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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

HCI researcher @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @CSSSecretsBook author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@ignaciodenuevo Thanks, hope you like it! Let me know what you thought :)
@g16n @anatudor @codepo8 There was no RGB in the 19th century.100 languages are now supported in @prismjs! \o/
Retweeted by Lea Verou@g16n @anatudor @codepo8 RGB values have their purpose. Remember, early machines were engineered for efficiency, not usability.@anatudor @codepo8 My favorite is still that darkgray is lighter than gray.Attention CSS shoppers: lemonchiffon is the new papayawhip
Retweeted by Lea Verou@mknepprath @twitter @bartt A voicemail? That’s ridiculous. Laying someone off over voicemail is like breaking up over voicemail. Not ok."Your password contains invalid characters." No, your startup contains incompetent engineers.
Retweeted by Lea VerouClassy, @twitter. Thanks, but you should also thank @golmote, he's @prismjs’ awesome maintainer, a lot of these features are his workAfter the great talk by @LeaVerou at #cssconfeu i couldn't resist to see what else this crazy girl can teach me ;)
Retweeted by Lea Verou@collypops The only reason we even need CORS instead of allowing XD everywhere (w/o credentials) are some security edge cases, not bandwidth@collypops Yes, but not yet :) However, my use case is irrelevant. My point was that *ANY* public service should be CORS-enabled. No excuse.@collypops You’re assuming a bit too much about people’s use cases. CORS-enabled !== site/content hosting.@collypops a) They already have a (CORS-enabled) API b) Heavy resources r not subject to the XO policy anyway c) One can always use a proxy@collypops Really not sure what money have to do with it. It's not going to spend many more resources. [cont]@collypops *Any* public service without CORS headers is breaking the open Web.@collypops @dropbox Why not?@collypops @dropbox Since when do CORS headers make you a web server?!.@dropbox Is there any particular reason why *public* shared URLs do not have CORS headers? You’re breaking the open Web.@usefulthink Is the CSS thing online anywhere?@halfbyte @antifarben Yes, it does!!@justshiv_ That doesn’t apply. Mine cannot be clicked. Anywhere. :'(@travismaynard Thanks, that gives me hope :)@justshiv_ Mine is 2013 :( No warranty anymore :(@justshiv_ Of course, since the trackpad physically doesn’t go in :P It’s 100% a hardware issue.@dstorey Ah, yeah, that’s what I’m using now, tap to click.@justshiv_ Of course, that’s what I’m using now. But I hate tap to click. :/@dstorey I’m confused. How does it work if it doesn’t press down?Physical click stopped working on my MBA trackpad (ie impossible to press). Happened to anyone else? Is swelling battery the only diagnosis?@jellealten one SVG with as many <circle> elements as your segments.
QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv.
Retweeted by Lea VerouI have this urge to rewrite all my CSS after reading @csssecretsbook
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after reading #CSSSecrets by @LeaVerou I have made it a point to use vanilla CSS as much as possible in all upcoming projects.
Retweeted by Lea VerouSlowly working my way through CSS Secrets by @LeaVerou - thought I might find it a bit challenging, but great so far; have learnt loads!
Retweeted by Lea Verou@mellatone The print formatter supported a cmyk() function, so not really. But some of the photos were automatically converted and look bad.Highly recommend 'CSS Secrets' by @LeaVerou- beautifully insightful and designed- #css #desi
Retweeted by Lea VerouYou know you love #CSS when it's 430am and you can't stop reading @csssecretsbook. Thanks @LeaVerou , great book!
Retweeted by Lea Verou@ygebi is there anything I could do to make it easier to read? I can still make changes between printings :)
"Intermediate" front-end dev books I recommend: JS - the YDKJS series by @getify CSS - CSS Secrets by @LeaVerou
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@francescok @raganwald How so? I don’t see how they’re related.Schrödinger’s Code: Code that has been written, but not tested, and is in a state of neither working nor failing until it is observed.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@praveenpuglia @chriscoyier Btw I replied to your stackoverflow question with links to the spec.@praveenpuglia @chriscoyier Nope, that's an <angle>.@praveenpuglia @real_css_tricks @chriscoyier FWIW, it gets me too, I always make this mistake :)@praveenpuglia @chriscoyier A 0 length in CSS is unitless, not any 0, otherwise disambiguation would not be possible. This is a percentage.It seems @atsipras is still not able/willing to control @hellenicpolice in #Greece. Today @ #Lesbos.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@LeaVerou Got my copy of 'CSS Secrets' yesterday. This is the level of excellence that will change how CSS is done. And Sass.
