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@drmichaelbb shares a four-letter prayer for when you're feeling stuck #supersoulsunday
This oatmeal-vanilla cookie dough is the perfect base for chocolate chips or your favorite add-ons that it's never too late to pursue your calling cleaning tricks will make your home smell amazing organizing hack means no more messy rolls of wrapping paper nails the beauty of getting older this might actually convince you to eat a veggie burger things you need to do for a gorgeous garden (that they don't tell you at the nursery) surprising paint color combos that work's possible to get vacation sleep at home. Here's how: genius toothpick appetizers for your Memorial Day party making friends as an adult is so hard explains why the universe will always have your back
Why Malala Yousafzai has never been angry at the men who shot her only guide to cheap summer wine you need @realjohngray says to convince a rebellious teen to turn things around challenges an ex-"Basketball Wives" cast member to live with less best $10 sunscreen's what to bring to a barbecue if you're trying to eat healthy toppings for corn that are even better than butter unexpected and totally chic ways to wear a scarf says there are 4 types of love -- and one that we ideally want to reach birthday, @StevieNicks! Watch as she shares her most important daily ritual could be making a big mistake when you take your vitamins silly-looking exercise will have your thighs burning you're experiencing one of these 5 things, it could mean that your mind is too busy for happiness
.@IyanlaVanzant: It's possible to turn even the most upsetting situations into opportunities for growth essay is so sweet <3
Retweeted by O The Oprah MagazineIt's here! @QueenSugarOWN season 2 trailer. Two night premiere June 20 & 21. #GimmeSugar
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine.@theinspiredroom shares 7 low-cost ways to update every room in your home quick party appetizers require zero cooking: summer salad is about to become your new go-to surprising food shopping habits are hurting your wallet opens up about the real reason she joined the cast of "@basketballwives LA" is how long romance really lasts, according to researchers we thought we couldn't love succulents anymore... need this multitasker in your suitcase to help you from over-packing: makeup tricks will conceal your toughest skin problems most common mistakes professional organizers see in people's homes
.@drmichaelbb shares a prayer for when you're feeling stuck's actually good (very good) to be picky in dating time flies I remember when fav daughter @kirbybump fav exercise was sitting on laps &…
Retweeted by O The Oprah Magazine.@soumak's culinary genius is undeniable's story about his daughters' birthday parties proves he's a typical dad is how the smartest travelers pack for vacation mystery illness plagued writer @julierehmeyer for years:"The 5 days I fell hardest for my wife" things you should never say to other people's kids smart, space-saving tricks will leave your closet organized (and make sure it stays that way) mantras to get you through your toughest days workout routine tones your arms without a single push-up
.@DeepakChopra: 3 things that are keeping you from the relationship of your dreams recipes are super popular on Pinterest (it makes sense why...) story behind "Butterfly Kisses" is as beautiful as the song're here! 16 of the best books to read this month: most important thing a spiritual medium can teach us quiz will reveal your true personality type women on the moment they became aware of their race you ever connected with someone instantly? 7 hacks will make your kitchen smell amazing can stay at a lighthouse this summer're going to encounter these 6 types of bosses at work. Here's how to deal with them: de-stress, try holding each of these poses for 15 seconds
.@GilbertLiz describes a guilt trip that could be holding you back frozen foods to always keep in your freezer couple rescued this 1850s home and restored it to its former glory unnecessary risk too many women are taking with their money best song to listen to when your heart needs a break has an urgent message for women about Alzheimer's says there's a gift that comes from hitting rock bottom games will tell you exactly what your dog is thinking one-pot meals are guaranteed to please everyone, from the cook to the dishwasher San Francisco! Visit & find out how to support Team O at AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer, SF 7/8-7/9! #adWhy Canada is our No. 1 summer destination this year best workout plan for your body type is...
2 questions that will instantly bring more gratitude into your life #SuperSoulSunday
How meditation helps people cope with grief says this moment was the "most fun" she's ever had's strawberry-rhubarb pie is one of our most popular recipes of all-time