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Debbie Williams @OHbamaMama Southeastern Ohio

Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they'd be Republicans. ~Will Rogers #RESIST

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This tweet is my favorite.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsA friend wants to know: Where are Bloomberg’s Billions? Am I just imagining that he promised to spend a fortune to…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHey @realDonaldTrump! Who's feeble?
Butter emails.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsBarr should be disbarred. Then he should be thrown in prison, the damn crook. doesn’t mean Dems are bad at messaging
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @tribelaw Donald Trump has needed help for a long time. It truly shows how little the people around him, especially…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @tribelaw I think it's more a case of revealing the depth of sickness that was always there. If the media had treat…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsTrump is indeed getting worse, hard as that may be to imagine. The sicko is getting sicker each time he opens his m…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams
If people were using TIKTOK to worship him INSTEAD OF DRAG HIM.....we wouldn't be HERE!👇🏿😷
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsFox News is onto something here... he is NOT okay
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsYou're a liar and a fraud
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsThe orange Occupant proves once again he's a moron when it comes to religion. Oh self adored chosen one...Are you…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsThe two worst mornings:
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsMcGrath, Kentucky. Aren't you tired of McConnell getting rich off your backs while he throws you crumbs?'s using the Bible as a good luck talisman for re-election. It's a wink for evangelicals. “I brought my Bi…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsRETWEET if you agree the number of Bible verses Trump knows is zero
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsWe CLEARLY don’t need 4 more years of THAT. We have seen what the Twitter tyrant can do. Let’s bring calm and d…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @Sades8809 @realDonaldTrump If they can take your guns why didn’t obama?
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHUGE STORY not getting much press. First time in USA history, the USA gov't controls stock prices. The Fed and Mn…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHe missed even that low bar.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHappy 20th birthday to the most wonderful daughter anyone could ask for. Morgan, you have a tremendous future ahead…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsIn response to ⁦⁦@mercedesschlapp⁩’s ⁦@RealClearNews⁩ op-ed. Get your facts straight. And don’t mess with my family.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsThis, this, this breaks my soul.. as a TX resident, I vow to remove Rs in power.. starting w/@JohnCornyn and then o…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsFrom the get-go.'s embarrassing. They're clearly not an intellectual master race.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsWho was incidentally collected acknowledging to Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak that Russian money was laundered…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @NRA Oh for God's sake, GROW UP. @mattgaetz Busy with their head up Trump's ass, same as you. @MeghanMcCain Then somebody, dear, needs to straighten that mess of a political party out.
I was there in 1974 and this scenario of 45 resigning followed by a Pence pardon, but there's a difference from Nix…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @TheRickWilson Demand #HandMarkedPaperBallots it's the only way we can verify your vote in a recount. Voters that…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsDon't rest. Don't get complacent. Register. Request your ballot. Vote early.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsWell, isn't that hamfistedly obvi.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHey @realDonaldTrump. I hear you're worried that the Post Office can't handle the load of mail-in ballots. Ever hear of Christmas?? @varindersingh24 Donald J. Trump
@RealKHiveQueenB Bunch of whiny losers. They won't do a damn thing. They just want their grammy & grampy to take ca…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsYes, we sure do. @realDonaldTrump You keep saying the Corona Virus will go away "like things go away". I have a pressing question fo… @mrsberthamason1 @TheRickWilson Now i know what he meant when he said the stockpile of medical equipment was “ours”…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsSecretary of Failure, Part 1 of an infinite series.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsShe answered this question under oath at a public hearing carried wall-to-wall on tv three years ago.
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @realDonaldTrump #TrumpTheSnake🙄 kind of shit irritates me to my breaking point. There is fake news, but it's from outfits like this.“For the sake of our republic, [Trump] must lose, and lose badly...Yet that should be just a start. He should be re…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams
Here it is, folks. “yo-SEMITE.”
