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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@kookieambas Super easy, and the staff was very helpful. The consulate is on the corner of 5th Ave and 46th St.@JTPavino Ohhhhhkay then!@lizmartinez0011 Go to your closest consulate and inquire. There might be a list online. Google it.@JTPavino So. JT? When did that happen?@JeanneErika151 Tinatanong pa ba yan?!@marie_hines Thanks, Marie!!!I have officially registered to vote!!! Thanks to everyone at the Consulate General of the Philippines (NY) for your help! #Halalan2016
And second, what makes you the least proud? Perhaps in naming both the good and the not-so-good, we can inspire each other to move forward.Hi, gang! Just curious, I have a couple of questions and I'd love honest, snark-free answers. First, what makes you most proud to be Pinoy?One more show tonight, and our first week of previews will be done! I shall be powered by my mom's chicken with mushrooms and rosemary!@AttyApostol @officialaldub16 @cbcpnews And thus, they are doing good work for the world. Congratulations to the forces behind ALDUB!@BrendanPart Yeah, you observe correctly.This page in our @allegiancebway playbill made me cry. Read and understand why we do our show. #Gaman's performances of @allegiancebway will be dedicated to my real life younger brother @Gerard_Salonga. It's his birthday!!!
We have an early matinee. 1:30 pm, not 2:00 pm. Tonight's show is at 7:00 pm. @allegiancebway #GamanI couldn't stop smiling watching this. @D_laurel, you made me so proud!!! Yes, @GaryValenciano1, I'm in NY. ready to head out!!! Keeping the neck warm. The scarf is also to show support for I Can… is my baby brother @Gerard_Salonga's birthday!!! Storm his Twitter feed with love please!!!!!!!! #ProudSisHappy International Stage Management Day!!! Hugs to every one of you I've worked with!!! We are definitely in previews. #ThereWillBeMore #Gaman @ Allegiance - A New Musical
My friend @ScottAlanNet is at it again! @cynthiaerivo & @ozziology Sing Scott Alan! @AppleMusic. first two-show day. Gulp. #Gaman.Thank you, @PhilStarSUPREME!!! know, we're only in previews, but already Billboard has sweet things to say. Thank you!!! @GeorgeTakeiTo Allegiance Fans! The Oct 31 matinee is Pinoy Day! Talkback with the cast (yes, me too!) after the show. Spend Halloween with us! #Gaman
Jasmine and Jasmine! This is Linda Larkin, the actress that spoke for the Princess. #Aladdin got moved up to 8:17!!!!!!!!Go, @D_laurel!!!!! Make me proud!!!!! your DVRs! The cast of Aladdin will be on Good Morning America at 8:25 am today!!! #AWholeNewWorld #AladdinReunion@Kiki4Evr1007 Yes, it has been replaced.@NBS2010 If they really wanna help us, fill that survey out. There. I'm done.@NBS2010 And next week will be even more different. If they want their opinion to matter they should fill out our surveys at the theater.@NBS2010 Still. It's too early to even review anything, constructive or not. The show two days ago is vastly different from tonight.@maria_ressa @rapplerdotcom Maria, are we trying for first? *facepalm*@NBS2010 I haven't read this board and have no intention to do so. But again, the trolls can go suck it. And suck it hard.@NBS2010 To prematurely review the show is unfair to the creative team and the actors. It's like critiquing a cake before it's finished. 2/2@NBS2010 The trolls can go suck it. We're in previews and are constantly changing things to make the piece better. 1/2Preview #3: DONE. Just some small changes tonight. Tomorrow however... oh dear. Ohhhhh dear. #GamanI'd better get some sleep... will be at Good Morning America for an Aladdin reunion!!! Can't believe it's been 23 years! #AWholeNewWorldWhoa, #SanaMaulitMuli is all over my timeline!!! Walang kamatayan talaga!!! #TeamBabes #LeAgaForever@kmac789 It was great meeting you! Thanks to @ShowbizManila for making it happen!Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaah!!!!! #Gaman
Retweeted by Lea SalongaRUSH POLICY: $39, ages 35 & under (ID req), 2 ticket max, when box office opens! All forms of payment. See you at the show!
