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No society can surely be flourishing & happy, of which the far greater part are poor and miserable--- Adam Smith (Pinko?) #UniteBlue #SpreadTheWealth #StandUp

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Remember when Barack Obama was our president and the U.S. was arguably considered *the* leading nation? Now, just…
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanHaving given it considerable thought, i have concluded that #BidenBooker2020 is our best chance to defeat Trumpism
Standing Ovation >>>> @MickMulvaneyOMB hey Mick, get ready, looks like you’ll be doing all the NSA stuff now , along with everything else… years of a Trump ”presidency” and we are going on our fourth national security advisor. Nothing but the best p…
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanMaybe Mick Mulvaney can be National Security Advisor too ...... #LastWord
@BarackObama Reeling in the Years baby 👍👍With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, som…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @BarackObama I miss you ❤️ @realDonaldTrump Have u lost your faculties? @realDonaldTrump Oye, Como va ?
I have noticed recently that the idea of Corporations not catering exclusively to shareholders has become more popu… >>>>> @fondagolf I agree totally.... BravoIt’s still just so hard to believe that, of all people, “Donald Trump” is President of the United States .... Just…
@BillKristol @LeChatNoire4 @Scaramucci 5 alarm panic ........ Code Red
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @PikachuSerena nope @soledadobrien @LeChatNoire4 hey, i appreciate him at least going public and telling it like it is ...... gotta give him some credit SoledadTrump's inventing phone calls from Chinese leaders, attacking the Fed, lashing out at Fox, dangling pardons to get…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @BillKristol @LeChatNoire4 @Scaramucci 5 alarm panic ........ Code RedWe all need some more Thing 1 , Thing 2 #Inners @kylegriffin1 @ThomasJankow As the Nuclear Physicist Rick Perry famously said .... "Ooops"Who else believes a Space Force mention requires a Spaceballs gif?! #inners
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @realDonaldTrump #Inners @realDonaldTrump oh yeah, i forgot , and the Navy is all about Ships and Guns and stuff like that .... @realDonaldTrump @PaulSGreene @chrislhayes ...and if he said it in a tan suit...bedlum! #inners
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @PaulSGreene @chrislhayes If he had just condescendingly said “ it’s a big deal”
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanJust FYI to all ....... The Space Force is all about Space ....... in case you were confused. So glad we cleared th… @wheresjulee @chrislhayes oh lord , woulda been dodging bullets @NickVagus @Bdreamer7 i hope it's illegal somewhere somehow ......... @PaulSGreene @TheeVaradkar Oh, Lordy....I am guessing some jaws dropped in that meeting.
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @PaulSGreene @TheeVaradkar Bush recession!
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanCan you EVEN IMAGINE the racial insults that would have been hurled at Obama if he said >>> "the space force is all…
@Gdad1 WOW ..... in 2019 ................WOW .... and NO , this was not a SNL Skit featuring "The Church Lady" ..... YOU HAVE GOTTA WATCH THIS >> @DustinBones6 yepTrump inherited a Strong Economy and he STILL managed to explode the National Debt and the Deficit. Obama had shrun… still getting bashed for the Debt going up under his administration ..... has everyone forgotten about The Gr… this dude, Trump's probably tipping off some day trader prior to his tweets and making a fortune on these H…
What democracy and peaceful protest look like: 1.7 million people marching yesterday in Hong Kong's Victoria Park.
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanIn the last 24 hours, the administration has announced: - They will seek the power to detain migrant children inde…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @PikachuSerena I actually understand the meaning of the word EMPATHY ... @Rschooley @crudupeudeans I have been seriously thinking about Trump all morning, he has reared all the ugly heads… @kayleighmcenany @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump IT'S GEORGIA. SAD, BUT VERY LOW MENTAL CAPACITY.
