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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Man, I'm gonna miss the ol' ball coach. I couldn't stand him when he was in Florida, but grew to love him as a Gamecock.What happens when you add color to a floating blob of water in space? Watch our @Space_Station investigation to see
Retweeted by Jennifer™The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election girl, a plan, a canal: Rihanna.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I need for time to stand still a minute. Who's in charge of that?
@jmweisman Aww! Thank you for that. Makes me happy. :-)Such a beautiful weekend. <3Current situation.
The stands all a-twinkle. #wvuimlovinit @ Milan Puskar Stadium family & I enjoying the post-victory sounds of @WVStateU Marching Swarm! #WVSUHC15 #StateFamily #GoState
Retweeted by Jennifer™#analysis
Retweeted by Jennifer™From Wiki: It has been speculated the etymology of the word "dude" comes from "Yankee Doodle."
Retweeted by Jennifer™Coming together is a beginning.
Retweeted by Jennifer™A morning walk in the woods with the one I love. Doesn't get much better. <3 #BlackwaterTrail the Blackwater Trail. @ Canaan Valley Resort State Park
Under glass on our table in the sweetest, most intimate corner booth ever. My favorite part is the… am in love with life. For all its flaws, it's vastly better than the alternative. <3The view from here. #WaitingOnDrew @ Canaan Valley Resort State Park
@MeaganShelton This would be AMAZEBALLS if i weren't so damned blurry. LOLThe view from my friend Cristal's front porch. And her gravity chair. BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the hike… wish you could hear what I see. #ThisIsHome #TheStateImIn #GoToWV @ Blackwater Falls State Park<3
@mtnadam Haha!! Thank you so much. @WOWK13News @sawaggener43Jack White shows up to his neighborhood potluck (via @shredidiah):
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And now, to sleep, perchance to awaken to a road trip to the mountains. :-) I am beyond ready for this bit of respite.I am so late to this party, but WOW. WOW. WILL THERE BE LIVE TWEETING?!
Why we're so in awe of do-gooders—and a little suspcious of them, too:
Retweeted by Jennifer™@takeme2keywest Glad to hear you are okay! Friends in Columbia posting some scary shots!The first half of the trip is a solo Jennyventure. My love will be joining me for part two. :-) Plus: #WVUFootballPacking for an extra long weekend at Canaan/Morgantown. Really looking forward to this few days away.@VasiliaSD Read what? #SeeWhatIDidThere @EatThisNotThatnananananananICan'tHearYounanananan LOL@takeme2keywest Haven't heard from you in a while. Everyone okay down there?
@Lindat1229 Same. That's why it was in quotes. LOL@Lindat1229 LOL - yeah, he's "made" dinner the last couple of nights. It's sorta my turn.Hold onto the weekend a bit longer w/ this @umphreysmcgee set from Fall 2014. Hear it via @nprmusic:
Retweeted by Jennifer™That was rhetorical. Because...prolly not. LOLOLMy husband just asked me, "What's for dinner?" I have no idea. Think I can pass off a "veggie plate?" Baked potato, green beans, salad...?Sweet Jesus. That's a lot of rain. should be a real punch in the gut to us all. 10 Signs You’re Lying to Yourself as a Manager #lifehack
Retweeted by Jennifer™@queenazsa Thank you for this treasure of a book.Dear people who hyped the pumpkin festival until I finally had to go, You sorta suck and I don't want your opinion on anything else, ever.@MeaganShelton Your insight is too late. We're in too deep.@MeaganShelton Thanks. LOLLANE. Single LANE of traffic. @OpenBookJenMaking our way to our first Pumpkin Festival experience. So far, it entails sitting in a single labe of traffic for 35 minutes. :(Finished Bernice McFadden's 'Gathering of Waters,' and can barely breathe. This one's going to sit with me a while. Stay high and dry, my friend!
@AMagicMama :-)Nice win for Marshall on this wet and nasty day.@AMagicMama Hominy is corn. Well, mutated kernels of corn. Best bet = google it. LOL @thepioneerwomanDo you watch? If you don't, you're missing a great hour of TV every week., Brady? It's called a 'coonskin cap.' Did you really not know that? @3rd_Goal #WVUMountaineerEven this black cloud has some Blue & Gold linings., what a crazy game this has been. Ugly, ugly, ugly. With whacked out twists and black hearted turns.The terminator- not a cyborg but the transition between day and night. #YearInSpace
Retweeted by Jennifer™@thepioneerwoman Ha!@JeremiahSamples Preston's ignorant penalties have been worse.KARL JOSEPH.Two RIDICULOUS penalties on Preston. He needs to sit a while.@thepioneerwoman And to be fair, fried onions, bacon, and cheese could make shoe leather taste good, amiright? :-)@thepioneerwoman Will you come cook them for my husband and make the case? Because...he's rather violently opposed. LOLOuch! Too true! But I had to drive a 96 year old to and from her Saturday hair appointment during during the game. Bipartisan success! :-)I'm adding a nap to this and calling it a plan. #WVUvsOU husband would divorce me if he found hominy in our pantry. You think I'm joking? that make you go, AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH.WHAT THE HELL. #WVUvsOUWHAT WHAT WHAT!!! #WVUvsOUTyping a press release faster than someone else is not an exclusive.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@abpriddy Off the wall question: did your dad study geology at WVU?@xeromachine LOLOLOL You appear to be tracking correct here at the half, but we'll always have the Fiesta Bowl. :-) #WVUvsOUBeef stew and biscuits. And maybe an apple cobbler. Dinner menu has now been declared. LOL
If tearing down and finding fault with others takes precedent over advocating for your own beliefs and values, you've already lost.Here's a list of Joaquin Phoenix movies to stream during Hurricane Joaquin:
Retweeted by Jennifer™@jonathanhsinger @pollreportAmerica needs her peoples to grow up. It's the most important patriotic act the citizens of this great nation can offer right now.See how context matters? Grow up, people who think politics is life. This was not a "gaffe." GROW. UP.!!! a week. Averaged 185 miles per day. Took on 11 new clients. We knew anecdotally the need was there. Now we know it, unequivocally.
Release the Woodford!
Retweeted by Jennifer™Shame on us.
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Our thoughts and prayers are not enough," says President Obama on #UCCShooting
Retweeted by Jennifer™Previous tweets are the words of @rkrystalli, who is rather incredible.'Leftist lobby' is not politicizing violent death here. "These deaths are already political, & it is high time we treated them as such." 2/2"If it appears apolitical, we need to ask who has a stake in depoliticization- in making it look natural, normal, or simply apolitical." 1/2#Truth he man enough?
Eat Pray Love author @GilbertLiz on the perils of ignoring your creative self #BigMagic
Retweeted by Jennifer™This is such a bad idea.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Let's goooooooooooooooo! Rod Hundley getting a statue outside #WVU Coliseum. Watch him hit "one more shot"
Retweeted by Jennifer™OMG. I am DYING. DYING. DYING. consequences. LOL am so tired. I want someone to bring me food and then eat it for me.
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