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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Happy #Thanksgiving to all!
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A new week, a new @DCCC recruiting fail, this time in #KY06 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCEducational institutions back @EliseStefanik "Year Round Pell" legislation: [via @poststar] #NY21ICYMI @MarthaMcSally delivered the Weekly Republican Address over the weekend: #AZ02
.@MikeDerrickNY21 disagrees with @EliseStefanik & @SUNY Chancellor @nancyzimpher re: Stefanik's bill #ny21 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCA-10s destroyed ISIS fuel trucks this week. @MarthaMcSally is pushing to protect this aircraft from retirement #AZ02Future Caucus cochair @WillHurd is working with millennials & focused on the issues facing the next generation #TX23
Are you on Team Ryan? Let him know you've got his back! are a few policy questions for @Dccc's "top-tier" candidate, @GilbertforMI. #mi08 #mipol to celebrate Lincoln's legacy #GettysburgAddress #FourScore
“Hello @DCCC, we have a problem.” -@petegallego, probably via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCAfter 4 public recruiting failures, looks like @DCCC is stuck with 3rd tier candidate @VoteParra in #CA21's time to go home, @CharlieCrist. #sayfie #fl13 #GoHome via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCIf local Dems don’t think @PeteGallego can win in 2016, why should anyone else? #TX23ICYMI #NRCC Announced 32 "On the Radar" Candidates as Part of its #YoungGuns Program there @CharlieCrist fatigue in #FL13? #sayfie via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCCheck out the first round of "On the Radar" candidates for the @NRCC Young Guns program! Adds 32 to First Tier of Young Guns Program
Retweeted by NRCC
Have you voted in our official Presidential Straw Poll yet? We need to hear from you.
WATCH: @EliseStefanik chairs hearing on "The Essential Role of #Millennials in Today’s Economy" #NY21.@SpeakerRyan on @60Minutes last night: ‘If You Believe in Something, Go Fight for It’
NRCC Weekly Rundown: GOP Stands Up for Vets, Dems Silent on GITMO, and One Year Out
Something stinks in #MI01. Oh wait, that's just @LonBJohnson's story about living in a cabin in the woods has more vets than another district in the state. @EliseStefanik is taking action to support them op-ed, @RyanACostello and @Fitzpatrick_12 urge VA to put veterans' needs first, engage with community #PA06 #PA08
On this #VeteransDay, we say thank you to our service men and women and their families for putting our freedom first
A swing and a miss! @DCCC whiffs big time in Hillary's home state of Arkansas via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCNational security continues to be John Katko's top priority by working to make sure our airports are safe #NY24Does @LonBJohnson actually live in #MI01? #mipol New ad highlights @BradAshford16’s dangerous support of sanctuary cities #NE02New @BostForCongress bill looks out for our veterans, requires VA to fill vacant top jobs #IL12.@WillHurd introduces cybersecurity bill to help local, state governments combat threats #TX23Is @LonBJohnson lying on his financial disclosure statement? #mipol #mi01 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCNRCC's One Year Out memo: Heading in to 2016, House GOP in "strong position" to maintain and grow historic majority launches new digital ad in #NE02 highlighting @BradAshford16’s support for sanctuary cities 240th birthday to the Marine Corps! RT to thank the brave @USMC servicemen and women #SemperFi
Let the countdown begin
.@RickNolanMN can’t help but put his extreme ideology before the needs of our troops via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCDid @petegallego know about federal investigation of Mikal Watts when he accepted $$$ from him? #TX23.@petegallego needs to return recently indicted Mikal Watts’ campaign donations ASAP via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCC
.@NRCC Chair @repgregwalden is 'confident' @GOP keeps @RepRichNugent's seat: #SSNalerts #sayfie #FlaPol
Retweeted by NRCCJoin us in wishing former #FLOTUS @laurawbush a wonderful birthday! Sign her card here: keeps fighting to protect A-10s for defense cuts [via @TucsonStar] #AZ02NRCC Chairman Greg Walden’s Statement on the Passing of Rep. Howard Coble
.@NRCC on @ConniePerezCA drop: "...exit leaves [Dems] w/a 3rd tier candidate & virtually no hope for 2016." #559vote
Retweeted by NRCC.@ElectRodney's new bill makes it easier for employers to help pay off student loan for recent grads they hire #IL13
.@MikeDerrickNY21 supports @BarackObama vetoing a bill that would authorize pay raises for Fort Drum troops #NY21 what happened 5 years ago tonight... @nrcc #majority #63seats
Retweeted by NRCCAn early #TBT: On this day in 2010, @HouseGOP won back the majority with the largest swing in over 60 years! Chairman Greg Walden Statement on Rep. Rich Nugent’s Retirement: #FL11Why does @MikeDerrickNY21 support @BarackObama playing political games with Fort Drum? #ny21 #nypol via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCC.@ElectRodney's new bill would make it easier to repay student loans, give tax break to employers who help #IL13November is Military Family Month. Thank you to all those that serve - on the field and in the home
