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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

HCI researcher @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @CSSSecretsBook author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@ustunozgur @dan_abramov Favoring one side is not. Favoring one side and treating the other like a mortal sin is.Random thought of the day: Evolution produces design just as much as machine learning produces an algorithm.
@chriseppstein sorta related: @csssecretsbook is the first textbook I've found that approaches CSS from a programming perspective
Retweeted by Lea Verou@juinix Thank you!@loveanddata Haha, what was the dream?@juinix Glad you liked it! Please consider leaving an review?@LeaVerou CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems. Great book about css. Highly recommend it. Thanks Lea.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@loveanddata What was the dream?You know how you read a book and then dream about it? Super interesting when that book is @LeaVerou's CSS Secrets.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@scottvivian Yeah but it doesn’t show number of tweets. I’m a stats addict. :P
Thanks @twitterapi for making breaking changes to your twitter buttons and making all my sites look weird. Second time this happens. :(@type_style @davidbaron If not in Prince, then probably not.@polished_work Heh, I wish. Can’t afford staff. These are all open source projects…@polished_work That won’t save me. About 95% of those actually do need my attention…@cssence Awesome, thank you so much!!@tastapod I wish I could afford it. I do have a few awesome maintainers though, like @golmote in @prismjs. He saved my sanity!@ocramius Wanna race? :P'm on low bandwidth. To those who take web perf seriously, to those who render before heaps of JS, I love each & every one of you.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@cssence @svgeesus Yup, totally agreed! :DManaging an URL’s search parameters (spec:; available in Firefox and soon in Chrome)
Retweeted by Lea Verou@praveenpuglia Yeah, it’s sad that there are few to no good designers in open source :(@praveenpuglia Yeah, I miss important contributions, contributors get frustrated and leave because their PRs go unanswered etc.@lmprht I watch very few repos that are not my own, to avoid making these even worse.@lmprht Unwatching my own repos is not very nice :P@jonathanmh_com Nope, most of them are either bugs, questions or pull requests, all of which require immediate attention.@lmprht Same problem. The problem is the quantity, not the medium.…wouldn’t you be scared too? And no matter what I do, that number never seems to go below 4 digits :( Hey, just saw your review on and remembered how great it was! Any chance you could add it to too?@cssence Oh, any chance you could also post your awesome review to as well? Thanks again!!@cssence Thank you so much!!! Btw, love your username! Very clever.Adding a filter for Github emails was a great move for my sanity, but it has the side effect that I’m scared to look in that folder now :(@cssence Awwww, that is so cute!! Your gf has good taste :) Now that you finished, please consider leaving an Amazon review?OMG! @LeaVerou has recently published the definitive book on CSS: @CSSSecretsBook. Authoritative, well written, Gr8!
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@csmnng @LeaVerou @leafnode @gericci in Italy, that's what we call "mother-in-law's pillow"
Retweeted by Lea Verou@LeaVerou LOL You know that tingling pain when you hit your elbow (funny bone")? In Spain is called "mother-in-law’s pain" :D
Retweeted by Lea Verou@leafnode @LeaVerou @gericci In Romania, that's what we call mother in law
Retweeted by Lea Verou@LeaVerou In Belgium we call this a mother-in-law :')
Retweeted by Lea Verou@gericci In Poland, that's what we call "mother-in-law's teeth" ;) @LeaVerou
Retweeted by Lea Verou@LeaVerou ;) in Brazil, that's what we call "mother-in-law's tongue"
Retweeted by Lea Verou@gericci That’s hilarious!TIL that there is a plant called mother-in-law’s tongue! Wow. case for HTML. By @chockenberry. (Read from bottom to top. But you know that.)
Retweeted by Lea Verou“@igrigorik: Don't lose user and app state, use Page Visibility” Takeaway: don’t depend on unload/pagehide events!
