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@DangerGuerrero Mantzoukas appearing in every single new comedy is one of the more welcome developments in the film industry this yearThe @HDTGM episode on Hackers features one of the all-time great Jason Mantzoukas wheezelaughs.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnICYMI: Inside the most OMG scene in #CREED:
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI wrote on Friday about the significance of CREED as a "franchise movie" and a b.o. hit. Also: it's great!
@minakimes a new wig
@netw3rk "James, why is your hand raised" "I have a question" "Go on, then" "You don't look like a seal"
@aka_Reynolds he was always doing great theater work, but in terms of mainstream on-screen stuff, it's Jimmy Butler-esqueI profiled Christopher Abbott, who went from playing Charlie on GIRLS to being one of our best young actors
I profiled Christopher Abbott, whose performance in JAMES WHITE is one of my favorite in a long time @alanna top notch
@MarkHarrisNYC End of the Tour, The Mend, Queen of Earth, Entertainment@en_cohen @david_j_roth @mtedder @lfitzmaurice liked them in Nashville ep a ton; dramatic tension kind of disappeared for me after that, tho@david_j_roth @lfitzmaurice @en_cohen yes, agreed@en_cohen @lfitzmaurice @david_j_roth yep. I watched it unaware of the meta-conversation and found it likable, often wooden, goofy-but-funny@lfitzmaurice @en_cohen @david_j_roth yeah, I totally understand all this. I think it's been overpraised bc it's viewed as Important@en_cohen @lfitzmaurice @david_j_roth like, it's the solid, enjoyable sitcom in an era without many solid, enjoyable sitcoms@en_cohen @lfitzmaurice @david_j_roth I think it's engaging and fun and observational in a way that's pretty rare for comedies now@matthewfreier @okkervilriver I haven't! but I did see them perform at Cat's Cradle in Durham about five years ago. It was unrealThey redefined my idea at that point of what "indie band" meant, and what I was actually looking for as I scoured the Internet for musicI found out about Okkervil River on some mp3 blog that I discovered in an in-flight airplane magazine, which is so odd and mid 2000s"For Real" and "Black" were two of the first songs I ever forced people to listen to, evangelisticallyGreat interview with Will Sheff on the 10th anniversary of one of the great American albums, Black Sheep Boy
@BenMathisLilley i'm just respecting the numbers. dude's gotta get his overseas take upI wrote about the top 10 actors according to our Most Valuable Stars rankings, and what they say about Hollywood Phoenix and Casey Affleck are making a Western together. Or: hey, look, it's my new favorite movie
@misterpatches @rilaws after watching Master of None, which feels like it was shot without any lighting at all, it certainly seems plausible@rilaws Netflix's war on gaffers continued
@connorsimpson @vulture now I'm regretting that we didn't have your mom write the captions@GrahamDavidA @vulture they don't call me "the funnier U.S. News and World Report" for nothing@lizzieohreally IT YOU@GrahamDavidA @vulture yeah, but i'm funnierI helped write @vulture's Most Valuable Stars of 2015, which is up now. Spoiler alert: the most valuable star is you
@GrahamDavidA file this in the continuing saga of Brodhead pretending he's in charge of Yale@AmosBarshad when's this premiering on Netflix@nately you've already made a greatest hits compilation and you don't even know itAlso, we're firmly in the era where artists only release "Deluxe" versions of their albums, aren't we?@phollanda we can only hopeSomewhere, a screenwriter just looked at Bieber's tracklist and then wrote one side of a phone conversation
@bobdonadini @thewatchpod yeppppI wrote about the James Bond movie that Roald Dahl wrote, which is a funny sentence sea is dope, and so is @thewatchpodFirst proper episode of @thewatchpod coming next week. New show, new channel . . . same hosts.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@megreenwell i always assume that someone is, or should be, listening to WaxahatcheeIf you liked the first Waxahatchee album, this new Julien Baker record is carrying that beautifully sad lo-fi acoustic torch@c_heller I don't know I'm really bad at it
@GrahamDavidA @c_heller yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo@adam_doster she's unreal goodAndddddd Stewart and Binoche in CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA... Brie, SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE; Waterston, QUEEN OF EARTH; Powley, DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL; McCarthy, SPY; Theron, MAD MAXGreat female performances: Larson, ROOM; Moss, QUEEN OF EARTH; Cotillard, MACBETH; Nixon, JAMES WHITE; McAdams, SPOTLIGHT; Blunt, SICARIO ..@ZakKondratenko oh yeah, I haven't seen that yet but heard good things@maxrsiegel yesss I haven't seen it yet but I am very excited for that. Also never seen Polanski's Macbeth!... Turkington, ENTERTAINMENT; Sarsgaard, EXPERIMENTER; Keaton + Ruffalo, SPOTLIGHT; Edgerton, BLACK MASS; Abbott, JAMES WHITE... Lucas, THE MEND; del Toro, SICARIO; Hardy, MAD MAX; Dolan, TOM AT THE FARM; Cruise, M:I—GP; O'Connell, '71; Duplass, CREEPOn that note, some great male performances this year: Pitt, BY THE SEA; Fassbender, MACBETH; Segel, END OF THE TOUR; Isaac, EX MACHINA ...@phollanda THAT WAS LAST YEAR, WE NEED TO DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE (but yes, also very good accessorizing)Also two of my favorite performances of the year. Coincidence? Absolutely not. It's not a coincidence. That's a great crownBest accessorizing by an actor this year: Brad Pitt's mustache and glasses in BY THE SEA? or Michael Fassbender's robe and crown in MACBETH?
