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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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It's quiet when no one's around. #MadisonSquareGarden #NYRangers @ Madison Square Garden calm before the storm. I'm singing the national anthem at the #NYRangers game tonight at… friend @GeorgeTakei has donated $10K to start this campaign. Send a student to Allegiance in your place.
There's nothing like hot carbs to soothe me after a tough week. I've earned it. #DontJudgeMeJust helping out my friend @jamesclarkcello, who's half the duo of @BrandenJMusic. Check this out!
Wow, what an amazing little boy!!! Good job to his parents raising him to protect women!!! are a few of her favorite things!!! Here's our Katie Rose Clarke!!! everybody need a little live @GeorgeTakei & @MsLeaSalonga in their lives. ;)
Retweeted by Lea SalongaGreat job @GeorgeTakei, @MsLeaSalonga et al. Thank you for the moving history lesson, and beautiful voices. #Gaman @allegiancebway
Retweeted by Lea SalongaThrilled seeing incredible talents @tellyleung @MsLeaSalonga & @katieroseclarke in @allegiancebway. You MUST go! Important AND beautiful.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@menguinmcg @tellyleung @katieroseclarke @allegiancebway Thank YOU, Megan!!!!@ZacharyLevi @GeorgeTakei @allegiancebway WHAT??? You shoulda come backstage!!! Toronto all over again!!!The awesome @Lin_Manuel and the cast of Allegiance led by @GeorgeTakei at #Ham4Ham! Great beatboxing, @Phillipasoo!
Thank you, Aidan!!! This was fantastic!!! you, Broadway Box!!! Woo-hooooo!!!! The critics have spoken! Come and see Allegiance at the Longacre Theater, and for tickets, visit..., Joe! Friends, spread the word on Allegiance!!! Word of mouth is incredibly important in keeping a show...'s one of our brand new front-of-house photos, this one featuring George Takei and an excerpt of that... is out!!! you, Michael Feinstein!!! I do know him, saw him last. He came to see Allegiance.@CynthiaEriVo @allegiancebway We have met! Dean reminded me of it last night. Green Room, National Theatre. But very briefly.
@DeanJohnWilson @allegiancebway Awwwwwwww....... thanks!!!!!!!!!!@stephenrahman_h Just heard about ALADDIN!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!@CynthiaEriVo Hi! Just spent time with your guy at @allegiancebway tonight! Can't wait to see your show! Hope you're well!Get ready for the tryptophan coma!!! #HappyTurkeyDayOn this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends, colleagues, and this job I love. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!@DeanJohnWilson @allegiancebway It was so wonderful to see you!!!!! Now I gotta get myself to #TheColorPurple to cheer for your lady!!!@michaelklee Awwww... we are all very thankful for YOU, dear Michael!!! xxxBackstory is out!!! this one is an excerpt of that wonderful Rex Reed review. @georgetakei allegiancebway @… front of house photos at the Longacre!!! This one features @michaelklee. allegiancebway @… This is in Manila so I think you're safe. Thanksgiving does not exist over there..@allegiancebway's @MsLeaSalonga, @HamiltonMusical's @Phillipasoo Re: Asians on B'way
Retweeted by Lea Salonga.@gregwatanabe discusses his new #Broadway show on Japanese internment camps on #ChangingAmerica w/ @MariaTeresa1.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga#WeShallEndure #Gaman
Retweeted by Lea SalongaThank you, @maddow! Come see @allegiancebway. We're doing our part to continue what Yasui started so courageously:
Retweeted by Lea SalongaCome and pledge Allegiance!!! Rush or lottery?
Look at what's been said about allegiancebway!!! For tickets, visit @ Longacre Theatre He died 10 years ago, Carlos. Check the date of the article.@DeanJohnWilson @allegiancebway Oh don't tell me you saw the show tonight.@vv_stevehuang @allegiancebway Spread the word!!!!!! Thanks for watching!!!FUN HOME and JERSEY BOYS audition alert!!! To those that decide to give it a shot, break a leg!'s this week's schedule. It'll be tough after all that turkey.'m baaaaaaaaack!!!!! in New York, back in the late fall weather. Which means, I'M BACK TO WORK TONIGHT!!! I've missed all my @allegiancebway buddies!!!Squeeeee!!! Huge Times Square billboard, above TKTS! you, @cashleelee and @Phillipasoo!!!!!! you, @THR!!! Here's a feature on Philippa Soo and me.
