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Just your average bearded guy doing what I love to do. If you want to do awesome stuff with me business email:

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RKO OUTTA NO WHERE! | GTA 5 Online PC | NEW DLC | FUNNY MOMENTS: via @YouTubeGTA 5 Online PC | STUNT RACE: HIGH FLIER | TRYHARD PANTS | GTA 5 Funny Moments: via @YouTubeTHANKS MY DUDES MONO MAN WILL RETURN! @LanceypoohTV ummmm... So I looked outside last night and I saw someone I think you know...
Retweeted by LanceyLets go live bois? @LandfallGames Hey guys could I get a follow so I can DM you! :D
Sweet! and Gold: Carribean! | Part 3 | IMPORT EXPORT: via @YouTube @LanceypoohTV yo Lance thanks for noticing my tweets during the stream! Legion Respek
Retweeted by Lancey @SimplyImplicit no idea yet @Dat_Saintsfan yo never even put it together that you were from Louisiana, would you mind if I DM you broOlympic Training... GTA 5 | NEW DLC | LOOK OUT RIO: via @YouTubeThanks for all the fun! @LanceypoohTV hey check out this awsome photo shop dm me if u seen it or if u like it bec i cant watch the stream
Retweeted by Lancey @LanceypoohTV The Mighty Morphine Power Wankers has its first Poster, Quality.
Retweeted by LanceySo be it! LIVE! @HotCheeseTheory to soon brah to soon >.<Should we do that live thing today? I think we should? @AlilyFranky just tell him I said happy birthday! @AlilyFranky just awesome :DThis is the coolest thing ive ever seen lol! just woke up at 4am >.< I really need to fix this madness!
GTA 5 Online PC | STUNT RACE | CHILIAD: via @YouTubeMinecraft | Hardcore: Evolved 2 | #4 SPONGE POOH BLOCK PANTS: via @YouTube @trevour18 heck yeah @c0ol4and1uke not high enough @SusanLeurck WEll played well playedShould we do things today? O I think we should do things....Someone keeps stealing the bow off my mailbox... WTF!!! I WILL FIND YOU!!!
@jeronresor5 Of course! It comes out every Friday!Minecraft | Sky Factory 2.5 | #6 THREE STARS: via @YouTube @jeronresor5 yes sir @austinpeek77 already did ><Baller on a Budget... GTA 5 | NEW DLC | LOOK OUT BRAH: via @YouTube @hldnsparks its all I have atm :P @Ty_D_Lambert thanks bro! that means a lot @MalikJordanTho1 thanks bro will do again!DA BEST SHOW YET!!!Shoutout to the homies keeping it real!to early to stream brah? @Dat_Saintsfan Yo what part of Louisiana you from bro? @boydj173 maybe in a few hours?So whos discord do you all hangout on? That way when im up at random times I can just join them! :P @thefear3d99 @Vizecer thanks bro! @Vizecer yeah I over slept and just woke up like 3 hours ago >.<Totally got asked for ID while pokemon hunting behind the warehouse district.. GG BRAH GG
For everyone asking about Ark... here's yesterday's episode again in case you missed it! #Legion 5 Online PC | PLANES vs BMX | GTA 5 Funny Moments: via @YouTube @KungFuP4nDers haha thanks! @thou_1 I still love you brah!
The Greatest GTA 5 player in the world!: via @YouTube @trillkiller18 Thanks bro!LET DA GOOD TIMES ROLL MY DUDEGTA 5 Online PC | STUNT TURBINE RACING | GTA 5 Funny Moments: via @YouTubeShould I stream in later tonight?Ark: Survival Evolved | Part 20 | BLOODBATH: via @YouTube @NashCrafter you have to follow me first >.<98* here in Louisiana but I ain't got no worries, put the EXTRA AC IN MY BED BRO!! @adanthony6 Yes Jedi mind tricks
@OrionTheHunter4 <3 @connerbass00 thanks homie!GTA 5 Online PC | Mob Life | #7 NEW INTEL: via @YouTube @MayZaden @YouTube thanks bro! @xNestorio Yo give me a follow bro so I can DM you!GTA5: Biggest Object Battle!: via @YouTube @IButtonMashersI thanks! CAnt wait to see it!Just the YesMen doing GTA stuff with the fans. @LanceypoohTV @redbeardgta @R1ppedRick #yesmen
Retweeted by Lanceythanks for the company I lvoe you allRemember sliding down a rope with no gloves will burn you. @iJevin Get it done bro GET IT DONE! I miss you @NashCrafter can I DM you BRAH?! @DoombludGaming haha thanks bro <3 @DoombludGaming Im not 100% sure how to respond to this....
#Yesmen cause @Caboose967 said I dont REP HARD ENOUGH! @SnypezEvo I enjoyed you being there brah! Thanks!!GTA5: The Greatest Biker in the world BRAH: via @YouTube @tamayo0065 You are noticed! @john_riley14 happy first day bro @KSI_Jcap I dont know them or we would talk about it :PConfirmed I am the greatest GTA biker in the worldMinecraft | YesMen Construction Company | #9 CABOOSE'S BUNKER: via @YouTubeGTA5: The Greatest Biker in the world BRAH: via @YouTubeCaptains Log: 7am made General Tso Chicken for breakfast... YOU CANT JUDGE ME BRO! @GuavaRoi hey dude love what your doing! Mind if I DM you!
@GamezEspecially thanks bro! you the real mvpMinecraft | YesMen: Crash Landing | #3 WATER BOY: via @YouTubeRoblox | NATURAL DISASTER SURVIVAL: via @YouTubeI swear I was trying to have my vids out on time today but my upload is hating on me right now! :( aim for 3 and 5pm CST but you know life happens and stuff so that doesn't always work out! @Adam06185929 Soon sir soon!
Guts and Glory ALPHA | DEAD WEIGHT BABY: via @YouTube @TheAlastari @Caboose967 right? Dude is nuts @Caboose967 NO YOU! @lilskittlesmeow Noooo! ITS THE SAME! :DVideo is gonna be a little late! JUST ALITTLE! Please dont send me death threats and hate mail! I STILL LOVE YOU ALL! @Slogomanify Just love me bro! @ROELOF_BEUKES thanks bro!
My mom said I need to sell my dirt bike... She said after 5 wreaks that i am just a bad driver WTF MOM?!!?Just Type This | AAAAAARGH!: via @YouTube @Dufmaan Unleashed is a really old modpack... I probably won't go back to playing that one. I try to play newer more updated stuff!