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Speda baş Roj baş #Kurdistan Buongiorno #KURDISH_PEOPLE EACH DAY IS A DAY LESS TO A #FREE_KURDISTAN @AzadiRojava @mentkawa @GaiaBraccini
Retweeted by A friend @TwittGiorgio Dialba Nice :) Good morning Good day my dear friend Rojbas Jan 🌿🎋🌿🎋🌿🎋🌞
Retweeted by A friendÇocuklar İçin Yaşanılacak Bir Dünya Kurmak Zor Olmamalı... Günaydın / Rojbaş @Kralice_Hanim
Retweeted by A friendHeval @RedurXelil inside Shaddadi today.
Retweeted by A friendHeval @RedurXelil inside Shaddadi today.
Retweeted by A friendActes a Sant Quirze del Vallès, Celrà, Granada i Cabrils
Retweeted by A friendXerrada “EL POBLE KURD: del genocidi a la guerra de Síria”
Retweeted by A friendA statue symbolising the Kurdish resistance in Kobanê has now been unveiled in Silêmanî, South Kurdistan.
Retweeted by A friendpeople nowadays
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Retweeted by A friendJourno @seraysahiner sentenced to 800 euro for calling Erdogan's son “genius” @bianet_eng
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Syrian Kurd children are children too. Turkey must cease indiscriminate bombing in #Efrin and elsewhere
Retweeted by A friendSur district of Kurdish city Diyarbakir in 2014 and 2016. Colorfulness of people and destruction of #Turkey fascism
Retweeted by A friend @NATO @POTUS @DeptofDefense WHY is Turkey still in NATO? CLEARLY ISIS & TURKEY ARE PARTNERS. KICK TURKEY OUT Your Freedom! Thank A #Veteran 🇺🇸
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@DrPartizan_ @AhmedoKurdi She's Brazilian.Such vandalism of our heritage is only too common. The KRG must take steps to protect such ancient relics. Shameful
Retweeted by A friendKurdish fighter who lost his life when Turkey shelled Kurdish positions as they battled Jihadists. 22/02, Tel Rifaat
Retweeted by A friendKurdish fighter and a journalist inside Shaddadi tonight.
Retweeted by A friendFuneral in Kobanê today for the fighters martyred defending Tishreen Dam from ISIS. 2 women, 7 men, 8 Kurds, 1 Arab.
Retweeted by A friendErdogan's Nightmare of United Kurdistan Fuels Turkey's 'Misguided Policies' (Sputnik) #Azadî
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[3/3] 750 Christians finish their training and join the Pêşmerga in South Kurdistan, to fight ISIS.
Retweeted by A friend[1/3] 750 Christians finish their training and join the Pêşmerga in South Kurdistan, to fight ISIS.
Retweeted by A friendAll Kurdish fighters in Rojava must give an oath where they swear to protect Kurdistan and its people.
Retweeted by A friendKurds in Norway come out in solidarity with North Kurdistan where the Turkish State is killing Kurds.
Retweeted by A friendFSA terrorists that are currently shelling Kurds in Aleppo are making racist anti alawite&kurd sign with their hands
Retweeted by A friendAhrar Sham terrorists in Al ashrafiya Aleppo posing & laughing in front of the body of a kurdish man they killed
Retweeted by A friendCivilian Kurdish man killed by Turkish & Western backed FSA terrorists.
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Dr. Ghassemlou - most famous leader in #Rojhelat modern history, killed in a peace meeting with #Iran-ians in Vienna
Retweeted by A friendPDKI #Peshmerga Commanders who lost limbs & eyes in war but not their spirit to continue the struggle #Twitterkurds
Retweeted by A friendInvitation to all fanboys who make multiple accounts n abuse #KDP but turn blind eye on #PUK - shame| #TwitterKurds
Retweeted by A friend#Peshmerga #Christian military #forces commando #kurdistan
Retweeted by A friend#YPG @brett_mcgurk @OIRSpox @vp Is Erdogan playing Washington?