Thank you, @broadwaycom!!! So much fun!!! guy (20s) on my flight complaining that there are no electrical outlets on board. For a 2 hour and 18 minute flight. Dude, really?!?
@AWreckingPaul Oh there's plenty of room!!! I want them to conquer and succeed!!! The more the merrier!
A gorgeous table setting (Capiz lanterns included) for this amazing wedding celebration. #BV2015
@greenpantsuits Not this year. Looks like you'll have to make the trek to broadway to see me.Yessssssss. @ Made in Italy Gourmet's wine o'clock!!!!!!! #Miami #BV2015 #GoodwinLirio2015 #RehearsalDinner I won't be flying to Manila at all for the rest of the year. What made you think I would be?@katharine_cohen @allegiancebway Yes you will!!!Holiday schedule goodness!!! Note, no performance on Thanksgiving Day, but lots before and after. Woo-hoo!!!, our holiday schedule for next week!!! Bowers should see @allegancebway after his comments about #refugees. @GeorgeTakei @USJC
Retweeted by Lea Salongahere’s @GeorgeTakei on anti-immigration in #2016 & his own experience in Internment Camps: @CNN @Allegiancebway
Retweeted by Lea SalongaDon't miss @GeorgeTakei & @TellyLeung discussing their Broadway show "Allegiance"
Retweeted by Lea SalongaThank you, @GeorgeTakei! Coming from you, this is a supreme compliment. those who think Syrian internment camps are a good idea, George Takei has a reality check for you.
Retweeted by Lea SalongaThanks for posting this, you guys!!! Awww, I'm feeling all warm and mushy inside.
@Kiki4Evr1007 Until we record the cast album, only by watching the show.@MsKristala Only if the admiration turns to obsession and becomes dangerous.@MsMelodyAnn @michaelklee According to what I can read on the video's description, it's Broadway. So... Broadway, New York City.@analette Stellar.@MsKristala Yung ikakasal sa Sabado.@PrinsesaLhanie And it's misleading.@0gretchein I love Michael Jackson. But how weird would it be if my Twitter handle was MichaelJackson?@marcboni @maria_ressa @rapplerdotcom @HillaryClinton Ah yes.@Kiki4Evr1007 And... gone.@pearleaaa Neither. A cellphone I could put in my purse wasn't available until around then! And at 27, I didn't need my mom's permission.@analette Two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc?@MingNa Guess what... Elena went on for me tonight and will continue to until Sunday!!!@wickedtin Yeaaaaaaah. I'll just...leave that there.@katieroseclarke @tellyleung @allegiancebway @IainLoveTheatre Iain is the best!!!@Gerard_Salonga Books. Video games. Good food.@pearleaaa Around 27.@mhegzstellar @Gerard_Salonga Who you are is more than enough. You can idolize, sure. But to copy? No, just be you. You're more than enough.@JSalonga0222 Don't know. Might need to be pushed. But that's not all up to me.@MsKristala It's disrespectful.@MsKristala They have to be told to be quiet. If they can't behave, they should leave. Can't disrupt the show and/or disturb the audience.@maria_ressa @rapplerdotcom Hmmm... to be fair, he wasn't comparing the innocents to terrorists that would sneak in disguised.This is what happens when Kim and Thuy get together. Here's THIS IS NOT OVER with the one and only @michaelklee. Ger, don't bother. Just... don't.@Gerard_Salonga @iheart_jen My advice? Get off your damn phone and get to work.@Gerard_Salonga @iheart_jen Why anyone uses another person's name, Twitter handle or whatever is a mystery to me. And quite unoriginal.Brand new blog posting!!! I had some free time on my flight. -- info on FUN HOME in the Philippines: performances will begin in November 2016. Once again, November 2016. Thank you!!!Oh, young man, you've turned the gray skies blue with this review. Thank you!!! @allegiancebway @IainLoveTheatre Riiiiiiight?!?!?@mariahHAHAHAH Oh yeah. I won't start on Fun Home until way after Allegiance.@MrJasonRBrown Aperuntlee.@xericrobles The wonderful Elena Wang. She makes her debut tonight!!!So I announced Fun Home coming to Manila, and announced that I would be in the cast. Why am I getting asked if I'm going to be in the cast?Ohhhh! @IainLoveTheatre loved Allegiance! And being the smart kid that he is, totally got the show. -- via youtube
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