NRCC Chairman Greg Walden Statement on Paul Ryan’s Election to Speaker of the House #SpeakerRyan.@RyanACostello stands up for veterans, calls VA officials' failure to appear at hearing 'unacceptable' #PA06Congrats to the newly elected Speaker of the People's House, @SpeakerRyan! RT to show your support! do you think won the #GOPDebate last night? Vote here! put DC Democrats before her constituents by missing an important highway funding vote in Lansing #MI07
"Congressman @WillHurd and @Google are teaming up to help get San Antonio’s businesses online." #TX23 via @ktsanewsInstead of running interference for @BarackObama, @BradAshford16 needs to stand up for our troops via @NRCC #NE02
Retweeted by NRCCIs @JohnGaramendi Hoping for Another Round of Military Base Closures? #CA03
.@collinpeterson Should Fight for Suicide Prevention Programs for our Troops #MN07 #NDAA
Do @CharlieCrist and @EricLynnFL Agree with @HillaryClinton about VA Scandal Not Being a Widespread Problem? #FL13Does @GwenForCongress Agree with @HillaryClinton about VA Scandal Not Being a Widespread Problem? #FL02This weekend, the @GFHerald called on @CollinPeterson to support overriding Pres Obama's veto of the #NDAA: #MN07Will @AnnMcLaneKuster Call On Barack Obama To Support Victims of Sexual Assault? #SignTheBill #NDAA
Busted!! @gdriskell caught in DC for @dccc event while missing votes in Lansing. via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCNRCC Weekly Rundown: @CharlieCrist Is Back, Dems Fail to Stand Up to Obama on NDAA Veto, and NV-03 Dems Strike Out
BREAKING: Pres Obama vetoed a pay raise for our troops RT if you think our troops deserve a pay raise! #NDAA @gdriskell campaigning in DC when she missed road funding vote? #mipol #mi07 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCWhy is LuAnn Bennett wearing a #VA10 name tag outside of the @DCCC's candidate boot camp? #vapol Op-Ed in @aurorasentinel re: #NDAA. #SignTheBill
Retweeted by NRCCWill @MorganLCarroll call on Obama to sign the NDAA and keep terrorists out of CO before it’s too late? #CO06 #COpol
Let's celebrate innovation together Tues. @CharlieCrist was anti-DC. On Wed. he was IN D.C. #sayfie #fl13 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCWill @BeraForCongress Speak Up For Pay Raises for Our Troops? #CA07 #CAPolitics
If anyone gets a raise, it should be our troops. Sign to demand Pres. Obama sign the NDAA @emilyanncain call on @BarackObama to stand down on his veto threat to soldiers' paychecks? #me02 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCWe know @GilbertforMI doesn't pay her bills but what about the soldiers that want to pay theirs? #MI08 #MIpol millionaire @GDriskell support pay raises for our troops or just for herself? #MI07 #MIpol urges federal agencies to modernize cybersecurity measures, adopt cloud computing technology #TX23Does @Annette_Taddeo agree w/ @BarackObama's veto threat of a bill authorizing soldiers' paychecks? #fl26 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCC.@MIGOP Calls On @GilbertforMI To Use Husband's Donations To Pay Her Back Taxes #MI08 #MIPolitics.@MarthaMcSally's bipartisan 'Border Jobs for Vets' bill signed into law #AZ02 #AZpolWhat does @CharlieCrist have in common with the Finding Nemo seagulls? #FL13 #sayfie @GwenForCongress Support Barack Obama’s Veto Threat of Defense Bill? #FL02
Is @SantarsieroPA8 dropping out of the #PA08 primary against @VoteShaughnessy? #papol via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCC.@NancyPelosi has found her Mr. Perfect and his name is @PeteGallego #TX23 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCC.@LasVegasSun headline highlights @dccc's recruitment fail: "Search is on for viable Democratic candidate in #NV03"
As the Pentagon evaluates bringing Gitmo prisoners to Colo., @coffmanforco stands up for safety of #CO06 families bill would help veterans in rural communities get better health care access #ME02.@BostForCongress introduces bill to help and increase opportunities for small agricultural businesses #IL12From @TexasTribune: @WillHurd Continues to Out-Raise @PeteGallego: #TX23Last night, Democrats had their first debate. What did you think? #DemDebate
.@HillaryClinton's #IranDeal support not helping @BeraForCongress, @Annette_Taddeo, @emilyanncain, and @kyrstensinema back home #DemDebateTax hikes won't win over voters for @LonBJohnson, @gdriskell, @AngieCraigMN, @MaryLawrenceCD2, but @HillaryClinton charges ahead #DemDebateAs @HillaryClinton pushes left to keep up w @BernieSanders, House Dems & @dccc recruits worry its hurting them in their districts #DemDebate.@HillaryClinton’s Keystone opposition puts @BradAshford16, @PeteGallego in tough spot in their districts #DemDebateWhich is worse for @DCCC: Planning to ride @HillaryClinton's coattails as her numbers fall, or her pulling them to the far left? #DemDebate
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