Retweeted by A friendTurkey and the gates of chaos
Retweeted by A friendErdogans Kurdenkrieg hat jetzt eine neue Dimension - Vorarlberger Nachrichten (Vorarlbergernachrichten) #kurds
Retweeted by A friend @StateDept The citizens of US is troubled by Turkey bombing Kurds in ROJAVA as well as genocide to #Kurds in CizreHeads up #Kurds in NYC! 2/23 Dr Sharifi presents: #Kurdish as a Heritage Language in the US:
Retweeted by A friend @POTUS @NATO @DeptofDefense Is this how YOU want #Turkey to " not attack ypg" @brett_mcgurk
@hadi_elis @mutludc GELEK JWANI. @SerSerokApo @AhmedoKurdi haha WRONG.. BUT BITCH IS RIGHT HAHAAîrozbe #Kurds @hadi_elis @mutludc GOOGLE HAS KURDISH ON TRANSLATE
Retweeted by A friendWashington bu sabah buz pateni pisti gibi. Tüm yollar buz tutmus durumda
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY #KURDS #Kurdistan #APO baş Kurdistan is such a shame @unhcr @hrw @NATO @POTUS doesn't do more! Maybe u will 4 Kurds in Turkey Kurdish grammatic book was written by Italian priest in 1787 #TwitterKurds #Syria
Retweeted by A friendBody of 17-year-old Rozerin Cukur has been lying in a street in Amed's district #Sur since 35 days #TwitterKurds
Retweeted by A friend"Mother, the world is a traitor" - on a wall somewhere in Kurdistan
Retweeted by A friendWill win Kurdistan !!!
Retweeted by A friend @LorieS71 @StruggleOfKurds @NATO @unhcr @FoxNews @nytimes @cnnbrk This government is truly despicable. Keep fighting. Stay strong guys!
Retweeted by A friend @TushRidingMan @NATO @unhcr @FoxNews @nytimes @cnnbrk @StruggleOfKurds EXACTLY. .TIME IS COMING
Suicide terrorist finally meets his virgins 😂😂😂
Retweeted by A friend#SpringIsComing #Kurds #Kurdistan Game of Kurds
Retweeted by A friendVery few people outside of Kurdistan & Turkey realise how momentous events will be when the PKK come down from the mountains #SpringIsComing
Retweeted by A friendTurkey is STILL killing innocent children! When will you stop #Erdoğan @NATO @unhcr @FoxNews @nytimes @cnnbrk Commander Donates Kidney to Daughter of a #Peshmerga @EnglishBasNews #البيشمركة
Retweeted by A friend @UniteKurdistan me tooPeshmerga child cries at the image of his father. Shehid Nemirn 💔 #Kurdistan #البيشمركة
Retweeted by A friendHumanitarian crisis that occupier Islamist states (#Turkey+KSA) cause in #Kurdistan& #Yemen @Dersim38 #twitterkurds
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Retweeted by A friendThere is something fundamentally rotten with our society & polity if we cannot find a way to pay peshmerga their miserable $400 a month pay
Retweeted by A friendPeshmerga forming part of the frontline in Naweran, near Mosul. His posture says, 'Go on, make my day, Daeshbags'
Retweeted by A friendPutin tears up Valentine's card he received from Erdogan
Retweeted by A friendTurkey says he only killed terrorist. Where are the terrorist at in this video? He murdered innocent ppl @unhcr should know that; You are supporting the Kurds in Syria. Because they're right. Now Support the Kurds in Turkey. Because they're right.
Retweeted by A friendExactly how it'll happen
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@nadyacis1 @LorieS71 Aman who is not willing to lay down his for his country or his way of life is coward you only have one chance at freedo
Retweeted by A friend @FOX5Atlanta #Turkey is trying to make US choose them & not Kurds. Dont believe Turkey. They kill #Kurds @FOX5Atlanta 100s of # Kurds have drown in turkey. Turkey didnt help them so why promote 1 person that turkey saved? @FOX5Atlanta U failed to mention the Kurds that drown in turkey due to turkey shooting the boats! Or 100s of #Kurds that drown
I truly, madly, deeply do HATE YOU #ERDOĞAN#Bakur #Cizir #Kurdistan #Frankfurt #Sur #Idil #ResistanceKurds
Retweeted by A friendA CİZİR 60 personne ont ete bruler est personne reagit honte pour vous 🙏🙏✌️💚❤️💛✌✌✌ #CİZİR
Retweeted by A friend#Kurden protestieren in #Berlin gegen die Tötung von 60 Menschen in #Cizre 08.02.2016 #kurdistan #cizir #turkey
Retweeted by A friend @azad_karakas ✌SerhildanWhats the answer #USA @POTUS @BarackObama @FoxNews