@rachelysanders @ira @JesseDavidFox I have lost track of all the people I've been told I look like. It's getting very long@rachelysanders @ira @JesseDavidFox but I respect this suggestion nonetheless@rachelysanders @ira @JesseDavidFox i think we dress similarly + have similar mannerisms but i don't actually think we look that much alike?This is a superb interview @JesseDavidFox did with John Mulaney
This week on Oscar Futures, BY THE SEA debuts and two likely Best Picture nominees come out:
Retweeted by kevin lincolnPls join @meganeabbott, @aoscott, @emilynussbaum and myself this coming Mon Nov 9 at 7 PM at @HousingWorksBks!
Retweeted by kevin lincolnBased on the election cycle so far, I would not be at all surprised if Ben Carson admitting he lied about West Point actually helps him
@c_heller cool. I do like reading the box scores, though. Makes me feel so retro, plus I've got to keep up on Mario Hezonja@ben_rosen *an, god dammit@ben_rosen *wails like a aboveground pool full of cats*The people have spoken, and they recommend that I (and you) sign up for @teamziller's Good Morning, Let's Basketball @teamziller just subscribed. I love that damn sunrise basketball. so soothing@GeorgeFord @teamziller oh! Cool, just subscribed to Tom's@AlmostStephen I HAVE A JOB MAN. but somebody certainly should! I would subscribeI will continue to read box scores, but I would love something that was like, "This guy did great! This guy was bad! This game was cool!"Does anyone know of a great NBA newsletter that rounds up the last night's action? I tend to read box scores like a kid in the '70s
Just walked into a bookstore to buy a Leonard Cohen novel and they had Leonard Cohen playing on the stereo, which was... weird@rachelysanders @kaelamyers I'm late to this but i support it wholeheartedly@lindseyweber and Leland PalmerIt is indisputably true that the sequel to GOD'S NOT DEAD should've been called GOD'S DEAD... NOTGOD'S NOT DEAD 2: STILL NOT DEADLET'S GO Shane Carruth news is a good excuse to re-up one of my favorite profiles of the last few years, by @zachbaron your most-anticipated movie was, it should now be this
@maxrsiegel here's the general idea's an easy out from having to really parse the intricacies of the American art-industrial complex, which are complicated and overlappingWhich, sure, make that argument, but I'd happily advocate for plenty of "highbrow" or whatever American artists within every disciplineThis is fascinating to me, because I think it's becoming pretty common: the idea of "highbrow" seems to line up exactly with "not American"Just read an article that railed against poptimism and the middlebrow, then could only hold up foreign art as examples of what's highbrow
@matt_kivel ahh man, outstanding. I'll probably drop by tonightA 29-year-old woman, Eliza Borné, is the new editor in chief of the Oxford American do you have to look forward to in this life? Let me tell you, in order, with the November Movie Power Rankings!'s not that there are ~too many~ male directors: it's that it's far, far harder for a woman to get the opportunities a man does to directI think a lot of people interpret this sort of thing as an ad hominem attack on male directors, too, which it absolutely isn'tIt's not the fault of any one sector: it spans literally every aspect of behind-the-camera filmmaking, from education to executionIt is an objectively wild, top-to-bottom failure of the industry that there aren't so many more female directors out thereGreat work by @kylebuchanan: 100 women directors for studios to consider next time they "can't find one" exactly, though I would not say LOVE is as widely and passionately liked as OGF is widely and passionately hated@willystaley me too, actually: thought it had great performances, but it just didn't work for me overallI'm fascinated that LOVE, a movie I found comically bad, is getting many good reviews. Sincerely! It feels divisive in an intriguing way
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