Retweeted by Lea Salonga
To @lesmisofficial, HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY! Such an honour to have been a part of your history., Elizabeth Ramsey. Condolences and love to her family.@YourFacePH YES YES YES I AM SO READY FOR THIS!!!!! Go, #DeniseLaurel!!! Break legs!!!!! (Sigh... I only wish my surname was spelled right.)Preview #2: DONE. Implemented changes to prologue and opening. Not yet settled in, it'll be better tomorrow. Must keep pushing. #GamanRock gods #TheDawn has created a tribute song for Apolinario Mabini titled PARAISONG TANSO. Give it a listen here.'s out!!! playing: Bright Mississippi by The Thelonious Monk Quartet. Great music to chill to. #YesToJazz
As @GeorgeTakei would say, OHHHH MYYYY!!! @GeorgeTakei @katieroseclarke @tellyleung @allegiancebway Be proud, Marc! And congrats on your *gulp* BROADWAY DEBUT!!!@IainLoveTheatre See if you can come on Halloween. It's STAR TREK NIGHT!!!@JabsBolok Ohhhhhh she is a dream.@IrishDDizon Answered na here.Preview #1, DONE! Full house. Great reception. Standing ovation. Thankful. Back to the drawing board for changes going in tomorrow. #GamanOur Ojii-Chan @GeorgeTakei was on Wendy Williams to talk about Allegiance! via @YouTubeAnd now, the process of unlearning and learning begins. You can bet I'll be caffeinated tomorrow. #Gaman@theJeromeVargas Thanks, Jerome!!! Hugs sa lahat ng mga TVOP peeps!@IainLoveTheatre Hugs to you, sweetheart!!! We shall see you soon, yes?Yahooooo!!!!!!! #TeamGaman's colors. I wonder if my friends from MAC can recognize them despite the photo filters.
Have you spotted our Times Square billboard?
Retweeted by Lea SalongaWe are thrilled to begin Broadway performances TONIGHT at the Longacre Theatre!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaFor the 1st preview of @allegiancebway, I am sharing my "442 Sammy" bird by Chicago-artist #davidcsicsko. #go4Broke
Retweeted by Lea SalongaPhoto: We are thrilled to begin Broadway performances TONIGHT at the Longacre Theatre!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaTonight, @allegiancebway​ begins previews at the Longacre Theater. Break a leg!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaTonight's the night!!! First preview!!! Prayers and good wishes please!!! Here we gooooooo!!!!!!!!!! It was so wonderful to see you after the run!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dress rehearsal 3/3: DONE! It was magical. So much love from friends & family! Tomorrow, we have our first paying crowd. Here we go! #GamanTo the company of @OnYourFeetBway, a huge BREAK A LEG for your first preview!!! Merde and enjoy!!!@Gerard_Salonga What post are you talking about?It's our final dress rehearsal tonight, and in front of friends and family! Send us prayers and good wishes please! Thanks! #Gaman
#bandforbreastcancer's part 5 of Trek to Broadway! To see videos 1-4, visit the Allegiance - A New Musical Facebook page. more days..... two more days..........
It's awesome seeing friends in Law & Order and Blue Bloods, although I admit I get sucked out of the story. #HappyForFriendsOnTVI got really lucky with all my @allegiancebway leading men: @GeorgeTakei, @tellyleung and @michaelklee. I am the most grateful leading lady.Dress rehearsal 2/3, DONE! Our director @StaffordArima told us to have fun, so we did! Friends will watch DR on Monday, can't wait! #GamanNotes..... and these were just from last night... and this isn't even all of them. #Gaman @…'s episode 5 of Trek to Broadway! #GamanOkay, the next time I say that I'm a baritone, don't take it literally. It just means I'm tired and my voice is lower than normal. #pagoda@eunicedianee I just mean I'm tired and my voice is as well. I didn't mean it literally, for if I did, I'd be in big trouble.@emlyblunt Batman, obviously! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!Today, I am a baritone. #Gaman@Gerard_Salonga Naman kasi. They're suffering from palpakations.Hooh-rah-huh to our esteemed choreographer @AndrewPalermo!!!
So awesome to see an article on a friend as the lead feature on Playbill! Yay, #HoonLee!!!'s your "feel good video" of the day!!!!!!!!!!!, @fdilella!!! rehearsal 1 of 3, DONE! It felt so good! The new songs are starting to feel as comfy as the old ones. Another shot tomorrow. #Gaman@sealee1710 No one ever does. No human ever does.@JoeyFrangieh Fine, I'll make sure to suck next time! #NoIWont #SorryNotSorry
This article deserves a @GeorgeTakei "OHHH MYYY!" now reading about the shooting in Oregon. How many more people have to senselessly die?!? Yes to gun control legislation!!!
@previewmag @YouTube The video is private! Can't see it!Yahoooo!!! Such a pleasure to write my cover story for you.
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