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The National Coalition for the Homeless is a broad network of individuals & organizations united by a commitment to ending homelessness.

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RT @SchoolHouseConn: Our Executive Director, @DuffieldBarbara once said, "homelessness is not a partisan issue. Onl… @AbilityHousing: Diane overcame homelessness and now helps others as a Peer Support Specialist.… @BassukCenter: From our founder @EllenBassuk for #hhweek #endhomelessness @hhweek: No child deserves to grow up hungry. Share this image and spread the call to end global hunger. #hhweek honor of #hhweek, @RealChangeNews published an edition focused on #homelessness! Read and share to raise #awareness!RT @NatlCrittenton: It's no coincidence Black, Hispanic, LGBQ/GNCT youth & young parents disproportionately experie… @SchoolHouseConn created a striking video to accompany the report released Wednesday by @Chapin_Hall on… @AECFNews: Two #Seattle leaders are reducing #homelessness by focusing on #AmericanIndian and #AlaskanNative fam…
RT @Voices4ORHomes: Last school year in Oregon, over 22,500 kids experienced homelessness at some point during the… @nn4youth: According to a groundbreaking new @Chapin_Hall study, 4.2 million young people experiences homelessne… @Chapin_Hall report on #youthhomelessness revealing that "at least 1 in 10 young adults ages 18-25 and at least 1… @naehomelessness: "Homelessness & housing insecurity not only reduce the effectiveness of health care and increa… @MHCUpstream: This #HHWeek, we're sharing this case study from @CHCSHealth that examines how care outside the ho… in health and housing? It's not too late to register for today's webinar by @NatlHCHCouncil about diabet…"The worst thing about being a homeless student was the hunger" #hhweek #facesofhomelessness #endhunger series sheds light on some of the #facesofhomelessness. Share our content, follow @hhweek, and raise… @nnedv: 65% of survivors were refused housing entirely or offered more unfavorable lease conditions than a non-v…
Take action during #hhweek and join #OpMainStreet to advocate for homeless veterans! Learn more here:… you @CityOfLasVegas for working to end veterans homelessness! We should focus on caring for our veterans eve… @WelcomeHouseKY: Ro works the front desk at our Pike St. location and meets every man, woman, child, and family…"For the people that aren't in a position to change with the city, we just kind of got left behind" says Mr. Monk f… your time this week to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness! Visit and follow… @NorthernTwit8: Nov. 11-19: Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week #hhweek Many Americans are living on the edge.… @VillanovaMedia: Faculty across @VillanovaU shine a light on the issues of homelessness through their research.… is Alan, a man who overcame homelessness and now helps others do the same. Share this image to join the call t…
@IntDiabetesFed @AmDiabetesAssn @WDD Today we recognize World Diabetes Day and the challenges faced by many homele…'s a story of another community promoting the "Yes In My Back Yard" mindset to counter the all-to-prevalent NIM… was World Kindness Day. Read our post about the "Not In My Back Yard" (NIMBY) attitude and how we can spr… action for #hhweek today! | RT @naehomelessness: Are you satisfied that Congress will prioritize homelessness… #ShareYourTable to tell us about who you have invited to share a meal with you. Build bridges, break down barri… child should ever have to live on the street. Share this image and spread the call to end homelessness. #hhweek and compelling video out of Chicago, IL just in time for #hhweek... How can every city become more inclusi… have you participated in #hhweek so far? Tweet your stories to @hhweek and @Ntl_Homeless and don't forget to Sh… than 90% of homeless women have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives. Le…
Retweeted by National HomelessAccording to @NLCHPhomeless >90% of homeless women are victims of severe physical or sexual abuse #awareness #hhweek #endDV #endhomelessness
One of the fastest growing homeless populations is families with children. Check out our site to learn more! #hhweek's Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and it couldn't be a more perfect time to pick up the latest issue of R…
Retweeted by National HomelessJoin the movement to end hunger and homelessness! Find a way this week to help those in need. #hhweek
Retweeted by National HomelessEvery person deserves a roof over their head. Share this image and spread the call to end homelessness. #hhweek
Retweeted by National HomelessIt's not too late call your representatives, 877-795-7862 , tell them to vote NO on H.R. 1, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs…
Retweeted by National HomelessBoulder City Council officially recognizes Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week in their city! #hhweek #awareness you know 549,000 Americans are homeless on a typical night? #awareness #hhweek Follow @hhweek to learn more and get involved!Join Nov. 16 Webinar on FY18 Budget Outlook and Impact of Tax Reform on Affordable Housing Programs we want to #endhomelessness overall, we must break the #youthhomelessness cycle! #HHweek RT @LegalAidNYC @ThriveDC: Nobody deserves to be homeless. #ThriveDC your own dinner table selfie and join the call to end hunger and homelessness
Retweeted by National HomelessIt is Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week! Follow @hhweek to find out how to get involved and tweet all week w/…
Several of our partners are doing great work to house homeless veterans. Check out their work: @GetVetsHoused @DeptVetAffairs @NCHVorgOn any given night, over 50,000 veterans are homeless. Learn more from the Wounded Warrior Homes project here: is #veteransday & we thank our veterans for their service! They deserve to return home with dignity, yet many face homelessness.Today is the start of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week! Follow @hhweek & visit to find out how to get involved!
