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Founder and architect @IPL Indian Premier League,President Modi Enterprises & soon cutting edge #cancer care for all

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I guess Twitter stock went down. Then began the hack. Sorry for the trouble. Looking into it. 🚫🚫🚫🆘
love the new video iplt20 #season11 launch ad. Wishing all the #Teams @mipaltan @kkriders the new @IPL #season11 #launch ad. Wishing all #teams all the #best 🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🙏
Check this video out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈💥💥💃💃💃👍🙏
In the @IPL 2010 edition, a broadcaster license fee worth $130 million was distributed among team owners. That’s a…
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar Modicheck this. must read by @sardesairajdeep
finally a perfect kick to the backside of all the monkeys sitting in cricket centre. After reading the 12 Commandme…
its amazing that when #srini was treasurer all-powers lay with-treasurer then he became… amazing that when #srini was treasurer all-powers lay with-treasurer then he became… FINALLY COMES OUT. I SAID IT WOULD. ONLY TOOK 8 YEARS 😢🙏 cuttings amazing that when #srini was treasurer all-powers lay with-treasurer then he became secretary all powers lay wi…
MP Pandove, Former #BCCI Treasurer, opens up a Pandora's box, as the truth spills out and the lies get exposed! It… friends turn foes! N Srinivasan & M P Pandove can’t seem to agree on any statement - except of course one poin… who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar- only that it’s the jar that can gobble you up now #Srini the "big boys" get "small" problems. Selective amnesia and sudden issue with eyesight seem to hit hard!…
Today’s update: CRoss adjourned due to ill health. Wish Mr Naseer Khan a quick recovery. former IPL COO @ramansundar learning to speak the truth. Former IPL CFO #Prasanna Kannan parroting lines ta… can be delayed but never denied. The masks have fallen off the faces of all those who tried to malign me an… the contradictions in the statements of the former #bcci President #shashankmanohar & @BCCI CAO #ProfShetty a… Q to #ed - 8 years u took of my life - because u did not believe in my replies as all in @BCCI and @IPL ganged u…
#SundarRaman admitted that the role of the #ipl management, including mine was confined to only… #BCCI #ShashankManohar accepted that #NSrinivasan was never positively disposed towards… the former IPL CFO could not provide a single document to prove that I gave… who succeeded me as the #IPLChairman admitted that I had no financial powers and… and watch how the truth will emerge finally. When confronted with relevant documents, each… truth finally finds its way in these contradictions. Current ICC Chairman #ShashankManohar the truth emerges finally and Lies. That’s all these gentlemen can come up with when asked to speak the… truth finally finds its way in these contradictions. CFO #PrasannaKannan failed to provide any documentation to prove that I was responsible for financial approvals… officials contradict each other in #ED cross-examination. Admit that financial approvals for #IPL were done b… and Lies. That’s all these gentlemen can come up with when asked to speak the truth. More to follow.… and watch how the truth will emerge finally. #ViratKohli in 2008 instead of @s_badrinath led to my removal as chief selector by #NSrinivasan days…
#Repost financialtimes with get_repost ・・・ Workers chiselled the letters “T-R-U-M-P” off the… be delivering the #keynote #speech for the financialtimes #familybuisnesssumit 2018 on… be delivering the #keynote #speech for the @FT #familybuisnesssumit 2018 on the 27th march 2018 in #dubai is what will happen to all the #mandarins in #cricketcentre once I finish my… seems all the #mandarins in bcciofficial as directed by the #honorable #highcourt to submit… we question away, they feel faint and sway! The fear of truth makes some ill. Can’t “call in sick” to the truth… the questions swoop in, guess who is ready to duck! When the truth scares them away! Afraid of the truth getting…
When the hottest league in the world was all set to skyrocket inefficiency and mediocrity forced a value drop in 20…
Still hope the Indian Premier League will overshadow all leagues across the globe. 🇮🇳🙏🏼🇮🇳 the fact that some people choose to not show up, so much more is revealed than the cross-examination can state… loud does silence speak! How much does one’s no-show say! When the “monarchs” get fearful of the truth being un…
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How the “big wigs” develop cold feet when the truth beckons an answer. Shy away from cross examination because too… one has nothing to be afraid of, there is no harm in cross examination. Why the cold feet now? Mr. Sundar Raman…
1 amazing idea. 1 great league. 1 visionary man. @LalitKModi
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar ModiWhat formula can make a successful format such as @IPL better? An IPL league for #WomenCricketers! #WomensIPL2019
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar ModiThe Kingmaker! @LalitKModi
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar ModiYou know whose actions speak louder than his words? - @LalitKModi #MicDrop
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar Modiits the #one gadget you must have if you #travel.I know my roaming charges which ran into thousands on #data alone… the #one gadget you must have if you #travel. and u all know i do. The thing that is a big…
Some people had a lot to talk about. You were saying...?
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar ModiJust a few things @LalitKModi brought about, nothing much...
Retweeted by Lalit Kumar Modi @DennisCricket_ What nonsense u write
My trusted adviser sent me this. I asked him can I send it to your #wife. No answer 😭 @ Cadogan…
i guess my #son learnt his lesson #Repost @RuchirLModi with get_repost ・・・ The biggest lesson… u cant stop. But then get up and strike. let the tears not fail u @ Torre De Belem,…
This is one Quote i follow as my #mantra in #life. Everyone knows i have an 🐘 memory 😂🙏 @ 137… is something about this Quote that moves me😢🙏 @ 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok must remember throughout #history the #biggest #betrayal is always from someone who is a…
A #message to my #childeren karimaburman @aliyamodi @RuchirLModi - just keep the above in mind… am truly thankful to a lot of people for showing me who I should not be. 🤗 @ 137 Pillars… in your ❤️ U Know U have done nothing Wrong - keep doing what u are doing. One day others…
#Repost @RuchirLModi with get_repost ・・・ When you own a #Cigarette company... @lalitkmodi
amazing now boutique hotel in the heart of #bangkok -delightful staff. par excellence service…
To those who have bravely fought the battle and been victorious. To those who were taken from their loved ones too…