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanWhat about Trump family hunting? #JimmyJohnsBoycott #HuntingIsNotSport
Retweeted by Jean Valjean
Slow and Steady no drama Obama looks pretty darn good right now. This nonstop Trump roller coaster ride SUCKS #CNN #THEBEAT @Strandjunker @realDonaldTrump F🤬kface Von Clownstick
Retweeted by Jean Valjean
If we pursue Impeachment Investigations, it should be on the grounds of MENTAL DERANGEMENT instead of the Russian M…
Bill Clinton banned assault weapons in 1994 and mass shootings dropped by 43%. Bush and the GOP let the ban expire…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean
I don't know, but I'd guess there's a lot of white supremacist ideology in Poland / Italy / and Slovakia too. But .…
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanChildren are being massacred because ... they're not praying in school???? This is a repugnant dodging of reality…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House corres... via @YouTube
Once again, another Trump loving white nationalist.
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanNot going to name who El Paso officials are saying the shooter is by name, because screw giving that monster any pu…
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanTrump moved on from the mass shooting in El Paso in less than 15 minutes
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanA four month old baby was shot in an El Paso Walmart today. This is their Governor. @GovAbbott - how’s that A+ ra…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean
because they haven't done enough...
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanJust so everyone knows,The Trump Administration is STILL pursuing charges against Dr. Scott Warren for providing… so everyone knows, The Trump Administration is STILL pursuing charges against Dr. Scott Warren for providing…
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanJust so everyone knows, The Trump Administration is STILL pursuing charges against Dr. Scott Warren for providing…
@olivepippi2 @JoeBiden I don't want him to drop out, but i am not sure i would take this load of crap from the "new…’ve fought my heart out to ensure that civil rights, voting rights, and equal rights are enforced everywhere. Thes…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @JoeBiden This really sucks, the pundits and the fantasy dreamers are already trashing Biden, when he is the one R… really sucks, the pundits and the fantasy dreamers are already trashing Biden, when he is the one REALIST that…
Candy Dulfer - Strasbourg - St. Denis via @YouTube @realDonaldTrump .... and the top tax rate was over 70% .... moronCantaloupe Island featuring Herbie Hancock / Blue Note Concert Live - HD via @YouTube
Retweeted by Jean Valjean
Ooops >>>>>>>>>>>> @beels @AnsareSummers "President Trump" .... just completely blows mind ... #TwilightZoneNot trampling all over the Constitution, not putting kidnapped children in cages, not $100M+ spent on numerous golf…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @Gdad1 they know not what they doI still can't wrap my head around these two words >>> "President Trump" ..... just seems like some kinda Twilight Zone Episode
@thepoliticalcat #trump has gotta go, such a damn moron .... Vote #Biden , he can beat this dumb SOB sitting on his thronehe's just such a fu*kin crook .... what a country , elect a dude like this #Trump
22 Senators voted against including an exception for rape or incest in Alabama’s new draconian abortion law. Noti…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @Green_Footballs @Roddee Not a big fan of the GOP ......I just want to know how the f*** abortions got banned faster than assault weapons??
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanA most excellent question >> @ReginaldALawso1 Right on Brits ! @sianoresist She will probably do a Playboy shoot after #Trump gets thrown out in 2020..... @acnewsitics @lakesideliberal We subsidized the banks during the crash and it was called a bailout- most of it was… George Wallace is alive and well in #Alabama
Remember Pamela Taylor? That racist Republican infamous for calling First Lady Michelle Obama “an ape in heels” S…
Retweeted by Jean ValjeanA mind is a terrible thing to waste >>> is betting the farm on a deeply dangerous trade war—other people's farms. There's a need to be tough on China…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean
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@StopTrump2020 @rhiles2760 @realDonaldTrump Urgent ...........Rev Barber is on point ............. Jesus didn't represent any of Graham's words #InnersFranklin Graham isn't much of a Christian as far as I can see. Jesus would disavow this di**wad in a sec. Sorry. I…
Retweeted by Jean Valjean @Franklin_Graham is a hack getting rich off the Word ..... #shame #Inners
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@elliottrandall and CARLOCK .... NUFF SAID , Two of the greatest ever >>>
Those 7 Times Stanley Turrentine Spoke the TRUTH! via @YouTube
Bob James Quartet "Feel like making Love" Live at Java Jazz Festival 2010 via @YouTube
September - Leonid & Friends (Earth, Wind & Fire cover) via @YouTube
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