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#IdBeLostWithout my memory! @OFAPAUnion @thehill Suppose articles of impeachment are filed against him resulting in conviction but he refuses 2… P NEWTON THIS IS WHAT A REVOLUTIONARY DOES!
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Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsAmerica Kills Black Men & Destroys Their Character
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” #AngelaDavis
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsPOV: Black and White in Vietnam -
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsHISTORY: How Britain imprisoned some of the first black fighters against slavery -
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsHow to win against Caro-Kann ⚔️
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsMan/Woman: I think, therefore I am! God: No! You don't think, therefore I am!Incredible puzzle from @chess24com 😮 Can you find the winning move?🔥 TIP: 👑
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @Newsweek ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy 92nd Birthday to one of the most revolutionary intellectuals of the 20th century Frantz Fanon (1925-61)
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsOpening trap for back against the Italian! 🇮🇹 ⚔️🔥
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@thehill wide spread voter fraud led to trump's election; as he said millions voted illegally, but unsaid is that they voted for him @HuffPost Why would you report what he said as a joke when everyone knows that it wasn't @michellemizner The job has a certain attraction, and it doesn't attract those who may be inclined to be helpful.Thoughts to Action.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsImportant endgame idea! White to move and win 💡
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @BetteMidler @Equality4You @WhiteHouse In addition, the legislative, judiciary, & law enforcement branches are coll… Dukes, Wal-Mart greeter who took retail giant to the U.S. Supreme Court in gender bias case, dies at 67…
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Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsCheap trick against the 3...Qd8 scandinavian that I've used in blitz!🔥💥
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsIt ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsEvery time I read the #Bible, I think to myself, what a wonderful story of human sacrifice and personality disorder…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsAre YOU a chess genious? Now is the time to find out 🤔 White to move and draw! 💡💡
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsJeff Sessions Settles a Case with the Same Russian Lawyer Don Jr Met With via @YouTube
@TextsX White kids @JohanSalomon g8=N+ ... d8=N# @ajc Why don't they arrest some of those republican senators & congressional ppl? @SLAMonline Kobe should be eliminated, because a team started with him as the centerpiece means no one of substance… @SLAMonline Does it really take a whole team? Fifteen players to dethrone one?🤣 @Deadspin #MichaelVick needs to be put in the NFL concussion program, or maybe he needs a rabies shot. @TiaRayWilliams2 @BYHISGRACE64 Unfortunately, if "they" don't tell "us" in school we are unlikely to know. That can…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsGoddess. RT @LamontLilly: Happy Birthday to our revolutionary auntie, mother, mentor and teacher #AssataShakur.
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds"We must understand that the state is a hate crime against the poor, the oppressed, Black folks, and Latinas, etc."…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsLive - Dortmund Chess round 3 : Diagram Kramnik vs Wojtaszek. #chess #dortmund
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsBlack people need POWER!!!!!!! @AmosMagazine Somebody is misusing the name of Amos Wilson
VERIFY: Walmart apologizes for n-word description in ad
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe Blk Business ppl are worse, the entertainers' excuse is the contract; but the business ppl take all the money &… @thehill What if he, unlike Nixon, "refuses" to honor the law & declares he is not stepping aside even if impeached, tried and convicted? @Mikevick knows that 90% of his supporters are Blk, but he is out of jail now and doesn't need them anymore🤢#MichaelVick has gotten in bed with #JasonWhitlock and there is shit everywherePetrosian's combination after 43...Qxd6 is simply crazy 😱 Can you find white's winning line?
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsABORTION DECISIONS: Should The Father Have A Say? via @YouTubeFox Host Doesn't Get How Insurance Works via @YouTubeAmerica's Healthcare System Is Ranked Dead Last via @YouTube#PhotoDuJour #WebDuBois
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsToday Is #UNIADay July 17th 103yrs 1914-2017 #Rejoice Long Live The Honorable #MarcusGarvey
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsIs she philanthropic in the Blk communityThis Black mom entrepreneur from Atlanta is making millions after getting in on the teeth-whitening industry!
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsMutabaruka - Colour Problem
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsIda the GOAT!
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @drboycewatkins1 @blakwyze Some will, some won't! Why are you focused on those who do?
VIDEO: James Brown -
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds2Pac - Pain feat. Big Stretch via @YouTube2pac - Pain via @YouTubeO heart, we are old
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @ZuluPanther @Afrika4Afrikans The plunderings of the Arabs & Euros notwithstanding Africa possess untold riches. No… men who aren't niggas MUST stop fucking these niggresses whose self hatred compel them to see every Blk man as… Birthday Assata Shakur ✊🏿
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds"Drive very cautiously on this road of life because people will turn on you with no signal." - Unknown
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe PAST is where you Learned the Lesson. The FUTURE is where you Apply the Lesson. Don't... #quotes #inspiration
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @LeftSentThis @Kaepernick7 Blk & Latinos would be incarcerated at the same rate as whites, if there weren't so many… @BillKristol The law for avg. citizens is clear & decisive. There is clearly a different standard being applied against the trumpsters🤔From the game "Crazy like a Fox"🐺 A. Fox has just sacrificed his knight on c4, but what now? 🔥💥
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsHealth care repeal turns back the clock to a time of no rights
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RT if you know this would've said "investments" instead of "off-court hustles" if he was white.
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Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @JohanSalomon Rxa3!
Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Aturo Gatti via @YouTubeFloyd being Floyd via @YouTubeFLASHBACK: CLASSIC FLOYD MAYWEATHER INTERVIEW PRIOR TO FIRST PAY-PER-VIE... via @YouTube#GwendolynBrooks *