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@4x13 Not available for Greek citizens.@davislurve Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you thought :)@davislurve I RT all tweets I find about it here: @csssecretsbook Might answer your question :)@yonijah Totally agree!! I’m also of the belief that borders are arbitrary restrictions, separating people. But most people disagree :(Cool flat UI button hover effect w/ progressive enhancement, via box-shadow, transitions, blending modes & @supports
Till date I was under the impression that I was good at CSS, thanks to @LeaVerou I am proven wrong
Retweeted by Lea Verou@codepo8 Yes, but not for Greeks. It's weird, like 75% of the EU can get an e-Visa, but not Greece. #WTF@vcsharma007 Bangalore for @jworldcon (assuming I can get the Visa, that is!)@yonijah I have applied for a US Visa, many times. It's cumbersome, but not as confusing.Applying for an Indian Visa is a a sadistic process from hell. Wasted 5 hours and $90 today on it, still not done. Feeling so drained :'(
@parvezvai @parthlawate @saurabhshah I need this too.@kdzwinel @martijnsaly How is that better? It’s less information. Can’t you just ignore the URL if not interested?@kdzwinel @martijnsaly True, but a URL shortener is a solution w/ decreased longevity/transparency. I assume most won't visit the url anywayHey I found me in #csssecrets by @LeaVerou 🙌
Retweeted by Lea VerouCheers to #CSSsecrets by @LeaVerou! An amazing and instructive book that extended my CSS horizont incredibly.
Retweeted by Lea VerouJust started reading #CSSSecrets by Lea Verou. Must-read for anyone who codes CSS.
Retweeted by Lea VerouSuch an interesting read #CSSSecrets
Retweeted by Lea Verou@anatudor Re: wouldn't this be a good use case for conic gradients?Fun side note: writing this prompted me to use @LeaVerou's Prism.js and holy crap that was easy to do. <3
Retweeted by Lea VerouBelieve the hype. @LeaVerou's CSS secrets is a masterpiece in the @CreativeLittle office. #webdesign #webdev
Retweeted by Lea Verou@janeltdesigns @LeaVerou I've been working as a Front End developer for the past 6 years and i feel like a novice. Lea is an amazing teacher
Retweeted by Lea VerouThe evolution of a software engineer: #sotrue #funny@gameofkittens You should make responsive, I imagine many people will use their phones to read it.
I’m not as impressed when your “pure CSS” solution is SASS. 20 lines of SASS that expands to 2,000 lines of CSS kinda defeats the point.
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@svgeesus @tabatkins @meyerweb 65+, same. Often people who talk to me before a talk are profoundly surprised that I still get nervous.“Every speaker I know feels pretty much exactly the same.” A short piece I wrote about public speaking and fear:
Retweeted by Lea Verou@roessler @svgeesus @johnwilander CSS has little to do with this. It’s about browser’s security paranoia crippling the Web as a platform.@johnwilander @svgeesus Sigh. You *really* don’t get it. Nevermind, move on please. No energy to add subtitles for dummies.@zcorpan this also works great as a fuet substitute! (Note @svgeesus at the back photobombing the sausage pic :p)
20 pages in @LeaVerou CSS Secrets and I realised I don’t know CSS. Amazing book.
Retweeted by Lea VerouMaking pie charts in CSS with @leaverou at #cssconfeu - More sketchnotes at
Retweeted by Lea Verou@Mappletons wow, these are amazing! Great short summary and really good artwork. The portrait is even recognizable! You've got talent there!@johnwilander @svgeesus no shit Sherlock!“If browser developers had invented the Web it wouldn't be permitted to link to a different domain. Too much of a security risk!” —@svgeesusIf you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.
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@hoodiehq @robertkatzki @appback Awesome, thanks!@89138t @aganaplocha Thanks!@89138t @aganaplocha Have you tried to look?@LeaVerou's CSS Secrets is an amazing read. If you live in the UI world, do yourself a favor and get it.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@biladew @LeaVerou @rowdyrabouw Turns out my fear was unneccessary :)
Retweeted by Lea Verou@aganaplocha Oh wow, thanks for telling me, I didn’t know it was already in physical bookstores! Yay!!I was strolling around Porto during my holidays. @LeaVerou look what I saw in the window of a small local bookshop 😁
Retweeted by Lea Verou@squidandcrow @gennner So glad! I hope both of you consider leaving an amazon review once you finish it! (please?)Started reading @LeaVerou CSS Secrets... which basically means my mind is blown with each turn of the page... so much great stuff in here!
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@hoodiehq Trying to wrap my head around hoodie. Is a Node-enabled server mandatory or is there a hosted version (like Firebase)?@scottpdonaldson There are many more use cases than sizing. E.g. hiding controls when too many elements etc.@thecurious_guy Haha, no need to! Just please remind me on Monday morning, to see if I can actually make it.Anyone else getting phone spam from @expedia? Every damn day, “your phone was selected by Expedia, blah blah blah”. Urghh, unselect it plz??@thecurious_guy Sure, let’s *tentatively* say 4pm. My email is Weekends are difficult, but I’m up for coffee on a weekday, e.g. next week.@thecurious_guy Hey, you’re in Cambridge, that’s not that difficult :)@justshiv_ …later & get back to you on those.
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