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.@RuPaul on moving past others' expectations, and the enduring brilliance of Murder, She Wrote.… over: Avocado toast* Get into: Avocado oil *Just kidding about that first part, avocado toast is delicious @taniadoeslittle
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine @taniadoeslittle day just got infinitely better
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineKim Kardashian, Jane Fonda and more celebrities on their high-profile breakups:'s 2018 Health Heroes: 11 people working to bring healthcare to those in need. @kevinpokeeffe [The rose petals are our feelings] to protect yourself against energy vampires—'cause you haven't got time for the drain:😍 LIVING for Mama @RuPaul having a kiki with @Oprah for @O_Magazine! All we need now are some tic tac's, henny!
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine"If I could be anyone for a week, who would it be?," and more soul-exploring questions.'The Motivation Myth' author @jeff_haden shares the two words that can help you achieve your 2018 goals:, the collab we don't deserve
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineRead @Oprah's interview with @RuPaul, from our February issue: #OprahxRuPaul to do if you've become the victim of identity theft: the Feb issue of @O_Magazine, @Oprah sits down with @RuPaul and asks, "what defines you?" @LucyKaylin, Editor-i…
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine @RebeccaAmir It’ll be available for download as a SuperSoul conversation tomorrow, 12/17.The MUTHAS, @RuPaul & @Oprah have arrived on @O_Magazine. Name a more legendary kiki? 👑  We'll wait #OrpahxRupaul
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine @RebeccaAmir @Oprah @RuPaul Yes!O Mag Ed-in-Chief @LucyKaylin is LIVE with a peek inside the making of our February issue—watch @cheddar now: Bell: @Disney loses two big tech execs from its board, @MarkZuckerbergF and @tim_cook plead on behalf of…
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineO, it's here: @Oprah and @RuPaul in conversation. 👑 👑 #OprahxRuPaul's February issue hits newsstands today, and this month's Big Question is: What defines you? (Your answer may be e…
In her own words, the late @DrMayaAngelou's three-word secret to living your best life: Vogelbaum (@grammarmonkey) on something that can fight fear and connect us all: Curiosity.…"It's not about you," and more things you should never to say to a narcissist:"You were always told you had to be twice as good": @CondoleezzaRice her childhood in 1960s Birmingham, Alabama't miss your chance to win a 7-day #Caribbean #cruise for two on the Oct. 28 @O_Magazine Adventure of Your Life…
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineAre you judging yourself (or others) too harshly? 6 questions that measure your judgments' toxicity levels:… you for having us, @CBSSunday ! #TimesUp
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineThe (super) soulful books @Oprah always keeps within reach: can do it! coach @TamaKieves wrote the pep-talk we all need to hear in life's fearful moments:"You too can make a contribution, and you must." @repjohnlewis has a powerful message this #MartinLutherKingDay: of Martin Luther King Jr., from civil rights activists who worked right beside him:… Carrington Archibald and Shirley Morris Robertson share what it was like to march on Selma, Alabama and spend…
"My very first class left me feeling like a new woman." thought-provoking quotes about race in America: low-carb, high-flavor slow cooker dinners to try this week: low-carb but can't look at another zoodle? Try @TheRealLailaAli's zucchini "sushi" rolls. who's back in the house Heels click-clackin' about Fine, fresh, feminine Style to eleven I'm divine, so heave…
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineMakeup 101: 17 essentials for a perfectly-stocked makeup kit. Financial Diet (@TFDiet) has an action plan for how to get good with money in 2018: things you should definitely throw out and/or recycle in January: ways to help homeless animals, if you can't adopt: John Lewis recounts a side of Martin Luther King Jr. not everyone got to see: I did Monday night before the mudslides hit. #TimesUp conversation with @RWitherspoon, @shondarhimes
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineModern marriage convention says partners should share the same bed—but as one woman explains, it's not right for ev…"We want each other to succeed." coach and author @susiemoore shares the 7 questions that get to the bottom of your passion:…
Here's my story from @carriekerpen's new book, #WorkIt!
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine3 new thrillers that'll keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page: pretty much everything @EvaLongoria is wearing in these photos (including pieces from her own collection):"Without a positive self-appraisal, we cannot feel comfortable in our own skin." jumping, and more unexpected ways to boost your bone density: energizing beauty products that'll give life to your winter look (and your spirits): signs you might be burnt out and don't know it: books to cozy up with on this long winter weekend:"Unused creativity is not benign. It clumps inside us, turning into judgment, grief, anger and shame." I Overcame My Skin Picking Addiction:, still amazing on the 1,089th rewatch. to know when it's time to walk away:
It’s time for the #beautyOwards judging, and I don’t envy @O_Magazine’s beauty team (or wait, maybe I really do)
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineWhether it's for a party, or your own personal picnic dinner responds to three black men who say they won't date black women: snacks to reach for when you're dragging mid-afternoon: to protect your skin in the harsh winter months:, @RuPaul + @Oprah = the greatest issue of @O_Magazine EVER!
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine8 things to throw out and/or recycle by the end of January: words that help you ask for a raise, according to CEO and 'Work It' author @carriekerpen: @Paacreek @RuPaul 💜#FlashbackFriday: A look back at @RuPaul's first conversation with @Oprah in 1995—stay tuned next week for the 2017…
Steal all 3 of @Oprah's February cover looks! isn't always about someone who's passed away to my very first apartment in NYC! Designing this little place in the West Village was so much fun.…
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine"I recall an urge to kick Guy in the throat, which I controlled by reminding myself that it was both illegal and di… JOIN US: We need to urge Congress to amend #CDA230 on National Human Trafficking Aw…
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine"It's not about you," and more things you should never to say to a narcissist: on how to become a spiritual force in the world: