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National interfaith nonprofit founded in 1994 whose mission is to educate & mobilize faith communities to act to abolish the #deathpenalty in the United States.

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This is Richard's FB page! Share w/FB frnds & U can buy hats buttons & wrist bands! I've got mine! #RichardGlossip
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Follow @MercyforMorva and contact @GovernorVA @TerryMcAuliffe to stop this execution!
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Arizona agrees to significant lethal injection changes #deathpenalty @grahambrewer
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Religious Leaders Defend Arkansas Judge's #DeathPenalty Protest "We need more moral leadership in America, not...
@PFADP Please read below & help us spread the word of an innocent man, Richard Glossip & mercy for those who commit…
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Yes - for all murder cases - and let's continue to abolish the #deathpenalty.
SCOTUS has denied #TommyArthur's last appeal. He will be executed within the hour. May God have mercy on us all! #deathpenalty#ThomasArthur has spent today awaiting his EIGHTH scheduled execution. Now he awaits SCOTUS's final word. THE… Court Issues Temporary Stay Minutes Before AL Execution - Could Change Any Time #DeathPenalty #SCOTUS... is the last day to call Gov. Ivey (334) 242-7100 and urge her to stop Tommy Arthur's execution tonight:…
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenTonight, Alabama plans to execute Tommy Arthur, who is 75 years old and has been on death row for 34 years.
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenDenied DNA Testing, #ThomasArthur to Be Executed Today #DeathPenalty... Gov denies DNA testing for death row inmate #TommyArthur
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenThe 11th Circuit denied relief to #TommyArthur on his 8th Amendment challenge to lethal-injection protocol.
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenIf Tommy Arthur is guilty, then why did @GovernorKayIvey deny his request for DNA testing? Does Alabama have something to hide?
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Alabama House Committee Votes to Allow Nitrogen Executions -- Amounting to Human Experimentation #DeathPenalty...
Alabama Bill to Shorten #DeathPenalty Appeals Process & Make Executing the Innocent Far More Likely @profronsullivan
Ohio Governor Delays Nine Executions Over Drug Concerns #deathpenalty Governor Delays Nine Executions Over Drug Concerns
Rep of TX Conference of Catholic Bishops says death penalty not justified in the US today because it does more harm than good. #txlege
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenKeep it in place-Kris Steele: Execution moratorium remains the right move for Oklahoma @OklaDPReview #deathpenalty
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Arkansas executions: death chamber evidence sought amid torture fears
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenGuy we killed last night convulsed, lurched, coughed, jerked, made audible sound, media witness said. Routine, flawless, gov spokesman says.
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenPrayer Following an Execution #ARexecutions #deathpenalty #RestorativeJustice
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen @AustinKellerman @MitchellMcCoy Don't be afraid to appear anti-dp by reporting the facts that argue against it in every single story @AustinKellerman @MitchellMcCoy You run story after story without major facts like that. You can't do that. Have to… @EllenTeam20 @AustinKellerman Wow! Again, this gleeful-sounding reporting is why we humans just can't fairly handle… @AustinKellerman @BobClausen4 @donnaterrell_tv @kkelly16 @AshleyKetz @JessiTurnure @stephmsharp @MitchellMcCoy @AustinKellerman @MitchellMcCoy Airing these comments w/o even mentioning the other fam members who tried to save K… @AustinKellerman @MitchellMcCoy Paralyzed, KW wasn't supposed to be able to move at all(why it looks "peaceful")but… @AustinKellerman @MitchellMcCoy You keep perpetuating the myth of closure, Mr. Kellerman. Why not do a little resea… @nykid84 Then how about the #deathpenalty being a remnant of America's racist past? It's for ppl who kill white ppl… @Garner4Senate Did you witness it for the victims' family members who asked for his life to be spared, Sen Trent Ga… @Garner4Senate An e.g. of #deathpenalty problems, sen. You've NO IDEA what you saw.He was paralyzed & might've felt… Following an Execution #ARexecutions #deathpenalty #RestorativeJustice witness: Kenneth Williams experienced "coughing, convulsing, lurching, jerking, with sound" during the execution in Arkansas.
