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Planning a trip this summer? 6 easy ways to stretch your travel dollars: birthday, Stevie Nicks! told us: @DollyParton's most inspiring quotes soda is multi-purpose magic.
The super-simple decluttering strategy that inspired Marie Kondo: get vacation-level sleep at home, steal these hotel secrets: out of the office for the long weekend like: comfy-yet-cute summer shoes that'll have you walking on air: easy exercise to discover what you *really* want: potluck-ready recipes from 'Bring It!' cookbook author @Ali_Rosen: writing by @adacalhoun in @O_Magazine
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineNo gym membership required. signs that memory problems may be cause for concern: has changed. Will Ralph Angel rise to the occasion for Blue? #QUEENSUGAR May 29 & 30, 10|9c.
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineThe "crazy"-sounding reason @SterlingKBrown's wife Ryan broke up with him when they started dating: #BlackLoveDoc4 books to lose yourself in this Memorial Day weekend: to survive a party where you don't know anyone (and have fun while you're at it): Oprah Winfrey Show aired its final episode 7 years ago today—can you guess the 15 celebrity guests who sat down… woman explains why she broke up her marriage for the One That Got Away: stand-up-for-yourself strategies for sensitive people:
Your long weekend's gonna need some bomb pops. donate to charity more readily than any other generation, for one. your gums might say about your health: for an impatient Aries, a pout-prone Pisces and more. outdoor summer accessories we're coveting: living room decorating mistake everyone makes once: ways to consume more turmeric–aka the superfood spice: Beck on how to heal from childhood abandonment issues: rituals every woman needs in her life: forgotten desserts your grandma wants you to remember, courtesy of @jessiesbakes:"Don't let people that don't matter too much...matter too much." Lawson, Queen Latifah, Kelly Clarkson and more stars share the best advice they've ever received:…"3. The One Who Was Just Too Close for Comfort. Close your eyes for a moment. You’ll know just who I mean here, and…
You're wearing sunscreen on your face every day...right?!? does it mean to 'grow up'? meals with anti-inflammatory ingredients: #OprahsBookClub pick ever: How many have you read? the article and can’t wait to enjoy a @LeagueofKitchen meal the next time I am in New York.
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine3 ways climate change hurts your health (and what we can all do about it): kitchen organizing ideas are genius: things you can never unsay: on 5 factors that drive some women to betray each other. Gilbert on the most valuable life lesson her mother ever taught her: great reads for Memorial Day weekend: a good read. I’m that freaked out parent. #OMagInsiders
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineUnder Pressure: Why weighted blankets really do help anxiety and insomnia"A lot of times, we share things that are not ours to share as a way to hotwire a connection with a friend." tips for taking a fun, safe and SOLO vacation this summer @salmahayek, @StephenAtHome and @JordanPeele stay positive in tumultuous times:
.@NealThompson on how to raise a carefree kid—even when you're terrified they'll get hurt: to decorate a room in blue and white, two colors that compliment any room: to talk politics with family members—without losing your cool: Instant Pot deviled eggs are perfect for any Memorial Day soiree: to deal with a narcissistic boss, an all-about-me acquaintance or a boundary-challenged family member. question we're all asking ourselves will be answered. Two-night premiere event. Be there May 29 & 30.
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineThese low-carb slow cooker dinners are perfect for weeknights your clutter is trying to tell you: best of the best: 9 products our beauty editors swear by, year after year. @O_Magazine So hard to figure out yourself but so worth the journey! Thanks for helping @O_Magazine
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine3 things you can do now to prevent Alzheimer's disease later: apology needed: 5 things to say in awkward situations instead of "I'm sorry" Talking to kids about tough subjects requires listening to them, too home residents are storage geniuses."This will save you: Stop. Comparing yourself. To other people." best foods to eat for a healthy gut:
Red or swollen gums can be a symptom of a whole other issue: quote 'The Big Lebowski', the right rug really ties the room together. fun to see @sallykoslow and @Jennifer_Haupt on this @O_Magazine list by @DawnRaffel (who also has a book coming…
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine7 quick and easy dinners for your #MeatlessMonday’t settle for a life that doesn’t light you up! 💡 #OMagInsiders #over50
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineIt's officially Gemini season... ♊️👯‍♀️ accessories that top our summer '18 wishlist:"The softness and sweetness you'd give your own kids wasn't there for you. But as an adult, you can offer your chil…'s favorite #Oceans8 experience involves Rihanna, obviously:🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ things to do when you feel stuck in a rut: 20-minute treadmill workout that torches belly fat, whether you run or walk it: Monday morning pep talk: the A-listers at the #RoyalWedding: @Oprah rocked pink Stella McCartney (and that hat!)