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What Oprah knows for sure about communicating: cut disappointment can be avoided: three happiness strategies of emotionally intelligent people: few reasons why you're hearing so much about anti-inflammatory foods: upon a time she was the other woman; then her own husband cheated on her. shares the most important thing he learned from his mentor @diddy:'t be "two ways wrong": How a reformed waffler learned to make the right decisions ready to plunge into this weekend head and heart-first: why @Vichy_USA's Mineral 89 serum is a Fall 2017 Beauty O-Wards winner. Shop all of our picks at… for what you want gets easier with practice, and @IyanlaVanzant offers great advice on how to do it:'s the first day of 🍂fall🍂! Is it too soon to stockpile cozy sweaters and slow cooker recipes? (Nope.) breakfast recipes win a crowd over even if they're not avoiding dairy:
The lost art of the sincere, no-excuses apology, and how to make one:"Don't be so picky," and more things single women are tired of hearing: couples have sex this often on average after 35: choices in support of one's vision will bring desired changes into manifestation.
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine30-Day Decluttering Plan, Day 8: Kitchen cabinets, aka "where storage containers with no matching lids go to die." snacks for that "dinner's so far away" 4 p.m. stomach growl: visitors with a one-of-kind doormat — all you need is tape, a brush and your favorite shades of paint:’s first story for @60Minutes will air Sunday. The TV icon is returning to her reporter roots & looking at Ame…
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineWhat a customer service rep can tell you about dealing with rude people: #TBT: @NateBerkus and @Oprah gave this family of 12 a dream home (and fully made us cry in the process)… guide to contacting your senators — including a game-changing trick for the phone-call-phobic: quotes to share with a friend who's in pain right now: ways to shop smart and slash your groceries budget: moves that go easy on those with back pain:
If you're thinking of moving in with your significant other, read this advice from @MarthaBeck first: this vitamin supplement be a boon in fighting depression? your thoughts on the current state of these United States by taking O's poll today: @cher told @Oprah about the media's toxic treatment of famous women in the '90s remains too common today: coats, and more picks we'll definitely swaddle ourselves in this winter: are 13 million hungry children in the U.S. — and this veteran is making sure they're fed when school's out: advice columnist weighs in on what to say when an acquaintance makes a racist comment: ways to de-stress during the day (don't forget to ~breathe~):’s Fall 2017 Beauty O-Ward winner has skin protection covered. Shop all of the winners at… you meet a couple who's been happy for 68 years(!!), you'd better believe they've got some good advice: convo! thank you @O_Magazine
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine @BreneBrown on how to curb those judgmental comments (and we all make them sometimes!): your habits hurting doggo's health?
30-Day Decluttering Plan, Day 5: If you don't remember when (or who) put those frozen ribs in there, toss 'em now. pair of jeans, so many possibilities. project @ThisIsMyBrave aims to entertain — and to destigmatize mental illness: decided to be honest when a stranger asked, "how are you?" And it changed her life:"Husbands come and go, but girlfriends last forever!" fear of abandonment winds up making it come true: spoke to #blackish star @YaraShahidi about Beyoncé and the beauty of free-flowing curls:'s advice for those of us who can't bring themselves to say no to people: @TheRealAdamSays picked 7 gray pieces to anchor your fall wardrobe: ways to outsmart anxiety so it won't sabotage your day: anti-inflammatory drinks to add to your breakfast rotation:
3 pore-minimizing tips from the pros: and self-awareness go a long way., you (probably) didn't break your Instant Pot — let's get to know this kitchen gem better: @MeaganGood shares the relationship fears she had to overcome before marrying @DevonFranklin: the moles, and 5 more toxic coworker types to watch out for: all deserve loving care: @GilbertLiz explains how to nurture your inner fragile animal. your yard zen garden vibes with this easy bamboo privacy screen:, the reason why Southern porch ceilings are painted "Haint Blue":"After we won the championship, who jumps in my arms? Kobe." winner @SterlingKBrown's story of how he won his now-wife back will melt your heart:'s never too late to pursue your dream.
Congrats to #MasterofNone's @LenaWaithe, the first black woman to win an #Emmy for outstanding writing for a comedy… @Oprah presents the final Emmy of the evening for The Handmaid's Tale. Which winner had you cheering the loudest tonight? #Emmys"Bring women to the front of their own stories, and make them a hero in their own stories." - Reese Witherspoon 🙌 #Emmys👀😆
Intuition is a matter of listening to the signals you might not know you're picking up: things your guilty feelings can teach you, according to the author of 'The Seat of the Soul':, those 5 little words: "No, you sleep in tomorrow!" downplay your hard-won accomplishments to attract a guy. cheating have to be a marriage dealbreaker? One woman's story of choosing to stay: 2017 Beauty O-Wards winner @DermablendPro offers the best multi-use coverage for darker skin tones. Shop at… project idea: Catch up on podcasts + tackle one of these easy home spruce-ups. are you feeling about America? We want to hear from you — yes, YOU — and our poll takes less than 5 minutes: writer's advice on crafting a dating profile that captures your magic: of "perfect," should we be aiming for "good enough?" that every life stage brings new qualities to celebrate, whether you're 16 or 60: @EckhartTolle on why finding inner peace can feel so elusive:
Before you hit Sephora, study up on the most powerful anti-aging ingredients out there: these strategies to make arguments with your partner more productive and less frustrating: