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@LaurieTyson14 @SuperNjoro life hasn't taught you a damned thing, the white man has. this other BS you've brought u… @LaurieTyson14 @SuperNjoro Nobody in their RIGHT MIND can imagine African ppl as having liberation without having f… @eatingwithgods ❤️❤️❤️#DemLips @caseywaves Some Black parents no doubt feel that way, some white ones too, Chinese, Indians etc. it is a condition… some of you have already noted March 18th is Dr Cress Welsing's birthday. Few had her intellect and none had her…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsShe was a Mother, a Master-Teacher, a Spokesperson, and a Prophet. She was one the greatest #ScholarWarriorQueens A…
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Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E02 Sacramentum Gladiatorum via @YouTubeSpartacus Blood and Sand S01E03 Legends via @YouTubePresident Mnangagwa welcomes the UNDP administrator and vice chair of the UN Development Group Mr Achim Steiner (ce…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsCZ455 Thumbhole Yellow .22lr Thoughts?
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @WordWarriorRD @lienhart85 Does the hashtag #BlackHistoryIsAmericaHistory imply that Black history began in America?De Klerk never served a day in jail for his apartheid crimes but, we must now rejoice that Zuma has been charged. M…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsSister Rosetta Tharpe: The Godmother of Rock & Roll
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds8/2/1850: William Still was born today; among the most active conductors on the "Underground Railroad". #BlackTwitter
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsHISTORY: Happy Birthday Robert Purvis | he could have lived a wealthy, easy life but he was an active abolitionist -
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsHISTORY: Exodus to Kansas -
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsOne of the 12th century universities in Timbuktu, Mali, had 25,000 students. It was home to thousands of manuscripts.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsSome Timbuktu manuscripts on mathematics & astronomy, 13th century AD. Centuries before Europeans came to our shores.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsOn this date in 1919 a Race Riot broke out in Elaine, Arkansas in Phillips County between Blacks and whites.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsKNOW YOUR BLACK HISTORY: Part II - Slave Revolts by Sea: Relentless Determination
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsHISTORY: Hidden History of the Seminole Anticolonial Struggle | under-appreciated struggle -
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe East India Company still exists, and is owned by an Indian from Gujarat
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsVia @nprbooks: 'American Rising': When Slaves Attacked New Orleans
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsIt’s the anniversary of the 1811 Louisiana slave revolt. via @SmithsonianMag
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThousands Of Asians Rally In Support Of Killer Cop Who Murdered Akai Gurley
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Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsFrom the captivating #peopleshistory exhibit @DoddCenter @UConn Check it out if you are in the area!
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds".@NCAA carries whiff of the plantation system, serves those that constitute their constituency" - Dr. Harry Edwards
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsOn #ThisDayInHistory in 1862, abolitionist Wendall Phillips booed in Cincinnati. Read More via @History
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsW.E.B. Du Bois and James Baldwin on elections...
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsWhen Malcolm X Met the Nazis via @vice
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsAfrican slave girl, runaway Maroon warrior, becomes a legendary Jamaican heroine.Available @
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsJan. 8, 1811: Louisiana’s Heroic Slave Revolt via @ZinnEdProject
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds"Doing History": Podcast with Prof. Jennifer L. Morgan on how historians research
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds"Voices from the Days of Slavery": Interviews 1932-1975 w/ former slaves. Audio
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe Secret Order Behind the Underground Railroad. JSTOR Daily
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsWhat it was like to be an African-American Soldier during the Civil War. JSTOR Daily
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe Anglo-Cherokee War, 1759-1761, with Daniel Tortora. Ben Franklin podcast
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe Roots of Today’s Racism and Police Violence, in an ‘Inconceivably Brutal’ Riot 150 Years Ago
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe history of British slave ownership has been buried: now its scale can be revealed
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsOur records from the Race Relations Department, a 1940s think tank, are being digitized!:
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsLibrary of Southern Literature: literary works published before 1924, online, free
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsU.S. History collection in the public domain, free & online; 1775 to 1789
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsBooks on U.S. History from the end of the Civil War through World War 1 (1865-1920)
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsICYMI: Marronage and Normativity by Greg Childs #Slavery #Freedom
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds"How a Notorious Racist Inspired America’s National Parks", article in 'Mother Jones'
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds"In America’s Long History of Slavery, New England Shares the Guilt". NY Times
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsSocial Security Act of Aug 14, 1935; Text of the Act
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsFrom "Superman" to Man, published June 1, 1941. Author: J. A. Rogers ~ @Amazon #BlackHistory
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsmust read: The story of the only known lynching on a U.S. military base in American history
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe long-lasting legacy of the Great Migration
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsBlack Quotidian, a digital history project on Af-Am newspapers, has primary sources of interest to #ASALH2016
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsDesegregation of the Armed Forces: key high-level government documents 1938 to 1953. Photos, archives, more…
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@WWLTV Now he can reminisce about the pelicans, dixie beer, & the 1950's forever6LACK covers Erykah Badu 'On & On' for Like A Version via @YouTubeSpartacus Blood and Sand S01E01 Red Serpent via @YouTube @CNNPolitics He is the same lawyer who mysteriously tweeted for trump "once"#ElaineBrown "You cant look at the success of blk ppl by who's on the front of Ebony or looking at Oprah. When u co… "My story is a freedom song of struggle. It is about finding one's purpose, how to overcome fear… "People have been murdered for less than what the Black Panthers did, so the question was for us:… "Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in ever… "We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society" "What most did not understand then was that I was not only married to the man I loved, but I was… @ShannonSharpe He didn't say he's praying to god. He only said I pray, which makes sense because god, be it he, she… @Autodidact60 @RobBassWinn We most certainly should know our enemies & we should know that Blk collaborators are as… @NPR @nprpolitics I wonder why? Can it possibly have anything to do with the democrats & their policies? Are they (… @LaurieTyson14 @SuperNjoro Most often ppl fight against their oppressors for freedom, liberation & independence; si… 1-10
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsLet 18-year-old students carry guns in high schools, says Ohio lawmaker
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#HakiMadhubuti "Culture" "Ppl find a sense of being, a sense of worth & substance being associated with land. Association wit… "They who humble themselves before knowledge of any kind generally end up the wiser & as voices wit… "Learning to take hold of one'e life is very difficult in a culture that values property over life"… "To maintain the ability to admit & grow from our mistakes rather than let them defeat us represents… "Studies that bring clarity & direction to the black male situation as an integral part of the black… U feel that way sometimes wondering: wondering, how did we survive?" "One of the great tragedies of education is that most ppl aren't taught to think critically. The maj… we spent the hour remembering the 1968 slaughter of over 500 Vietnamese civilians by U.S. soldiers known as t…
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