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @alexnazaryan 😂Amen.
what tommy said
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsOhio has this rule., this has got to STOP. RIGHT NOW. makes two of us, @ArvertaB. NO.
@realDonaldTrump Oops! my hand up... douche bags are such gentlemen. 🙄 is the ACTUAL IMAGE of the crowd size for Trump today. Why are the media now showing this? This is a REAL PH…
Retweeted by Debbie Williamsomg
Retweeted by Debbie Williams
Portland is not "under siege." Portlanders are enjoying the summer. Portlanders are walking their dogs. Portlanders…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsPresident Obama eulogizing John Lewis is the salve my spirit needed today. I so miss having a president.
Retweeted by Debbie Williams
This tweet is a historic document. It's the moment Trump made it crystal clear to his own supporters in the law wor…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsThis Week, Pramila Jayapal Became Our Eviscerator-in-Chief
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsSeriously, make this a t-shirt.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsWhat is it you call people who have sex with the women who gave birth to them? Because that is what these people a…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHerman Caín thought Covid was a hoax, scoffed at wearing a mask. Died of Covid. Bill Montgomery, co-founder of pro…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 Seyma gets it.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsDear Trump Supporters, Only 3 miles of wall got built; Mexico didn't pay; Hillary's not locked up; Obamacare wasn'…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @realDonaldTrump He died of #TrumpVirus2020. @realDonaldTrump You really have no clue how elections work, do you?Get your absentee ballot. Do it today. Vote the moment you can. This has to be an electoral college wipeout, a…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams313 Americans died of Covid in Texas yesterday.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsBREAKING #Trump wants to delay the November 3rd election Thanks Republicans. This is who you are. #VoteBlue
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsGod help us if/when people will need to stay in #hurricane shelters during this #pandemic.😳
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsQ2 GDP Your morning reminder. Only 96 days until we ... #TakeOutTheNationalTrash
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @realDonaldTrump Here's a graph for you. #TrumpEconomy no, you’re getting your sorry ass out of Washington 🥾
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsYou are simply SCARED TO DEATH OF THE VOTERS. WE SEE YOU.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsTrump for reasons not yet known is a WITTING TOOL OF PUTIN and the Russians. His withdrawal of 12,000 troops from G…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsSen. Ron Johnson's "#1 issue" ...until Trump took office. Please RT & Follow @TheWorstSenator #wipolitics #wisen
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsKnow what we're up against. 💙 @AngelaBelcamino @dpoignon Nay.Soon, Lindsey. Soon.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsAnd... It's the first time Trump's told the truth in years: Nobody likes him.
This is a rejection of the very concept of civil disobedience
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsHappy Birthday, @VictoriaLAlbers 🎈💵👍💙 makes excuses for Russia like a parent does for a misbehaving child
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsMy God—who besides absolutely everyone would've suspected that when America finally uncovered an actual systematize…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams#EXCLUSIVE from @axios @mikeallen - @ProjectLincoln $4 million ad blitz targets @DrAlGrossAK in #AKSEN
Retweeted by Debbie Williams❤️
Retweeted by Debbie Williams @realDonaldTrump I didn’t realize that making America great again meant returning to the social unrest of 1968, the…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams💵 kind of shithole @FLOTUS renovates the Rose Garden in the middle of a national crisis?
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsTHIS JUST IN --- TRUMP FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH!!! 'Nobody likes me': Trump ponders pandemic popularity of Fauci an…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsWhat has the Trump virus taken from you?
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsLincoln lies in his marble chair, bleeding... The stars In your flag, America, Are bullet holes... ---Yevgeny…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsOur students and educators deserve better than four more years of Betsy DeVos. It’s time for a Secretary of Educati…
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsMe thinking about everything going down tomorrow.
Retweeted by Debbie WilliamsTrump administration announced Tues it will defy order to fully restore DACA. DHS Secretary Chad Wolf declared that…
Retweeted by Debbie Williams