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#RobertMugabe ‘s letter to #Zimbabwe, shits deep though
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @nytimes If this article is meant to engender total disgust with the entire American system of governance, it is coming close.
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsThe Lance Shabazz Show via @YouTubeThe Lance Shabazz Show via @YouTubeThe Lance Shabazz Show # 150 part 3 via @YouTubeThe Lance Shabazz Show # 150 part 2 via @YouTubeThe Lance Shabazz Show # 150 part 1 via @YouTube @Autodidact60 @GeraldDawkins1 They are fighting to maintain and support white supremacy, that cannot be expressed any clearer. @IslamRizza report after report, scheme after scheme; it seems as though everything whites have tried & used agains…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsAlcorn State University Marching Band - Marching In - 2017 via @YouTubeBethune-Cookman 2000 Florida Classic Halftime via @YouTubeBethune Cookman University Halftime 2013 | @TheeFClub via @YouTubeHypocrisy is but a diversion tactic, it causes the African-American culture to lose traction. New rule: if you don…
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” Arnold H. Glasow(1905-1998)
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsWoman with a "F*** Trump" sticker on her truck has a new message for Fort Bend County @SheriffTNehls #khou11
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @ABC All while he is bragging and seeking praise for "supposedly" intervening in behalf of Lianglo Ball & two others on shoplifting charges.This book is about learning the tactics of the system so we can defend ourselves and protect our bloodline. There…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsNice family!
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsJews: Torah is the correct book. And Yahweh is the one true God. Moslem: Koran is the correct book. And Allah is th…
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @theblackdetour Black ppl should support those who support them! @theblackdetour Yes I will! After I determine whether they are supportive of Blk ppl. It is a two way affair that o… @NOLAnews He @realDonaldTrump has left all other americans imprisoned abroad in jail. He seeks credit & adulation f… @TIME He has left all other americans imprisoned abroad in jail. Apparently intervening on their behalf doesn't ser… Trump says something that isn't true 5.5 times a day. Every day. | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @ABC How many americans are imprisoned abroad? He is doing nothing for them but wants praise and adulation for inte… @ABC He @realDonaldTrump did not help American citizens in #PuetoRico #VirginIslands but he wants credit for "suppo… @maggieNYT He @realDonaldTrump had every opportunity to help American citizens in #PuetoRico #VirginIslands etc. Ap… @TheBlackChannel four?
The Lance Shabazz Show 2013 part 3 via @YouTubeThe Lance Shabazz Show 2013 part 2 via @YouTubeEmbracing ancestral roots....
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds ❤ 2 Dr. Mutulu Shakur, #83205-012, Federal Correctional Complex, P.O. Box 3900, Adelanto, CA 92301! Support Ap…
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds's goes the American myth "of the people, by the people, for the people" exposed as BS never to be heard from… @krassenstein And he publicly mocked a disabled man!!!
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Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @krassenstein Perspective fa different country the problem I see is: Wasn't it very obvious that he was a horrible…
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Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @krassenstein @floydskers Trump also: Punched his music teacher in the face Threatening to shoot people Said he wan…
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Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds Adderley - Autumn Leaves via @YouTube Coltrane - Moment's Notice via @YouTube Nelson Septet - Stolen Moments via @YouTube♫ Whisper Not / Benny Golson Quintet via @YouTubeImam Abdul Haleem Farrakhan Feb 15 1976 via @YouTube Fake ass _____Minister Abdul Haleem Farrakhan: June 22, 1975 via @YouTube @nytimes Liberals & conservatives preach values but both are lacking. @CNN Donald Trump, IF HE WAS ACTUALLY INSTRUMENTAL should have just done his job, instead of coming out SEEKING ADULATION @HackneyAbbott Jessie Jackson according to FBI files was instrumental in setting up #MartinLutherKing to be assassinated @AlexKennedyNBA Maybe he has a better coaching staff. Ppl expect players to work on shitty teams (never making the…"I don't believe in any form of unjustified extremism. But when a man is exercising extremism in defense of liberty…
Retweeted by aboveTHEclouds @maggieNYT #InvestigateTrump #IndictTrump #ImpeachTrump until he is #IgnoreTrumpI used to wonder how God can be a loving God to all people, yet has a chosen/favored people. Bible supported slaver…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsInteresting story... Before Kaepernick, The 'Syracuse 8' Were Blackballed By Pro Football via @OnlyAGameNPR
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Farrakhan Admits That W D Fard Was NOT The Originator via @YouTube @TIME Over half the country is calling for it, but she says it is a waste of timeThe # 1 downfall in the black culture is Negros invest in things that don't invest in the culture. 🎶 that degrades…
Retweeted by aboveTHEcloudsReBirth Brass Band - Why Your Feet Hurt via @YouTubeRebirth Brass Band-Roll with it via @YouTubeHot 8 Brass Band - We Are One via @YouTubeReBirth Brass Band - Let's Go Get 'Em via @YouTube @malcolmshabazz6 @TheFinalCall But of them all, Elijah never had any problems with the government. All Blk oriented…