latin type designer: "yes i like lowercase g… or ampersand.. to show off mmm" CJK designer:
Retweeted by Lea Verou@gumnos …which can have quite an effect on accessibility.@gumnos Yes, but when most people are using <summary> as a heading without an actual heading, semantics are lost.@gumnos I think h1:first-of-type is pretty explicit. Putting multiple isn’t exactly correct anyway.@gumnos The first top level heading would only be considered of course.@gumnos "Phrasing content or one element of Heading content" Yes. What I said is that an attribute that adds this behavior to section/h1 or article/h1 makes more sense than 2 new elements.@lmprht Ok, let’s assume this reasoning applies to <summary>. Why do we need <details>?@lmprht And what changes with <summary>? The tag?@lmprht Don’t we have the exact same freedom with headings?!@svgeesus is the awesomest username I have come across lately! 😇
Retweeted by Lea Verou@lmprht …which is why heading elements are the only non-phrasing content allowed in it. But feel free to disagree just because.@lmprht That would look super weird with the UI browsers render it with. In effect, it’s a heading…@lmprht Have you ever used it?! There is a UI to it. Not mandated by spec, but a de facto standard. See the demo in Actually, only phrasing content and headings is permitted in <summary> too Perhaps you haven’t seen the UI for a details/summary element? It’s like a 1 element accordion. In practice, it doesn’t make sense to put a whole paragraph there, due to the UI. People almost always use it as a heading.@lmprht Totally missed my point, which was that headings have semantics that you lose when using a <summary> element instead.@gumnos Any use case for that?@gumnos i.e. What you put in the <summary> is almost always a heading, no need for a separate element.@gumnos No, I meant something like <section toggleable><h1>Summary</h1> … </section>Not sure why we need a separate details/summary set of elements. This should be behavior to add to existing elements (e.g with an attribute)
#AsAWoman Was told “a girl would round our team of guys” as a (convincing?!) reason why I should join a company. #CMwork @SanFrancisco_CM
Retweeted by Lea Verouyeehaw, just landed the patches to enable unicode-range in Firefox release builds!! @svgeesus
Retweeted by Lea VerouThis stuff is priceless... it keeps making me rethink things I wouldn't even bat an eye at were it directed at women
Retweeted by Lea VerouParis attackers: -Not Syrian -Not refugees -Not using encryption US media & politician's focus: -Syrians -Refugees -Encryption
Retweeted by Lea VerouProtip: If you enjoy eating while watching something, do NOT pick a medical TV show. Unless you’re on a diet.
@metatribal that doesn't catch things like unclouded or misnested elements which can be quite insidious and wreak havoc.@metatribal Do you have a good recommendation for a Sublime plugin?@Malarkey @LeaVerou It really is incredible. I don't usually buy CSS books, but it is called Secrets for a reason!
Retweeted by Lea Verou@kilianssl I had a 1 star due to some flaw in the book cover but it disappared recently. It had tons of not helpful votes, maybe that’s why?@malarkey Thank you @jolora, you have a good taste! :) I’m great, hope you’re well too!!@malarkey Tsk tsk tsk, I would have expected you would’ve bought it already yourself :) Who was the brave man? Happy birthday!!It’s a brave man who buys me a book about CSS, but @LeaVerou’s CSS Secrets was the perfect gift!
Retweeted by Lea Verou@itmilos Haha, going through all my projects, I see? :P Glad you like!Fascinating, if not a little morbid, infographic: What happens to your body after you die @mathias @wycats There are polyfills though. Treating them as invalid discourages people from trying them out.@mathias @wycats The context is that HTML validators complain.@mathias @wycats I’m talking about pefrectly valid names like foo-bar.@wycats Even if it stays unresolved forever?Question: Does the existence of Web Components Custom Elements mean I can use any tags I want as long as they have a -? Validators complain.@petermvogt Sturgeon’s law, perhaps?“My white neighbor thought I was breaking into my own apartment. 19 cops showed up.” This is beyond appalling. Also, from the same article: “Employees are not guaranteed their same exact job upon their return from leave”. Sounds scary..@stubbornella The comments in [1] are disappointing. Apparently Americans see parental leave as vacation?! #wtf [1] for new tools! Here’s how to access the fancy new #webanimation controls in Chrome:
Retweeted by Lea Verou@mfrancisj They will eventually. After everyone else has for ages, when tons of people start using them and websites break badly in Safari.@tabatkins Just checked. There is support, but behind the flag. Also, did not work when added via devtools. Test: Damn. If it’s behind a flag, it still means it can’t be used.@tabatkins So it’s already in Canary??After recently using CSS variables for a Firefox-only thing, I’m finding going back painful (for non-Sass projects). Chrome, Edge, hurry up!@mmmries Exactly. This works well with small companies, but almost never in large ones.@mmmries That’s very rare in larger workplaces. And often for the best (e.g. I’ve heard Mark Zuckerberg’s code is terrible :P)@mmmries @topfunky Not sure I understand what you’re trying to say. Please elaborate?@jkirchartz Ha, cool! What was it?
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