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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. NEON ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK available wherever books are sold.

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At the Chiraq premiere in NY! In Theaters everywhere Friday!! you @Combat_Jack for the @nickcannon interview. Ive learned so much and have so much more respect for him. #thecombatjackshow
Retweeted by Nick CannonI Definitely Have A New Found Appreciation For @NickCannon After Hearing Him On The @CombatJackShow #RaiseTheBar #Salutes
Retweeted by Nick CannonWow, great @CombatJackShow episode with @NickCannon. Much respect!
Retweeted by Nick CannonThanks Fam and my dude @TrevorNoah tonight on @TheDailyShow #Chiraq in theaters this Friday! magazine cover! out a brand new episode of the @CombatJackShow feat. @NickCannon here via @SoundCloud:
Retweeted by Nick CannonAppreciate that fam! such a pleasure sitting, building , and fellowshiping. Really appreciate the look!🎶 INTERNETS check out the latest ep of #CJS ft the one and only .@NickCannon where he talks abt his...
Retweeted by Nick CannonLove Fam!'s #GivingTuesday! When you donate to @SalvationArmyUS, the money stays in your community: back to my crib for a quick breakfast and looked out the window and saw a big ass turkey… #respect early working on the Today Show #NickCannon on @TODAYshow this morning talking about his #RedKettleReason, #ChiRaqTheMovie and more. posted a photo to practice what I preach!
It's a party yall!! ROC & ROE on the 1's & 2's #HaloAwards we rocking out right now!!! Helping and Leading Others! us as we honor my dude @JustinBieber tonight @NickelodeonTV #HaloAwards the #HALOAwards are coming to @NickelodeonTV at 7PM with amazing performances, awesome honorees & Bieber.!!! us tomorrow night - @NickCannon is our headliner!!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Maaaaaan!! we don't even go together!!!! LOL to be in the booth tonight like... Ayyyy! We N it!!! LOL @TheLavaClub my MuthaF*kin' way! @TheLavaClub #skamlife do yall think, is this true? my DJ talents to test tonight @TheLavaClub #skamlife #Ncredible Come party with me! LOL
The #HALOAwards have performances from @FifthHarmony & more not to be missed! Nov. 29th 7PM on @NickelodeonTV family outing! #Cannons't leave this dude out!!! #Rocstar She don't play!! to when I was @GetSchooled Principal for a Day at #FashionHigh. Share how you've made difference. #Story4Change Power before bed!!! call this painting Lady Monroe Allee' LOL. It does look like art though
Repost @MariahCarey Turkey Day Swag! #Festive #FamilyFirst Thanksgiving from all of us!! #FamilyFirst so was just doing this! can do this! If you feeling Froggy , Nigga Leap! LOL used to be me hardcore posted a photo!!! just happened!!! LOL gonna have to stop soon!!!! LOL!!! LOL #HappyThanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving we gonna start early!! LOL #HappyThanksgiving
Thank you. Likewise Happy Thanksgiving’s not done yet! The biggest #TeenNickTop10 playlist EVER is wrapping up with a bang. Catch it tonight at 9 on @TeenNick!The 2015 #HALOAwards are coming to you this Thanksgiving Day weekend on Nov. 29th at 7PM on @NickelodeonTV! will be filling in for @jayleno @comedyMagicClub in Hermosa Beach, CA this Sunday! Get Tickets Here: will be filling in for @jayleno @ComedyMagicClub in Hermosa Beach, CA this Sunday! Get tickets here:'t forget to enter the #RedKettleReason #GivingSpreeSweeps. Details at others who have less- that's the true meaning of the holidays. Share your #RedKettleReason your #RedKettleReason pic make the national wall? Join @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
This week’s #TeenNickTop10 playlist was too big for just 1 night! Catch episode 2 tonight at 9 on @TeenNick! CARDS is an amazing, newly released card game that I helped create. Get it right now (and beat the Xmas rush)! my momma would've whooped my ass!! But this is exactly how I used to feel. night just "hanging" in my gym. I need to be lifting instead of selfie-ing! LOL
It's back & bigger than ever! We're at @mallofamerica for 3 new #TeenNickTop10 eps! It all starts at 9p on @TeenNick posted a photo theaters Dec 4th, #Chiraq stars @NickCannon @wesleysnipes @TeyonahParris @IAMJHUD @ImAngelaBassett @johncusack
Retweeted by Nick CannonMy Guy! OG, big night for the Chi Cannon - Pray 4 My City (Explicit Version) via @YouTube@thecyrilsmith @chiraqthemovie Thank you soo much brotha! Much Appreciated.
DADDY'S HAT rocked by my little lady Miss Monroe! can't control what others say about you but you can control if it's true or not! Call... Conscience is Conscious.
Batman had to do some crime fighting in Gotham before going to bed! LOL #Rocstar believe people are in your life for seasons, reasons, lessons, and blessings. For all that I say… Life is a Life, no matter your geographical location, race, class, or belief. #StopALLViolence posted a photo Peace! #ChiRaq Star @NickCannon response re: confusion around #ChiRaqTheMovie "The devil is the author of confusion"!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
TONIGHT at 10:30pm ET: Tune in to @fox5ny to see our #NCredible time with @NickCannon and friends at @StMarysKidsNY.
Retweeted by Nick CannonTune in to @fox5ny at 10:30pm to see what happened when I took some family and friends to visit @StMarysKidsNY. Don't miss it! #FOX5STMARYSHa! #Repost @wesleysnipes Man!!!!! How many of yall have been that dude on the couch? I know I have!…"PRAY FOR MY CITY" from the new @SpikeLee Joint CHI-RAQ
Enter #GivingSpreeSweeps for a chance to grab gifts in NYC for kids in need! Details: Let's TALK... was the real deal @liiiq 1995Super excited about this! of my life!
Swole up! LOL going down tomorrow in Toronto! Let's go!!
Or when my ADHD wouldn't allow me to sit still
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