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The National Coalition for the Homeless is a broad network of individuals & organizations united by a commitment to ending homelessness.

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Joined Twitter 6/11/09 Community Village is getting Built! Yet Sweeps Continue…
Retweeted by National HomelessNEOCH will host a memorial for Michael Stoops in Cleve on Saturday at the Free Stamp as part of Open Doors CLE…
Retweeted by National HomelessTrump's proposed cuts will land devastating blow on millions of low income people to pay for tax cuts for wealthy & increased military $. 1/
Retweeted by National HomelessPress Release: "The #TrumpBudget: A Harsh Attack On Our Own People"
Retweeted by National HomelessJoin our #HandsOff campaign to fight Trump’s and Congress’ budget cuts.
Retweeted by National Homeless#TrumpBudget
Retweeted by National HomelessHousing First is an amazing concept, but doesn't work for everyone: homelessness is often misunderstood, under-resourced, and occurs at higher rates than in urban areas:
"Overall reductions [in homelessness] are credited to the county expanding, redirecting or refining programs"’s Make America ‘Not’ Hate Again @streetsensedcRegister NOW for our #HousingNotHandcuffs Forum hosted by Sidley Austin in DC June 6-7 #Right2HousingForum
Retweeted by National HomelessIf the city were truly concerned w/ health & safety of its residents, it would ensure they had appropriate housing.!! "cops discovered their arrests did little to fix the problem" Way to go San Antonio! #HousingNotHandcuffs is rampant in the US, but we pretend it's not: wish new efforts the best, but it doesn't take a special task force to figure out that housing ends homelessness:
RT @coalitiononhn: The big squeeze on human needs programs continues via @debbieweinstein in @thehill
The president's full budget has been leaked, and it is immoral: @NLIHC Trauma of Life on Skid Row, in Photos San Diegans, and Americans, deserve a place to live!! Trump’s Budget Cuts! Pass the Peoples Budget to Save Our Homes! Tax Plan Would Give 400 Highest-Income Americans More Than $15 Million a Year in Tax Cuts @CenterOnBudget
2017 DC, have you seen a drop in the number of people who are unhoused? you know that rental assistance for 300,000+ Section 202 units is at risk? Join the #SaveHUD202 campaign. @nahudtenants: #PeoplesBudget includes strong housing platform and #nocuts! Tell your Rep to VOTE YES!How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality: Mortgage Interest Deduction needs to be reformed! This could greatly increase resources for low-income families!Poverty, open sewers and parasites: ‘America’s dirty shame’ Inequality Is a Barrier to Education and Social Mobility
House-Passed Bill Would Devastate Health Care in Rural America @nahudtenants @HuffPostPol Incredibly disturbing!Click here to join NAHT as a Citizen Sponsor of the Peoples Budget to Save Our Homes! #peoplesbudget #saveourhomes
Retweeted by National HomelessThat is why today I am introducing the Community Impact Investment Tax Credit Act of 2017
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Poor housing and sanitation, driven by poverty, has exacerbated rural southerners' risk of disease."As people who live in poverty, we are rarely invited to be part of the policy discussions that affect us the most."
Homeownership builds the middle class. But spending 70% of housing funds on homeowners leaves little for the poor.
In today's America, few Americans stand a realistic chance of ever changing their economic status. on the poorest in society rely on the myth that we can’t afford them. Yet we line the pockets of the rich. housing policy gives homeowners huge benefits. But renters, who are disproportionately poor, get nothing.
2017 city with such drastic income inequality has no business returning $ to build affordable housing:
2017 are heartbroken to announce that Michael Stoops passed away early this morning. More details will follow.
Middle-class jobs are on the decline: Many working people are underpaid & struggle to make ends meet. #fightfor15
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2017 @homelessoutloud: U.S. District Court Certifies One of the Largest Homeless Class Actions in American History!!! must see resource! RT @natlhousingconf: @NLIHC's latest advocates’ guide is now available! we know already about Trump's tax "reform" plan: it's a massive giveaway to corporations, billionaires & Trump.
Retweeted by National Homeless's Close to Impossible to Be Homeless in Houston Without Breaking the Law this petition to support civil rights for persons with disabilities that do not exist in other laws: from @dianeyentel of @NLIHC on President Trump’s Tax Reform Proposal: @momsrising: RT @carustol: Find videos with information of 'know your rights', view them and get empowered w/ knowledge #EarlyEdChat"Decent, stable affordable housing can serve as a platform for achieving better life outcomes"
US DCt Col certified class action in case against Denver for criminalization of homelessness! #HNHNow @homelessoutloud @withouthousing
Retweeted by National HomelessHere's how to use vacant property to house the homeless
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A stunning 94 percent of the 9 million new jobs created in the past decade were temp or contract-based gigs.
Retweeted by National HomelessHomeless LGBTQ Youth r Disproportionately Affected By Sex Trafficking- Discrimination Is Far From Over #40toNoneDayDid you know 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ? Let's make that none. #EndYouthHomelessness #40toNone
Retweeted by National HomelessHsg impacts health, educ, & more. Tell Congress TODAY to protect affordable hsg investments & pass spending bills…
Retweeted by National HomelessWhat do #EssentialHealthBenefits matter #ProtectOurCare
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