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The National Coalition for the Homeless is a broad network of individuals & organizations united by a commitment to ending homelessness.

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"majorities of American voters say they are less likely to vote for a congressional candidate who backs these effor… of our continued failure to house our neighbors, or provide everyone adequate access to bathrooms/water/bas… @talkpoverty: Taking away someone’s health care, housing or food assistance doesn’t help them find work any fast…
Could it be that we continue to under-fund affordable housing programs??? 'America's new Vietnam': why a homelessne…
New York City Is Failing Homeless Students, Reports Say"The Right to Rest bill is about seeing homelessness not just as a policy challenge, but recognizing the dignity of… ban protestors cleared of charges, continue feeding homeless“When we say ‘poor’ we refer to an inherent power we should claim” @Kairos_Center only way we can move forward with truly ending homelessness, is to stop putting legal and survival barriers up… that the CO Legislature did not uphold the right of homeless folks to survive this week, "Depriving people of…
‘Not an accident’ that people of color over-represented in homeless population, study shows a busy month for our public education programs! So proud and honored to work with great students like these! new @NLIHC #OutOfReach report is out. "The U.S. Has National Shortage of More Than 7.2 Million Affordable & Ava… Duluth!! A New Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Proposed: on the Santa Ana encampment residents, housing and shelter are still elusive... at city homeless shelters hits record high of 63,495, study shows Women Say ‘Me Too,’ But No One Listens
He attends elite UC Berkeley but lives in a trailer with no heat or sewer hookups. Soon, he'll be scrambling to fin… video on homelessness on #SkidRow in LA: and the cruel irony of metropolitan history
Deaths of homeless people go uncounted in Oakland — and most places cure for #NIMBYism when communities are given carte blanche to discriminate however they would like: Santa Ana left the camps alone, and searched instead for permanent affordable housing options, they wouldn't be… is something we can get behind! " Senate Democrats' Infrastructure Plan Includes $62 B… Sacramento, and cities across the country, there are few, if any, public restrooms available for homeless folks,… Will Happen to the People? Urban Renewal Yesterday and Gentrification Today
3x your impact! Amazon is tripling the donation rate on your first purchase - through March… is like lots of issues: Racism makes it worse Great work from @c4innovates!Advocates spent 12-hour days helping homeless people move from the Santa Ana River. Their work isn’t done"Sometimes just being a little bit nice to somebody and giving them one thing can kind of spark something,” are those who passed away while homeless? things going on this week! Duluth, MN is voting on its Homeless Persons' Bill of Rights today, and Denver will…
Lawsuit: Amarillo City Officials Pushing Homeless into Potentially Unsafe Shelters news for youth who are experiencing homelessness in NYC - the city council is moving to allowing young people… to the judge in this case that held up a homeless man's civil rights - we need to respect our citizen's at…'s HUD administration has delayed 2 rules and now this? Fair Housing is obviously not a priority! "Department… couple months old, but still a great perspective: What if LA's Homeless Population was a city? Made So Much Money Last Year They Could end Extreme Poverty Seven Times:'s our March Madness!
Hope (and Possible Heartbreak) at Amarillo’s ‘Tent City’ will become permenent, unless we take quick action to invest in human capital, making decent and affordable ho… good story about how our economy is forcing families to become homeless! "The homeless in L.A. are not who y…'t let NIMBYs — or weak-kneed politicians — stand in the way of homeless housing @sandrarara This is utterly despicable. former neighbors, Tent City 3, are featured in a story in @nytimes @kljohnso The story profiles several TC3 res…
Retweeted by National HomelessHow can we allow the secretary of HUD to cut housing assistance for the poorest among us, but spend over $30,000 of… workers are leaders, advocates & champions. Promote profession during Social Work Month in March! #SWMonth
A great reminder, thanks @TheCoalitionSF 3 Ways to Responsibly and Compassionately Respond to Panhandling“Racial and ethnic inequality is growing worse. We’re resegregating our housing and schools” we can rebuild our cities' affordable housing infrastructure and get people into safe and decent homes, the l… the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing funding in the Recovery Act of 2009 dried up, we've only come ba… SNAP. #SenateAg #HouseAg: say NO to cuts, say YES to ending hunger & fighting poverty. #SNAPtoEndHunger
Santa Ana's grand plan to house 400 encampment residents in motels is meeting with challenges: @first_focus: New Orleans homeless youth featured in Vice documentary | NOLA"LA sanitation needs $17M to keep up with homeless encampments" - not for housing mind you, but to push people arou… people are standing up, we will not accept the criminalization of people who are homeless!
A hearing on Colorado's Righ t to Rest legislation has been delayed to March 14th, but that… what we mean by the "Criminalization of Homelessness?" Check out this article for a great primer with exam… is how we respond to and assist people living in encampments in our cities!!Locking People Out of Medicaid Coverage Will Increase Uninsured, Harm Beneficiaries’ Health