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen- Prayer Following an Execution - Kenneth Williams has now been killed in Arkansas. Let us pray......"It was clear he was in trouble" after midazolam injection, say media witnesses #ARexecutions
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen"more black Americans were sentenced to death in 2016 than any other ethnic group combined" #ARexecutions
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenA Prayer Following an Execution #arexecutions #deathpenalty Williams is dead. God forgive us. Unbind us from the #deathpenalty. #arexecutions
"People are worth more than the worst thing they've ever done." - @helenprejean #ARexecutions #deathpenalty are worth more than the worst thing they've ever done. #ARexecutions
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenTake note @billclinton @HillaryClinton @ChelseaClinton Mr. President, you helped start this in the modern era. Re… @ChelseaClinton Ask your parents to join you in calling for abolition of the #deathpenalty. #ARexecutions #deathpenalty is a sin. #ARexecutions
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen @faralea @JaneQuantrill10 So much for "God's sweet grace." But then there's: Indeed, God's… Kenneth Williams requests communion for last meal. He was provided a regular tray for dinner.…
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenAnother victim's family for tonight's #ARexecutions who rejects the #deathpenalty.
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen @JuddPDeere You are on the wrong side of history, Mr. Deere. Career, ambition, they aren't worth being part of the…, 029 signatures against #ARexecutions! Congratulations and thanks to YOU & @amnestyusa @aclu @arkansasabolish top the millions spent on #ARexecutions there're thousands spent on overtime for unnecessary throngs of local police at the prison vigilsThe Greenwood family represent the best of humanity, the #ARexecutions represent the worst. Another death isn't jus…
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenVictim's daughter urges Gov. to spare Kenneth Williams' life - execution will only cause family additional...
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenAttorneys for Kenneth Williams Ask Gov. for Temp. Reprieve to Allow Time for Courts to Consider Compelling New...
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenSad, stressed, angry about #ARexecutions? Give generously to @arkansasabolish AR Coalition to Abolish… Daughter and Widow of Murder Victim Call for Execution Halt #ARExecutions... Williams is scheduled to be executed tonight. These are his words. #arexecutions via @MarshallProj
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenBreaking: Victim's daughter urges @AsaHutchinson to spare Kenneth Williams' life #ARexecutions
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenGreat overview of #ARexecutions including pending legal issues and status of final case, via @DPInfoCtr:
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.@thisisrobsmith @FairPunishment there is still time to sign the petition opposing #ARexecutions. We’ve delivered >…
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPenPlease sign the petition letting @AsaHutchinson know you oppose the #8in10 #ARexecutions
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen"Everyone can change & I definitely believe in 2nd or even 3rd chances." Victim's son wants clemency. #ARexecutions
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OKLAHOMA - Panel Today Urges Continued Execution Moratorium Due to "Volume & Seriousness of Flaws" in #deathpenalty"We as humans cannot handle the power of life & death.We're not designed for it." Former LA Prosecutor #deathpenalty America's #ARexecutions brutalized us all. But we all shall bring the #deathpenalty to an end. Support PFAD…
Retweeted by PplOfFaithAgnstDPen @ur_friend_goo Vengeance isn't justice. And it is not Christian. @TTomFoltz Do you feel sympathy for these 2 men who were raped as children, Williams being pimped out by his mother… of hope #deathpenalty only creates more murder victims' families. statement written by Jack Jones before his execution. #deathpenalty #ARexecutions @txredneckcop @RealMattCouch So much for "love your enemies," "He that is w/o sin may cast the first stone," & all… @amyep9 In fact, @PettyforAR, many states do list "homicide" for executions. Bc according to the laws of the Englis… brutalize. We are brutalized. #ARexecutions @John40711616 They were both raped and abused as children. No excuse. But no excuse for your attempt at humor either. @RealMattCouch Did you know that his mother prostituted him out to men -- to be raped -- for years starting at age… America's #ARexecutions brutalized us all. But we all shall bring the #deathpenalty to an end. Support PFAD…
Torture @tjholmes You forgot to mention that they had both been raped as children. Williams' mother prostituted him startin…