy Friday! Kick off your weekend with some #KidReporter stories from across the country & around the world: Veteran Charles Murray discusses memories, dangerous situations & challenges from his service #KidsPress12 year old’s letter to @HillaryClinton keeps inspiring! See article from @kidspress:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWe talked to the 12 year old whose letter to @HillaryClinton went viral! #KidsPress is @KidZania? It's a city run by kids, for kids. #KidsPress
Spotted: Our #KidReporter says "Hello,” or “Kai,” from @KidZania in the Philippines! wondered what it'd be like to see where your favorite book-turned-movie was filmed? #HungerGamesThis 12-year-old wrote a powerful letter to @HillaryClinton - Check out the full interview: do you want to be when you grow up? @KidZania can help kids ages 4-14 find the answer Charles Murray: "I was fortunate enough to work w/great people, see great places & have great experiences." Jordan Mundy stepped into Katniss's shoes for a day in NC #HungerGames
Have you heard of @KidZania? Our #KidReporter visited the interactive kid-sized city in Manila:"Just work for a better tomorrow. That’s how I try to live my life." says veteran Charles Murray #VeteransDayAuthor #DavPilkey: "I wanted kids who have ADHD to know that there are good things about it." #CaptainUnderpantsThank you to all our #veterans. Honor them by reading about #VeteransDay with this #booklist from @Scholastic:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressNew #KidReporter interview: Veteran Charles Murray discusses his experiences in the Armed Forces #VeteransDay.@KidZania is the first-of-its-kind indoor play city for kids. Check it out --> #KidsPress is a holiday in honor of people who fought for a better tomorrow for all of us. #VeteransDay
New on the #KidsPress blog --> The Peanuts Movie, Captain Underpants, Goosebumps & more! interview: #CaptainUnderpants author Dav Pilkey discusses the power of words #KidReporter story alert! Interviews with the cast & director of The #PeanutsMovie Check out this #KidReporter interview with #CaptainUnderpants author Dav Pilkey! #PilkeyPower
Our #KidReporter talked to the cast of The @PeanutsMovie at the world premiere in Westwood, California! beloved comic strip comes to life in the new @PeanutsMovie! #PeanutsMovie reporter interviewed casts of @PeanutsMovie @MsHadleyBelle @ImTheFrancescaC
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWhen did author #DavPilkey first realize that words can be powerful? Read the full interview: #KidsPressCatch up on all of the latest #KidsPress Corps stories right here >> #KidReporters #NewsFor #CaptainUnderpants author Dav Pilkey, words—even silly ones—are powerful.
.@kidspress talked with the cast of #ThePeanutsMovie. Here's Charlie Brown! @peanutsmovie
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress
Our #KidReporter interviewed the cast & director of the new @PeanutsMovie! Watch the full video: Interviews with the @PeanutsMovie cast at the world premiere! #peanutsmovie #kidspressSeen on the red carpet last weekend: Snoopy & @PeanutsMovie Director Steve Martino! #KidsPress #PeanutsMovie
Our #KidReporter interviewed #CaptainUnderpants author #DavPilkey in San Francisco --> Snoopy! Our #KidReporter hung out with the @PeanutsMovie cast last weekend. Look out for the full interview!"I really tried to cater to my audience." says Dav Pilkey about his new #CaptainUnderpants book #pilkeypowerCaptain Underpants author #DavPilkey: "I think all of my stories are taken from my childhood." #interview #kidspress
.@NJSenTurner: "I believe that the students’ participation in our legislative process will have a lasting impact..." #DavPilkey talks about #CaptainUnderpants, his inspiration & more: author Dav Pilkey was a kid, gym teachers couldn't stand him. Find out why in his interview with @KidsPress.
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressSnow in Los Angeles? Only at the @PeanutsMovie premiere! #PeanutsMovie #KidsPress #KidReporter interview! Dav Pilkey discusses the latest Captain Underpants #pilkeypower
Thomas Edison as #NewJersey State Inventor? It might happen! #KidsPressNew on the blog! Thomas Edison, Captain Underpants, Goosebumps & more >> #KidsPress #KidReporter4 students from Stony Brook Elementary are pushing for a bill that would name Thomas Edison as NJ State Inventor
Our #KidReporter hit the @PeanutsMovie red carpet this weekend! Stay tuned for the full story. #PeanutsMovie #KidReporter's Notebook blog has some great new stories! Check it out here: #KidsPress
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