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The National Coalition for the Homeless is a broad network of individuals & organizations united by a commitment to ending homelessness.

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Despite Republican Claims, Medicaid Work Requirements Would Hurt People With Disabilities #CripTheVote #HandsOff
Retweeted by National HomelessThis year, Congress should keep their #HandsOff vital public benefits that help many Americans.
Retweeted by National HomelessToronto homeless memorial. The names are homeless people who died on the streets!
Retweeted by National HomelessFor those recovering from #opioids, getting daily medications through medicaid can be an exhausting process. Travel…
Retweeted by National HomelessThe Trump Plan to Hurt the Poor by Pretending to Help Them
Retweeted by National Homeless
Yay NY, Yay @pthny and yay #CommunityLandTrusts! are not looking good folks:
U.N. Investigator On Extreme Poverty Issues A Grim Report — On The U.S.
Bussed out: How America moves its homeless
It Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Arrest People Who Are Homeless
All we want for Christmas is HOUSING!
Extreme poverty in America: read the UN special monitor's report Housing for People with Disabilities — A Worsening Crisis
Thank you to all who remembered those we've lost this past year! #HomelessMemorial #NoMoreHomelessDeath the Homeless: Universal Housing is the Answer
NCH Board member Albert kicking off DC’s #HomelessMemorial #NoMoreHomelessDeath you for participating in our Twitter Chat. Take pause today to remember those who have passed this year and t…
Retweeted by National Homeless @KevinLindamood Reminding us to find our common humanity to ensure #NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National HomelessWe also desperately need to consider the transition time between losing a home and moving into a new one. We've los… Stop blaming people who live on the street. Homelessness is created by public policies intentionally. We have t…
Retweeted by National HomelessFundamentally we’ve got ourselves a housing problem. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National HomelessA8. Realizing that there is no such thing as a homeless person. Instead, there are people in our community being de…
Retweeted by National HomelessA7 We need to address racial inequality in housing services and #homelessness. @c4innovates #NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National Homeless @NatlHCHCouncil A7: We need a single payer health care system & affordable and decent housing for EVERYONE. Period.…
Retweeted by National Homeless @NatlHCHCouncil In richest country ever, establish #righttohousing & #righttohealthcare as basic human rights - the…
Retweeted by National HomelessWe don’t lack an understanding or solutions to ending homelessness. We’re not funding those solutions at the scale…
Retweeted by National HomelessA7: Investment in affordable housing upkeep and creation, livable wage jobs, robust mental health system and addict…
Retweeted by National HomelessA6 Advocacy efforts that raise awareness - Homelessness Bill of Rights, @HNHCampaign initiatives that protect the r…
Retweeted by National HomelessPrograms, like the national Housing Trust Fund and Housing Choice Vouchers, are effective resources to help end hom…
Retweeted by National HomelessA6: Right to shelter laws, homeless bills of rights and anti-discrimination laws, housing trust funds. How can we s… Storytellers like @hardlynormal / @invisiblepeople and those breaking down stereotypes - that's what's going to…
Retweeted by National Homeless @Permacyclists Thank you for reminding us that this is about justice, not charity #NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National HomelessA4: The complications of being homeless - if you need to be in line by 3 for a shelter spot, you can’t hold a 9-5 job #NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National HomelessWorst misconception is that we can’t #EndHomelessness We can! We know how if we have the commitment to do it #NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National HomelessA2. Because homelessness is inherently traumatic. And repeated trauma is lethal. Whenever I speak with someone livi…
Retweeted by National HomelessA3: It impacts my community in every way. We are all living in a world with less affordable housing, and lack of li… When someone experiences homelessness their biology is required to stay in survival mode. Medically this biolog…
Retweeted by National HomelessA2: People experiencing homelessness are more likely to experience violence & lack of adequate health care access t…
Retweeted by National Homeless#NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National Homeless#NoMoreHomelessDeath
Retweeted by National HomelessA2: Living outside or in a shelter you encounter elements most housed individuals never face. Weather, cold and or… Housing is healthcare. Housing saves everyone who sleeps outside from the elements and the hazards of living on… our Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Twitter Chat about ensuring that no life is lost to homelessness. We will a…
Retweeted by National HomelessStarting in 10 minutes! December 21st, we remember thousands of our brothers and sisters who have passed away this year without a home.…
#VoteNo on the tax bill because it hurts older adults & people with disabilities #ProtectOurCare #TaxOnDisability
RT @sandrogalea: #Homelessness and its attendant health effects are produced by a range of social, economic, and en… new House Tax Plan seems to give unfair tax breaks to large companies instead of supporting middle- and working… about the impact that the proposed House Tax Plan will have? Check out this graphic which displays the way… morning we'll share some reasons we believe the House Tax Plan is not the solution our communities need. The p…
Sweeping homeless encampments out of the way or pushing un-housed communities to move somewhere else does NOT… transitional and supportive housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness is one way to… new study from @VillanovaU finds that imprisonment starts and perpetuates a vicious cycle of homelessness - 93% o… advocates, legislators, community members, and leaders, all must remember that #housingmatters and… of the new D.C. legislation believe it will #endhomelessness by making it harder to remain homeless, but… Washington, D.C. a new bill makes it more complicated for individuals to access shelter. As a result, we will se… in New York, technological #innovation aims to help #homeless community. Let's make sure we are meeting the ne… positive approach being taken in New York City, NY that will make #affordablehousing more #accessible to all. Hop…
Final thought on the Point-in-Time count for today: P.I.T. only counts those who are un-sheltered and does not incl… of the places that saw a huge increase in homelessness last year was the West Coast: further reflection on the drawbacks of the way we measure homelessness in America, check out this piece from th… organization @NLCHPhomeless released a report last week that explains the problematic structure of the Poin… a variety of reasons the P.I.T. cannot possibly give an accurate portrait of the full magnitude of… week, the Point-in-Time count of homelessness numbers were released and sparked a lot of conversation online a…
It is so important for journalism to support nonprofits and their target audiences in speaking up and making their… the public rallied to speak out against the Veteran Administration's plan to cut support for veteran homeless… number of #homeless #veterans in America continues to grow. Clearly, more support for this population is needed… more homeless camps are being swept and cleared across the nation, un-housed individuals are asking "Where else…"Housing is linked, inextricably, to health, emotional well-being, family financial security, and economic mobility… @CFHNYC: Today Destiny says #YesICarefortheHomeless! Just a reminder as you start off your Monday morning…
Experiencing homelessness can be very traumatic, yet there is a "lack of counseling services to help families throu… number don't tell the whole story are a key player in the effort to #endhomelessness. Check out some Seattle, WA experts talking about their…