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The National Coalition for the Homeless is a broad network of individuals & organizations united by a commitment to ending homelessness.

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.@MaxineWaters: "We have a president and a HUD secretary who instead of providing solutions would make matters much worse." #NAEH17
Retweeted by National HomelessThe Honorable Maxine Waters speaking truth! seizing property does not increase safety, is frequently abused, and too often burdens people and commun…
Retweeted by National HomelessBanishment. This is the only word which aptly describes and defines the process of removing us from our communities…
Retweeted by National HomelessTrump's proposed budget cuts will cause 250,000 households to lose their housing support.
Retweeted by National Homeless#WednesdayWisdom from @GreensteinCBPP "Harsh House #GOPBudget Resolution Asks Most from Those Who Have Least"
Retweeted by National HomelessWe will oppose any attempt by the Pence-Kobach commission to suppress the vote. Read @vanitaguptaCR in the @nytimes:
Retweeted by National HomelessAre there alternatives 2 law enforcement 2 reduce panhandling in OH cities? We think outreach has proven effective.…
Retweeted by National HomelessHaving to deciding between paying rent & buying food is unacceptable. Join #OurHomesOurVoices Week of Action on July 22-29. #HealthyHomes
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The problem is that if you undermine existing programs like Public Housing, CDBG with budget cuts, you flood the sy…
Retweeted by National HomelessGlad to have @Ntl_Homeless as a sponsor of #OurHomesOurVoices #NAEH17
Retweeted by National HomelessDear @SecretaryCarson homelessness is not a disease. It is a product of eliminating public funding of housing.
Congress: Keep your #HandsOff programs that invest in health, jobs, future for all. 1500 organizations agree:
2017 Councilmember Wants to Make Homelessness a Protected Class cruel Catch-22 of being poor with no ID Introduces Landmark Civil Rights Amendment to Protect Homeless Washingtonians @streetsensedcAnother attempt to remove homeless folks from view, because seeing their poverty makes people uncomfortable is why we need protections for people who are unhoused, we are so often treated as less than human: Street harassment has no place in my city. I'm standing with CASS to #PassSHPA! Sign the petition: someone in your family using or in reco very? Take this survey to document your experience! do you think? DC, Some Who Are Homeless Wait Years For a New ID so They Can Get Their Lives Back @CynthiaHubert2: Sacramento sees a startling surge in homeless people. Who they are might surprise you
D.C. Councilmember Wants to Make Homelessness a Protected Class you @cmdgrosso for introducing the Michael A Stoops anti-discrimination bill!! We are proud to work with you! 60 days in the Nav Center: a client speaks out
Retweeted by National HomelessSay NO to the $7B cuts to HUD! Sign the petition NOW! @CVHaction
Retweeted by National Homeless“Housing is now widely understood to be the best health intervention for the homeless population.”
Retweeted by National HomelessWe must make it clear to #Congress. The budget needs to invest not cut. Add your voice & share…
Retweeted by National HomelessKids living in affordable homes have better educational & economic outcomes. We must stand up for…
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"Poverty is not a state of mind- escaping concentrated & generational hardship is an unimaginable mountain to climb" if EVERYONE had an affordable roof over their head? Join #OurHomesOurVoices Week of Action from July 22-29 to…
Retweeted by National Homeless"We spend more to subsidize 7 mil of the highest income homeowners than to help 55 mil of the lowest income renters"
2017 cities choose fencing over compassion: to know how the president's proposed budget would impact your community? great way to prevent homelessness is to stop the destruction of affordable housing through gentrification! is beyond enraging that a Congressman has the nerve to ask for subsidized housing, when so many are homeless:
Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices? don't we change the way we calculate poverty? Most likely, because it would show just how bad things are: last week: @RepJoeKennedy & @peterbedelman warned against an anti-hunger backslide:
Retweeted by National Homeless more we de-fund shelter in order to under-fund housing first, the more people will be forced to live outside: though the Trump budget has not passed into law, it is already having disastrous affects on poor Americans: saves lives. Period.
To solve America's poverty crisis, Congress must reject budget cuts
Recent Proposals Threaten Basic Needs and Independence for People with Disabilities
Really great post from @USICHgov: People Experience Homelessness, They Aren’t Defined By It Budget Would Worsen Homelessness @CenterOnBudget
Wheelchair repair program a lifeline for the disabled — particularly on the streets you heard of the Vienna Model? How one city solved homelessness by investing in housing for all: the Trump Budget’s Tax and Spending Plans and Unrealistic Assumptions not families who are staying on the couches of friends or family...
D.C. plays Whack-a-Mole with homeless encampments's Homeless Crisis: Nonprofits and Residents Innovate While Officials Try to Restrict Services #DCHomelessCrisisSurge in Latino homeless population 'a whole new phenomenon' for Los Angeles
2017 is truly unsightly is the capacity some have to ignore human suffering and the trauma of homelessness: Study Ranks States on How Well They Help Homeless Students. Where Does Your State Rank? what happens when people who think negatively of people who experience homelessness get a taste themselves: @jwjnational We'd add Mr. Wendell: you for your incredible advocacy Brian!! is An Appropriate Response to Poverty and Death on Toronto Streets do our cities want to curb human kindness?