RT @TalkPoverty "700 homeless/year die of hypothermia but U.S. doesn't have broad restrictions on winter evictions" of Atlanta, GA, announces effectively ending veteran homelessness! article on DC's Pathways to Housing legislation by @streetsensedc#housingnothandcuffs #endhomelessness of San Francisco, CA reveals plan to fight chronic homelessness #endhomelessness #alternativestocriminalization study found "direct relationship between rising rents & rising homeless population" in WA #affordablehousing Anaheim, CA, homeless individuals being told there is no place for them #endhomelessness #housingnothandcuffs
"What if this homeless woman was your mother?" Consider. #facesofhomelessness #empathy #compassion #actionnotapathy's #veteransday today! What action will you take to support homeless veterans? #endhomelessness #hhweek @hhweekSmall Area FMR is an important way to increase availability of #affordablehousing through subsidy! #endhomelessness Falls, SD reminds us that it starts with EACH ONE OF US to #endhomelessness - speak up, call legislators, etc. York City needs HOUSING, not warehousing. Pass #HousingNotWarehousing @NYCMayor @ydanis @MTorresSpringer @TishJames @JumaaneWilliams"We do not want to see buildings warehoused at all" @BilldeBlasio Thank you! Please help pass #HousingNotWarehousing you @TishJames, @ydanis & @JumaaneWilliams for committing to pass the #HousingNotWarehousing Act this year!Join us at 11am to make some noise about the #HousingNotWarehousing Act in NY. Learn more here and speak up! working 40+ hours a week still isn't enough to avoid homelessness... #facesofhomelessness #workinghomeless of Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY), advocates say Yes! Read about YIMBY approach and #affordablehousing here:
RT @clevhomeless: Powerful and Courageous: "I am Homeless" A Poem by Sonia Emerson #facesofhomelessness #awareness don't we tackle homelessness like we do other social problems? Now more than ever we need empathy and diligence! reminder @NLCHPhomeless: Keeping people from eating won't solve #homelessness #foodsharing #hunger @theprogressive Denver is often rated "best place to live" but its homeless tell a different story #StopTheSweeps were featured in @FundingResults October's Top 10 #EndDV Tweets! #endDV #endhomelessness
RT @FoodRecovery: Candi, Robert, and Dana from our Speakers' Bureau spoke at #NFRD17 Thanks for raising #awareness! @clevhomeless: Powerful and Courageous: "I am Homeless" A Poem by Sonia Emerson painting of a homeless girl from NY by @jearleyartist #facesofhomelessness #youthhomelessnes #endhomelessness @NLIHC: Disaster Housing Recovery Update, Monday, November 6, 2017 what proposed tax reforms will mean for #affordablehousing? Read & GO VOTE TODAY! #awareness #votingday #VOTE"It is morally repugnant to put poor people in a position of choosing between homelessness and a dangerous home." Scott Burris at #APHA2017
Retweeted by National HomelessHousing is the best solution and THE long-term answer to homelessness #endhomelessness